Christina Ricci gushes about Robert Pattinson, will the Twihards attack?

11 August 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Christina Ricci. BlackBerry Torch Launch Party held at 5900 Wilshire. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

I can feel the Twihards spiraling out of control, can’t you? It’s like there was a shift in the cosmos as every 12-year-old girl who masturbates to the idea of Bella and Edwards’s perfect, SO PERFECT grinding just suddenly wailed “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” So, Edward (Robert Pattinson, Mr. Sparklepants) dared to a film without his immortal beloved Kristen Stewart. It was a film called Bel Ami, and he filmed mostly in Hungary, with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. This whole time, I thought Sparkles’ love interest was just Uma, but it looks like Christina got some of the action too. She confirmed to Ted Casablanca at E! News that Pattinson is a good kisser, saying: “”Um yeah. He is pretty much awesome.” OH NOES. Say goodbye to Christina, folks. The Twihards are going to maim this one:

Everybody who was anybody (not at the Lady Gaga concert) was at AT&T’s launch party for the new Blackberry Torch last night in Los Angeles. We had a chance to catch up with one of our fave actresses since forevah, Christina Ricci—who dished to us about her upcoming flick Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson. Like how steamy their loves scenes got and how R.Pattz had a special lady we all know and love come and visit him on set. Let the dishing begin!

“It was really fun, I mean just aesthetically we wore amazing costumes and hair and make up was great,” Ricci told us at the fab party about her new flick. “And working with Rob was amazing. He’s such a great guy, so talented.”

Well, since she brought him up we might as well get the on-set dirt from her:

“He’s just great. We’d just make fun of each other the whole time, like ‘oh my god we’re so goofy’ or ‘my accent is so bad!’”

So exactly how close do Christina and Rob get?

“We are lovers, yeah you know.”

Relax Twi-Hards. She means they are lovers onscreen for Bel Ami!

“There’s some naughtiness,” the adorable Ricci said with a smirk when we grilled her on whether we get some good love-scenes, adding there are “lots” of them.

Natch we had to ask the question on all of our minds. Is Rob a good kisser?

“Um yeah,” Christina smiled. “He is pretty much awesome.”

One lucky girl who gets to experience Rob’s smooches on a pretty regular basis is Kristen Stewart. As we told you, Kristen traveled to Budapest after her birthday to be with Rob during filming.

“Yeah she visited,” Christina said. “I love her, she is totally sweet. And he is great!”

Although Ricci says she’s never seen a Twilight film, she totally gets the cult appeal.

“I understand where they’re coming from,” confessed the lovely CR. ” He’s an awesome human being. He’s so funny and quirky and weird.”

Who is ten times more excited to see Bel Ami now?! Glad we now get a chance to watch two of our faves together!

[From E! News]

Funny and quirky and weird? If the Twihards don’t get her for the kissing thing, they’ll definitely get her for that one. Doesn’t she know that Robert can only be described using words like “intense” and “brooding” and “beautiful” and “James Dean” and “sparkly”??? It’s like Christina is unfamiliar with the wrath of the Twihards. Personally, I’m kind of afraid of the wrath as well. It’s my big fear that Emilie de Ravin will never work again just because the loyal Twihard base will never watch anything she’s in EVER because she “tried to steal” Robert from Kristen.

Cast member Robert Pattinson attends the premiere of the motion picture romantic thriller fantasy The Twilight Saga: Eclipse , as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles June 24, 2010.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

Actress Christina Ricci poses at the party for the launch of the Blackberry Torch in Los Angeles August 11, 2010. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT)

Water for Elephants cast members roam around the set of the film on July 16, 2010 dressed in period costumes including a racy, sating number on Reese Withersoon as they filmed in Los Angeles, CA. While not texting on his new iPhone Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson courteously held the door for his Oscar winning cast-mate Christoph Waltz despite having a hand injury as they left the set on the last day all together as a team!   Fame Pictures, Inc

11 August 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Christina Ricci. BlackBerry Torch Launch Party held at 5900 Wilshire. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

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46 Responses to “Christina Ricci gushes about Robert Pattinson, will the Twihards attack?”

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  1. sandy says:

    Umm .. I think girls a lot older than 12 masturbate to the idea of Edwards wang. :(

  2. Chelly says:

    She has such a cute face but her head is just HUGE on top…really sux for her.

