Julia Roberts’ every bitchy, elitist move documented by her media nemesis

10 August 2010 - New York, NY - Julia Roberts. The World Premiere of EAT PRAY LOVE held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

This story comes via LaineyGossip, and it’s a great one. First, some backstory (full piece here): last May, Julia Roberts was promoting Duplicity, the film she did with Clive Owen. She was walking the red carpet for the NYC premiere, stopping and doing press with all of the outlets. When she got to Roger Friedman, then working for Fox News, she “turned cold” according to Friedman. He wrote an online article calling Julia out for being “rude, downright nasty, and dismissive. She snubbed me in front of other people to make her point, and later cut in between me and director Tony Gilroy to make her point. Her behavior was unexpected and chilling.” But why did Julia pull such a bitch move? Because, in her bitch-addled mind, Friedman was one of her harshest critics, and he had made nasty comments about her performance on stage in 2006. Except that he didn’t. Friedman pulled his old column and it was full of praise for Julia. So Julia was not only a raging bitch to this guy, she was totally wrong to be mad at him.

As far as we know, nothing really happened after that. No muffin baskets were sent, and Julia never had to address the incident publicly. Well, more than a year later and Friedman is back! He attended the NYC premiere of Eat, Pray, Love, and he somehow got into the after-party too. Oh, my! So guess what Friedman did? He detailed every move of Julia’s throughout the night in his column. And it’s awesome:

Julia Roberts went on a spiritual journey for the movie, “Eat Pray Love.” The journey ended at the swanky Metropolitan Club on Fifth Avenue last night where Columbia Pictures threw an invite only lavish after party for Roberts, director Ryan Murphy, the cast and miscellaneous celebrities.

And what did Julia learn from finding herself and communing with swami’s and gurus? While the guests partied downstairs in the famous club, Roberts threw herself a private gathering upstairs, in a room blocked by bodyguards. She took the whole cast hostage, as well as Julian Schnabel, Josh Brolin (who brought his 16 year old stepdaughter Eleanor–Diane Lane’s daughter with Christopher Lambert), and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

Call it “Eat Pray Love Hide.”

It was quite a scene watching various people trying to get past the guards and into the room. Former New York Times movie reviewer Elvis Mitchell was turned away, but eventually gained entry. Two young women had to send someone in to find actor co-star Billy Crudup, who finally came out to say hello. The movie’s main producer left his family outside the party and kept running in and out to be with them.

The most glaring snub: Elizabeth Gilbert, the best selling author of “Eat Pray Love” was left way downstairs and far away from Roberts’ soiree, with her own guests.

Roberts did spend about five minutes in the main party room. But as she and her posse–including husband Danny Moder–were hurried out and away from the dreadful real people, Roberts said, to no one in particular, “That’s so tacky.” A lot of the real people heard her say it.

Vedder and Brolin hung out longest in the main room, and each were funny and polite. Bardem and Schnabel would have stuck around longer, but they were summoned by publicists who arrived with Roberts’ invitation. Gilbert was totally excluded.


Sony/Columbia is counting on the “Eat Love Pray” readers turning out at the box office. The studio is on the upswing right now with Will Ferrell’s big hit “The Other Guys” and “Salt,” “Grown Ups,” and “The Karate Kid.” It’s been a hell of a year so far. But “EPL” definitely cost a lot. With Roberts’ salary and the locations in Italy, Bali, and India, this is a $100 million movie. Gilbert told me she loved the adaptation. It’s more than likely that the book’s readers will, too.

The movie does suffer–at least for men–from a lack of purpose. When men want to “find themselves” we use GPS. Women may identify with Gilbert’s journey, which looks like it cost a million dollars. She suddenly has no interest in being married to her husband, played by Billy Crudup. So she ups and leaves. He’s not cheating on her or abusing her. He’s perfectly nice. But she dumps him, then traipses around the world complaining about it all. She doesn’t become altruistic, or charitable, or politically active. But she always looks great.

I really got a kick out of Julia Roberts on “Letterman” recently. She was charming. And often in “EPL” that charm comes through. But just as often Roberts seems to be fighting the demons of “Liz Gilbert” (as written, not the real person). Women may want to see that on screen, and join her on that trip. This is a movie we will be seeing on Lifetime, OWN or We for decades to come.

