Dina Lohan blames Judge Revel, “propaganda” for all of Lindsay’s problems


Dina Lohan was interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning on Today, and it was must-see epic train wreck television. I would have given Matt a thousand dollars to ask about Carvel cakes, but unfortunately the subject at hand was Lindsay. After Judge Marsha Revel recused herself from the case two days ago, Dina seems to think that Lindsay now doesn’t have any problems left. It seems that Lindsay’s only problem in the world was Mean Old Judge Revel, who was, in Dina’s words, “Fired, basically.” Because Dina can’t wrap her brain around the idea that Revel recused herself. Here’s the video and some of my haphazard transcribing:

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Dina on Judge Marsha Revel: “I think she went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay.”

On whether Lindsay “deserved time in jail”: “No, not for this particular offense. She violated – actually, didn‘t violate but did – uh, she violated… she was supposed to be… she was in for missing a couple of classes that she made up and she was working at the time and the judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks with murderers.”

Lauer asks Dina what it was like for Lindsay behind bars, and this is her response: “I actually visited her behind glass and Lindsay missed the driving classes that she made up before she went to court and now the judge is being taken off the case and it’s a really serious offense for a judge. She went against the district attorney.”

*Sidenote: Gee, I wonder where Lindsay gets her persecution and cracked-out martyr complex, hm?

Dina on the alleged special treatment Lindsay got in jail: “DO YOU READ TMZ?”


Then she goes on to say that the “lockdown” was just “a safety precaution.”

Dina on Lindsay potentially getting out of rehab earlier than her 90-day sentence: “Because the judge recused herself, she would have been, she went against the district attorney. Yeah, it will be [a shorter time].”

On Lindsay’s “spirits”: “She’s great, she’s been through a lot. The judge played hardball. She was in with alleged murderers and she became friends with a lot of them. Lindsay‘s rolled with the punches and she‘s doing wonderfully.”

On whether Lindsay had jail “coming to her” as Matt says: “I think that’s all propaganda! And what people are reading, as you know, you’re in the business of entertainment, it’s pre-orchestrated and you’re reading things are not fact.”

Oh, and Lindsay is going to move to NYC after rehab. Right.

Dina also denies that Lindsay has been in rehab three other times, and that’s a whole thing, whatever. Dina is such a f-cking delusional bitch. My favorite part might be when Lauer comes close to calling Dina an enabler, Dina repeats the “THAT’S PROPAGANDA” line. “That’s propaganda” might be better than “that’s so tacky.” Also: is Dina on something? Oh, and I love when Dina talks about how she was “in the business” before her kids.



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75 Responses to “Dina Lohan blames Judge Revel, “propaganda” for all of Lindsay’s problems”

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  1. gillie says:

    this woman needs a swift dose of STFU and a kick in the pants. she should be ashamed of herself, and of her daughters behaviour.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Dina is very ignorant of the law. The judge outranks the district attorney and can override the DA anytime he/she wants. It is the judge who makes the decision – the DA is just there to make an argument. Poor Lindsay!

  3. Shelby says:

    Wow. Those kids didn’t stand a chance. DHR should have taken those kids long ago. Question is..whats going to happen to Ali? Will her mom pimp her out and sell her to the highest bidder too?

  4. Jean says:

    Of course Lindsay has to (learn) to take responsibility for her actions, but I blame this one for not raising her right.
    She doesn’t seem interested in her daughter’s well-being at all, and it would have been refreshing had she actually admitted to all of the things that have been and gone wrong in Lindsay’s life. This is just going to continue the never-ending cycle of denial and enabling, which is going to be all the much worse for a recovering addict.

  5. Riley says:

    All I can say, is that compared to Dina, Sarah Palin is as loquacious as Shakespeare.

