Angelina’s emergency was a twisted ankle; family now in France

Life & Style has a whole cover story this week that seems potentially sensational and reads “Brad scrambles to get a pregnant Angelina emergency medical care – Angelina’s Rushed To The Doctor” which implies that she’s had some difficulty with her pregnancy. The story inside is predictably less interesting and just claims that she twisted her ankle badly and sincethere was some swelling the family decided to travel from Texas to LA so she could get care from her personal doctors. They probably did it for confidentiality purposes too:

When Angelina – who’s more than six months pregnant with twins – injured her ankle recently, she decided to fly home to LA to have it checked out by her own physician.

“At first she thought it was just a twisted ankle…” says an insider. “But everyone was worried because of the pregnancy and previous problems she’s had with leg swelling. Angelina didn’t want to take an chances, and everyone agreed. Brad was really worried.”

[From Life & Style, print edition, May 5, 2008]

Angelina felt sick and her leg became swollen on the flight
The article claims that “Angie’s legs swelled, and she was getting really wobbly and starting to feel sick” on the private plane ride from Austin to LA on April 17. Life & Style alleges that her pain was so bad that they almost decided to make an emergency landing, but I doubt this part is true. It’s probably based on the story that she supposedly fainted in February on the plane ride from Iraq to LA.

Angelina’s doctor met the flight at the Burbank airport and she “looked like she was hobbling when she was helped at the jet.” They were driven to their mansion in Los Feliz, and it is said that “a team of nurses was also waiting” from Cedars-Sinai hospital to treat Angelina.

Everything checked out fine for Angelina and she was seen out at dinner about a week later. Life and Style quotes a doctor warning about the dangers of deep vein thrombosis, which Angelina has not been diagnosed with, for women who are pregnant and at risk on flights.

Angelina is said to be having a hard time with her pregnancy and to be tired all the time. Brad and Angelina have a full time nurse to help.

The Brangelina Family is now in France
Brad, Angelina and their four kids, two nannies and three security guards are now in France at the estate of Microsoft’s Paul Allen on the French Riveria. E Online reports that they stayed there before for a week in 2006 and that the villa has 12 staff and views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is thought that Angelina plans to give birth in France and that Brad is looking for a home there, although an earlier story that they bought a villa in the country turned out to be false.

Angelina is shown leaving Marino Restaurant in Hollywood on 4/24/08. Brad and Angelina are shown at the Independent Spirit Awards on 2/23/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Sasha says:

    So I guess we won’t be going to def-con 4 then ?

  2. Sam says:

    OMG! Thank God that’s all it was now I can go back to worrying about gas prices, the war in Iraq, the economy, housing foreclosures, the presidential primaries, Iranian nuclear build-up and all those other piddling little things.

  3. dancingnancie81 says:

    yeah, you get tired when YOU DON’T EAT!

  4. Bodhi says:

    Oh Sam, you know those things wouldn’t make the cover of Life & Style unless President Ahmadinejad was the next man seeing “canoodling” with Jen Aniston.

    I’m glad this pregnancy isn’t getting as much attention as the last one. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitts are happy to be left alone & I’m pretty happy I don’t have to hear/read the same damn arguements over & over quite as often

  5. shannon says:

    angelina is losing her attractiveness fast. Being pregnant seems like one the most uncomfortable experience a woman could ever have, i understand why some women don’t want to get pregnant. I quess for people who don’t like angelina reading stories about her being so uncomfortable while being pregnant must make them very happy.

  6. breederina says:

    Yes Shannon, she’s a real dog. FYI I absolutely loved being pregnant. I felt amazing except for the last few weeks when heartburn and girth conspire to make one miserable.
    I’m sure AJ is better than fine and in no danger of scaring anyone with her fading looks anytime soon.

  7. Sam says:

    “Oh Sam, you know those things wouldn’t make the cover of Life & Style unless President Ahmadinejad was the next man seeing “canoodling” with Jen Aniston.”

    Bodhi! You’ve made my day, that is too funny an image to get out of my head!

    Hee hee! 😆

  8. PJ says:

    Hmm….she flew all the way from Texas to California for a sprained ankle? Sounds to me like there may be more to it than that, perhaps something about the pregnancy.

    And on a private jet–wonder if she realizes how much carbon consumption that is!

  9. Bodhi says:

    That would be quite a site, wouldn’t it? 😆