Chelsea Handler goes public with her new, younger boyfriend

GLENDALE, CA - AUGUST 11: Comedian Chelsea Handler attends the Americana at Brand during the Summer Concert Series on August 11, 2010 in Glendale, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

At first I thought Chelsea Handler’s new piece (boyfriend) was the really hot dude on the right that the camera is making love to. But it’s not – it’s the dude on the left, the white boy. This is actually a photo from last week, that’s how nondescript this guy is – no one noticed he was there until more than eight days passed. Anyway, her new guy’s name is Dave Salmoni (which in mind is pronounced “Sam-in-E”), and he’s on the Animal Planet or something. He’s 34 years old. And Chelsea is *snarf, chuckle, cough* 35 years old. I mean, that’s what all of her press says, so she must be 35 RIGHT? I mean, look at her! That’s the face of a 35 year old, of course.

So, basically, this was Chelsea and Dave’s first big public outing, although they began dating back in June, according to reports. She told Jay Leno that “I looked at him and I thought, ‘I would like to get penetrated by that!’ He’s not only good looking, he’s somebody who can protect you from a bear or lion.” Oh, and Dave is Canadian. Does that make a difference?

This is reportedly the first guy Chelsea has dated since her split, earlier this year, with E!’s head of programming, Ted Harbert. Did you know that she allegedly broke up Harbert’s marriage? And did you know that they broke up right after she signed an eight-figure contract extending her show until 2012? And did you know that she’s not really 35 years old?!?

43508, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday August 11 2010. Comedian Chelsea Handler watches Natasha Bedingfield perform at a summer concert at the Americana at Brand in Glendale, California. The British pop singer performed after Matt Morris who she chatted to backstage. Photograph: Josephine Santos,

Comedian Chelsea Handler arrives at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington on May 1, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

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80 Responses to “Chelsea Handler goes public with her new, younger boyfriend”

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  1. Toe says:

    WHO is that guy on the left??? Even my nipples were pointing to the left to the left. Damn….i would like to get penetrated by that animal. Oh…you mean it’s the “right” one?! Meh….

  2. Kiska says:

    How did Chelsea get hottie Dave Salmoni!! He’s Canadian and works with Tigers and Lions. He may not look like it in that pic but he is smoking hot.

    There is no justice in this world…

  3. Riley says:

    Kind of the more famous Chelsea gets the more I dislike her. I’ve been watching her show since it first aired. Oh, and the piece you wrote about JA earlier, I’ve noticed that lately Chelsea uses the same word dergatorily almost every night. It is really embarassing. Last night during Elizabeth Shue’s interview she made a lame ass Special Olympics joke and Elizabeth looked uncomfortable but did the polite laugh I guess because she was a guest on the show and it was the show’s host acting like a jackass. She also used the R word when JA was on her show the other night. I am sure in Chelsea’s mind she is probably thinking people are way too sensitive about the word and that in some ways she is like Howard Stern, you know, she kind of picks on everybody so it is ok, but I think the real difference is that often many mentally disabled people cannot defend themselves. To me, it is as bad as kicking a dog. I think I am done with her show. She is rich and famous now and utterly boring.

  4. JY says:

    this ugly bitch needs to go away forever..

  5. LolaBella says:

    Suuure she’s 35. She’s been 35 for at least the past 4 years.

    I don’t like her at all. I don’t think she’s funny and she’s completely full of herself. She’s got that ‘legend in her own mind’ attitude, IMHO.

    That said, Dave is good looking as is the guy on the right (love his lips).

  6. Katie says:

    He looks cute enough but my eyes were immediately drawn to the hot piece on the other side of her in the first picture. DAMN. That man is sexy.

  7. lrm says:

    TOTALLY botoxed…that bulging forehead line in the top photo….telltale.

    Seriously, look at most botoxed celebs and you will see this random bulging vein-and in their earlier photos, they don’t have it.

