Star: Miley Cyrus “insists” on getting D-cup implants


Star Magazine has a short little blurb this week that just disturbed the hell out of me. According to their sources, Miley is “intent” on getting a boob job. Not just any boob job, either. She wants the gigantor implants, like a Playboy girl. What’s worse is that Star actually did polling on this issue, and I’m here to tell you that 25% of Star’s readers think that 17-year-old Miley should go ahead with a boob job. Ugh.

The only thing Miley Cyrus likes less than a flat note is a flat chest. She’s already seen a plastic surgeon and aims to up her cups to Hollyw Madison proportions, a source tells Star.

“Miley is intent on getting a boob job, and she’s insisting her parents sign the consent form, which is required since she’s still 17 years old,” notes the source.

“Billy Ray and Tish are letting her go for it. She’s beyond their control, anyway.”

For the record, Miss Madison’s bra size is 36D.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Eh, I hope this isn’t happening. I don’t think Miley is all “I need bigger ta-tas, y’all.” Because if she did think like that, then yes, I could totally see Billy Ray and Tish being like “whatever you want, Miley.” That seems to be the dynamic. However, I am going to give Miley some credit (even though I know she’ll only disappoint me in the long run): Miley seems to be a very confident young woman, and I could totally see her looking at her body and thinking she looks awesome (and she does have a lovely figure, honestly) with or without circus boobs.

ARGANDA DEL REY, SPAIN - JUNE 06: Singer Miley Cyrus performs at the ''Rock in Rio Madrid'' music festival on June 6, 2010 in Arganda del Rey, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

ARGANDA DEL REY, SPAIN - JUNE 06: Singer Miley Cyrus performs at the ''Rock in Rio Madrid'' music festival on June 6, 2010 in Arganda del Rey, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs during the Rock in Rio music festival in Arganda del Rey near Madrid June 6, 2010. REUTERS/Susana Vera (SPAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs during the Rock in Rio music festival in Arganda del Rey near Madrid June 6, 2010. REUTERS/Susana Vera (SPAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

Miley performing on June 18, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. kelbear says:

    Ugh, her 2 front teeth still bother me. So I really wouldn’t want to see 2 other things sticking out even more.

  2. Zelda says:

    Take. Off. The Bowie. Shirt.
    Don’t even FAKE like you care about him.

    Hey remember when Avril “I only listen to classic rock” Lavigne didn’t have a hot clue who David Bowie was? On camera??

    Hehe. You so hardcore, Avril.

  3. snowball says:

    Oh crap, Kaiser.

    I thought you couldn’t top all those Demi pics, but you’ve surpassed yourself. These are the best. Miley. Pics. Ever.

  4. K-MAC says:

    she has great boobs! why would she want them bigger? Wow, what is happening here. 18 year olds getting botox, this one wants bigger boobs….I get that we are in Hollywood, but this is a bit much.

  5. Awkward Turtle says:

    On the 2nd to last picture she looke like she’s going to bite that guy’s hand off.

  6. chasingadalia says:

    Yep, her parents are probably going to roll over and sign.

    Teens really shouldn’t be allowed to ever work for Disney without exit therapy.

  7. the plastics says:

    First, older actress getting their boobs, face and body done to look younger. Then the younger actresses get boobs, botox (charice)and body done to look older and sexier. What does these people really want?
    I hope this isn’t true. Your boobs and the skin on it are never gonna be the same again once you decide to take them off.

  8. Marjalane says:

    “Circus Boobs”. Imma steal that one!

  9. djork says:

    Can she get them made big enough so they swallow up that head and face?

  10. Hautie says:

    If Miley wanted to spend some cash to improve her looks, how about putting a few thousand towards a set of braces.

    Geez, Billy Ray had the cash even before her fame, to afford a set of braces. And poor Miley needs to have those teeth straighten out. And not by getting a mouth full of veneers.

  11. Moreaces says:

    Not sure about the D cups, but the photos in this thread are D plorable

  12. gretchen says:

    she’s def going for it….tho I don’t know exactly for what, yikes!

  13. Canucklehead says:

    Hey Miley in the following order

    1) fix the horse teeth
    2) take english diction and usage lessons
    3) Stop dressing like a 70’s hosebag
    4) then boobs (if you must)
    5) fade into oblivion

  14. LindyLou says:

    LOL – love the pics Kaiser. The faces she pulls are freakin hilarious!

  15. rheba says:

    what a surprise?….i guess it’s to redirect the audience’s attention from her face and voice

  16. Leek says:

    She should totally get them. It will draw attention away from that face of hers and that would be a good thing.

  17. guesty says:

    so know she’ll do it…bet playboy is next for her ridiculous self.

  18. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Zelda why are you commenting on Avril? She sucks, but this post wasn’t about her. So, I’m confused.

    @Kaiser LMAO at all those pictures! Especially the one with the hand reaching for her boob. Haha, I’m in the reception area of a super quiet office building right now and that picture made me laugh so hard I almost choked. The secretary looked at me like I was crazy.

