Montana Fishburne’s bf is her pimp, she was hooking for a year & could go to jail

In her many interviews publicizing the release of her hardcore sex tape, 18 year-old Montana Fishburne has insisted that her arrest last year was for trespassing, not for solicitation/prostitution as has been reported. The National Enquirer spoke to Montana’s lawyer and has the official court record which proves that she plead guilty to prostitution, not trespassing as she tried to claim. What’s more is that by making a porn film Montana is violating her probation and faces jail time, her former lawyer confirms. To make matters worse, the Enquirer also has quotes from another hooker who worked with Montana and told them all about her situation, including the fact that the guy she says is her boyfriend is also her pimp and that he allegedly forced her into it.

CSI star Laurence Fishburne’s teenage daughter faces jail as a result of her headline-making porn film, the Enquirer has leanred exclusively.

The X-rated movie, which outraged 18-year-old Montana Fishburne’s famous father, violates the terms of her probation for a prostitution conviction she had last year, according to court papers.

Montana was arrested in Los Angeles on Nov. 4, 2009, and pleaded guilty to prostitution. As part of her sentence of two years’ probation, she was banned from having sex for money.

Montana’s attorney, Sammy Weiss, told The Enquirer that at the time of her arrest, Montana pled guilty to the prostitution charges to avoid serving time behind bars…

For violating those terms by making the porn movie, Weiss says his client “could get up to six months in jail.”

According to a fellow streetwalker and friend of Motnana’s named “Nene,” Montana had been hooking, or “on the stroll,” on the streets of LA for more than a year before her arrest, having been placed there by her pimp, Jeremy “J Pipes” greene.

Greene is also reportedly the man who arranged for her to perform in a shocking new porn film from Vivid Entertainment with an actor named Brian Pumper.

“Montana told me her father wasn’t giving her any money anymore,” her friend Nene said in an interview.

“He took her car away from her. She says she texts him, but he won’t text her back and won’t talk with her.

“She’s living with Jeremy, and his family said she can’t live there for free, so she started doing this for him.

“Jeremy started her on the stroll and then talked her into doing porn.

“I think she’s basically a prostitute now.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 23, 2010]

The quotes from “Nene” are in direct contrast to Montana’s insistence that this is all her idea and is some kind of natural progression from losing her virginity at 16. This makes it sound like Montana had no other choice and was pushed into it due to economic straits and a controlling boyfriend.

Now that Montana has made a sex tape and has had a taste of fame “J Pipes” can charge a hell of a lot more for sex with her. I hate to put it that way, but it’s probably true. We have a commenter who goes by “CH” and claims to have formerly worked as a technician in the porn industry. CH writes that “unless you are a star or even so, the real money is made with prostitution. In fact, most performers use movies only to be more recognizable and increase their prices as escorts girls/boys.” (I can’t verify whether that is accurate or not, but it came to mind when I read this story.)

This girl is going to turn 19 this year, but she’s still 18 at this point. I don’t care how worldly and positive she seems, it just bothers me so much that a 17 and now 18 year-old girl is selling her body. It doesn’t sound like it was her idea, either, although she’s saying differently when it comes to her porn career.

Here’s Montana with her high-looking pimp/boyfriend. The image below is a screenshot from this video.

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  1. Jess says:

    I thought her pimp/boyfriend was a girl at first.
    I feel horrible for her dad. I’d crawl into a hole for a while.

  2. snowball says:

    Wow. So I assume Daddy knew she was hooking, right? I mean, if she was arrested, he would know, she was a minor and she was living with him, wasn’t she? I guess I don’t know about their living situation, I think her mom and dad are divorced, so maybe only her mom knew.

    At this point, I think if I were her dad, the anger would probably turn to horror? I don’t even know what. How do you react when you find out your daughter was an underaged hooker before she decided to do porn? And all while you’re a very public figure?

    I guess this puts a new spin on it all.

  3. Leticia says:

    Where was her dad when she was seventeen and a streetwalker? Now I feel sorry for her. Sounds like she raised herself.