  6. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Dina is the worst mother in the world – Lindsay will be back in NY doing loads of drugs and killing herself whilst Dina looks on and then blames everyone else when Lindsay overdoses or her body finally gives up

    Read an article that Lindsay was doing heroin as well as meth and coke & prescription and alcohol…scary stuff

  7. Kitten says:

    i love how one minute, she’s spitting venom about her child “being in there with murderers” then the next, “oh, she’s totally friends with all the murderers”. i think someone needs to lay off the crack as well.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think there’s a special circle of hell for this woman.

  9. Jazz says:

    God I loathes this delusional bitch!

  10. Hautie says:

    I believe that the Judge has last say so over any case.

    No matter what the DA wants or offers to anyone.

    If the Judge does not agree, they do not have to follow any plea or deal the DA thinks up. It is solely up to their (Judge) own discretion.

    Now since the entire Lohan group has no common sense… and has no issue with showing off how dense they truly are as a unit. I believe they are in for a unfortunate surprise.

    Judge’s are very much a clique. And they tend to have each others backs.

    So if Dina thinks that Lindsay’s cracked out carjacking behavior is somehow going to be forgotten by a new Judge. She is totally mistaken.

    If she had any sense what so ever, Lindsay should fear getting a new Judge. A new Judge means new problems.

    A Judge who in the past, has not went too easy on the crack out behavior of other badly behaving meth head celebrities.

    And for Dina to be on TV bad mouthing the LA county court system, is just stupid. Does it not compute with her own crack head behavior, that Lindsay will have to answer to that county for the next few years?

    Plus is LA county really going to let Lindsay move out of state and completely ignore her CA probation?

  11. nycmom10024 says:

    Hey the rest of the interview starting now…

  12. dread pirate cuervo says:

    How did she make friends with the murderers when she was in solitary? Also, I think these would be “accused” murderers since this was jail & not prison. & I doubt the new judge is going to overturn the rehab. The DA probably asked Revel to recuse herself specifically so her ruling wouldn’t get overturned if Lindsay managed to blow somebody to make an appeal for her.

  13. Marjalane says:

    I think this is kind of trashy on the Today show’s part; Everyone knows White Oprah is as cracked out as Lindsey, and all they’re doing is giving her a forum to vent her delusions. Both of Lindsey’s hideous parents need to be media shunned. Maybe they’d lose their taste for it.

  14. kelbear says:

    Imo, she was talking out of her ass. I’m watching her now on Today Show and she is trying to avoid answering any of Matt’s questions the way they should be answered.

  15. Eileen says:


  16. jammama says:

    I personally feel the Judge was enjoying her 15 minutes of fame and was intentionally rough on Lindsey cause she knew the world was watching. Jail would of been enough for Lindsay without the 90 day rehabilitation program. It’s not like she killed someone or robbed a store.

  17. Ruby Red Lips says:

    to also say

    Dina is a delusional fruitcake! The woman is completely nuts!

    So one minute Lindsay has no problems and the next Dina has been doing things to help her turn her life around!!!

    2 rehab trips not 4…obvious where Lindsay gets her compulsive lying from

    Vile creature

  18. kaligula says:

    look at that sick b***h SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t you just see her taking the call from her “assistant” about getting this interview, faking a weary sigh and a reluctant tone… “Oh, well, I guess I have to do the Today show with Matt. You know, I have to stick up for Lindsay…. That’s what family does, right?” meanwhile, she clearly freaking ***LOVES*** IT– sick. can’t even answer a question directly. contradicts herself. “didn’t violate but did”???? she’s the one who should be in jail. i can’t stand to watch the whole thing. poor lindsay.

  19. happymom says:

    What the hell happened to the Today show? The original producers must be turning in their graves at the levels this show as deteriorated to. Dina Lohan is disgusting-her daughter is a train wreck-enough already. Stop giving them a forum!

  20. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Jammamma

    Lindsay is a huge drug and alcohol addict – I think rehab rather than jail is the better option – the girl is an addict

  21. Paul E. Stanley says:

    Good, let Lindsey out early so that she go back on drugs and OD herself. Then maybe we can finally be rid of this loser family.

  22. Hautie says:

    “It’s not like she killed someone or robbed a store.”