PS We’ve been at parties at the Metropolitan Club honoring Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Diane Keaton, Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr–dozens of A list celebrities. This was the first time ever that a private party was given upstairs and the stars were isolated. Mark it down in your books. A first.

[From Showbiz 411]

I’m SHOCKED. Except not so much, isn’t this how everyone sees Julia? She’s the popular girl in high school who never grew up and away from her pettiness, her rudeness, her elitism. The only thing I’m actually shocked with is that Friedman didn’t recycle some of his favorite words to describe Julia: cold, rude, downright nasty, chilling, dismissive. Oh, and LaineyGossip pointed this out as well: Rotten Tomatoes is scoring Eat, Pray, Love at 11%. That’s pretty rotten.

Oh, and THAT’S SO TACKY is my new catchphrase.

10 August 2010 - New York, NY - Julia Roberts. The World Premiere of EAT PRAY LOVE held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

Cast member Julia Roberts arrives for the premiere of Eat Pray Love in New York August 10, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT)

Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem attend the premiere of Eat, Pray Love at the Zeigfeld Theater in Manhattan, NYC on August 10, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. gracie says:

    Javier is just so yummy. Swoon.
    But, sigh, he’s married now.

    I probably won’t see this movie. I have nothing against Julia….but she does nothing for me cinematically.

    If this is true about her I am disappointed. I hate when regular people get famous and then get all hoity-toity and rude. It’s not a good look on anyone.

  2. brenda says:

    ugh…what a biatch. Was never a fan…don’t get all the hype around her. She should just go back to the farm or barn or wherever it is she lives in New Mexico.

  3. mln says:

    I love Julia but for years she has gotten a free pass from the media(and the blogs) she is a heartbreaker several times over left Keith Sutherland at the altar to set up house with his best friend, stole her husband from another woman etc…. If another A-list actress did this she’d be crucified.
    And she has had a rep for being very difficult. But I will give it to her she is a real movie star I am on the fence on EPL though

  4. meme says:

    Julia’s a bitch!?!? NO. Really? Who’d a thunk it! 11% at Rotten Tomatoes ROTFLMAO. I wouldn’t see this crap for free. (BTW, that play she did on Broadway totally sucked.)

  5. gretchen says:

    i am also ‘not shocked’ & just thought of a new screenplay title for her -”ELITIST WITHOUT A CAUSE” LOL i’m cracking myself up now hahah

  6. bb says:

    I don’t know what this movie is about but just the title turns me off. It sounds like some psuedo-spiritual junk for fat women who want to justify shoving food down their gobs.

  7. buckley says:

    Javier has a giant head!
    I like Julia so…no comment

  8. meme says:

    @bb – LOL. I think it’s about some whiny white lady who dumps her nice husband and then goes searching for herself in India. *rolls eyes

  9. denise says:

    @ BB


  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sorry, I may be asking a dumb question, but what was she referring to as “tacky”? the party going on in the “main” room?

    “She’s the popular girl in high school who never grew up and away from her pettiness, her rudeness, her elitism.”

    co-sign that one.

  11. Canucklehead says:

    Remember when she “won” the oscar for Erin Brockovich and forgot to thank the real Erin Brockovich?

    I think Julia hates writers as much as she hates us ‘rabble’

    I hope this movie tanks her, I am incredibly sick of hearing about this self-important see-you-next-tuesday. She has no talent, only ever plays herself and forgets it is the movie goer that really pays her inflated salary.

    On an acting talent level she rates well below Will Shatner and only a couple points above a cactus.

  12. Cali Mom says:

    She means “Tacky” like most of the clothes and shoes she wears??? This is the first time she didn’t look like a lezzie bag lady.

  13. NayNay says:

    Sorry Julia, stop acting like your shit don’t stink, coz it does. Just like everybody elses.

  14. meme says:

    Remember when she was giving out the Best Actor Oscar and before announcing the winner (Denzel Washington) she had to inject herself by announcing “I LOVE MY LIFE” because she had worked with Denzel.

  15. smith says:

    Color me surprised. She was awful in “Duplicity.” Zero chemistry with Clive and I won’t pay money to see her have zero chemistry with Javier (it would just kill me as that man oozes chemistry …um that sounds odd but I mean it hot).