  4. redtape16 says:

    Montana its still not too late to turn this around all around. Heres the plan Brian Pumper is a creep and a known layer and a fame whore. All you have to do is say you got drugged and they force you to do all this and you were off your medication (I’m not trying to be funny). Now go back home, your parents, they love you. Trust me even if you this they don’t, they will take you back. I promise you this. They will, porn is a dead end road. This will all calm down in time. Take some time to travel and see the world a bit. You will be ok, but quit this mess now you have a chance. Vivid is not your friend, do some research and talk to some ex porn actors the ones who are still alive. There is no happy endings is this type of work, is abusing dangerous to your health, and demeaning to women. Please run baby girl you are too beautiful.

  5. jammama says:

    If she was prostituting at 17 years old then it’s partly Laurence’s fault since she is considered a minor. His parenting was clearly failing and he wasn’t doing something right. Who knows what kind of household or what kind of upbringing the Fishburne’s had for their daughter. Sounds like Laurence was a shitty father.

  6. yeppers says:

    It’s her daddy’s fault!
    She is looking for love and attention she probably never got from her dad. I love that she doesn’t a shit! Get it Girl!

  7. Mairead says:

    I get the feeling that there is some serious abuse in her past. I have no idea if it’s recent or goes back further, or if it took place who abused her. But I find it very hard to believe that you go from pure as the driven snow to hooking in the space of a year “just for the love of it”

  8. pookie says:

    @jammama: “If she was prostituting at 17 years old then it’s partly Laurence’s fault since she is considered a minor. His parenting was clearly failing and he wasn’t doing something right.”

    I’d have to respectfully disagree on this point. The fact is, no one knows what went on in that house, or how she was raised. I think it’s premature to jump to the conclusion that it’s her father’s fault. I don’t know anything about their family dynamic, where the mom is, siblings, etc. But, I will say that you can come from the best family in the world, and still be a total skank all on your very own. Regardless of what you were given, taught, raised as. I think this girl is every decent parent’s nightmare and I feel bad for the entire family. Montana mostly, because she seems painfully oblivious to what an idiot/whore she is.

  9. Hautie says:

    Holy cow this is really getting ugly.

    Now the sad fact is that being a public wh*re is the new career of young girls.

    They look and see how Paris, Kim K., and all the way back to Pamela Anderson got their name in the tabloids. And how they all really got their true fame, was from shagging some guy and having the video hit the internet.

    All you need to look at is Pamela Anderson and realize it is not such a great career.

    She is all burnt up looking at the age of 40. Desperately still trying to sell her body.

    Paris is a joke in the US. The only people willing to hire her for anything are in Japan. Maybe Germany.

    And Kim K., who can not seem to leave her face alone… is slowly becoming just as a huge joke as Paris.

    And now here is Montana. A pretty girl who just sold her self respect, so she can be famous like her idol Kim K.

  10. Andrea-2 says:

    I just feel so sorry for her. I want to punch that Sideshow Bob “boyfriend” of hers in the face. If I were Laurence, I’d pay someone to have him “disappear”…

  11. frida says:

    she had no other choice????? PLEASE!!! she can’t work as a waitress for example? it is so humiliating to have not well paid normal job, isn’t it? porn is better it sounds like it is more humanitarian. world sucks, people sucks, whatever.

  12. the plastics says:

    I believe his father and her got into an argument and she took off. She became a prostitute before to provide for her needs which her father wouldn’t give her. I think this is some form of a F*@K message to her father, to punish and piss him off at the same time. Too bad she can’t she is harming herself in the process.

  13. aenflex says:

    I’m with ya’ll…partly to blame are the people who raised the child. But it’s also true that sometimes despite the best parental attempts, hos will be hos. And I mean that with all due respect to both hos and non-hos alike. I had some friends growing up who I was very close with and knew intimately them and their families. Good, strong parents, the normal stuff like fights over bills and whatever, but good parents. And some of those friends still turned into crackheads, ( it was the 90′s), sleazes and yes maybe even full blown sex-for-money/drugs types of people. So it’s not always the parents, I don’t think. But in this case I think it might have been. Lot’s of hollywood offspring raise themselves.