    Lindsay was high on Coke the night she carjacked the Tahoe.

    Which kicked off this entire issue.

    And no matter what State you live in, carjacking is a Federal Offense.

    Lohan is extremely lucky that she did not get handed a 10 year sentence for the carjacking alone.

    Had it been you, Coke out of your mind, car jacking a Tahoe… guess where you would have ended up.

    In prison.

  23. nycmom10024 says:

    Wow what to say about Dina. I just don’t know- I am starting to think Hollywood attracts the mentally marginal. I know that it is her daughter that is the actress,but so many people in front of the camera are so damaged in so many ways. I am truly starting to feel unkind trashing them.

    When I was a kid, we had a saying that is not exactly politically correct, but you don’t call a retard a retard. Maybe all the crazy always exisited in”Hollywood” and we only now have the opportunity to see it. But I would love to see a serious study look at whether the camera attracts marginal personality types or does the camera and the press cycle do something to peoples mental stability.

    With that said, Dina Lohan clearly loves her kids in her own way, but she is clearly harming them.

  24. womanfromthenorth says:

    Ok.. I watched this and she is NUTS!

    Matt did a poor job… with a crazy woman. She danced around everything… shes good at that! Sucks at parenting.

  25. nnire says:

    if Justice Revel is to be “blamed” for anything, it’s going above and beyond all expectations in her heroic attempt to save this crackhead’s life.

    this judge got no favours for being on this case and having to deal with an uppity, ignorant, spoiled little girl who is the unfortunate result of bad parenting. if anything, i’m sure Justice Revel was glad to be able to recuse herself of this mess.

  26. Whatever says:

    It’s not like she killed someone

    This is pure luck on her part. This selfish little bitch has driven drunk and under the influence many times with no regard for the innocent people on the road. I think a DUI is what started the whole having to go to alcohol classes thing. The entire family is delusional and has an enormous sense of entitlement.

  27. jammama says:

    Half of Hollywood are drug addicts..whether it be cocaine, pills, crystal, etc. Lindsay just got caught; nothing new. I agree that a DUI is not a pretty thing but you can’t punish someone for what could’ve should’ve happened. Jail time would have been enough for Lindsay to learn her lesson. That is the punishment most people get.

  28. gracie says:

    @ Jammamma: Look at everything Lindsay has done in her short life……all the mayhem she has caused and the reckless cracked out behavior. Just because she hasn’t killed or hurt anyone to this date does not mean that couldn’t happen in the future.

    Her unwillingness to take control of her life, her disregard for the law, her insistence upon taking countless drugs and drinking potentially endangers anyone near her.

    Just because something tragic hasn’t happened yet does NOT mean that it won’t. Ask any drunk or drugged out person who has been responsible for a fatal car crash. Once sober they will cry and say, “I didn’t mean it”. But it’s too late.

    The tragedy with Lindsay will be either her cracked out death or the death or maiming of some innocent person because of her selfish behavior.

    I mean, she’s been to rehab like 3 times already? And each time she gets out, her problem gets worse. She can do it…….Robert Downey Jr. had to go to jail and drug rehab numerous times before it stuck. It can be done.

    Lindsay’s problem is that her mom enables her by making Lindsay believe she that she has no problems. If Dina was kidnapped and relocated to STFU, NY
    …Lindsay might finally have a chance.

    BUT…..in the meantime she is Trouble with a capital T.

  29. Tess says:

    Matt Lauer is useless. Not a single tough question or follow up. Oh dear, how are her spirits, he asks. Good God.

  30. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Jammamam

    I seriously doubt Lindsay would have learnt her lesson after the jail time, I’m doubting even after rehab especially with her delusional lying pimp of a mother…

    Lindsay is obiously a serious drug addict who has damaged her external face and god knows what to her insides – IMO rehab is the best thing for her b4 she does OD or her body just gives out

  31. Jean says:

    And because, as you claim “half of Hollywood” is doing it, makes it right?
    When half of Hollywood jumps off a bridge, should Lindsay follow suit?
    Besides, I have a hard time believing that half of Hollywood is depended on drugs and alcohol to get through the day.
    It’s a multimillion dollar industry, if everyone was as reckless and stupid as Lindsay, no film would see the light of day. There are many actors and actresses who take their craft seriously and I have yet to see one so attention seeking with her behavior as Lindsay Lohan. Nor do I see other “stars” and by all means, Lindsay is merely a fading star at this point, high, drunk and bloated looking in the tabloids on a daily basis. Stop making excuses.