    Also her Duckbilled Platypus face is a major distraction. She looks a little better in these stills but something odd and compressed happens to her gigantic features onscreen, rendering me comatose and greatly saddened in my theater seat.

  16. Tess says:

    She do worship at the Julia Roberts Church of Eternal Self Love and Perpetual Bitchiness.

  17. juiceinla says:

    I have not read the book, maybe the prose is gorgeous, but the main character seems like a spoilt, out of touch, elitist Brentwood Wife to me.. Just like the woman who played her?

    If i want to see a rich bitch spend stupid money to find herself I’ll watch old episodes of ABFab: ADENA PATSY and LaCroix 4evah!!!!

  18. Kazoo81 says:

    “But as she and her posse–including husband Danny Moder–were hurried out and away from the dreadful real people, Roberts said, to no one in particular, “That’s so tacky.” A lot of the real people heard her say it.”

    HAHAHAH. roger friedman should write a screenplay. unlike a lot of journalists, he’s very creative with his writing. i’ve been a fan for a while.

    and is anyone surprised by julia’s behavior? i am more interested in understanding why she has gotten a free pass from scrutiny throughout her career.

  19. Nanea says:

    Why should a movie based on a badly written book be any good? No wonder it’s only 11% on RT!

    I hope Ms Roberts goes back to her farm for a very long while.

  20. Iggles says:

    BB and Meme – You guys nailed it.

    No desire to see this movie. It’s annoying that people travel thousands of dollars to exotic location to find themselves, while the local are merely trying to survive life! Poor people can’t travel to “find themselves”. Ugh, get a therapist and volunteer for a charity! You can easily “find yourself” doing that and help people along the way.

  21. guesty says:

    speaking of smug bitches…

  22. meme says:

    Actually, I read that the author got an advance from the publisher and that’s how she financed her trip. Us ‘regular’ women can’t do that. And we’re tacky *snorts

  23. gen says:

    I don’t know why this book is so popular. Like others have said, its about a rich lady who spends money & travels. GROSS. I wouldn’t be care about that crap normally, but during this economy its just grosser.
    I will say tho, not a Roberts fan, but who the hell knows what she was saying was tacky?

  24. anyhoo says:

    I’m with you Iggles.

    Why do white rich people have the need to find themselves? What the hell does that even mean?

    Volunteer, donate, start a cause. Find yourself AND help people who can’t go off to “find themselves”.

  25. kaligula says:

    @Canucklehead… thanks for making me lol

    talent below Wiliam Shater? hilarious. and i agree, she only ever plays herself. she’s the personification of the sad state of american movie acting in our times.

    and @smith i also agree, she was terrible in Duplicity. and also in Closer where Clive Owen was her co-star as well. you can see her trying SO HARD in that movie to do something approximating acting…. sigh. i will never watch this Eat Pray Love junk.

  26. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    She’s a bitch. Can’t stand her or any of the movies she has done.

  27. Toe says:

    Tacky is when you go to a red carpet with Amazonian armpit hair showing. Not even zenu would approve of that

  28. chazfantastic says:

    First, let’s get over the notion that JR is attractive or cute or pretty or talented. She is none of these things. She is simply a golden ticket winner.

    How, I do not know. What I do know is that she is quoted saying”My life is not for public consumption”

    She is a biiiiitccccccchhhhhhhh.

  29. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh Julia you snobby bitch. I’m so thrilled you are being called out on it FINALLY. And really, how tacky of you to dress like a bag lady most of the time.

  30. bee number 2 says:

    I don’t like her but don’t like the writer either:
    ”The movie does suffer–at least for men–from a lack of purpose. When men want to “find themselves” we use GPS.”

    i found that remark to be quite sexist, specially when most women are down to earth and efficient, working and taking care of the family with little help. It sounds like men have everything figured out and all women are airheads.

    And don’t take it on William Shatner, he was great on Boston Legal !

  31. original kate says:

    “The most glaring snub: Elizabeth Gilbert, the best selling author of “Eat Pray Love” was left way downstairs and far away from Roberts’ soiree, with her own guests.”

    of course julia snubbed gilbert – the party isn’t about the book, it’s about HER. everything is about HER, even denzel’s oscar win. but something tells me it’s a bit of karmic payback that gilbert got snubbed by someone even more shallow and self-absorbed than she is.

