Why does Beyonce always look so trashy in House of Dereon?


Seriously, why? Beyonce is a lovely girl, and this House of Dereon crap is always the pits. You know Bey wishes she was wearing Versace or some major designer, rather than this label that her mom probably forced her to start. Well, House of Dereon contines to churn out “fashion” and Bey is of course starring in the new Fall/Winter ad campaign. I guess maybe Lady Gaga rubbed off on Bey a little? Because Bey no longer looks like a pageant princess in this stuff, instead going for a biker chick look.

Beyoncé is no stranger to setting trends, but the superstar’s new ad campaign should cement her status as a style icon with serious range.

The sexy singer has been a fashion inspiration for fans since her days in Destiny’s Child, but a striking set of photographs taken for her fashion lines’ latest collections shows the songstress is a stunner whether she’s on the back of a motorcycle or channeling old Hollywood glamour.

In the photographs taken for high-end line House of Deréon, Beyoncé channels her inner biker chick, sporting heavy black eye-liner, tattoos, and tough-yet-chic rocker boots.

The other shots, which showcase the Deréon collection, feature the singer glammed up in a 1960’s hairdo and long gown, meant to evoke screen sirens Marlene Dietrich and Lena Horne.

“I truly believe this is some of our most memorable work to date, and I am so excited for the public to see and react to them,” Beyoncé’s mom Tina says of the ad campaign.

Shot by celebrity photographer Tony Duran, the glamorous photographs will appear in magazines this fall.

[From NYDN]

Ugh. I know Bey is an “artist” and all, but this isn’t for a music video or anything. This is for a fashion line that they hope will be recognized as legit. Oh, and there’s a video too.

Ghastly. Does her mother secretly hate her?





House of Dereon ads courtesy of Ace Showbiz and PopSugar.

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57 Responses to “Why does Beyonce always look so trashy in House of Dereon?”

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  1. Jean says:

    Judging from the pics, this line is aimed at the likes of Montana Fishburne.

  2. Sassy says:

    Um, who is going to wear that stuff? It’s fashion? Yeah. OK.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um…because House of Dereon is trashy?

  4. denise says:

    SHe looks trashy because that’s exactly where Dereon clothes belong, in the trash.

  5. Lisa says:

    B/c her clothing line is cheap and trashy.

    @Jean not only her, but Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian as well. WHORES!

  6. AMS511 says:

    LMAO @ the last pic….fabulous! i needed that. <3 you kaiser!

  7. malachais says:

    oh lord, I have seen this HOD stuff at stores and it is so cheaply made, ridiculous. Especially coming from one of the most successful artists. I dunno how anyone can buy this garbage.

  8. jen says:

    This looks like a Grace Jones photo shoot.

  9. meg says:

    I love the last pic. Is that really supposed to make us want to buy what she’s wearing?? It looks like she has to stay upside down or something will fall out of her chocha.

  10. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    House of Dereon is trash.

    JEN! How could you even compare this to Grace Jones. Not even!

  11. guesty says:

    just watched ‘obsessed’ the other nite…what a totally ridiculous attempt @ a ‘fatal attraction’ remake.

    seems like she’s trying to channel rihanna in these pics.

  12. JY says:

    she always tries too hard.

  13. JustBe says:

    How the hell can this newspaper claim that Beyonce is a fashion icon? On stage she wears leotards/lingerie and off stage her clothing choices are not inspiring. Who’s trying to mimic her fashion choices?

    I have never been interested in owning anything that HOD has produced and this fashion shoot could just as easily be a spread in Maxim or some other men’s magazine.

    I’m just disappointed that even when a clothier is supposedly owned/controlled by women, they still produce clothes that would best work for the women in the ‘oldest profession in the world’ and/or strippers.

  14. mymy says:

    I think I can venture to say. Beyonce is in love with herself. And I just want to go on record as saying she screams when she sings. And she is all hype. Can’t stand her. She acts like she has street cred and she grew up in complete comfort. She also changes her accent. I remember the days when only people with talent received her popularity. The powers that be decide and people just accept

  15. Leek says:

    I’d rather chew broken glass than wear this garbage.

