Barbara Walters says bu-bye to Star Jones

You probably heard about Barbara Walters saying that Star made a surprise announcement that she was leaving “The View,” and that she trumped her opportunity to do it “with dignity”. She knew that she was leaving “for months” and just decided to blurt it out on the show and piss everyone off. Well now Star’s not coming back, and the old ladies who live in Florida and make up the bulk of “The Views” audience will rejoice, along with all the rest of us who never watch that piece of crap show but still make fun of it.

Here’s Barbara dissing Star:

And contrary to previous reports, Star has nothing lined up for her next gig at all. Maybe she’ll go back to being a lawyer. Or she can go for the quick cash and become a spokesperson for the latest junky exercise equipment they’re touting on late night infomercials.

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2 Responses to “Barbara Walters says bu-bye to Star Jones”

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  1. millie says:

    LOL.. I think it’s going to be an infomercial but not before she makes the talk show circuit with her sob story. Star is an example of a major Karma ass kicking–which, combined with her stupidity and arrogance, brought about her downfall. I never watch the View but Barbara Walters is my hero today.. so nice and gentle but knows how to deliver a deadly blow when necessary (a surprising Libra quality many people overlook 😉

  2. Carol Wilson says:

    I won’t be watching The View any longer. Rosie is Offensive in every way. I don’t blame Star for leaving. I wouldn’t have worked with the out-spoken, irritating, pushing her sex preferences person either. WAY TO GO STAR!!!!!