  32. Tia C says:

    @ jammama: Actually, you can “punish someone for what could’ve should’ve happened”. That’s what DUI charges are all about. People take a tremendous risk when they drive drunk. It is not a joke. Clearly, like Dina, you are unfamiliar with the law.

    I could not even watch this whole video. Dina’s delusions are grander than ever, and Matt botched this interview badly. I was really hoping he’d rip her a new one. She needs it. What a freaking moronic enabler. I predict Lindsay ODs before 30 (27 club?) and Dina will blame everyone in the world but her.

  33. Moreaces says:

    I dont see how Lindsey made it this far in life, with these two as her parents,, someone really needs to step in and rescue her from these evil people,, its just unbelieveable

  34. Moreaces says:

    August 13th, 2010 at 9:00 am Of course Lindsay has to (learn) to take responsibility for her actions, but I blame this one for not raising her right.
    She doesn’t seem interested in her daughter’s well-being at all, and it would have been refreshing had she actually admitted to all of the things that have been and gone wrong in Lindsay’s life. This is just going to continue the never-ending cycle of denial and enabling, which is going to be all the much worse for a recovering
    Lindsay, does not have a snow balls chance in hell to have a healthy life with her parents at the helm.. sad

  35. Majosha says:

    Not sure if this has already been brought up, but this twat was likely PAID MONEY for this interview, which, in my opinion, is the most atrocious part of all. Ugh.

  36. lavender says:

    To Jammama,
    Dina? Is that you????

  37. aenflex says:

    Lindsay was raised by effed up parents. True that. There is responsibility on their part for the way she has turned out. However, plenty of people have bad parents, mentally ill parents, delusional parents, and they – at earliest whim – somehow manage to free themselves, move out, move on, make mistakes and learn and become better people for it. Linsday at age 18 was free, if she only chose to free herself. I don’t care for her parents at all. But now she is grown, and has (had) her own money, and the world at her feet. She wasted it, and is still doing so. I’m finding it hard to find the line between genuine compassion and mirthless pity.

  38. xxodettexx says:

    what a cracked out delusional crazy woman! holy cripes! she almost makes me feel sorry for lilo, and then i remember my terrible upbringing and all the terrible things i did, and PAID FOR, and i get over feeling bad for the milkaholic…

  39. denise says:

    Ms. Dina needs to take a long look in the mirror to see exactly who is to blame for Lindsay’s problems.

  40. Maddie says:

    Dina will not be satisfied until she will be able to wear all black and play the grieving mother of the late Lindsay Lohan, then she will list a foundation where the fans can send in Carvel’s cards along with Baskin Robbins cards for free ice cream cakes.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ha! All those pauses and ‘um…you know’ She is just tripping over her own lies and rationalizations. What a clown.

  42. Whatever says:

    Linsday at age 18 was free, if she only chose to free herself.

    As I remember it, Dina the Wonder Mom let her move to LA at 16 with her boyfriend.

  43. TG says:

    @Hautie – if only the DA hadn’t dropped or reduced charges that little wench would have been locked up for some serious time. She will never get better unless she is willing and wanting to change. All the rehab and jail time in the world will never help. Seems like these people all get reduced and dropped charges.

  44. oh_mr_grey says:

    Typical breeder bs…never responsible for how their kid turns out. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault!

  45. Sudini says:

    Dina Lohan is the biggest, most obtuse enabler I’ve ever seen.

    She’s belligerant when it comes to the stubborn defense of her trainwreck of a daughter who, in her eyes, can do no wrong.