    I don’t get what the big deal is w this guy. he looks like an average dude. NOTHING at all special about him other then the fact that he has $ and is famous (for now) or is that the big attraction? Did I just solve the mystery?!

  3. Beth says:

    I like her, always have. I like him, too. Rob should break up with Kristen (who my husband calls “The Mouth-Breather”) and date Christina.

  4. Jean says:

    Christina Ricci is absolutely gorgeous.
    And somehow “Twihard attack” made me think they all hole up somewhere, wait till the sun has set, to then come out of their hiding places, and bite away.

  5. jane says:

    she looks great!

  6. denise says:

    Christina looks gorgeous in these pics.
    Sounds like she is crushing on Rob. Beware of the Twiloonies,Chris.

  7. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I have always liked her. Very pretty.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow, she looks gorgeous!

    haven’t seen much of her work, but she was so perfectly creepy and stone-faced in “The Addams Family” (I know, I’m going back a long way) as Wednesday Addams.

    lol @Sandy…you got that right!

  9. LindyLou says:

    Is it just me or does her face look a little different?? Did she get something done to it? I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is….hmmm

  10. Will says:

    Anyone else think Christina Ricci looks a lot worse since she lost all that weight and turned into a lollipop-woman? She used to be kinda chubby in a really sexy way AND pick cool roles…now she’s pretty much going the way of Winona Ryder when she started doing romantic comedies and Sandler films.

  11. danielle says:

    She does look beautiful in these pics! I’ve always liked her. Also, the twihards would attack her if she said he was a bad kisser too, right? Talk about a lose lose situation!

  12. evensteven says:

    He surely is not suitable to play georges duroy

    in the pic with the tux he looks like chandler bing

  13. Jillian says:

    Wow, Christina is looking good.

  14. juiceinla says:

    @evensteven LOL!! I just don’t get the allure of this one. But if Christina wants him- good on her.

  15. bb says:

    @ #10 – her head looks huuuuge at every weight. At least now she has bangs.

  16. Obvious says:

    I kinda of adore Christina. Great actress she’s really cute too.

  17. Kaiser says:

    I think Ricci looks awesome here too! Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the post. Her weight doesn’t seem to be fluctuating as much now, and she seems to have found a healthy, happy size. Plus, this hairstyle really compliments her.

  18. bee number 2 says:

    I read somewhere that these days little girls are coming into puberty younger. I’m starting to think it’s because of Twilight.

    And I didn’t know what masturbate meaned until i was at least 16, and thought it was something only boys did until 18 or 19… i feel like i was born in the fifties, and i’m only 23. Sex education in catholic schools FTW

  19. aenflex says:


  20. Eileen says:

    I just saw her in After.Life with my Liam. It was a weird movie, but she looked very pretty in it and has a rockin body!

  21. Whatever says:

    I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn is done and gone. I’m so sick of the twitards and stupid Ted constantly egging them on for his crappy blog.

    They are definitely not all kids! I actually met a real life twitard and it was a scary experience. And she wasn’t 12, she was pushing 30 with three kids and a bunch of twilight tattoos. It was creepy as hell.

  22. Kitten says:

    @10-You’re kidding right? Pretty much all Ricci has done (with the exception of the vomtastic Speedracer) has been independent films. She throws a few TV appearances in here and there and she’s doing a comedy with Adam Sandler. Aside from that, she’s made an entire career out of doing independent films. Methinks you need to see some more Ricci movies..

  23. xxodettexx says:

    wow, she looks stunning and normal-forhead sized here!

    i do love her though, i dont know if anyone here watches grey’s anatomy, one of my favorite two-parter episodes on that show had ricci in it and she was amazing!

    :) anyway, back to the article!!

  24. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think this hairstyle really suits her! She looks gorgeous and her weight looks perfect too.

  25. Trace says:

    She is really pretty here. The bangs soften her prominent forehead. I really like her ever since watching Penelope.

  26. Solveig says:

    Her face is just beautiful and that hair colour suits her perfectly.
    So bad she can’t find a decent role since… Buffalo 66?

  27. hairball says:

    I still can’t believe it myself, but a few weeks ago, I finally read “Twilight”. I shunned the books because reading about high schoolers and vampires/werewolves seemed ridiculous, not to mention the movie looked god-awful.