  32. funnygirl says:

    i try to like her…i just cant. She’s a bitch and cant hide it. I did however like the book and didn’t get an elitist vibe from Liz Gilbert. She sound very raw just searching for love and God. The book is very spiritual. I’m appalled to hear that Liz Gilbert was snubbed from the “inner circle” party…words cannot describe that level of rude bitchy behavior by JR. she’s evil that one

  33. Super Sleuth says:

    I enjoyed the book, but once I found out Julia Roberts was starring in the movie, I knew I wouldn’t see it. Can’t stand her and that annoying fake laugh of hers. They should have chosen Diane Lane instead.

  34. Kim says:

    11% RT or not I predict it will open with $30 million +. The book sold 6 million copies Didn’t it?

  35. Kiska says:

    I read the book and was perplexed by its popularity. I found it a whiny, self-absorbed account of a WASP woman. Sort like a “Real Housewives” goes on extended vacation to “find oneself.”

    After hearing the the story of after-party, I feel a tad sorry for the writer. It is HER story and she should be in the spotlight, not some overpaid actor.

    I will not pay money to see this movie. There are far better travelogues that I’d like to see created into a film. I also have no desire to make Julia Roberts richer.

  36. ch says:

    she has a moustache
    what will happen if the movie tanks ?
    will she give her paycheck back ?

  37. Eden says:

    I read the book years after it was published and I admit it.
    I really liked it.
    I did not fall in love with the character/author but she’s a good enough writer and did a good job in telling her story and keeping me engaged.
    That said…this book/movie is the new “Bridges of Madison County”.
    Bridges tapped into deep issues for many women and this movie taps into the current zeitgeist of the importance of finding oneself..blah blah.

    I’m totally on board with the theory of “finding oneself”, but it’s turned into a bunch of new age blather, hypocrisy and an excuse to be self righteous…
    I think that’s why books/movies like this one get the negative stuff thrown at it along with the raves.
    @Original Kate- Well Said!!! I totally agree.

    Not sure I totally buy Friedman’s take on her as it seems he’s not exactly objective, but it fits with what I already thought so I’m not mad at him..

  38. Mari says:

    What’s the big deal with having a small private party? I dont get the fuss.

  39. Andrea-2 says:

    I love that Roger is the Van Helsing to Julia’s Dracula.

  40. Kaiser says:

    Andrea: WIN. LMAO.

  41. flutters says:

    Don’t care too much about Julia Roberts one way or the other but Roger Friedman is an attention-seeking hanger-on (enough hyphenates there for you) and a long time stooge of Clive Davis. His column reeks of spin. Not that I don’t think Julia Roberts is capable, but I’m not going to believe it just because Roger Friedman says so.

  42. Taya says:

    The only reason Roberts became famous is because she got her jobs on her knees. Satisfaction, Mystic Pizza or Steel Magnolias anyone?

    I hope this movie bombs, bombs, bombs!

  43. Anti-icon says:

    Seems as if Julia Roberts sees her interpretation of this book as far more relevant than the writers’ creation of it.

  44. Whatever says:

    I’ll buy that Julia is a bitch, but the writer sounds like another Fox blowhard totally absorbed with his own sense of self importance. He is just pissed that he was ignored, so he’s taking revenge by pointing out what most people already knew, Julia is a snobby bitch. At least he’s working for the right company!

  45. Jo says:

    Can not stand her either… She acts the same in every movie… She is a husband stealer.. Remember when she wore that tee shirt that said A Low Vera (her husbands ex named Vera) She is a huge C you next Tuesday… love that !!

  46. Catherine says:

    I am wondering, out of all the actresses in their 30′s to 40′s, why did Julia get picked? She has no believable depth, not that this character is particularly deep, but still. Couldn’t they find someone to show their acting chops instead of a big bland name to bring cash into the box office?
    Julia wouldn’t have this gig if it weren’t for Ms. Gilbert, so her exclusion of her in the little party is a public slap in the face to the author. Very uncool.

  47. oh hey says:

    To be fair, I’d be a bitch too if I had to deal with a Fox News “reporter.”