  46. teri says:

    Everyone is wanting to punish Lindsay for whatever reason they can come up with. I’m happy that she’s going through rehab and getting clean, wishing her the best. I seriously think that the first judge was harsh and under the media spotlight to hand her a hard punishment. Not everyone is wishing the celebs harsh punishment for my enjoyment.

  47. Sassy says:

    I’m not a hater by nature. But? I HATE THIS B*TCH. God. She is so delusional.

  48. teri says:

    Lindsay is 23 years old, not a child and her parents can’t control her. Any mother would protect their child and not throw them under the bus, especially when the rest of the world is talking crap about them. We all see good in our own children and the press only sees negative towards Lindsay. I can’t imagine what a parent goes through watching the media tear your child apart.

  49. Jean says:

    @ teri
    Actually, Lindsay is 24 years old.
    And Dina Lohan isn’t protecting her daughter, she actively contributes to the messed up state her daughter is in/has been in for the past few YEARS. There is nothing benign or benevolent about her intentions towards Lindsay, all she does is use every given opportunity to satisfy her own sick need for attention.

  50. Strawberry says:

    Co-sign with #14 Kelbear: She was so coached. Rehearsed. Said exactly what the PR flacks told her to. Lindsay is so scr-ewed.

  51. teri says:

    Dina in the clip states she put Lindsay in rehab at 19. A caring mother does that. Yes she’s 24 now not 23, eww huge age gap whatever. I don’t see Dina providing drugs to her kids, I guess blaming the parents for her downfall being addicted to drugs somehow takes fault away from Lindsay who is 24. I think there is far more worse kids than Lindsay in HW such as Hulk Hogans kid who put his friend in a coma by drag racing.

  52. Kelly says:

    @sassy – this is EXACTLY what I was going to say!!! Word for word!!!

    @nycmom100 – I agree with you 100%; I have so much sympathy for the developmentally challenged and their families, but when reading these articles or hearing some of these entertainment-biz types actually speak, I really, really wonder whether they are “retarded” in some way. Or rather, they seem to be “slow” and low-functioning (I bet Lindsay can’t balance a checkbook; and Britney, let’s just leave that one alone). The only way they’re “functional” is in seeking the limelight in an almost instinctive way, like a moth to a flame.

  53. teri says:

    Micheal Douglas’ son and Hulk H. weren’t this bashed when their kids got in trouble. Both faught tooth and nail to get their kids out of trouble and still love them tremendously. Dina is doing no differently.

  54. lola lola says:

    I love the “speaks out” tag. I mean, when does this horror show of a ‘mother’ every shut up? Any time there is cash to be made, she’ll be there.

  55. george says:

    Dina Lohan’s parents were enablers. They should be ashamed of themselves for the exscuse of a mother they raised. Let’s find out what they think of Dina and her grandaughter Lindsey. I wonder if Dina’s Grandparents were crappy parents also. I imagine the Great-granddparents were probably sorry excuses for parents also.

    I talked to the great great grandparents once and they were so busy trying to make a living that their childrren just wandered the streets at night. So in short, blame the whole family going back to caveman age.

  56. MissyA says:

    Lawd, you can actually hear the talking points that were written down for her.
    “Hardball” “Recused” “Propaganda” “Sum Cum Laude”
    She gets nervous and stumbles whenever she deviates from the script – the mark of a mediocre actor/liar.

    You can see where Lindsay gets her “talent” from.

  57. original kate says:

    a badger would be a better mother than dina.

  58. Green Is Good says:

    This woman is just insane. Is it any wonder Judge Revel recused herself? She’s sick to death of the LOWhan clan’s drama.

    And the LOWhan family has had more than a few hundred court appearances under their belts. You’d think Mommy Dearest here would know what “recuse” means, AND that the Judge supersedes the DA.

    Bad-mouthing the LA justice system. Stupid, stupid move.

  59. Jeri says:

    Matt totally blew the interview. Did he agree to go easy to get Dina on the show? He didn’t raise any issues about Lindsay carjacking & endangering people or going to Canne & doing a no-show at court.

