Miley Cyrus in more embarassing photos – this time sort of topless

Miley Cyrus is obviously getting a little bit worried that her reputation as Disney’s golden girl could be sullied. The ink was barely dry on her million dollar biography contract, when she was caught in some slightly scandalous photos with her boyfriend. Now, it seems like she’s ignoring the private leaked photos where she flashes her bra and stomach to the camera and apologizing for an artistic bare-back shot that will appearing in the June issue of Vanity Fair.

The article [in Vanity Fair], written by Bruce Handy, seems to support that claim, quoting Ms. Cyrus as saying, “Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.” She also said of the photo, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way.”

Ms. Cyrus had a different view in a prepared statement released on Sunday:

“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

[From The New York Times]

Personally, I’m not too concerned about the photo. While it is definitely in questionable taste for a 15-year-old girl to be photographed in that way, I think the key is for parents not to buy their kids any Hannah Montana merchandise or copies of Vanity Fair if it bothers them. That should put a dent in her billion dollar fortune.

Interestingly, Annie Leibovitz says that she tries to get her subjects to “let down their guard .” The topless shot, combined with the party shots of her with her boyfriend might just be sending the message to Disney executives and parents alike, that 15-year-old girls are not as wholesome as they used to be. They are girls growing up into women, much faster than they did in my day. This thought is absolutely terrifying, I know, I’m going to give my toddler something to stunt her growth right away so I never have to face it!

In case you’re wondering, Miley’s parents and management were on hand at the shoot, and according to photographer Annie Leibovitz, “the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley.”

Note by Celebitchy: The Disney Channel has issued a statement saying that Miley was manipulated into donning a sheet for the photo session, saying “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.”

Photos are from, and most are behind the scenes pictures. There are many more on their website.

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  1. Anna says:

    You know what I find really stupid? All those celebs who do something and then try and take it back by releasing statement upon statement about it. Jeez, it’s not like you were coerced into doing all this stuff, you did it out of your own free will, nobody was pointing a gun at you! So just face it and stop back-paddling. That’s worse than the “scandal” in the first place.
    As to Miley: I don’t like her music or her Disney antics, but I do think she is a beautiful girl. Emphasis on girl. So why not show herself a little? She’s never again going to look this fresh and wrinkle-free, so in my opinion, she should really just go for it! If, that is IF, the result of it is like that Annie Leibovitz shot, I see no harm, no foul. And all those “scandalous” pics of her are not one bit scandalous. How can we cry “horror!” at pootie-pics from Paris, Britney and the rest of the skank show and then the same when Miley Cyrus goofs off with friends?
    I think the only thing that these photos being leaked proves is that Miss Cyrus should pick better friends who won’t leak private pictures.

  2. Anna says:

    PS: what I find way more worrying is that pic where her father is shot in such a way that he looks like her lover. Judgement on that pic was a bit off…

  3. Syko says:

    The kid’s a slut. Disney needs to get used to that and decide if either she or their squeaky clean image (ha!) is most important to them.

  4. geronimo says:

    Questionable taste! A gross understatement. Miley Lolita Cyrus. Really surprised Annie Leibovitz had something to do with this – it’s sweet f all to do with whether it’s beautiful and natural, Annie, it’s to do with whether it’s appropriate for a 15 year old??

    Still, what do I know, whoring out your kids seems to be the order of the day.

  5. Scott F. says:

    I think it’s more telling that all those people were standing around watching this photo shoot and not one person piped in with ‘are we sure this is appropriate?’

    If you’re trying to figure out if this is wrong, just ask yourself one question – if this girl wasn’t famous, and we found this photo of her on some 35 year old’s computer, what kind of assumption would you make?

    Not sure who this is supposed to appeal to, but I am sure I don’t want to meet them.

  6. chunkin says:

    first of all she resembles a chimpunk. she thinks she is the hottest sh*t, she knows exactly what she is doing. she suffers from what many do in hollywood, beleiving in their own hype. i’m so sick of these fake disney girls who prentend to be so innocent. my how times have changes since i was 15. a friend just told me about a scandal in his daughters school – 12 year old girl had taken topless shots of herself and the whole school had seen them. she thought it would make her more popular. ugh! these kids are growing up way to fast. they are using lindsay paris and britney as their role models. they see all the attention they get from flashing and famewhoring and want to emulate that. it is really sick.