  14. fizXgirl314 says:

    There is no way this girl just started prostituting herself cuz it seemed like a “good idea”. I am almost certain her father is a complete jackass. How can you let your daughter fall so badly? If I were him I would have reached out to her long ago and there would be no way any of my children would have ANY reason to sell their bodies. It just makes me so angry that he is so classless :(

  15. Victoria says:

    OK WHAT is going on? Montana needs to call daddy! Daddy needs to get up OFF his ass and be a father. I think it’s OBVIOUS he has NOT done this! Maybe Im just delusional and dont realize he never will. HOw horrible!

  16. mimi says:

    this story is just too sad to follow

  17. teehee says:

    Well heres what I wonder: she said she ‘always’ wanted to do prono. So my question is, when the hell did she start WATCHING them? Hell Im 26 and I can barely catch a glimpse of those thigns theyre just too much for me. And I love good sex. But man… rough life and wheres the childhood nowadays?
    And this is a hard, instant lesson for her in her desired famous status: they dig up dirt and highlight the bad and tear you down. Thats part of what being ‘celebrity’ is- fodder for the massess. Now shes been thrown straight into the lions ring… and its only been a few days!

    Oh and maybe this is more why Lawrence was trying to prevent all of this from hitting the scene. A lot mroe dark stuff would surface as a result and I at least hope- stuff that he was or is trying to take care of rather than just bury and smother … because that wont make it go away.

  18. guesty says:

    wth is up with this chick?! girl…snap out of it already.

  19. malachais says:

    @pookie I totally agree. People set their own path, regardless of how well you are taken care of during childhood etc. What’s funny is that these women don’t realize by becoming famous with these types of films, there will be a trail of people from their past waiting to bring them down by talking to the media.

  20. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Aren’t her mother and Fishburne divorced? Wasn’t she living with her mother during this time? I am pretty sure she was NOT in his home, as I believe he has another family.

    Oh and from her Twitter:

    Aw this little 13 year old girl came up to me talking about I’m her favorite celebrity and she is going to make a sex-tape when she turns 18
    about 15 hours ago via web
    Don’t blame me.. blame yourselves! If you spent more time on Twitter than with your kids this week. #YouToBlame
    about 14 hours ago via web

    It’s too late fools. Me and @ihatekatstacks are the next generation’s ROLE MODELS. You had your chance and decided to go to college smh hoes
    about 14 hours ago via web

    If your daughter wants to be like me when she turns 18 well then she get it how she lives. Don’t blame me, I’m just a product of society!
    about 14 hours ago via web

    The Illuminati pays me to raise your children since you all too busy watching my tape and doing drugs, is that what you want me to say smh?!
    about 14 hours ago via web

    Only reason you hoes went to college was A.) To get away from your parents and B.) To go hoe it up and drink HAHA, who’s stupid now #SLAVES!
    about 13 hours ago via web

    I know this girl that has an MD and her Master’s and she is working with high school kids at the coffee shop. “Montana your coffee’s ready!”
    about 13 hours ago via web

    After watching @Sn00ki it dawned upon me that Jersey Girls are trash, does everyone in New Jersey put the trailer in trash or WHAT!
    about 1 hour ago via web

  21. Chelly says:

    Its also being said that she was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. Apparently, she locked the girl in a bathroom and beat her pretty bad. Obviously this girl has A LOT of issues, but at the end of the day…she’s just a dumb kid.

  22. LindyLou says:

    @ Hautie – everything you said is so true. Sad but true.