  48. Anon says:

    Everyone knows she’s a bitch. Her movie budgets are so over the top. She’s not even one of the best actresses out today, or even in her time.

  49. Crash2GO2 says:

    OK, I have a silly question. Just what the hell was ‘A Low Vera’ supposed to mean anyway? It is nonsensical. Is she so illiterate she couldn’t form the whole sentence ‘A Low Blow Vera’??

  50. Kitten says:

    I know nothing about the book but based on the title it doesn’t sound very appealing. Never watch Julia Roberts movies because I’m not into romcoms or…well, bad movies. Again, not knowing anything about the story but what is wrong with a woman wanting to travel if she has the money to do so? I can think of a lot more superficial things a woman could spend her money on. I actually wish more Americans would travel outside of the US-couldn’t hurt to open up the insular attitude…

    @Crash2Go2-Like a play on “Aloe Vera”. Lame.

  51. Leticia says:

    For fun I am going to try to list Julia’s boyfriends. Let me know if I leave anyone out. Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Lyle Lovett, Benjamin Bratt, Danny Moder. Who am I leaving out?

    The juicy part is that she dropped Kiefer on the eve of their wedding and ran off with Jason Patric, who was going to be Kiefer’s best man in the wedding. And that Danny Moder was married when she started dating him.

    • eljeran says:

      You forgot Ethan Hawke, george clooney, matt perry, there was this club owner guy when her career was tanking after Peter Pan, Richard Gere, daniel day lewis (god he could do so much better,and she probably did Brad Pitt too. She is nasty.

  52. original kate says:

    @crash2GO2: i think it was supposed to be a play on “aloe vera.” i guess. tacky, in any case.

  53. Dana M says:

    Gosh!!! Over the years, I’ve grown to dislike this actress more and more. I’m always reading incidents on her rude behaviors. And the more I read about them, the more I believe she is a Major Bitch.

    There are many classy and dignified actors/ famous people that she can get takes notes from: i.e., Audrey Hepburn

    Probably not going to see her new movie because she now gets on my nerves. Where are PR people? They need to fix her image asap.

  54. YeaRight!!! says:

    keifer sutherland was also married, left his wife Camila kath and child, when he met julia on the set of flatliners…

    dylan mcdermott was engaged when he met julia on the set of the steel magnolia’s.

    this chick has had a past of ripping apart relationships, just because she could…

    a fact that goes all the way back to high school.

  55. cat says:

    It’s rude to leave the party after 5 minutes, I feel for what these stars get paid part of the job is promotion, oh boo hoo you have to smile, answer a bunch of stupid questions and travel (for free) for a month to promote a film. The premier is part of the promotion the people there are fans, reviewers and employees of the comapanies that pay you. Suck it up, mingle, dance have a few drinks and go out for a private party later. Cudos to this guy for reporting the truth.

  56. Bite me says:

    Audrey Hepburn used to sleep wth married men also, there was nothing classy about that gal

  57. Jesa says:

    Maybe she snubbed the guy from Fox News because, you know, he was from FOX NEWS. Anyone? I’d do it.

  58. ch says:

    oh my god
    i used to like her but not anymore
    you people are really eloquent
    she´s a bitch and has a moustache
    i wont see the film
    i will watch Salt when it gets here

  59. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh. A loe VERA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. not

    Thanks guys.

  60. Riley says:

    @ BB: I love the image.

  61. Jen says:

    I have just never thought of her as pretty. And I’ve really never thought of her as a great actress.

  62. OC lady says:

    It’s obvious this guy has an axe to grind, and he’s been waiting for another shot at her. Fox News? People are siding w/Bill O Reilly, and Glenn Beck Fox News? Ok.

    I don’t get the “that’s tacky” comment? Does she refer to her handlers leading her away from the small party? I’ve seen that happen before–where stars are herded off by their publicists for whatever reason. Or, is she refering to the party itself? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    Of course, for the people who dislike her–it’s more fuel for the fire. Just another thing to add to the list in the terrible wrongs of Julia “that bitch” Roberts. Meh.