  7. headache says:

    I doubt she was coerced into anything. Miley and her parents have a closer eye on increasing the bank account than what’s appropriate for a 15 year old girl.

    I don’t understand how Miley wrapped up in a sheet unless she was in flannel monkey pj’s could have been considered appropriate. I know Annie was looking at it from a purely artistic standpoint and I really don’t blame her. It’s Miley’s parents who have the responsibility to see that their daughter is presented in an age appropriate way and they have not. This is only opening to door to much worse and setting a precedent for Miley that as long as she says she’s sorry later, she doesn’t have to be that careful.

    The girl is in for it. I bet money. Sure, she may turn out like Brooke Shields or Drew Barrymore in the end but remember how much Drew had to go through to get where she is and remember how many others like Britney, Lohan or even Dana Plato who are floundering or dead.

    And ewwww on the pics with her dad. Laying across his lap like that? Notice in the bottom pic how long that shirt is and the hiked it up to take a picture of her laying across him like a lover? If she was sitting on his lap Santa Claus style, I wouldn’t say anything but really? Am I the only one who finds that disturbing?

  8. Alexis says:

    It seems like she’s a nieve kid who is being taken advantage of. You know, the shoot was outside wich is not at all what the photos look like. Annie leibowitz is an intimidating person (whom you, apparently, can’t say no to). It seems like all efforts were made to make this kid feel comfortable, and I’m sorry, but when your 15 you are easily manipulated. Especially, when your parents are telling you it’s OK! The effort to expose this kid as some sort of a lolita is never ceasing. I feel bad for her. She should take her millions and tell the rest of the world to fuck off!!!!

  9. neelyo says:

    She’s pretty average looking, I don’t understand all the hype. Of course I’m not a tween girl. But really, outside of viewers of the Disney channel, should anyone else be paying attention to this idiot?

  10. happyapple says:

    The more important question is what the what kind of name is ‘Miley’?

    The first sorta-topless-partially-covered-by-white-fabric picture isn’t horribly offensive to me in “Oh, what a slut!” way that most people are finding it. There are a lot of photos just like that of models (legitimate runway models not “adult” models) and most of them aren’t much older than her. So I think instead of being scandalized that she’s taking these pictures, we should maybe find out why we have multi-millionaire celebrities who haven’t even finished eighth grade. I get that youth is this upheld ideal, but it’s getting ridiculous. Also, it’s not a particularly good picture and her face looks at least a shade whiter than the rest of her, but I’m not all offended on behalf of children everywhere or something. It’s just a bad picture and look cheap.

    The photograph with her dad, though, is way creepy. That’s not a father/daughter pose. I’ve seen engagement pictures that look just like that. It’s really creepy, even if it is supposed to be art and I’m just not cultured enough to appreciate it.

    I think we should all go back to ignoring this kid and her line-dancing daddy. For some reason, my Top 40 “25-49 target demo” radio station plays Miley Cyrus AND The Naked Brothers Band for some god knows what reason on a regular basis. Let’s not encourage the monstrosity of prepubescent pop stars.

  11. Bodhi says:

    I’m not happy that I know this but… Miley is short for Smiley, her baby-hood nickname. Her given name was Destiny (or some other redneck name) & she recently had it legally changed to Miley. (I have alot of redneck family, even a cousin named Dystyny. I’m not kidding)

    I really don’t think they are that bad. Her grandmother was with her the whole time. If the photos are that scandelous why didn’t Granny speak up?

  12. headache says:

    Oh and I don’t think the pic is slutty, per se. It actually reminds me of a Vermeer painting and were this 1572, the pic would be no big deal.

    For me, it is opening a door just as Brit’s rolling stone cover was an opening door. It’s a signal to rest of the entertainment world that Miley can be bought.

    Happy, the child was born Destiny Hope. They called her Smiley as a baby which lead to Miley or some other assorted crap.

    I want to call her Samarra though. LOL

  13. dancingnancie81 says:

    She looks like Lolita. The pose isn’t that bad – it’s the red lipstick. Only whores wear red lipstick at 15.

  14. xiaoecho says:

    Anna…..the picture of Miley and Billy Ray is definitely bordering the line.
    Anyone who didn’t know who they were would assume they were lovers

  15. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Gee, I knew girls who were a lot skankier at 12. And that was 13 years ago! Miley baring her shoulder doesn’t seem nearly as raunchy as those girls in junior high who wore halter tops and booty shorts to school, and disappeared from birthday parties to blow their boyfriends under the pool deck. Miley’s white tank top and green bra would have been quite conservative in Staten Island circa 1995.