  23. JustBe says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, prostitution/porn is not a normal choice/career path for women, especially young women. It doesn’t matter that there are Kim K’s and Kendra’s in the public eye right now. Prostitution and/or allowing others to use your body for their own pleasure is an extremely humiliating experience and is usually only done by women/girls who have learned to separate their minds from their bodies during the act and/or by staying high on drugs to deaden the shameful sensations.
    Thankfully, I’m not talking from experience, but I’ve known enough promiscuous women/girls to tell you that before they started sleeping with significant numbers of men, they suffered significant sexual abuse/assault as children. One girl I went to school with was sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend at age nine. Her mom didn’t believe her when she told her. By the time she was a teenager, she had suffered two more assaults and countless ‘relationships’ with abusive men. Also, one of my former supervisors started her career as an outreach worker for a non-profit that offered help to street walkers. In their work with these women, they found that almost 90% of them were victims of some sort of sexual abuse/assault.
    Montana’s trajectory, run away from home -> hooking -> porn/hooking is a well-worn path that too many girls/women have traveled as a result of abuse.
    I understand that she’s now an adult making her own decisions, but her mind is probably stuck at the age she was when she was abused.
    I know that I’m making big assumptions here, but I don’t believe that someone of a sound mind, that does not have a history of abuse falls into prostitution by choice. I think it’s just easier to claim that you’re making this choice freely as opposed to exposing your deepest pains to the world.

  24. denise says:

    This is one twisted girl.

  25. pookie says:

    @Fluffy Kitten Tail: That twitter post was just, disturbing. I weep for humanity.

    I suck at texting, blogging abbreviations. What the heck is SMH she puts at the end of some of those twitters? Or tweets. Whatever.

  26. Toe says:

    I saw her tape yesterday….Fraom what i saw, she really wants this. She is blind

  27. Chelly says:

    Also from her twitter:

    Lmao!!! Me have a pimp??? WTF NEVER!!!!!
    about 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Smh….so disturbed

    @ Pookie:

    SMH = Shaking My Head

  28. Sandy says:

    This is horrible enough to be none of our business. It could be her parents fault, she could just be a nightmare. It happens either way. But nobody knows sh*^t. I just feel sorry for the whole family, young girl included. Because this is a mess for years and years, if not life.

  29. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    There is some debate that the Twitter acct is real, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

  30. JC126 says:

    #23, you’re a voice of sanity, and I totally agree with what you say. This story is not a joke, like it’s being regarding in some circles (not here), it’s beyond disturbing.

  31. Amanda says:

    This is sad. I would be interested to know more about her upbringing and what happened to bring her to this. She’s spouting off at the mouth right now (and on Twitter, apparently), defending herself and trying to seem “cool”, but what the hell does she know, she’s 18 and obviously f*ckd up. Someone who resorts to prostitution and porno because Dad stopped paying her bils (and I don’t even know if that is the real story here, I don’t know what the story is) seems to have something critical missing in their upbringing.

    There is also, clearly, a big difference between Kim and Paris and Kendra and… Montana. Those girls were all celebrities (or coming-up celebrities) and rich in their own right or supported by wealthy families. Their pornos weren’t done out of desperation, but rather as a means to further their careers. Now, Kim and Paris parade around as if the sex tapes weren’t what launched their careers and as if they have done something important or worthwhile to become famous. Vulnerable and possibly stupid girls who watched what happened with Kim and Paris’s careers want to copy that. Luckily for us, everytime something like that happens, Kim and Paris’s names gets dragged into it and they are reminded of their “humble” beginnings all over again (ahh the curse of the sex tape).

  32. pookie says:

    thanks for the translation Chelly! I’ll need to find an online dictionary for this crap. :-)

  33. Chelly says:

    @ Kitten Tail:

    She says those weren’t her tweets u posted but those of a poser.

  34. bnice says:

    I agree with pookie and malachais. I went to college and have always worked full-time, my sister who is two years younger than I am is a drug addict who has admitted at least once to selling her body for crack. We had the same upbringing-parents do the best they can, but ultimately each person chooses what to do with their own life. Sadly, as a teenager you often think you know a LOT more about how the world works than you actually do.
    Maybe her dad “cut her off” from money because she was spending it partying, who knows? Sometimes all you have left to try is tough love if your child is out of control. And she may want to be famous like her dad, without having to actually put in the years of paying dues and learning your craft like he did. Kids these days (wow, that makes me sound old!) don’t seem to understand that you have to EARN things–so many have a huge sense of entitlement. Not a lot to learn about the “the craft” of porn (maybe for the camera crew, but the actors are basically just doing what comes natural in an unnatural setting, and making sure the angles are right so everything can be seen).
    We have kids who are 17 and 18 going on American Idol and talking about how hard they’ve worked to get where they are…please. Old school musicians could play for decades before they got a deal, if ever. People want microwave fame.