    She probably does think too much of herself. She’s in the land of egos. I don’t see her as being that noteworthy in her ego trips, though. Probably one of the bunch. In any case, I don’t need to like a star personally to watch her movies. I find her likeable on-screen. What she does off-screen, is up to her. As long as she’s not torturing puppies and babies, I don’t care :-)

    I’ll still see the movie. I love to travel and love films about going places. You don’t need huge amounts of money to travel. I’ve been all over the world on a measly little salary. It’s possible–if you have an eye for bargains and stay in youth hostels.

  63. chunkstyle says:

    Aww she’s trying to take the entitled snobby trophy from Gywnnie!! Nice try Julia, but you’re short exactly ONE self-obsessed blog.

  64. Ron says:

    Roger Freidman is a woman scorned! He went thorough all of that to write bitch piece about Julia Roberts? The people at Fox “News” really don’t have anything to do.

  65. California Surfer says:

    Grandma and I saw Shirley Valentine- a way majorly excellently funny movie and it is basically about the same thing and the chick who plays Shirley Valentine actually gets naked which I’m totally certain Julia Roberts didn’t so I won’t be seeing this movie unless Grandma totally wants to go and I smoke some weed beforehand.

  66. Mari says:

    Wow, so many negative comments. And from people who’ve never met her. Truth is, we don’t know what happened between this guy and JR. Hmmm, me thinks there’s a reason she doesn’t like him.

    FYI- I snub people I don’t like too. Feel free to hate me.

  67. xxodettexx says:

    @andrea-2: love that comment! hahahaha

    anyway, we should not be shocked that someone like her, with all the whispered rumors of her cattiness and pettiness, would act like an entitled TACKY biotch

  68. Gigohead says:

    I can see the guy’s ire. If he is invited to a party he is expected to work the room and get tidbits from the actors. To create an inner “velvet rope” event just sucks. People feel like crap. She made a lot of people feel bad,

  69. Isabella says:

    Don’t forget that half the reason she wore the “A Low Vera” shirt is because Vera was upset Julia stole her husband away when Vera was *pregnant* with his child. How dare she call princess Julia out on that? (rolls eyes)

  70. Marjalane says:

    Hated the book, hate Julia Roberts.

  71. hapygoleslie says:

    she hooked up with a married man,tried to humiliate his wife vera, for not giving up on there marriage by wearing a shirt saying “a low vera”… she has never been the adorable girl next door since, now she’s the greedy, selfish bitch down the road

  72. kim says:

    Shes an ugly witch and a terrible actress to boot! So many vile stories Ive heard from people about her. And she doesnt like other women. She likes male costars and LOVES to be center of attention & is VWERY threatened when other women are around or getting attention from male costars. Just ask Catherine Zeta the experience she had working with Julia on Oceans 11 set =( Any woman who actually rallies against other women being hired for films? Pathetic. she is a jealous, beeaattch with no self esteem.

  73. kim says:

    I love reading and make myself finish books even when i dont like the beginning in case they turn out to be good which many do. BUT i could not, absoultely could not, even get thru 1/2 of this book! It was AWFUL and so been there done that.

  74. Jeri says:

    The authors’ article only points out the obvious, how in love with Julia, Julia is. Now that is tacky. Her behavior has turned me off for many years & just becomes worse with time as she believes her own hype & gets sloppy drunk at award shows she lowers herself to attend.

  75. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    As Canucklehead said above, she lost me forever when she neglected to thank or even mention the REAL Erin Brockovitch during her Oscar speech.

    Yeah, I also found the “The movie does suffer–at least for men–from a lack of purpose. When men want to “find themselves” we use GPS” quote to be condescending and stupid.

    People who go to find themselves by dabbling in (read exploiting) other people’s cultures think the people they’re blessing with their presence are thrilled, but in fact they hate them and make fun of them the minute they turn their backs. I think Julia’s the perfect person to portray such a self-centered little American twat.

  76. Not a Fan says:

    Never been a Julia Roberts fan. What absolutely solidified it for me was when they filmed parts of the movie “Dying Young” near my parents’ house. She was on-set, and between takes she smoked like a smokestack and was a complete bitch to everyone around her.

  77. zippersgirl says:

    I remember when Hugh Grant was asked ” what was it like to work with Julie Roberts?” And all he could say was…. ” she has a frighteningly large mouth.” lol

  78. cat says:

    I loved it at the Golden Globes this year when an interviewer asked how she felt about turning down A Blind Side, the venom started oozing out of her mouth, she was already being rude to the guy so I think he threw that in for fun.