  16. iSUPPOSEso says:

    the only reason ANYONE cares that she does this is cuz shes famous. if she was some girl in the ‘real’ world, her friends would think she was cool cuz she took sexy pics. yeah she’s 15 but who cares? i don’t have a problem with any of those pics and i’m a mother of 2. (granted they are only 2yrs and 4 months old.) shes just a kid and so what.. if i looked like that and had money i’d do it too (and yes at 15)

  17. geronimo says:

    RhymesWith – It’s not the clothes, it’s the poses and the suggested air of knowingness, particularly in the main pic and the one with her father. And that it was done with the consent and approval of her parents and management. Collectively, they’re saying: I’m 15 and I’m available.

  18. sandy says:

    i feel badly for her
    she’s not having a normal childhood.
    she seems conflicted with everything-she def. has a wild side but didn’t we all at that age? we just weren’t doing it in public eye.
    being 15 is difficult in and of itself.
    throw in some disney execs, a showbiz family and some latching on friends.
    is vanity fair putting the sheet picture on the cover? that will not be good for her career.
    as always, parents need to decide what’s best for their kids. my kids could have seen her movie and tv show but i’m not a fan of miley so they watch other things.

  19. Anni says:

    she looks sick in the sheet-pic. really ill.

    bets on when this pic is used for pro ana thinspo?

  20. headache says:

    Geronimo, thank you. So much more succintly than I managed in two posts. Where is a hat’s off emotie when you need it?

  21. geronimo says:

    Thanks, headache.

  22. mamalicious says:

    Maybe we’ve all been set up by Disney, Vanity Fair and Miley’s people to add to their column inches, sell mags, and publicise the next issue of VF.
    Are there any 15 year-olds reading this who find the photo at all shocking? I doubt it. I was fairly innocent at 15, and would have loved to have been caught by the camera in this way.
    I think Leibovitz has captured a lot of what it is to be 15 today. Us oldies may not like it. It’s disturbing to see a child looking quite sexy, but the reality is (and always has been) that teenagers are children and are sexy. Like it or not.

  23. AC says:

    I think people need to chill out. That picture is beautiful … she looks like Juliette post wedding night or something. She looks like a classic painting. I GUESS i can understand a little why people are so upset but I think its a piece of art and people need to chill.

  24. Scott F. says:

    I think a lot of people are missing the point here. I can’t claim to speak for everyone, but it’s not the picture that I find offensive – it’s the circumstances around it.

    I have no problem with other teens being attracted to this girl. Hell, we all had celebrity crushes growing up, for me at 15 it was Alyssa Milano, for some kid today it’s Miley Cirus.

    But how many 15 year old read Vanity Fair? I might be highly out of touch, but I’ve never seen my 13 year old niece or any of her friends with a copy. What this says to me is that there is an adult market that apparently wants to look at half naked 15 year olds – and I find that kind of disturbing.

    “It’s disturbing to see a child looking quite sexy, but the reality is (and always has been) that teenagers are children and are sexy. Like it or not.”

    See, when I was growing up we had a word for people that found children sexually attractive – pedophiles.

  25. SC says:

    She is a child star and should have parents that monitor everything she does, just like a parent that has a teenager. Encouraging her to do pics that are topless, provocative, or anything sexual is totally inapropriate. The problem does not start with her, it stems from her parents lack of judgement. LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE! Everything is about the MIGHT DOLLAR! I think she is normal 15 year old girl living a popstar life and we all need to realize that, this is a really hard thing to do. She probably just wants to be like every other 15 year old girl that is boy crazy and getting caught doing thingd they are not suppose to.

  26. Mando says:

    This is only a problem because she has a squeaky-clean Disney show targeting (even younger) children.

    I think many of the adults, that have a problem with the shot taken for Vanity Fair, have no idea how many young models are working in the industry.

    Most high-fashion (“artsy”) models are between the ages of 14 and 24. I personally think it’s terrible that a 25 year old is over the hill in the industry, but its true.

    It’s no wonder that the people at Vanity Fair didn’t even blink an eye at the art direction of the Miley shoot.

    Over-sexed children are so common in the fashion industry no one even notices it anymore… Well, unless it’s a Disney star being pimped out!

  27. headache says:

    Actually, pedophiles by definition find prepubescent children attractive.