    (I know-some people naturally have that vein-but I still think celebs have them due to botox-i’m sure the blood does work overtime to remind the forehead that it’s still alive-i’m sure freezing it has a certain effect on circulatory functions in the body-and therefore oxygen. so the blood is a pumpin’, trying to get oxygen and bloodflow to the frozen area. I’m sure the body see botox and collagens as a threat-as external pathogens.

  8. Toe says:

    Hey…here is another “forehead vein” person. (last pic). Is it something women get when you steal someone elses husband?! *ducks*

  9. jzhz says:

    Um – I hardly think 5 years is that big of a deal!

  10. X says:

    Dave Salmoni is smokin hawt!!!

  11. Zeit says:

    yeah.. what’s with her lying about her age so OBVIOUSLY… she’s at least 41… no WAY she’s 35… It’s the most blatant lying about age since Catherine Zeta JOnes, who’s taken 10 years off her age..

  12. aenflex says:

    I dont hate but I don’t love her either. I do believe she is smarter than she likes to let on (why?). But there aint no way in Hades that she’s only 35. My ass. 41′s more like it. (no offense to 41)
    Oh and let me just add that I love Elizabeth Shue. I love love love her!
    And another add – I think the forehead vein is sexy. Isn’t that effing weird? But I do.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s a hard 35, for sure. She drinks a lot and I think she spent a great deal of her younger years in a drug-induced haze. Time has not been kind to her.

    Also yeah, her new boyfriend totally blends in. Which makes him super creepy.

  14. Wait.What? says:

    *Sniff* I have the forehead line. And I’ve never touched botox.

    In saying that, I DO believe she’s ‘toxed. I DON’T believe the forehead line is a tell.

  15. irena NL says:

    Aging horribly from hard-living or 43, in truth.

  16. Marjalane says:

    Just last night I was thinking that Chelsea had really started getting nastier and nastier! I’m guessing it’s a joke between her and Joe Koi, but damn! she’s so mean to him- I think she takes her position as “the boss” to new and degrading heights sometimes.

    And yes, she’s either lying about her age or she started doing stand up as a 15 year old because she’s been around forever. She was on Comedy Central when it originated.

  17. latam says:

    35 my arse, the woman looks like a testicle

  18. good for her! though the black (?) guy is hotter lol

  19. bellaluna says:

    So how long has she been 35 now? Because, like many stars who were MY AGE OR OLDER THAN ME when I was in my teens and early 20′s, she’s AGEING IN REVERSE!

    @ Toe – too funny! You’re on a roll today.

    And I really need to know who that sexy hotness on my right (her left) is in that pic. The beautiful African-American gentleman, that is.

  20. gabs says:

    The fact she is friends with jennifer aniston makes her so uncool. I used to find her funny and refreshing but Shes lost her edge. The dating the head of E guy thing is shady. I dont know if shes really not 35. It could have been drugs and alcohol

  21. Schnauzers!!! says:

    WOW I don’t know who the other guy is, but DANG!!! I’d rather have him in my hot tub (or anywhere else!) than the other guy! Sheesh!

  22. Juice in LA says:

    She’s 40, AT LEAST 40!! From now on, I vow that every time I hear another publicist tell me she is 35 (and has been for 10 years), I am adding another year to her “RealAge”tm…

    So far this year she has reached 46.

    Chelsea Handler is 46… I bequeath it!

  23. Kiska says:

    @ Gatsbygal. How does blending in make one creepy?

  24. Kitten says:

    @Wait. What?-I have it too when I make certain expressions and I haven’t ‘toxed (yet).
    Wahhh! :(
    Let’s form a support group. Maybe Angelina Jolie can be the face of “Forehead Veins of America”!

  25. Snarf says:

    A friend of mine is a colourist and told me in relation to almost all Hollywood celebs, add 3 to 5 years onto their “official” age.

  26. jennyk says:

    yeh the guy in the back is hot. Also chelsea handler is always making uneccesary jibes about angelina and trying to bring her up randomly in conversation for insults. im not shes friends with jen. I mean joke yeh, but when its like shes purposely angling an interview or wahtever to get a jibe in, thats low. As is taking the piss out of kids

  27. Diane says:

    Hell I’m a lesbian and I still want info on the black guy. I stop watching Chealsea because she is always making racist jokes especially about Asians.She made a joke about Maddox Jolie Pitt using this offensive “Asian” dialect as a voiceover. As for her age she drinks alot so she could be 35, I guess.