  35. texasmom says:

    Man, if I were her Dad I would have hired a helicopter and whisked her away to safety when she was an underage hooker. Drop everything, evacuate to an isolated island, get her out of there and get her better.

    Hooking and porn are not normal career paths for young women. HOWEVER the HUGE majority of prostitutes begin the life when they are underage. I certainly respect women’s rights to make their own choices, but when there is a profession that is dangerous, socially crippling, and almost always starts before a woman’s age of majority, I have to shake my head.

  36. DetRiotgirl says:

    There is a video floating around of this “nene” girl talking about Montana running the streets for her boyfriend. It’s really long and a little frustrating because the girl is slightly incoherent. She spends most of the video holding back like she has this big secret to tell. It sort of reminded me of something the mean girls would do in high school. You know, something like “well, you know I love Montana… That’s my girl, of course. But, let me tell you why she’s a bigger ho than I am.” that’s not an exact quote or anything, just the tone of what she has to say.

    I called it very high school sounding. But, that makes perfect sense since most of the involved parties are barely out of high school themselves. That is just so disturbing. These are children. But, look at what they’re doing! It just sickens me and breaks my heart.

    I tend to think Montana has serious daddy issues. Something went horribly wrong here at some point. It’s possible she suffered some abuse at some point, or it’s possible that she just fell hard for the wrong guy and has been on a downward spiral ever since. Of course, I suppose it’s also possible that society is at least partially to blame. But, I sincerely hope that’s not true, because we are all doomed if it is. I mean, how much lower can we get than a situation like this? I shudder to think about it.

    Those tweets are so disturbing. She needs help. She needs family. She needs a father. I hope her sex tape fails and she comes home to work out her problems. I hope she gets enough education in life to see where she went wrong.

  37. abbizmal says:

    Ugh, agreed Denise, this is one twisted girl. I bet she is on drugs in a bad way. That on top of crazy. Sometimes there is nothing a parent can do to stop this kind of thing. It’s tragic.

  38. hanh says:

    I wouldn’t blame her father. She wasn’t living with him. And she was angry he was no longer giving her money which I assumed was probably to live the “lifestyle” with her druggie boyfriend.

    Where was her mom? Isn’t she the parent that she was living with?

  39. Celebitchy says:

    Montana has said that’s not her Twitter account, so I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt on that as those tweets are outrageous and it’s easy to impersonate people on Twitter.

  40. original kate says:

    i wonder if she has a drug problem? often one leads to another, and that could explain the sad path she has taken. why not college? or start her own business or whatever? when i was 19 i would have killed to have the financial means to go to college without having to work, too. going to school full time & waitressing full time for 4 years was not a bed of roses, but it’s what most of us do. miss fishburne should spend some time with real teenage girls to see how damned lucky she is to have the opportunities she is pissing away.

  41. anon says:

    Agree with pookie. Besides now a days people (children or not) have learned that blaming (parents, society, abuse) gets you off the hook and gets people to scrutinized and blame your parents, society, fill in the blank rather than hold anyone accountable. The fact is anything anyone does is usually blamed on someone/thing else. That’s why if my children do something stupid (and they are 33 and 40) I would leave town because somehow I would be to blame :-( meanwhile like myself and most adults
    they have been doing what they have wanted since age 16/17.

  42. elizabeth says:

    Has anyone considered that the girl has psychiatric problems – i.e. bipolar disorder or something similar. Promiscuous behavior is characteristic of this illness and the symptoms usually start to show in the teenage years. People who have this self-medicate with booze and then drugs to make themselves feel “normal” and then move into prostitution to pay for the drugs. I’m not saying that she isn’t responsible for her behavior but it may not be as simple as her being a spoilt skank. Too bad for everyone involved – her and her family.