    What men who find Miley and other developed teens like her attractive are ephebophiles or pederasts.

    It is human nature for a man to be attracted to a girl once she has begun to develop. However, it is now commonly accepted in developed nations and even many underdeveloped nations that teenagers lack the mental readiness to be accepted in a sexual light which is the whole reason behind not allowing them to dress and/or pose in sexually provacative ways.

  28. geronimo says:

    As Scott said earlier, VF is an adult mag, and I’m really surprised they had anything to do with this, ditto Leibovitz. It’s nothing to do with whether the pics are beautiful or natural or whatever other bullshit justification they’re putting forward. It’s to do with the fact that they are knowingly colluding in the sexualisation of pubescent kids. VF is not some sleazy tabloid.

    It’s not art, it’s not cutting edge, it’s not tongue in cheek, it’s gratuitous and provocative and is coming from an industry which hypocritically wrings its hands at the overt sexuality of pubescent kids on the one hand, while wanking off to pics like this on (and with) the other. It’s just f’d up and wrong.

  29. xiaoecho says:

    geronimo….you nailed it. It is the ‘come fuck me’ look on a childs face that is disturbing

    Bodhi……you are pulling our chains, right?? 😯 I just cannot believe there is anyone outside of the eastern bloc, signing their name Dystyny, regardless of the colour of their necks. It’s a joke isn’t it? LOL

  30. emma says:

    well, i was 15 not even 10 years ago, so I can pretty much remember what it was like to be 15. personally, i find the pictures inappropriate. i think that it’s hilarious that a lot of people who defend her compare the pictures to pictures of lindsay and brittany (not people on this site per se, but on others), because i’m sure heading in the same path as l.l. or brit is really the way to go. and i can’t even recall a provocative pic that l.l. or brit did when they were 15. sure brit did a lot of provocative pictures, but she was at least 17 – there’s a huge difference between 15 & 17. another thing that i find annoying is her backtracking. anyways, with every week, there seems to be a miley picture scandal. wonder what it will be next week.

  31. headache says:

    Laineygossip just put up vid of the shoot and it’s even creepier in motion and doesn’t look at all coerced, forced or an accidentally sexy pose.

  32. Ginny says:

    I think the picture itself–not factoring in anything else, is very beautiful.

    It’s really the squeaky clean Disney image that is the problem here. The picture doesn’t bother me all that much, actually, and maybe that makes me a bit weird. Its just a picture. She’s covered, its not *that* provocative.

    It bothers me how society looks down on the fact that men find developed teenagers attractive. In a purely physical sense, they look like adult women! What’s wrong with them admiring that? What is so important about the number 18, and for example, what makes a 17 year old so different from an 18 year old? Pedophiles like children, as in real children, that haven’t gone through puberty. Some teenagers might still be children in the head, but the rest of them–their bodies– aren’t. The problem is people taking advantage of unsure, insecure teenagers for their bodies. It’s the actions, not the looking, not the finding it attractive.

    Also, teenagers can be a lot more grown up and mature than people think they can be now. Teenagers were kings and generals even 200 years ago!

    Anyway, that’s off topic. Miley Cyrus is trying to walk the line — she doesn’t want to be a Disney kid forever (like Raven Simone, who is what, 26?), and so she’s trying to build herself up so she stays in the minds of people older than 12.

  33. The Observer says:

    Miley: But daddy I want to be on the phone and hang out with my friends!!

    Dad: Quiet! You are a product now and we have to promote you.

    Shakira Mebarak owes me money. I am never letting go, have your office contact me.

  34. headache says:

    Oh observer, that’s so not how that went. lol

    Miley: Daddy, that fancy magazine with all the models in it wants to do a photoshoot with me in it!

    Billy Ray: Oh I don’t know honey, you’re kinda too young for that sort of thing.

    Miley: But daddy, I really want to do it!! Please!!

    BIlly Ray: Well how much are they gonna pay us, I mean you, dar’lin?

  35. Curly Fry says:

    Whoever thought that South Park would be so prophetic so soon…

    I figure that this is just the tip of the exploitation iceburg, and to make the most obvious parallel, when we first glimpsed Britney she was wearing a little school girl outfit singing “hit me baby one more time”…that ended well, didn’t it?

  36. pookynut says:

    I agree with Scott F:

    “If you’re trying to figure out if this is wrong, just ask yourself one question – if this girl wasn’t famous, and we found this photo of her on some 35 year old’s computer, what kind of assumption would you make?”