  28. latam says:


  29. bellaluna says:

    @ Juice – What an awesome idea! May I use that as well?

  30. anon says:

    Chelsea Handler is your typical comedian: perpetually depressed. Maybe this new guy will help her, because when she is depressed she is bitter, woman-bashing, jealous, and definitely not funny. She hangs with other forever-singles like and JA and vulgar plastic wannabees like Jenny McCarthy. She mocks happy Hollywood stars who actually have love lives. Her jealously and insecurity makes her unwatchable. Like I said, maybe having a man will snap her out if it, at least temporarily.

  31. fizXgirl3114 says:

    yeah I’m sorry but I think that “white boy” looks really hot… I dunno how she did it… she looks like a man.

  32. Bill Hicks is God says:

    “I looked at him and I thought, ‘I would like to get penetrated by that!’”

    Is her publicity done by the good folks over at Harlequin Romance?

    Who actually talks like that?

  33. electric says:

    Haters. Chelsea is hilarious. She is not afraid to make fun of the big Hollywood douchebags…the Kardashians, Nasty Paris Hilton. And on top of it, she’s a top-notch interviewer.

  34. JY says:

    @ Kitten – I have forehead veins naturally when I smile it shows just like kate bosworth, eva mendes, julia, angie.
    and how about support ‘Feet Veins of America’? Jennifer Aniston can be a leader.

  35. PrettyTarheel says:

    The “other” guy is in the second pic as well-looks like he’s leaning back and laughing. All you can see is lips, teeth, arm…but that smile is putting him over the top…
    Wait, what was this post about?

  36. kiki says:

    i loooove chelsea there are very few women in comedy & as women we should support her.
    she is funny, not perfect but she is brave and breaking down barriers and sexist hollywood stereotypes

  37. OC lady says:

    I used to like Chelsea, but can’t stand her now. She makes too many stupid racist jokes. Even her guests were calling her out, but she brushes it off. I don’t watch her anymore.

    But, I did watch that clip of Chelsea w/ Aniston. It was funny that she said “EVERYONE knows Angelina is EVIL”!!! Then, in the same breath, turned around and said in a sweet voice, “here’s Jennifer Aniston.” I was wondering why Aniston didn’t say that was kinda “uncool,” given that she’s SO over that silly triangle stuff. It’s funny that since Chelsea became friends with Aniston, she’s been going after Angelina as if she’s the devil herself. Such great drama.

    Oh, and it’s telling that Chelsea dated the head of E! But once she signed her contract, she dropped that guy like a hot potato. Hmmm . . .

  38. ghostbuster says:

    is her new dude the same animal planet guy she dressed in a tiger outfit for? if so shes been talking about him for awhile and has mentioned many times about her animal planet bf. for her, i hope its the same cat loving guy. i think she is funny in a bitchy and snarky way, but i also LOVE kathy griffen. she does seem to be crossing a line with joe koi, but that could be apart of their running gag. also who cares how old she is. shes smart and funny and seems to be enjoying life, so good for her. of course lying about age is pretty lame

  39. OhCamille! says:

    I don’t mind when women lie about their age.
    Who cares about the number when it’s the face and hands that really show the truth.

  40. Ann says:

    I am relatively new to watching her but I’ve grown tired of her. She thinks she’s all that.

  41. womanfromthenorth says:

    I like her but wonder who the hell picks her outfits for the show? To tight or to baggy to youngish. Yuck

    If she happends to read this, find me, I will help you.

  42. k says:

    It’s just hard living. She has mastered it.

  43. hmm says:

    The guy on the right looks like Shamar Moore from Criminal Minds…your hot guy Friday thing is totally invalid until you include Moore.

