“Kevin Jonas did not say that sex was not worth the wait” links (update)

Aug. 18, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - KEVIN JONAS from the JONAS BROTHERS arriving at the world premiere of the Disney Channel's ''Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'' at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall in New York City on 08-18-2010.  2010..K66143HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

Kevin Jonas: “Sex was not worth the wait. After we did it, I was kind of like, that’s it?” Oh, his poor, poor wife. [Starpulse]
UPDATE: So, a British tabloid ran the quotes like they were new – but they are in fact JOKE QUOTES. My bad.
Britney Spears looks cold and awesome in a green bikini. [Celebslam]
Speaking of chicks in bikinis, happy Women‘s Equality Day! [The Frisky]
Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry are uncomfortable in London. [INFDaily]
Michael Bay is being sued over his meathead bodyguard. [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Someone take Bai Ling‘s crimper away from her. [Go Fug Yourself]
Gaga loves some fried chicken and waffles. [LimeLife]
Elton John looks adorable here. [PopBytes]
I think this is Sigourney Weaver‘s best performance in years. [A Socialite Life]
What‘s Lindsay Lohan been up to? [Evil Beet]
Good blind item: I‘m thinking Patrick Dempsey? [Crazy Days and Nights]
Naomi Campbell‘s cooter. NSFW. [Celebnewswire]
OOH! Who else is excited for the new season of House? [Accidental Sexiness]
Exclusive clip from ‘Easy A’. It’s okay if I think this looks good, right? [Moviefone]
I‘m obsessed with this ‘Shopped image of Madonna. [CoverAwards]

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Deleasa leave their New York City, New York hotel dressed to the nines on August 18, 2010. Perhaps the young couple are on their way out to a romantic date night! Fame Pictures, Inc

NEW YORK - AUGUST 19: Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers attends the Road Dogs X the TXT softball tour at KeySpan Park on August 19, 2010 in New York City (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Road Dogs TXT)

CHICAGO - AUGUST 05: Musician Kevin Jonas attends the press conference at the House of Blues on August 5, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Singer Kevin Jonas made his way out of a New York City, New York hotel with his wife Danielle Deleasa and their dog on August 16, 2010. Kevin and Danielle were joined by his brothers Joe and Nick jonas. The Jonas brothers are currently on tour with Demi Lovato but they are also taking part in the X the TXT campaign started by Allstate which is a fight against distracted driving due to texting. The boys will play 12 games of softball against various teams in different areas to raise awareness, the recently played a team of ESPN analysts.  Fame Pictures, Inc

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42 Responses to ““Kevin Jonas did not say that sex was not worth the wait” links (update)”

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  1. bizzy says:

    well then, he won’t mind sleeping on the couch for the rest of their marriage.

  2. trishy says:

    Anyone else click the “House” link? Man, Hugh Laurie (love him. so much) is ‘Shopped into oblivion in this seasons’ poster.

  3. Relli says:

    Oh Kevin, if this statement is true all i can say is that you are not doing it right.

  4. oxa says:

    Then his wife aint the right gender for him.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well I hope the sex improves, the first time is always weird, right. Part of the fun is being about to learn what pleases your partner and positions. Lets not forget positions. I am a cowgirl myself but thats just me. I personally couldn’t imagine Kevin on top, he looks like a bottom. Now his other brother who keeps dating all the Disney chicks and dumping them has a strong pimp hand. I bet he is a top.

  6. LindyLou says:

    Huh…he must be doing it wrong! lol

  7. louisa says:

    This is exactly why you shouldn’t wait until marriage to do it. You get married WAY too young, probably marry the wrong person, and end up divorced by thirty all in an effort to call yourself a “moral” person. have fun with all that….

  8. Sarah says:

    Bet his wife loved hearing that. Confirms my thoughts that he’s not 100% Hetero.

    I’m also super excited for the new season of House 🙂

  9. Jade says:

    The Kevin Jonas “quote” was a joke from a columnist at HuffPo from back in December: http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-quotable-jonas-brother-finally-loses-virginity-is-not-impressed/

  10. jimmy says:

    Thats what happens when your really gay and have sex with a woman……

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow…his wife is kind of uggo.

    and Kevin, it gets better if you do it more often!

    and that clip from Funny or Die with Sigourney Weaver is awesome.

  12. NayNay says:

    Then he isn’t doing it right, or perhaps it’s his wife. Sex with the right person, is friggen fantastic.

  13. Riley says:

    She has a really unfortunate nose. I know that is picky and mean but it is just an observation. Oh and today when I was walking out for lunch I was totally checking to see which dudes where pleated pants and which men don’t. Ha ha. Old Nick has no pleats.