    Personally, I don’t believe this story. I think if Miley was really concerned with plastic surgery she would have fixed her chipmunk teeth first. She seems to have really high, almost delusional, levels of self confidence. I mean, look at her stage outfits. Any girl who is prancing around with her hoo-hoo out like that already feels good about the way her body looks. I wish she had a little bit more insecurity actually, so she might stop showing the Internet her camel toe so often.

  19. Tia C says:

    @ Canucklehead: Totally co-sign all your points.

    If I were her, fixing the wonky chipmunk teeth would be my first priority, not installing circus boobs (love it!) in my chest.

  20. Brittney says:

    “Gigantor implants”/”circus boobs”… sigh, I developed my DDs before I was Miley’s age, and though I obviously agree that she’s far too young to do something like this to herself, it kind of undoes years of work on my own body image to see terms like those used to describe breasts smaller than my own. I am NOT a freak, nor do I look like one.

  21. Kaiser says:

    Brittney – If it makes a difference, I have DDs myself. I hate when women CHOOSE to have huge boobs via implants, because they don’t know the life of back and shoulder pain that comes with it. Plus, they look really fake and gross.

  22. Crash2GO2 says:

    Noooo! She already has a short torso, wide shoulders and a short neck. Huge boobs will just make her look like an apple on sticks!

    She looks great the way she is. I hope this is a false story. But it probably isn’t.

  23. Zelda says:


    Ah her poseur posturing in the shirt just brought back that old funny memory for me.

  24. texasmom says:

    A bigger chest on her would definitely overwhelm her short neck even more than it is overwhelmed now by all that hair. Poor, neckless little country girl.

  25. Obvious says:

    @Kaiser I’m with you. F cups suck. If you are anything above a C finding clothing that fits is horrible-and swim suits? unless your have a couple hundred to spend on a SINGLE one, forget it.

    Poor Miley-I’m starting to feel bad that her parents are treating her like LiLo-anything to make her happy and keep the money rolling in.

    Who wants to bet on when her first arrest, and subsequent rehab will be?

  26. pookie says:

    I could care less about this girls boobs. If she wants to wreck her body, have at it. But for the love of god, people need to stop telling this girl she can sing and take away the damn microphone already!!!

    There are not many people that can get away with not being able to actually ‘sing’ and still kick ass – Miley, you are NOT one of them.

    I swear I was born in the wrong decade, cuz I think pop music is a travesty, the industry is a joke, and all the great music has faded into oblivion.

  27. LindaR says:

    I was going to post that she needs to get her teeth fixed, or have her mouth reshaped, anything to get rid of that inbred, trashy looking maw she has right now. However, many of the wonderful, astute, observant people that post here, beat me to it. Glad I’m not the only one that looks at this girl and thinks blech!

  28. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Big boobs are sooo overrated-ask anyone who actually has them naturally and we’ll complain about how heavy they are, stretch marks, back pain, lack of cute bras, the expense of the ugly lock-n-load bras, how they get in the way, shirts never fit right, etc. etc.

    And when will someone tell these teen girls who want implants that you’re probably not done growing at 17? I went from a B to a C at almost 19yrs old, then up to a D in my early 20s. And I’m not even mentioning how huge they can get during pregnancy…Someone, whether it be plastic surgeons or-god forbid PARENTS-needs to save these stupid girls from themselves, their insecurities and their money.

  29. moe says:

    she should invest in some acting and singing lessons before surgery. I cringe just seeing her in a pic with a mic.
    I think she’ll look hysterical with them, I can already imagine the outfits she’ll be wearing to show them off.
    Its a shame these talentless ‘celebs’ dont see themselves as the joke the rest of us do.

  30. j. ferber says:

    How about fixing her crushed-looking nose or taking the flat out of her face?

  31. original kate says:

    if miley gets big boobs she’ll look like megan mc cain, john mc cain’s big-boobed, dumbass daughter.

  32. coup de grazia says:

    kaiser – amen! i just went to a second consultation with a surgeon this morning about a breast reduction – DOWN to a D/DD. and i am 5’4″!

  33. Dany says:

    OMG – in pic #4 she looks like Janine Lindemulder… oh Miley…

  34. Juice in LA says:

    @Zelda- I am right there with you. In a way getting the boob job might be a good thing- since that T shirt wouldn’t fit anymore.

    What I want to know is this: Who the hell is buying her crab infested incest laden music anyway?? It can’t be adults, but I don’t want to meet the parents who let Miley Cirus influence their children.

  35. Wicked SteppMom says:

    I will never understand people who WANT to do this to themselves. This year I’ve met the out-of-pocket on my insurance & have actually considered *going for it* and getting the breast REDUCTION I’ve wanted since I was 16(I’m almost 35.) My docs told me to wait until I was done having kids & they were past the being carried/clinging to my torso stage. My husband jokes that having a reduction is a crime against nature, but he’s not the one that has to haul around the ‘porno boobs’ & deal w/neck, back and shoulder pain. We won’t even discuss the crappy clothing/undergarment selection.