  43. alexandra says:

    This poor girl must have had a sh#tty childhood. I agree with other posts is her fathers fault. It is unnatural as a human being to degrade or be degraded. We are a pure reflection of our surroundings. Hopefully her father will get her counseling. And for Fishbourne take a lesson after eating this huge piece of humble pie, and turn this into a positive lesson.

  44. ligeia says:

    lock her up in a correction facility for a while, she is violent and delusional.

  45. Kali says:

    It’s crazy to assume her father would *know* she was whoring herself when she was 17. A lot of kids sneak around at that age and it’s usually normal teenage stuff like going to parties and concerts and dating. She comes from a privileged background so there’s no reason for her parents to think she’s a hooker.

    In any case, given the source of this article (National Enquirer), how accurate is this story?

  46. Jeri says:

    Her Dad is doing the right thing.

    So the movie is just an advertisement for her services, huh?

    What’s she gonna be like at 30 or 35. Maybe rehabbed if she’s lucky.

  47. Shannon says:

    This young woman may legally be an adult, but all I see is a lost little girl :(

    Clearly this didn’t just happen out of the blue. Her parents should have sent her away from the bad influences in her life when she was 16 or 17 and they still had the power to do it. Instead, it sounds like they just decided she was a trouble-maker and kicked her out of the house. You don’t DO that to a kid this age. She’s still a teenager, there’s time for her to be helped. But instead her family gave up on her.

    Is it any wonder that she’s using porn and prostitution for validation that her family won’t give her?

  48. snowball says:

    There’s another Twitter-er (huh?) claiming that she’s the real deal and thanking certain people for exposing the fake. Frankly, the real deal doesn’t sound terrifically well-adjusted either; although she doesn’t sound slutty, she just sounds immature and stupid, mostly gossiping and not talking about what’s happening other than to occasionally thank people for their support.

    It’s very surreal.

  49. Catherine says:

    Watch the movie “Very Young Girls” It is an incredibly disturbing documentary that details prostitution about how the average age is between 13 and 15 when it starts and how pimps isolate and essentially brainwash these girls. It takes years of psycho therapy to get out of it and because money is involved, the girls, when arrested do not go to a halfway house or foster home, but instead a jail cell. I did my thesis on Prostitution in America. Montanna looks confident because she has had plenty of time to practice this. Let’s not forget that her father is an extremely talented Oscar-nominated actor.

  50. Crash2GO2 says:

    @elisabeth and JustBe: I agree with both of your posts. The violent behavior she has displayed is also consistent with someone battling mental imbalances and self medicating with alcohol and street drugs.

    I also agree that she is trying very hard to get her father’s attention any way she can. It sounds like he tried to help her for awhile, but decided he might have been enabling her. But cutting off all communication is certainly detrimental to her and I hope he eventually sees that. He needs to forget about his reputation and stay in contact with his daughter!

  51. mslewis says:

    In an interview on Entertainment Tonight Montana said she had a “fairytale childhood.” So, who are y’all to say “it’s her father’s fault”? None of you know what when on in her childhood. Maybe she did have a great childhood but she has mental illness; maybe she was abused and is suppressing it; whatever the truth is, she is now an adult and making her own decisions (with the apparent help of her pimp). Let her make her bed and see what happens. I’m betting by this time next year Montana will be in a rehab/mental institution because girl is obviously wacked.

    P.S.: I remember something like this happened to one of Bill Cosby’s daughters. I think it was Erika who fell into drugs and prostitution. Her parents gave her a lot of tough love, she went to the ragmags and it became public. Eventually, her mother and father helped her recover and straighten her life out. It happened a couple of years before their son was murdered and that young woman claimed Cosby was her Daddy. I can’t really remember the year. I’m just pointing this out to show that it’s not always the fault of a parent. Sometimes a child just turns bad for awhile.