  44. cd says:

    Electric, Do big hollywood douchebags include a four year old girl that likes to wear boy clothes and a 8 year old boy from an Asian background? She makes racist and homophobic comments about children. And if by top-notch interviewer you mean to say she randomly insults Angelina any chance she can even when the conversation has nothing to do with her, then she’s the world’s best interviewer.
    Her comments aren’t even funny, they’re just jabs she likes to say for no reason at all, except that she is friends with Jennifer Aniston. One has to wonder if Aniston is “over it” as she likes to insist, then why is she using her friends to insult Angelina and the kids, but no word about Brad. Chelsea used to be an equal opportunity hater when used to make fun jokes about Jen and Angelina. Now she kiss Jen’s ass like she never made fun of her before. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Chelsea and Jennifer share the same publicist.

  45. jennyk says:

    @cd completely agree!

  46. Larissa says:

    For the LOVE OF GOD, stop the AJ X JA insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Loser1 says:

    omg, seriously! All the Jen haters now hate Chelsea too because they are friends supposedly? you people are insane. Chelsea’s hysterical. I watch her show when I happen to catch it and from what I can tell, she makes fun of everyone equally. Bunch of thin skinned babies!

  48. cd says:

    I don’t consider racist remarks to be hysterical. If that makes me thin skinned, so be it.

  49. Eileen says:

    She has been after him forever! Wow I can’t believe they got together. He brings animals on her show and he is HOT! She was never shy about wanting to get with him. That’s awesome!

  50. nnn says:

    I don’t know who that woman is but she looks more like 46/47 than 35. seriously

  51. lisa says:

    Can’t stand her. Her show is not original at all. Reading the rags as truth.. yeah that’s funny.

    And she looks like she had been ridden very hard and put up soaking wet.

    I’ll take Kathy Griffin and day of the week. Horse Face Handler can suck it.

  52. Crash2GO2 says:

    A bulging forehead vein has nothing to do with botox, and everything to do with being over heated and having a pronounced vein on your forehead.

  53. Amy says:

    Says she’s 39 on wikipedia…

  54. DD says:

    chelsea’s a comedian? When did our comedians also have to be beauty queens. She’s actually easy on the eyes for someone who’s not even trying to make a career out of beauty. I’m surprised so many are crucifying her looks lol. It’s like picking on oprah for not being perfect looking.

  55. Anti-icon says:

    I think Chelsea needs to seriously revamp her gig. She is in a very influential position. She has comic chops, but the format of her show is too mean-spirited for TV, even late night. Also, it lacks professionalism. This is fine for year one, but she’s slipping with that show. Also, if she’s 35, she shouldn’t be bragging about it, cause she doesn’t look that good. She shouldn’t be attempting to play the Playmate beauty game, because that never works for female comics (sorry, because I’m a feminist). Her game needs work.

  56. Reese says:

    What Chelsea Handler’s in this picture? Where?? All I see is some nice piece of man cake that I’d like to take a few bites out of.

  57. margo says:

    why does it seem like she is with the guy on the right? I would have been pissed if he was dating her he is sexxxxy

  58. sandy says:

    giving that she broke up a marriage you would think she’d keep her big trap closed about someone she claimed did the same thing, huh! non funny racist remarks.

  59. michele says:

    I have really tried to get info her show, butsomething about her just keeps me from embracing it. There is nothing wrong with being 40 something and saying you’re 40 something. Especially when you’re buffing a young piece. I’m 42, have never lied about it, look goodand have two small children with my 10 years younger husband. I’m the shit LOL! Chels, honey… Embrace it. You’re rich, successful and pretty – and 40 something. Be proud. You got it all over them younger chicks.

  60. GatsbyGal says:

    @Kiska – Blending in makes you creepy because then it’s impossible to see you coming. Serial killers are good at blending in. They just look like normal dudes.

  61. nel says:

    i would like to be penetrated left and right by both. :)

    lucky bitch chelsea

  62. mary says:

    oh my god… she is a comedian!!! not a world renowned journalist. what comedian doesn’t make racist or sexist jokes? we aren’t supposed to take them seriously. the fact that her best friend is a spanish, little person should be proof that she is not racist.

  63. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Chelsea is funny. I don’t care who she has sex with.