  79. Liana says:

    Never worked on a set with her, but I’ve heard that she’s awful to the female crew and buddies up to the men.

  80. Camille says:

    Can’t stand this smug, nasty bitch.

  81. Granger says:

    I’m not defending JR, because I can’t stand her, but I actually don’t think she WAS the popular girl in highschool. Did anyone else ever see that Oprah episode years ago, when JR was pregnant with her twins, where Oprah had celebs bring their “regular” best friends on the show to give them huge movie-star makeovers? JR brought her best friend from highschool, who is apparently STILL her best friend (which I find hard to believe, but whatever), and when they were chatting with Oprah, they described the time they went to their highschool reunion after JR had become famous. They laughed and said they thought the reunion would be fun because they were such “hot shit,” but to their dismay, they were completely ignored by all of their old classmates! JR then said that it was no different than highschool, when she was a complete nerd (or words to that effect).

    Anyway, I’ve always remembered that story because at first I thought, oh that’s funny, she knows how to laugh at herself; but over the years, watching the progression of her bitchy behaviour, I’ve taken that story to mean that nobody paid any attention to her at the reunion because they could remember what a self-absorbed floozy she was in highschool and didn’t feel like hearing how much more self-absorbed she’d become!

  82. Bee says:

    @bee number 2, it’s the other Bee here. I totally agree with you that the writer’s comment about men only needing a GPS to find themselves both sexist and condescending. I may not be a JR fan (or hater) but this man obviously has some kind of vendetta against her and other successful women presumably. The fact that this movie is only at 11% on Rotten Tomatoes might have something to do with the fact that the vast majority of critics are men. For evidence of that we just need to look at the hit job the critics did on Sex and the City 2. Yes, it was a pretty crappy movie. But, the vitriol spewed at that film was extreme. Was it really that much worse than the million idiotic “guy” movies released every year. Movies about women are often dismissed as “chick flicks” aka. “movies men have to be dragged to see.” Eat Pray Love may not end up being a good movie. But, I’m thrilled anytime a movie is released with a woman in a role other than that of mere love interest or eye candy.

  83. Truthzbetta says:

    Glad her high school didn’t kiss her ass like she expected.

    Remember when Cindy Crawford took an entire MTV camera crew to her high school reunion to rub her success in everyone’s face? Sounds like Julia so wanted to do that move and nobody cared.

    Well, didn’t know she was such a scoundrel with so many married men. Seriously, her publicist must be a demon to keep the real Julia under wraps. What a B word.

  84. nel says:

    hahaha yeah, julia a beach (intentional)??? never!!
    i actually havent seen many of her films because i cant stand her real life attitudes that ive read about.

    it comes down to this, you are human bitch, you aint any better than us cuz you star in movies.

    bitch please.

  85. Chris says:

    Years ago I read that after Julia became famous she got some guy who had snubbed her in high school to go on a date with her because she hadn’t gotten over it.

  86. Bobby the K says:

    Never could figure out what the fuss over her was. And I would have never thought to use the word ‘charming’ to describe her, even if it was faked.

    Ok, to find youself? I don’t know about travelling, Too many distractions, outside things to see.
    To actually find yourself, you pretty much have to meditate, maybe for years. IMHO anyway.

  87. Taro says:

    Julia Horseface once again illustrates that Hollywood is full of shallow douchebags pretending to be better than people with careers that require math skills.

    The definition of tacky: attempt to mainstream the degrading profession of prostitution by pretending that putting a hooker in a nice dress makes her a “Pretty Woman,” and therefore a respectable woman. Nope, she’s still just a hooker – and her brother is also an idiot. I guess it runs in the family.

  88. XYZ says:

    Pls dont throw her brother in this mess. He is really talented, he is the real actor in their family, not her.

  89. Chris says:

    @Bobby K: I agree. If you can’t find yourself where you are where will you find yourself?