  52. Lita says:

    From my experience there are two types of problem families –

    1. where *all* the kids are screwed up; pretty good bet that there’s something wrong with the household (typically parents/parenting).
    2. where you see 1 problem kid, with the siblings all normal. Even the best of families can have a kid that goes off the rails, for whatever reason (or for no reason).

    This story upsets me because the girl is just so obtuse yet thinks she is so bloody smart. She is making mistakes that cannot ever be taken back and it is horrid to watch.

    It also bothers me that on previous CB posts about this insanity that so many people defended Montana’s choice like it was some kind of ‘female liberation’ debate. People may despise me for that statement but it really concerned me. Like a debate I had recently about that dating website for adultery (ashley maddison, I think??) – was being advertised at 9pm on the most popular show where I live. Freedom of speech is one thing, but although adultery is as old as the hills I feel we shouldn’t be promoting it as being quite so commonplace and normal. I have the same feeling here, that important societal developments – feminism, liberation, right of self-determination – get confused with what’s right about any 18yo setting out to be a porn star. Slippery slope, I know.

    Long post! So in summary: this chick needs help – and society needs to revisit rights Vs responsibility!

  53. Lita says:

    FizX – I get what you (and others) are saying. I am all with you on “I’d do anything to save my child from themself.” But imagine yourself with a 14yo daughter that is willfuly screwing her life up. I am talking about a situation happening with a lady at my work now. Nice fam, other kids are just .. normal. For the past year this girl has been going off the rails and they have done everything they can, seeking all help. Example – she refused to go to school – how do you make a girl that will literally physically fight you go somewhere? Do you drag her, she fighting like a wildcat, fight her back? You can’t do that! Sometimes bad things happen and the parents do all they can, and it’s not enough. I feel for my colleague and her fam because apart from doing everything to get their girl ‘back’ they are being put under a microscope the whole time because the standard assumption is that they are bad parents. It is unfair and not helpful.

    Similarly I don’t like people blaming LaurenceF automatically.

  54. Jag says:

    I was totally supporting her right to go into porn if she wanted, and that it isn’t reprehensible to like sex or to be an exhibitionist on film. But if she were forced into prostitution and/or porn, that’s horrible and she needs to get away from the supposed boyfriend immediately.

    Women who wish to prostitute themselves should move to where it’s legal. That way, they can make the money they want and not risk going to jail for it. I hope that she quickly learns to stand up for herself if she’s being bullied into things, and yes, it can be a reflection on her upbringing if the “root” of all of this is alleged low self-esteem. Self-esteem is built from the parents.

    I had sex at 16 because I thought that was a good number and 15 sounded too young. It didn’t cause me to go into porn and prostitution, so I’m not sure why she’s relating it that way. Maybe it’s just the people that are around her, which is sad if they make her think that selling her body is her only skill.

    @Lita~ Maybe your co-worker needs to have their daughter evaluated by a competent mental health professional to rule out things like bipolar disorder and/or a personality disorder. It sounds like she needs professional help at this point. As for school, perhaps they can get her into a GED curriculum so that she can at least graduate high school. I was undiagnosed bipolar and was extremely bright, so traditional school was difficult for me. I didn’t even take any GED classes and passed it with the second-highest score ever at the college on my first try. She’s a bit young, but if she knows that she can get a GED and then start work at 16, maybe that’ll help her focus. Just a thought.

  55. Musicfan says:

    I don’t see how Fishburne is to blame for this. A kid needs at least one parent to provide for the family. Sure they miss the talent shows, recitals etc. But Montana is taking it to a ridiculous level that will ruin her life.

    I’m only in my 20′s and Laurence has been in movies, when I was running around in diapers, when he was a child, and before I even turned 10. Just because daddy had to work and couldn’t color with her dosen’t mean she needs to take off her clothes and have sex with strangers. She was primarly raised by her mother because her parents were divorced.

    If this is how things get than Bruce better stop taking every BAD movie, under the sun and start spending more time with “Scout” Willis before she becomes a crack addict and falls in love with step daddy Ashton. Doing interviews saying how she hopes Bruce is proud. GAG.