    The sad part is, my daughter is watching Hannah Montana right now. It’s an older episode when she was really young, but I had D’s at the age she was in this episode.

  36. serena says:

    Well, honestly, she doesn’t need it.

  37. Stephy2485 says:

    Oh, she’s so going to get her boobs down. No questions asked.

    Unfortch at this point her small(ish) ta-ta’s are the only thing preventing her from looking like a total and complete tart these days…But yeah, she’s totes going to go for it and have ’em down.
    Too bad–she looks great the way she is.

  38. di butler says:

    It’s the F’ing Star. I am so believing everything they print. The reason she hasn’t changed her front teeth? Her dad asked her not to. I am guessing if she didn’t go against her parents on that, she’s not going for tittays. Also, I’ve seen her say she loves her body, just as it is. I hope people on nasty gossip sites haven’t influenced her to do this, making so many nasty comments about a 17 yr old that she’s gotten body issues now.

  39. Jover says:

    I remember that Zelda the commonality is the appropration of Bowie by no talents. She looks like the wicked witch of the west in some of those pics. I’m confused didn’t she state earlier this year that she was done with music, and the music industry is contrived. Then she appeared in some lame flic, that apparently bombed, and then she came out with a cd. Is anyone actually buying and listening to her cd? Where’s she appearing on tour; oh, you need to be able to actually pretend to perform and sing live to even mount a semblance of a tour. THis is a just a desperate attempt to stay in the limelight until reality, like those humungeous boobies she wants, comes crashing down on her head and she realizes that the public’s not interested in her – pretty much the same thing that’s happened to Megan Fox.

  40. kate says:

    Unless she having them put on HER JACKED UP FACE…WON’T MATTER.

  41. rheba says:

    Is she trying to mimic her godmother, Dolly Parton?….Dolly has talent and decades of experience resting on her mammoth breasts, yeah I can talk natural DDDs.

  42. moonage says:

    She is wearing the T-shirt purely so she can be reminded how to spell “bowie”. I’m sure i have seen her in earlier pics wearing similar T-shirts. If i’m not mistaken containing such text as “Ball”, “Cat”, “Dog”,”Hat” etc.
    I can just imagine how the interview will go now…
    Miley – “Oh yay! Bowie – how he has influenced me…I have all his knives”….

  43. omondieu says:

    Christ, she looks like she’s in her 40s in the thumbnail image.

  44. The Bobster says:

    Hey, Panface, have the boobies implanted on your back so you’ll be more fun to dance with. That makes as much sense.

  45. Anj says:

    she wants to become a pornstar with huge monster boobs since she knows she has no future in hollywood so why not become a pornstar? nice going horseface.

  46. Kate says:

    I’ve always had big boobs, and I use to be heavy set. When I lost weight, I was worried that I would lose the boobs, but that did not happen.

    Now, I love my big boobs and all, but the weight loss has actually made them a hindrance; because if you are heavy with big boobs you don’t really notice, but if you are light with big boobs, your back and shoulders hurt like a bitch!

    So Miley is going to be in some pain with that little body and some big ol’ boobs bolted on!

    And OF COURSE her parents won’t argue with her; she’s their little cash cow! If they argue then they won’t be getting shit when she turns 18!

  47. GatsbyGal says:

    So she’s just saying “fuck it” and going full slut, I guess?

  48. Ron says:

    She’s already a pole dancer, why not have the correct accessories.

  49. mmmkay says:

    Um…I’m 5’2” and 34D..Sometimes I wish my boobs were smaller but I certainly don’t have “circus boobs!” 17-year olds shouldn’t be getting implants, but it’s not helpful to make fun of those who are that size naturally.

  50. snappyfish says:

    In every pile of trash you do find lumps of silicone….rather fitting actually

  51. Marie says:

    I don’t think that is true.. she really doesn’t need it… but it´s amazing how in some pics she looks like her father in drag!! LOL

  52. Sibby says:

    I have natural D-cups, and I wouldn’t call them “circus breasts.” I realize that the issue here is context–body type, age, etc.–but I felt it needed saying. And I also seriously doubt that Holly Madison is 36D. She’s too skinny to be 36, and the breasts seem larger than a D-cup. I’d guess 34-DD or something like that.

  53. Snore says:

    Hey Sibby, it was already said.

    People are concerned about this seventeen year old having boob implants, not big boobs.

  54. debbie says:

    If Miley’s parents sign the consent form…then they’re bigger boobs than the ones she wants!

  55. bill says:

    Girls have such jacked perspectives on how they should look these days. Her makeup is already making her look about 40, and now she wants balloons on her chest? Are they encouraging kids to watch porn in school? Is it, like, part of sex ed or something?