  14. Grumpy Oldguy says:

    “eeewww! vagina, get it away” LOL

  15. Megan says:

    what an idiot.

  16. Kaiser says:

    Okay, I updated, I’m sorry! They were joke quotes from a comedian that got picked up and recycled in the British tabloids. My bad!

    *but you know he really was disappointed*

  17. Iggles says:

    Oh Kevin.. someone’s gonna be sleeping on the couch for awhile.

    Seriously, Dan Savage had a recently de-virginize male write in about the same thing. Stop with the death grip and keep working at it!

    Edited to say: Those photos of Nahla with Halle and Gabriel are *adorable*. This is what good co-parenting looks like! Put children first!

  18. moo says:

    Ok, let’s be honest here buddy….. did you ejack before you even got it in? did you do any foreplay for HER?

    He needs to read a few manuals and get his business corrected! Probably thinks he is a “star” and therefore doesn’t need to work for it!

  19. sparkledog says:


  20. aenflex says:

    Well the 1st 10 times I had sex, neither party involved knew what we were doing. It was akward, embarassing but necessary in retrospect. Maybe he and wifey will get better with practice. Or maybe they are sexually incompatible and in that case, sucks for their marriage!

    LOL @loveangelina

  21. hatsumomo says:

    I dissagree, the first time I had sex,16, it wasn’t all that great. I did wished I had waited in the end. But that was just me. Im sure all the other ladies here had mind-blowing organisms the first time they did it.

  22. artista says:

    Is that Vienna Sausages sister?

  23. original kate says:


  24. iriD says:

    LOL @ hatsumomo… mind blowing organisms, indeed!

  25. meme says:

    Faux Jonas brother quote and Naomi Campbell’s cooter. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t we:-)

  26. Jen says:

    That’s because he’s doing it with the wrong sex.

  27. Truthzbetta says:

    I do feel badly about saying this, but doesn’t he have the pick from a pretty large pool right now?

    The wife has kinda crossed eyes in addition to the unfortunate nose.

    She doesn’t dress like an astrophysicist, doesn’t seem famous on her own, so if looks are how she’s getting by this is a wife pick I can’t wrap my head around.

  28. guesty says:

    she looks like haylie duff. & you just know he so didn’t like it. don’t they sleep in separate beds due to his “snoring” problem!!! lol.

  29. Brooke says:

    Easy A should be good, it has Emma Stone – who I totally love.

  30. RHONYC says:

    nice way to throw your wife under the bus by telling the world her kitty is a big fat snore.

    *cue the strippers & hoes*

    divorce in 5…4…3…2….

    lol 🙂

  31. Annicka says:

    Oh good, I’m not the only one looking at the wife and wondering what happened. I don’t want to judge her because she seems normal and more celebrities should marry normal people, but God her nose is tragic.

  32. Leticia says:

    The Jonas Bro did not say this. I followed the links and someone making fun of this Jonas Bro said it.

    I feel sorry for the Jonas Bros. They are not hateful and preachy, but because they promote morality, they get hated on. At least they probably aren’t infested with STDs.

  33. Catherine says:

    Oh man, I love reading the comments more than the story. Its hard to like sex when you have the mental capacity of a 12 year old. I think his wife is wearing the same skirt my 8 year old owns. Remind me to burn it now.

  34. ch says:

    AVATAR !!
    haha, sigourney nailed it

  35. Taurus says:

    His wife is ugghhh…yikes. Someone shops at urban outfitters, I have those same short (different color). What did he expect?! I didn’t start having mind blowing sex til I was 24, which was 10 years after my first time (I know, I started young)

  36. aury says:

    i thought the funny or die link was hilarious. XD LOVE betty white.

  37. theresa says:

    I read somewhere that about 2 weeks after the much anticipated wedding night, he and she were already were already sleeping in separate bedrooms because she, “discovered that he snored.” As someone who has sleep problems myself, and who has slept with my fair share of loudly snoring men, I now prefer my own room. But I’m old. At that age and madly in love? Must be something else.

  38. poster 1 says:

    His wife looks like her face got squished in a vice grip and stretched.

  39. eternalcanadian says:

    Whoa! That’s the wife? Yegawds, even if that comment was a joke I would have believed it! I know don’t judge a book by its cover, but dang. 😮

  40. Westcoaster says:

    Lets hope that comment was a joke. But even if it was a joke how many women (or men) would like their spouse making a statement like that for the world to hear? Not a great way to start a marriage

  41. serena says:

    So, why did he marry her?

  42. This really answered the drawback, thanks!