    I’m actually not surprised at all, especially after hearing Miley wax on and on about her love of Jesus. Those kind of xtians are always obsessed with the sex. And they love not taking responsibility for their actions.

  37. she is hott who cares i cant beleve she is not pregnant yet she is like all the guys dreams. and yes at 15

  38. kate says:

    how old is this girl – 16? she is way too young to be taking seductive photos, in my opinion. and that photo is with her father? ICK! she’ll be the next lindsay lohan if she doesn’t look out.

  39. bradleybeagle says:

    RhymesWithSilver: geez you must have been quite the slut back in 95,. its a good thing you’re not a role model for young girls

  40. anonym says:

    how are these scandalous? it’s just a bare back. she’s more covered up with those sheets than if she were wearing a bikini! I’m more shocked and offended by the many commentators that have likened her to a slut simply because of these photos. It’s sick that adults are calling teens sluts. Take a look at your own faults instead of speculating on hers–guaranteed they’re worse than these photos.

  41. Bellatrix says:

    It is not the amount of skin that matters but the implicit (or even explicit, especially in this case) situation that is being implied.

    This is a sexually provoking picture. It has “come get me” written all over it.
    And that is wrong for a girl her age.

  42. anonym says:

    Wrong for a girl her age? At 15, girls are sexual. That’s the average age that many of my friends began losing their virginity. There is nothing wrong about being sexually provoking at that age. It’s completely natural. Besides, she doesn’t look all that sexually provoking in the pic anyways. You read into the pic what you want to, I suppose.

  43. Rebecca says:

    What disturbs me about photos like this and the broader sexualization of younger and younger girls in society (for example: t-shirts for 5 year olds that say “SEXY” on them) is that they don’t exist in a societal context in which teenage sexuality is being developed in a healthy manner. Teenagers are sexual beings, but they are not being given the right information to deal with their feelings/desires. The unfortunate consequences of this is the dark side of teen sexuality: STD transmission, teen pregnancy, relationship abuse. A teenage guy who sleeps with lots of girls, and is just “sowing his oats”, and a teenage girl who sleeps with the same amount of people, or far less, or is even a virgin, but who is labelled a slut. Calling people down in this manner is simply an expression of the insulter’s own lack of self-esteem (did you hear that, bradleybeagl?). Society teaches girls that their sexuality is in the service of the male gaze, and that their own self-esteem is dependent on male appreciation. And this photo is clearly in the service of the male gaze. Yes, taken objectively, she is a beautiful girl, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it exists in the society which I’ve previously described, and therefore has entirely different meanings. It doesn’t matter if it’s “normal” for girls her age to be modeling and playing at being older than they really are, it matters whether it is a healthy message to be sending to her legions of young female fans. Liebowitz should be cognizant of this but apparently is not.

  44. headache says:

    Oh please, anonym. If you aren’t old enough to be having sex and I don’t care when your friends lost their virginity, 15 IS NOT OLD ENOUGH, you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed from a sex session.

    The pics are not scandalous or slutty but they are inappropriate for a girl her age.

  45. anonym says:

    lol who gives you the right to say when someone else is old enough, headache?

  46. ff says:

    It might very well be natural for a 15 year old to be sexual, however, we’re talking about MARKETING ‘sexuality’. That’s the problem. They’re selling something here – and that’s where it stops being natural and starts being about making a buck.

    That then just becomes bad taste.

    Even Miley’s supposed ‘natural’ sexuality is influenced by marketed ‘sexuality’. So no, I don’t agree with it. Take out the money component and I doubt they’d present her that way; I mean, how desperate am I to see some 15-year old’s back ribs? Just no.

    It’s just a lazy shortcut to making money. I’m not even seeing the artistic merit seeing as I can see half of these poses on romantic novel covers. And if she had all the sense people keep crediting her with for her supposed rights to her ‘sexuality’ then she would probably have wised up and said no. She could have been edgier with more clothes on and less romantic overture.

  47. Scott F. says:

    “lol who gives you the right to say when someone else is old enough, headache?”

    Forget about what anyone here thinks is appropriate – the law backs up headache. This girl hasn’t even reached the age of consent in most states (16). So regardless of when you or any of your friends lost their virginity, in the eyes of the law she isn’t old enough for sex.