  16. Amanda says:

    Where is this stuff sold and WHO buys it?

  17. Sudini says:

    I’ve always thought that was SUCH a pretentious, nouveau riche name for a fashion line.

    Especially given the fact that all of the designs are so incredibly tasteless and show no real eye for style.

  18. Toe says:

    I like the tattoo on her back. Thats it

  19. mimi says:

    She looks like something out of one of her husband’s songs.

  20. chasingadalia says:

    They should have had Gaga do it. Then it’d stand a chance of looking interesting, rather than trashy.

  21. Whatever says:

    She bugs me. Clothes are ridiculous, who is going to wear that stuff.

  22. Sumodo1 says:

    Yeah, the henna “mehndi” tatoos are to die for. The clothes? Sad.

  23. bnice says:

    Am I the only person who consistently thinks “House of Derriere” when I hear about this clothing line? 😛

  24. lilred says:

    “going for a biker chick look.”
    I’m a biker chick, I wouldn’t be caught in this crap for love or money.

  25. DetRiotgirl says:

    Who else remembers the HOD children’s line that made the models look like baby prostitutes? Dereon has always been incredibly trashy.

    Btw, this is slightly off topic, but what is up with children’s clothing these days? That HOD line was the worst offender. But, a lot of other designers make very questionable things for the toddler set too. Baby phat comes to mind. I saw a mother and daughter in almost identical baby phat outfits the other day. The look was kind of hot on the mom… But the mini skirt looked all kinds of wrong on her five year old.

  26. InVain says:

    That last one looks like some Jane Fonda move…

  27. InVain says:

    I’ve felt THE SAME EXACT WAY for a long time about her. I know people absolutely love her…but I can’t stand her AT ALL. I can’t stand these women who come off as if they grew up on the streets…but SO didn’t. Alicia Keys and XTina are other ones too.

  28. denise says:

    @ Detroit Girl

    I remember seeing thongs in Limited Too!
    How crazy is that?

  29. EMV says:

    I like the studded pants…that’s it. She looks trashy in everything though

  30. DeE says:

    She is talented so all the flesh and grinding she does isn’t necessary. She gets on my nerves with those things. True, she is advertising her flesh and the henna artist because those props are on show more so than clothing.

  31. I’m not a fan of these ads at all.

  32. Brooke says:

    She looks tasteless because she IS tasteless- her abhorrent fashion line with the awful name is proof enough of that. Plus, she always look bad with blonde hair.

  33. hellen says:

    I saw some HOD stuff being remaindered at TJ Maxx. Cheap and crappy and hookerish. Whorehouse of Dereon is more like it.

  34. Jeri says:

    Photo-Shopped Much.

  35. Jover says:

    Yes Invain, mymy, she’s overrated, completely manufactured, gives very few interviews because she’s not bright, and what’s offensive about her acting all street is that she plays to that image but would never ever set foot in the real hood without her bodyguard’s, attendents, etc. SHe’s all image. With few exceptions her music is pretty weak and wouldn’t survive without her endless promoting of it. The media’s largely up her rear, and don’t seem to want to peel underneath her carefully constructed image.

  36. Just a Poster says:

    I thought her mother was the brains behind this line? Remember how gawd awful they looked during the DC days?

    Mama Tina does not have good taste and she keeps pimping out this stuff. You should check out Tina’s line on HSN.com Same hot mess, just less money.

  37. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I saw some HOD stuff being remaindered at TJ Maxx.”

    ah, yes, that’s where I saw that stuff. there were a couple of jackets on the clearance rack and HOLY CRAP, they were so tacky and over the top with gold glitzy stuff.

  38. Leticia says:

    @MIMI, hilarious! good one!!

  39. Conando says:

    Phony, vapid, egotistical, and uninteresting sums it up.

  40. j. ferber says:

    Beyonce is not an artist. She’s a businesswoman whose medium is art. She’s not actually interested in music per se, but used it to propel her into the lifestyle/ego-gratification she craves. She’s as tireless as an android, too. She reminds me of Jennifer Lopez, minus the bitch factor (maybe, I don’t know). Beyonce’s Diddy is Jayzee (sp.?), who knows how to keep her in hit songs.