    Way to totally suck Matt.

  60. Jennivo69 says:

    Of course Lindsay is still “paying for” what happened in 2007 because she didn’t do what was required by the courts. How hard is it to understand “once a week” alcohol classes…….ONCE A WEEK, not when you can or if you can.

  61. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    When you have a drug addict, the family is always part of the problem! Whether it’s abuse, neglect, or a combo of the two, addiction does not just develop. And it isn’t “Hollywood.” Most actors do NOT become addicts, because they don’t have the genetic predisposition and the trauma in childhood. All the addicts I have known have had alcoholic and/or druggie parents and were usually sexually abused. It’s a sad, scary, relentless condition. I’m no fan of Lindsay’s. In fact, I wrote a blog about wanting her to rot in jail. But seeing Dina and Michael? Kid didn’t have a chance.

  62. Innocent says:

    Dina was right the judge was way out of line.
    The prosecution was only asking for 30 days in jail and the SCRAM to be kept on until she finished the program. The deadline was July 15th and she met this.
    The program didn’t enforce the every 7 days rule as the judge didn’t make it a written order so the both the Judge and Lindsay thought she was in compliance.

    Maybe the judge giving her 60 days in jail because she missed the hearing would have been justifiable but that should have been it.

    While on bail she passed all the drug tests, attended every class and the SCRAM which was extremely harsh only went off once.

  63. serena says:

    She was in the business? Really?
    And did what? lol I can’t stop myself to laugh my ass off.
    Anyway, delusional as always. We can imagine the truth beyond her words, so no problem but she really piss me off.
    So now even less days in rehab?

    This is justice, wow!

  64. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Well, sure there are worse Hollywood spawn out there, but lapsing into that kind of deflective moral relativism is what gets people kidnapped by a tweaking ball of substance abuse. A judge’s job–like that of a responsible parent– is not to say, ‘aw, poor widdle widdle’ in knee-jerk response to any all transgressions committed by the individual in person. And I promise you, PROMISE you, that if a person of privilege has the means and opportunity to ameliorate the consequences of his own actions, he’s going to do it–why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t you? I would! That’s why we have the law (theoretically), to keep us in check.

    But the law has nothing to do with justice and THAT`s what has everyone so fired up. It has always been this way, and seeing this example time and again not only escape from her self-started scrapes scratch-free, but with a cadre of fanatics who will in their way tell us that any notion of our rights are pretty much ideology gets annoying. It’s hardly the most egregious example, no one is saying that, but since she’s ubiquitous it ruffles the feathers more frequently. All of the plaints on her behalf won’t undercut the fact that this kid does not care about you, so why encourage deplorable behaviour? I mean, ever, but celebrities don’t care about you, they are strangers. But in a world that pampers them to an offensive degree, it is more than easy for a lot of them to lose their humanity so the feeling wouldn’t change if you were face to face.

    Say you commit treason, if you`re a nobleman, you get off with a (hopefully) quick dispatch with a slice of the axe. Do so as a member of the faceless hoi polloi, and you get to endure the full horrors of hanging, drawing and quartering.

    You see, the famous aren`t like us because they have the means, power and platform to completely obliterate the notion of `justice` while we`re hoofing it in the salt mines righteously indignant about a system that flagrantly disregards those very laws that it sets. It does this, and tacitly tries to make us believe that we are at a natural deficit because our lives aren`t as awesome and glamourous, but it always denies that this is the case. At least Charles I didn`t bother to pretend that he gave a shit about what people had to say.

    So why are so many individuals and systems so wholly devoted to bastardising the very foundations of their society in order to cater to these people? It has to be for the purposes of gaining something, how could that not be the case? Is it so they can broadcast to the world how ‘nice’ and ‘cool’ and ‘understanding’ they are? Why not? Being popular has its added bonuses and I’m betting that’s not the only bonuses they enjoy.

    Sure, pistol whipping someone with six blows to the face isn’t as terrible as your buddy who dealt out eleven, but really, the magic number is zero.

