About Kevin’s “Last Chance”

Yesterday I mentioned the US Weekly article about Britney’s consultation with her christian life coach, and how she has taken Kevin back. The article makes it seem as if it’s this glorious reunion and that everything will be fine in their troubled relationship after the vacation photo op they took. This is in complete contrast to other reports we read that had Britney and Kevin sleeping in separate hotel rooms and avoiding each other on that same trip.

The the roller-coaster ride that has characterized Spears’ turbulent 21-month marriage, the Federlines are – for now – attempting to stay together. “Things are good, and they are trying again,” says a close family source. “It is always up and down, but they are happy to be in an up moment.” Indeed, though the trip was originally intended as a promotional jaunt for aspiring rapper Federline, a source tells Us the six-months-pregnant pop star joined her husband at the last minute. “She has decided to start supporting him,” explains the source. “They are giving things another shot.”

According to the source, the fresh start stems from a four-hour conversation encouraged by Spears’ newly aquired Christian life coach, which took place shortly before the Lauer interview (taped June 9.) One hot topic: the sharing and selling of personal details about the couple to tabloid reporters by Federline’s intimates. “Kevin acknowledged that he blabbed info to his friends, claiming it was harmless and he had no idea they would talk,” says the source. “He promised never to do it again.”

(From US Weekly’s print version)

Kevin also promised to spend four to five hours each day with Sean Preston to give Britney a break. Now that Perry’s gone he better take up some of the slack.

This glowing report of their renewed love must be one Kevin’s peeps giving good news to the rags for once after Britney told Kevin to stop feeding his friends stories to sell to the press. There’s no way everything is fine in their relationship or that their misguided love with conquer all.

Britney may dress trashy, but she lives in more style then the majority of the planet will experience in its lifetime. It’s kind of incongruous to see Britney in a tie-dye and Kevin in camo pants in a private jet, and it reminds us how privileged these people are, and why we make fun of them in the first place. These pictures are from Breatheheavy.com, and are said to be “stolen from Britney’s private album” by Us Weekly.

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  1. AC says:

    Call me crazy but I like those pictures. … and i’d give anything to have that jet.

    And someone put some pants on that kid!

  2. Missy says:

    Has anyone brought attention to Kevin hiding his ring finger behind his shirt in every picture.

  3. celebitchy says:

    Good eye Missy!

  4. Missy says:

    Also, the red bracelet is back on in the last picture.