    It’s not the ‘nudity’ that anyone here has a problem with – it’s that this implies sex. She could have showed more skin in a bikini, but choosing to use bed sheets was a very calculated move. These people do this for a living, and they know what statement they’re trying to make.

  48. ff says:

    Also meant to say. I believe she’s already apologized about this shoot but it’s weird. She was the minor surrounded by adults who greenlighted the whole thing, shouldn’t THEY be the ones to apologise?

  49. Mandy says:

    I thought her dad was a lover of sorts. This girl is being expolited and has been for some time. This ‘scandal’ has all been planned down to the letter. Now they are smiling with glee at all the controversy. No publicity is bad publicity.

  50. headache says:

    Aside from the legality of when a child is old enough to have sex, in my book, you are old enough for it when you are able to bear any emotional, physical and financial consequences that might arise from sex on your own.

  51. SeVen says:

    Scott – America is one of a few countries where 18 is the legal age consent… i believe in china or japan its actually nearer to 20.. in Europe the general age is between 15-17. Its 15 in Sweden, 16 in England and about 15 or 16 in Holland. If these pictures were released in Europe they would be no big deal, why? Because americans are well known prudes. Its perfectly fine to let your children watch a show or play a game with murder and violence but its not ok to show a nude human body? Which is more natural? the body or the body being blown to bits. Now – as a liberal Ive no problem with nudity or violence in games / music / movies, but I think as a whole America is a prudish country.

  52. Scott F. says:

    SeVen – That’s a well known myth in Europe that really has no basis in fact in this country. You’re right, we are prudish in a lot of ways. You won’t see nudity on network television, or extreme foul language. To be honest, I don’t think words or nudity harms anyone. I do know how to separate biology from sexuality though.

    My daughter knows she has a vagina, not a hoo-hoo. Does the fact she knows biologically what body parts are, or what a naked human looks like, mean I want her to have an in-depth grasp of human sexuality? No. There is an appropriate age for that sort of thing.

    Back to the misconception though. 18 is the legal age of consent here only in a legal sense. You can’t sign a contract, ect. Even that isn’t always the case – I signed up for the service at age 17. But when it comes to sex, we have a different ‘age of consent’ that varies from state to state. Most places it’s 16, but in some states I think it’s as low as 15. The only national age laws we have deal with drinking and smoking.

    Sounds a lot like Europe doesn’t it? Don’t let our stand on television fool you – when it comes to sex we’re pretty much the same as anywhere else.

  53. Sasha says:

    😡 Good Christian upbringing there, keep it up and Aunty Sasha might have to take your pink little ass to the woodshed, Miley.

  54. Bodhi says:

    There actually is no Federal law on the drinking age. Its regulated by the sates but is tied to the money the federal gov’t gives to the States for highway maintenance, etc.

    But the point is still valid

  55. I choose me says:

    I’m right there with everyone who thinks that the pic of her and her dad is a shade disturbing and the shot of her with the sheet would not be so scandalous but for the fact that she’s only fifteen. The over-sexualization of tweens and teens like Miley is sadly not a new trend but a growing one.

  56. fgh says:

    I see a pict of pretty young girl looking like a pretty young girl. Poeple freaking out are seeing sex. I think the issues are with the observers, not Miley. It’s Ok to be a post pubescent teen but everyone is acting like there is something wrong with it instead of admiring her growing up. Thrusting shame upon her is a shame unto itself. Disney is just freaking out over dollars…Miley is growing up. Deal with it.

  57. dan says:

    how is this any worse than the photoshoots britney was doing back in the day? i’m not saying that these pics of miley are alright-but their nothing new.

  58. emma says:

    well, at least brit was at least 17 when she was doing the photoshoots. but that is besides the point, cause really, why would you want to follow in brit’s footsteps?

  59. gerri says:

    You know what i think is really SICK Is that everyone takes pictures of little 15 year old girls and makes them into sex objects. Comeon. For God’s sake she is only 15 leave her alone! She’s being portrayed as a whore or something Good God Go back and pick on Brittany Spears some more. leave the little kids alone.

  60. Sal Manilla says:

    Why is this stupid photo even a story? Must be a slow news day.