  56. chris says:

    She’s such a pretty girl who is rich as well. I really don’t understand this.

  57. sandy says:

    there’s seems to be another sandy here, i never notice that be fore, any hoo! this girl needs helps pronto, she is just totally delusional, it’s so sad, everyone but her sees this, SMH people died of all sorts of diseases in this business, have she even thought about that?

  58. Truthzbetta says:

    Shout out CH. Best wishes, and good luck with your desire to get out of the porn industry and thanks for bringing the reality to light here. Very informative.

    People should know it’s sadness that breeds sadness. Maybe they’ll find other, better ways for kicks.

  59. Lita says:

    @Jag, obviously I didn’t go into the whole thing with my colleague’s daughter, but they have had professional help for some time, in both the public and private system.

    My point was simply that the people assuming it’s all her parent’s (and specifically here, LF’s) fault are unfair. As are the people assuming that this could never happen to one of theirs because they would take some undefined action that would stop it like magic (I presuppose that a girl setting out to be in porn is a not-good thing).

  60. Shoe_Lover says:

    I don’t think you can really blame her parents for this. My brother and I had great parents and the exact same upbringing experiences and while I finished high school, University and now work in the corporate world and travel as often as possible my brother is a grade A screw up who dropped out of school before finishing year 10, has screwed up countless opportunities and wont work because it cuts into his “personal” time i.e. watching TV and doing drugs. My point is its not always the upbringing and sometimes the kid is just a screw up no matter what but none of us know what her home life was really like so I really dont think anyone should be pointing fingers

  61. john says:

    First and far most train up a child in the way he/she should and when they get old they want depart from it Montana apparently had a bad up bring think about this Mr Fishborne popular actor all ways on the road working not able to to give his child the attention she needs, secondly the divorce that tell you the environment was very unstable during that crucial time so what happen this young lady crys went un heard so s he sought attention by commiting crime no matter what crime its all the same, so now its a simple fix yeaa I said simple here it goes REPENT REPENT!!!!!!!!

  62. bellaluna says:

    This story has just gotten so disgusting, I am no longer able to tolerate following it.

    Also, it’s a disservice to parents everywhere to assume it is a parent’s fault when a child just turns out wrong. Not every parent is to blame for their children’s poor choices.

  63. carrie says:

    sad sad sad!

  64. NO!! says:

    I agree with Hautie. But please as a German myself, everyone HATES paris hilton

  65. Ashley says:

    Wow now I feel really sorry for her. There’s no doubt Daddy divorced her Mum and she became the neglected child. Happens all the time in Hollywood.

    To the poster that said this is a big f-ck you, you’re probably right. Sounds like Daddy wrote her off, scarred her for life, and now she’s not only trying to get attention but has entered into a very toxic relationship. Sounds like she’s trying to please this pimp/bastard hoping he’ll love her and really all he’s doing is riding her coattails.

    For all the people saying don’t blame Laurence, no I do blame Laurence, partly. Dad’s are very important to little girls who have them and then are cast aside. It creates havoc on their future relationships. They look for it later on and end up in sh-tty relationships looking for that love.

    This poor girl is going to have a sh-tty life if she doesn’t change it and that IS partly Laurence’s fault.

    I know you’re too young now to see it but damn Montana get out and get some therapy now so you can start loving yourself and see that you’re better than this.

  66. Jane Cole says:

    Okay she made a mistake dont you people have
    any sympathy, its that simple she is young, in love and wanted to please her
    man. Dont be so quick to take the moral highground.

  67. tee says:

    she is a spoiled “little girl” trying to be grown before her time.Lawrence probably has had problems with her for years. He cut her off and now she’s acting out for negative attention. She wants to try and hurt his career, but she’s hurting herself. She will get hepatitis and herpes, and he’s lived his life and has became famous and made his money. I think he should let her learn life the hard way, afterall, you don’t put anyone ahead of your father, unless he’s your husband. Lawrence should wash his hands of her, and continue living his life.