  41. Tia says:

    man how can she hold her head up with the 10 pounds of fake horse hair she normally wears. Her clothes are so tacky and ugly… wtf? I can only imagine the people who wear this stuff… hookers, strippers and ghetto hood rats

  42. truthSF says:

    I see Beyonce’s promoting her ‘House Of Diarrhea’ again.

  43. Truthzbetta says:

    Any momma who signs off on that last pic is getting in DinaLo territory.

    I wouldn’t want my kid to spread her legs and take off her top for me to sell my butt ugly clothes, but freeloading off your kid is for a very “special” kind of person.

  44. M says:

    Beyonce is class with a ‘K’ and so damn over rated. Her music, voice and image are all cringe worthy and without the benefit of Photoshop and thousand dollar wigs, he looks are as average as the rest of her.

  45. Dhavy says:

    @ Lisa & Jover-With you 100%

    And since when is she a trend setter? I can’t think of anything she wears or sells that I would like to have! these are overprized ghetto clothes… this line is another version of Baby Phat

    She looks like she’s trying to be like Rihanna

  46. BeamMeUpScotty says:

    This chick is soooooooooooo over exposed. She needs to go away for a while.

  47. ViktoryGin says:

    @ bnice:

    Every time, every time. Hate the name almost as much as I hate the line.

    While I like Beyonce, she needs to quit. The “fashion line” is pedestrian at best, and she is wearing herself thin. She seems so caught up with mythifying herself that everything she does is mediocre, and she’s capable of better. Jennifer Lopez was in this position about a decade ago, and now the woman can’t even get a job on American Idol.

  48. Ron says:

    She looks trashy because the line in cheap and trashy. You could put Martha Stewart in the stuff and she’d look like a street walker. Tina Knowles has no taste and anyone who wears this crap wants to look like a hooker. She also has a middle aged hooker line HSN called Miss Tina. Equally crappy.

  49. rinaz says:

    I wouldn’t buy anything from the House of Derrier.

  50. Shay says:

    She is trashy with pretty much everything or has become trashier, flashing her punani and gyrating to sell a song. Whatever.

  51. K-Love says:

    This is what happens when your alter ego Shasa takes over more and more. Beyonce is coming less and less and that bad girl Shasa is taking over. They both need help. Professional Help. The clothes fit the personality.

  52. Minge says:

    This tacky ho is so delusional… some reality would do her real good…GO AWAY Beyawnce!

    Oh and now she threw her ass on kanye’s new single…desperate for her stupid name to be out there..UUUUUUUGHHH!!!

  53. Camille says:

    I saw a story about this on TV the other night and apparently the top look (the so called biker chick etc look) was a Marilyn Monroe meets Angelina Jolie inspired style. They can call it whatever they like, but it still looks like utter shit to me!

  54. korewadesu says:

    It’s such a relief to see all these comments! I thought I was the only one who got stomach cramps when exposed to Bouncie’s “music”…she sucks and this crap called “clothing” really sucks! Never got her, her thang, her flat voice (makes me wanna rip my hair out when she attempts to hit a note above a mid C-which she never hits either), her crappy off rhythm, offbeat, out of tune tune shrieking excuse for music. Make it stop!!! GO AWAY!!

  55. Confuzzle says:

    😆 that ad is awesome. Where is her brothel?

  56. Chica T says:

    Ewh. Gross. Why do I need to see her hoo hoo?

  57. Jessica H says:

    WOW, so much negative energy here,if any of your thoughts were relvant regarding her demographic, the quality of her line–SHE WOULDN’T”T BE successful .. . .BUT SHE IS. So many people are eager to jump on the bandwagon of negativity. I like some of the line and I think starting any type of business takes courage. Its kid of like the difference between stalking these boards and being a multi-millionaire. Honestly, I feel that most of these comments are veiled racist remarks. Have fun at work tomorrow, cube nation.