  65. Jeri says:

    ‘Mama’ Besser’ – You sound as delusional as Dina. Way to bore folks.

  66. jane16 says:

    Hate, hate, hate this ugly cow. She is so full of it. If any “regular” person had done what Lindsay did, they would have been prosecuted for car jacking and maybe kidnapping & endangerment as well. Did you hear her crap at the end? About how “different” things are out here? Yeah, its different becuz celebs don’t have to pay consequences for their actions. My neighbor is over & telling me how her young brother went to jail for 6 weeks for not paying parking tickets in L.A. It was a low-security place in Ventura Cty & he had to work in a pig slaughtering facility. The truth is, the cops in LA & Ventura County towns (a lot of celebs {incl rock stars & sports stars} live in Westlake Village, Lake Sherwood & Thousand Oaks & a lot of filming is done in those areas, which are Ven Cty) are hard nose cops who are good at keeping the peace and keeping crime down, but for some bizarre reason, bend over backwards for celebs, and so does the L.A. judicial system. I could go on all day about some serious injustices I’ve witnessed firsthand regarding special treament for celebs.

  67. jane16 says:

    @ jeri, totally agree with you. Matt was a wuss and let her control the interview.

  68. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Reading is as voluntary as writing, nothing to defend here. Still, I appreciate the fact that your interest in my ideas was such that you were compelled to comment–indivdually and of your own volition–to my general post. Powerful stuff.

  69. gretchen says:

    jo mama…back away from the blunt…lol

  70. Liana says:

    See Jo, when you post something insightful and intelligent, some people get confused. Next time, you might want to use the little words so some people can understand better.

    Word to your post.

  71. MissyA says:

    Jo – If it’s any condolence, I love your post. I completely agree with your world view re: the proletariat v the bourgeoisie in the legal system.

    But then again, it may come as little condolence because I pretty much always appreciate your contributions.

  72. gretchen says:

    jo momma, not going to criticize your comment re sentence structure etc., as it was mostly correct, but have to take exception to your theory that one would only care about another so long as that person would care about you…i’m not that selfish. i can care and try to make someone’s life better by my attitude or help without worrying what that person can or would do for me. night

  73. Blue Iris says:

    Matt Lauer makes me wet

  74. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    It was more of a ‘history is written by the victors’ broad stroke generality. Down on the ground I do personally believe that there is more care and regard between people, but that kind of mundane practiced or learned kindness between people are left behind as ‘mere details’, or ignored as ‘not germane to the cause’ when we think about power dynamics throughout history. A lot of tension results in people being caught up in the gears or helpless against them.

    So, I guess it comes down to that idea that it’s a horrible thing to live in interesting times. We enjoy, or at least are aware of, many amenities that come from great conflict. While all of these things go, and have been going on, there have always been people just being decent, but that doesn’t have the sturm and drang of stories of people grabbing at, maintaining and wielding power. Maybe being good isn’t seductive enough to make it into print or be left to posterity.

  75. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Thanks again for the constructive responses, in agreement with of my ramblings and not. I just appreciate the manner in which they’re forwarded. It’s interesting to see other viewpoints.

    Hmm, legal system. Interesting stuff. I hope I’m not giving off the idea that I have a totally jaundiced view of human relations (not *totally* jaundiced), it’s just that when the ‘law’ gets involved and things become systematized, it knocks off the rose-coloured glasses. Of course, we have a far, far more diluted version of that kind of class or status conflict in the working of our own systems, but I just think that–and not on the person-to-person level–that dynamic is still with us. This particular case is, I believe, another example of that, as we’ve pretty much all been saying. I find that aspect of this ongoing drama more interesting than the specifics of the case. In my not terribly experienced view, individuals want to be, and generally are decent to each other. On the other hand, the ‘wergild’ doesn’t lie. Have I ever mentioned how freaking grateful I am for having been born in the 20th century? Were there no antibiotics for naughty wisdom teeth, I’d be dead dame many times over.