  61. raven says:

    I think calling a child that we don’t even know a slut is pretty harsh. 15 is a child. I think that Miley has made a serious mistake by allowing the photos to be taken. She forgot her demographic and I heard on Fox this morning that Disney’s stock might actually take a hit. Hannah Montana is what an eight billion dollar industry, and it’s been about her wholesome image. Parents loved it that their daughters finally had someone to admire. The last thing that I heard was that her parents left before that last shot was taken. Shame on them. Why would you leave your teenage daughter alone with a Vanity Fair photographer? She’s 15. She’s not old enough to make her own decisions. Not smart. JMO

  62. KBaby says:

    I’m 18 and in all honesty I don’t see what’s wrong with those pictures. I’ve seen paintings similar to this in my previous art class. And I’ve seen nudes in my photography class. It’s artistic, and approriate for her age, compared to what I’ve seen.

    Let’s be real, she shot it for Vanity Fair, not FHM, so unclench and relax. Let there be drama if she pulls a Vanessa H. and release full bod nudes online. “OMG, MILEY’S TOPLESS!” What exactly did you see?……..besides her bare back….Let’s be real people. Get over it, she did nothing wrong.

  63. anonym says:

    entirely agree with you Kbaby! Nothing inappropriate about this photo whatsoever.

  64. Cool. says:

    I don’t think the pictures look scandalous. Slutty, sure, but not scandalous like VanHudgens. There’s nothing really inappropriate about the pictures. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but embarassing & scandalous would be something like nude. She’s not nude; she just looks like she’s kinda like those ANTM girls who are wrapped in wrapping paper for a photoshoot.

    And anyway, I’ve seen a bunch of works of art where the people are nude. These pictures aren’t even close to it.

    However, like most of you guys, that one with her dad looks very creepy and disturbing. That definitely was not a cute, father-daughter picture. It looks like he’s her lover. It’s…ew, really disturbing.

  65. Annicka says:

    I’m not concerned about her back showing. What I’m concerned about is the fact she looks like she just got fucked really hard. That’s what makes these pictures really skanky, I’d say.

  66. CG says:

    I don’t understand what these photos have to do with her. Her image is wholesome, her personal life, at least until now, has been unscandalous. So what are the photographs supposed to be capturing/reflecting? I think I’m more offended by the inauthenticity than anything else. Manufactured, manufactured, manufactured. Especially the “Oh look how sexy I am with my sexy Dad”…MANUFACTURED (I hope!)

  67. Anna says:

    I really dont think that the pictures are that bad. She’s not a slut or anything. All she is, is a 15 going on 16 girl. I mean yeah this last one was on the verge but desides that, like the ones with her ‘boyfriend’ those arnt bad!! Thats what teenagers do with their boyfriend. I mean her excuses are pretty lame, but it’s not like she is actually showing skin in the ones with her boyfriend. But I do have to admit this one is not exactly good for someone her age. I mean if she was older that would be a different story. But besides that who really cares about her laying up on her boyfriend during her private life time. Honestly, it’s HER life.

  68. Lesley says:

    I don’t see that big of a deal. This photo does not suggest ” sex ” to me. She looks soft and calm. If only I could have a photo of myself at 15 looking so beautiful.
    I think that it’s going to hit hard for people because of the recent personal photos which were ” leaked ” but other than that….Britney was 17 when she was flashing A LOT more than that to us!

  69. Luna says:

    Umm, Annie Liebowitz is an artist. The photos are art photos. She’s a beautiful human being and the photos are beautiful. I can’t believe the puritanical/hypocritical bullshit being spewed from so many people. Showing yer back isn’t the problem. Showing breasts aren’t a problem. Trying to distract us from the real evil of our current government is the problem, and we’re all falling for it, hook, bread, and circus. Hey America, Get The Fuck Over Yourself.

  70. for all her photoes i just think that all you people should just worrie about yall self and none of thoes

    pictures that i seen looked anything like britteny or her sister she’s just trying to be her i wouldnt wont people to make me fill low for what i want to do just let her be her i like her shows and a big fan of her’s so if i was her i wouldnt let any body take my pride away she just want to be her point blank……..

  71. Chloe says:

    Miley is nearly leagll so i dont see what all this fuss is about ! , it a sin that she got blamed for being pregnant last year now this why wont they just leave her alone and let her do what she wants !!

  72. unknown says:

    Why are we even giving this slut any of our time? She is not worth it. She should not be famous she is a HORRIBLE role model. Her fans are little kids and if she honestly cared about them she wouldn’t be taking inappropraite pictures for all of them to see. I cannot stand her she is not worth a penny she has recieved.