  64. gen says:

    I just looked at & it says she’s 35. I just sooooooo don’t believe that in any way shape or form.

  65. Sharonkings says:

    Shemar Moore is wayyy finer than that guy. :P

  66. mln says:

    She’d be better off admitting her age for someone in her 40′s she looks not awful. She is a nasty piece of work ,
    I wish she would just fade away but we all know she won’t.

  67. Andie G says:

    Not Dave !!!! I’ve always thought he was hot. Him and Chelsea seem like an odd pairing. But if they like it, I love it. But seriously who’s that other guy. Need intel. LOL

  68. mollination says:

    Damn, Dave is too good for her. My mom DVR’ed some special he was on and saved it for me *just* because my mom thought he was so good-looking and “the kind of guy I should be going for”. HA! I’ll keep that in mind, mom. Thanks! Until you said that I was dating losers on purpose! Now that you told me that, I’ll go get right on that Dave Salmoni and just tell him you sent me. haha

    God he’s hot. He’s waaay too good for her.

  69. mymy says:

    Something tells me your prejudiced against her.Due to her feelings for saint Angelina NON?
    Why does everyone you write about or post have to love Angelina? That is so strange

  70. LondonLady says:

    Question: Does Botox cause veiny forehead syndrome? Julia Roberts has it also in her pictures if you look cosely

  71. Kloops says:

    The guy on her left is smoking! Thought Chelsea scored big for a minute there. Don’t know this Salmoni guy, but Canadians are hot so she lucked out there too. And if she’s 35 then she’s the poster woman for why women need to ease off the booze!

  72. Lila says:

    Yeah, I saw the Chelsea episode with Aniston, too. I couldn’t believe that Chelsea would angrily denounce Angelina–”Everyone knows you’re evil!” And, then introduce Aniston and act all kissy with her. How obvious can you get?

    I don’t get why Aniston would be ok with that, given she’s SO OVER the tabloid drama.

    I don’t remember Chelsea being this nasty against Angelina until she hooked up with Aniston. Apparently they’re good friends and hang out together (there were pics of them at the Sunset Towers not too long ago). Birds of a feather.

    And, I really don’t buy the “Jen didn’t say it, it’s Chelsea stuff.” Jen could easily tell her to shut it, as Chelsea is such a kiss up to her. She must still be bitter. Figures. Without the tabloid drama, what does she have? A lot of bad movies, Bill O’Reilly and the “R” word.

    Way to go Jen. You’re having a stellar week.

  73. Dhavy says:

    Dave needs to stay off whatever drug(s) he’s using! it’s the only explanation I can find as a reason for him dating Chelsea.

    Don’t get me wrong, not so pretty girls should also date hot guys but she’s nasty and mean not at all what she was before, so to me the entire Chelsea package seems very unappealing

  74. Liana says:

    No way is Chelsea Handler MY age. No way. Yikes.

    I just can’t acquire a taste for her. I find her act just too abrasive and not at all funny.

  75. blinditemreader says:

    Re: Forehead vein. It’s normal and everyone has one. Mine is visible when I smile.

  76. DetRiotgirl says:

    I think we all want to know who the other, non animal planet, guy is. Forget Chelsea, and post his info please!

  77. joolz says:

    i love chelsea! she just has the balls to say things that we’re all thinking anyway! and actually, i do believe she’s 35…but all that alcohol and shit probably fucked up her face pretty good! she actually looks quite pretty in those pics where she’s natural and doesn’t “know” the camera is there.

  78. Tess says:

    Chelsea Handler and other comics are allowed to indulge is speech that is considered taboo and a career ender for anyone else.


    Why can they but no one else?

  79. Nancy says:

    Oh god I can’t stand this woman at all she is ugly as shit and 35 LOL!

  80. dollylama says:

    When I first saw a picture of Chelsea Handler and her age as “35″ attached to it, I had to laugh. This woman is surely NOT 35. More like 43 or 44. Celebrities have been known to lie about their age and I guess this is just another case. Wow Chelsea….do you honestly think you look 35???