  90. Cletus says:

    I agree with the folks who said that finding ones self is a rich, white woman thing to do. While I am a white woman, I am not wealthy and when I went through my existential crisis I had to do it in my house, in my hometown. Also, leaving where you are to find out where you have gone is stupid, because wherever you go, there you are. If you’re a self-indulgent whiny asshole at home, you will still be a self-indulgent whiny asshole in Rome, Calcutta, or Detroit. I am all for an occasional wallow in self pity- it feels good to whine real good and maybe snivel for a day, but pity parties ARE lame and shouldn’t last very long.

    Also, Julia Roberts is a dick.

  91. Rachel says:

    Well said, Cletus. You’re absolutely right. The problem isn’t finding youself-usually the problem is getting away from yourself.

  92. @y_s0_seri0uss says:

    in my younger years, in college, I worked at Barnes & Noble in NYC on 5th ave and 18the st. One day in walks Julia Roberts and she just wants to fit in. With 3 people following her around and dark sunglasses on. She whispers in one of her cronies ears and they go get an associate at the store to find her book. She goes to the section, gets her book then proceeds to the register. While ringing up Ms. Robers, the Cashier, a lovely meek sweet sweet girl, quietly says to her “I just wanted to tell you I love your movies” and Ms. Roberts says to her “I just want to buy my book and leave, don’t talk to me”. Then paid and left.

    True story, drop dead Julia, you worked at Foot Locker in NYC before the fame, you snob. You’re not even cute with that horse mouth…..another bomb , YES!

  93. CB Rawks says:

    “Sorry Julia, stop acting like your shit don’t stink, coz it does. Just like everybody elses.”

    And her armpits, too. Rupert Everett reckons she never bathes and smells of BO.

  94. Henriette says:

    Lots of rich white people aren’t consumed by the need to “find themselves.” It seems to be those wretched Baby Boomers who specialize in this sort of naval gazing.

    I was listening to a program today that talked about how much merchandizing went along with this “find your inner truth” movie. Eat, Love, Pray makeup line from Lancome, ELP tea, ELP prayer bead bracelets, etc. Just like Julia herself, her crappy movie is all about made-up values. Ick.

  95. becca says:

    I don’t believe a word of this article – the man used to work for Faux News. His opinion remains invalid.

    On the other hand, I did watch Julia promoting EPL on Letterman the other night…there was just something about the way she interacted with him that was starting to rub me the wrong way, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

  96. Ciarán Ván Don says:

    I am Glad to see another Julia Roberts movie bomb in such spectacular fashion. She is a terrible actress of epic proportions. She is a bitch of the highest order. She insulted Julianna Margulies who once was a waitress. On Oceans 12 she insulted catering staff and Catherine Zeta Jones aswell as sending production costs through the roof with her diva style demands. She has a private party for her new film and ignores the main inspiration for the film like what the f##k! I mean I would probably do Jail time just to kick the bitch in the head.

  97. MJ says:

    She is disgusting. Her smug, snotty, stuck up attitude has always irked me to the point where I cannot watch her movies. I remember accidentally watching her on Oprah a few years ago where she announced she was going to cut her hair and told the audience “brace yourselves” in a sarcastic, condescending tone. As if the audience was going to “die” if she cut her hair. It was embarrassing to watch.

    I have met both Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton. Two of the greatest actresses of our time. They were both extremely friendly, down to earth and pleasant toward everyone around them, even the “common folks” who Julia feels are so beneath her. Obvioiusly, JR is a classless slob who doesn’t have a clue how to treat people, which is why her career is sinking fast.

  98. eljeran says:

    I have hated JR since Steel Mag. she was soooooooo bad in it. Hollywood has always had this unbelievable blind spot for her that has always baffled me. She has slept with every man she has ever worked with, cheated on boyfriends, slept with married men,yet, she’s Americas Sweetheart??? her movies most often times tank,yet she’s paid more than any other actress, she treats people like garbage beneath her feet, yet Oprah loves her. I just is so sad that a woman as disgusting as she is has been blessed with the most incredible life and it has never ever occured to her to do anything to give back. She just keeps taking, with absolutely no bad karma or pay back. It really kindof breaks my heart that there are people like her in the world. I am glad Eddie and Josh didnt hang with her very much and stuck with the REAL people, I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!!

  99. Lindi says:

    Julia was not popular in high school. She was artsy and weird and never quite fit in.