    BUT, there was nothing to read, so I read it. I have to say, I absolutely LOVED the book. I flew through the next 3 and was sad when they ended. I can’t explain it, I felt sad. ! I am stunned I actually liked these series, but I did – A LOT.

    For RP, I saw “Twilight” and it was HORRIBLE. I haven’t seen the others, Twilight traumatized me too much. BUT, I saw “Remember Me” and I thought RP’s acting was absolutely excellent. I think he is actually a good actor.

    On a sidenote, I saw a pap video from like I think end of July where he was basically stalked all day and was trying to reason with them to let him go home – he didn’t want them to know where he lived. He looked like a little lost boy who might start crying by the night time. He even went up to police and they did nothing. It was very, very disturbing to watch, seriously. I felt like I was watching someone being hunted. He literally did not know what to do. At one point he even tried to explain having everyone follow him makes him nervous or something. How naive to think he could reason with paps. I hope he can keep his sanity.

  28. nona says:

    I think those are the best pictures i’ve seen of her so far.
    She has an odd kind of face but she always manages to make it look like a positive thing..

    Too bad she doesn’t get the good movie roles, she is really interesting and talented.

  29. Sherry says:

    Christina has always had bug eyes and a big forehead and head in general. But she does look very good here. The bangs and hair color suit her. I really can’t see her looking good for the Bel Ami movie because of how they were their hair back then. Her eyes and forehead will not be hid. Same goes for Uma too! I think they could have gotten some prettier girls to be in that movie with Rob. I do really like to see her act though. I think she is a great actress!

  30. susanne says:

    This article sounds like it was written for Teen Beat magazine. But it’s an interview with Ted Casablanca, right?

    Who IS this guy?

    It’s as if he’s a 14 year old girl trapped in a dorky man’s body. I think the gays are denying him membership.

    Like, I literally cannot stand him!!! he’s so not one of my faves!!! I SO don’t want any of his smooches!!!

  31. serena says:

    She’s so beautiful and talented, yeah the exact opposite of Kristen. lol

  32. BurntSalt says:

    She looks fantastic! Best she’s ever looked.

  33. Dingles says:

    If Christina and Robert did become a couple it would make my year. Christina’s been a long-time girl crush of mine, she’s too beautiful. I do wish she’d gain a few pounds and go back to the really dark hair though.

  34. Camille says:

    Love Christina, shes gorgeous and a good actress.

  35. CB Rawks says:

    Never understood the appeal of this snaggletoothed, wonkeyed Brit. Did someone slap his nose down with a frying pan?
    Heh. I’d better unplug my computer. ;)

  36. Anj says:

    Patty is sooo UGLY.

    Beautiful Christina dear, dont run after that washed up male whore.

  37. chris says:

    You can tell he’s a great kisser. You can see it in the Twilight movies and also in Remember Me.

  38. dovesgate says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who went “Wait a minute… what’d she have done?!”

  39. Confuzzle says:

    That first photo of Patterson made me shudder. What a creep. :x

  40. Truthzbetta says:

    Ew. Ricci has crazy eyes. Head shot with her hand up is a crazy person.

  41. Kelly says:

    I wish she’d go back to doing erm, you know, good films. Im still getting over her going mainstream with all that shitty TV, flipping out with that whole anorexia thing a while back. But she does look good now; not too lollypop, thank god. Hope she gets some great roles as she gets older; I think she’s the kind of actor who would rock maturity.

  42. Chris says:

    @Chelly: I agree. Pattinson is totally overrated. He’s the type of guy you’d pass on the street and think nothing of it.

  43. spring says:

    I don’t know about the twihards deal but Christina Ricci looks GORGEOUS here.

    She should always go with this soft glowy golden-brunette kind of look instead of the harsh superdark hair / superwhite skin thing she had going on a while back.

  44. RHONYC says:

    wednesday is looking lovely these days.

    super pretty hair & makeup. :-)

    thank god she gained weight since her emaciated-meth-bod look in ‘black snake moan’.


  45. Marie says:

    She reminds me of a bobble head, head to big for her body. She is cute though.

  46. moocowhead says:

    She is fucking stunningly beautiful! She makes me wish I was into women.