  73. vicky says:

    i think that people are making such a big stink over nothing she is 15 my god she not and angel. the people who are saying this about her need to grow up and get a life

  74. M says:

    I’m in my mid 20s and a professional photographer. I remember being 15. It was a time when you were just beginning to consider yourself “sexy” and trying to figure out what to make of all those hormones, boys (because at 15 they are boys), relationships, sex, etc. Some girls make bad choices and your view on the world changes a lot as you mature. That’s not really the point, but I guess what I’m saying is that 15 is a tough age. You think you are untouchable, and don’t begin to consider choices you make in your teens could possibly effect you years later. Teens live in the “here and now”.

    As for photo shoots, my first thought when I saw this photo was an unsettling pose for a teen with an unnatural expression. Her bare back didn’t bother me so much. It was her expression. It can take hours to get clients/models to get comfortable on camera and you get the “it” photo (especially with partial to nude shoots), but when you see it flash on the screen of your camera, you know. I would NEVER provoke a child- she is STILL a child- to get this expression for a shoot. Miley did this pose/expression purely based on what the photographer was saying. She didn’t say, “Hey Miley, smile really big for the camera sweetie,” while wearing a designer dress. No, she asked her to wear this sheet and must have said something that provoked this image. You have to constantly guide models/clients through shoots. Move your arm like this, don’t scrunch up your nose like that, open your eyes more, etc. My point is, someone on set told her to look sultry, wild, etc and this image is exactly what they wanted. Grandma Cyrus should have spoken up on set and said something. I know my grandmother would have when I was that age.

    Also, the father daughter picture is disturbing. It’s weird to lay across your father’s lap at that age, especially for a shoot. There are thousands of other poses that can show how close they are, and still maintain that “artsy” feel to the photo.

    I was surprised how much Leibovitz dropped the ball on this shoot. She is a great photographer. VF is a fashion mag, and fashion shoots can be downright weird, but having a Disney star on the cover is a strange decision. I didn’t even know who Miley was until recently. In any case, it’s probably just pressure from marketing and management to sell more mags to a younger age bracket. VF, I thought, was marketed more to middle and upper class middle-aged women. Tweens are NOT their target audience.

    I’m not a fan of Miley, and I’m not condoning or defending her behavior, but a lot of girls her age post pics of themselves on their Myspace page that may be inappropriate for their age. Their parents have no idea that some sick pervert could look at pictures of their teen, and the teen really doesn’t realize the danger. She is just a celeb so everyone is making a fuss.

    Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their career- this was VF’s turn because, ultimately, they are the ones who chose this shot out of the shoot and printed it.

  75. Canadian cutie says:

    Miley has the occupational & financial responsibilities (and pressure!) of an adult. She supports her whole family, and beyond! Compared to most teenagers, Miley is still a saint.

  76. Jessica says:

    How typical. After Miley saw the negative reaction to her photos, she is now sorry and was coerced. Did she not have an adult with her at the photo shoot to make sure these things did not happen. Go Disney. You sure know how to pick them. Hope that the little kiddies do not look up to them. I never thought of famouse people as role models but then again they say kids do. I think Disney wants to keep their stars clean cut and innocent but it seems show biz is like a beast that devours these kids innocence. A lot of it could be prevented if parents knew how to be parents. Plain and simple.

  77. Hotty with a Body says:

    Miley Cyrus is a hotty.
    I’d bang that ass ANYDAY.
    Uhh uhh mmmm oh baby wow shes smokin
    i want to fuck her so bad omg.
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    her warm, soft, wet pussy. mmm

  78. TEXTER101 says:


  79. Cassie says:

    i think that everyone should leave Miley alone.. those photo’s she took were absolutely GORGEOUS!! and people should mind their own business… and leave her alone!!!!!! for god sakes people.. GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN and stop living your life through celebrities!!!!

  80. Cassie says:

    iSUPPOSEso i 110% agree with you!! your a smart women m’am 🙂 im only 18 and i would definitely take those pictures, she looks amazing!

  81. Sara says:

    I think don’t think Miley should be telling everyone that she’s a Christian and then going and doing something like this. What is every one going to think about Christians now:?: And she looked just fine with what was happening. She really didn’t seem to be giving it a second though.

  82. HOT STUFF says:

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    I wanna fuck Miley Cyrus so fucking bad

  83. shyanne says:

    i herd she wants to loose her virginity and shes whining about her mom not letting her date guys! i mean she is a prtty girl and she has a nice posing thing but she is a slut bag whore! 😈