Kate Gosselin’s kids think she only loves them when the cameras are around

There are a couple juicy Kate Gosselin stories in this week’s tabloids. It’s hard to believe that Kate still rates gossiping about, but there’s plenty of negative dirt on her so you can see the appeal. First off, The National Enquirer has a story that Kate doesn’t pay attention to her kids at all except when the cameras are around. She’s said to be obsessed with making money and marketing herself, to the point that she only plays with her children when they’re being filmed or photographed. Kate makes a whopping $250k an episode so she can probably afford to give it a rest and let loose with her kids. It’s too bad that the stick up her butt is pretty much permanent. Here’s part of the Enquirer’s story:

Kate Gosselin is so obsessed with making money that she’s suffering a major meltdown and her kids are turning against her, sources tell the Enquirer.

The overwhelmed single mom leaves her children mostly in the hands of nannies, and now they prefer to spend time with their dad Jon, insiders say…

“When she’s not with the kids, she’s hustling for work. She knows that she’s not spending enough time with them, but she needs to earn the money to support them all.

“She cries to friends, ‘What am I supposed to do? If I slow down, this could all go away, and we’ll be out on the street!”

Her ex-husband Jon currently does not have a job, and Kate can’t count on any financial help from him.

With Kate so focused on cash, the family’s estate in Wernersville, PA is more like a corporate office than a family home, added another source.

“Everything is for show. You’re not there unless you or someone is being paid…

“Kate always said the kids love filming, and they do – because it forces her to interact with them.”

Even worse, the children… are starting to feel as if Kate loves them only when cameras are around, said the source.

“Kate will take the kids out to play, but she stays only long enough for photographers to get pictures of her with them. Then she goes back to work in her home office and the nannies take over,” the insider revealed.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 6, 2010]

I don’t like this woman, but the story sounds straight from Jon. It even goes on to claim that the kids like him and his girlfriend better and call the girlfriend “mom.” If Kate had a 9-5 job she would be away from the house during that time. If she relies on nannies to watch the kids all the time and late into the night that’s one thing, but if she does it so she can work during the day I don’t see the problem. I don’t agree with her choice of career, namely putting her kids on television, but that’s different from bashing her for using nannies so she can work. However, she should be spending time with them when the cameras aren’t around, and if she’s not doing that then this criticism is dead on.

Star has another big story about Jon Gosselin’s “tell all” and how it’s going to expose Kate. We’ve already heard that he’s writing a book, but according to PopEater it’s going to be a parenting-type book that of course has no publishers yet interested.

Star claims that Jon will tell all, though, and that he’s going to reveal Kate’s secrets. According to Star, Kate was probably already sleeping with her married bodyguard back when she was living with Jon and they were not yet separated. I wouldn’t put it past Jon to rewrite history in an attempt to make himself look like the wronged party, but it could have happened this way. We know they’re boning now. Here are the highlights from Star. (These are paraphrased except where there are quotes.)

– Bodyguard Steve Nield was staying in the basement when Jon was still living in the house. “Although Kate had a habit of sleeping late, leaving Jon to wake and feed the kids, ‘She suddenly started going down there to ‘work out’ in the mornings.'” TLC staff eventually made Steve leave.

– Kate belittled Jon. “She’d scream at him and call him names in front of their family and friends… Kate is really aggressive… a few times he could tell she was about to get physical and he’d… walk away.”

– Kate begged Jon to take her back for the show. “He has tons of texts and voicemails from Kate telling him she loved him and they should stay together for the show. Even after all the women he’s been with, Jon believes he could have gone back to Kate as recently as this spring.”

Jon doesn’t have much that we don’t already know, and he’s trying to drum up interest in whatever book he can write that will sell. If he does paint Kate as a controlling meanie who doesn’t love her kids he’ll be able to earn a little money at least. It seems like these people’s 15 minutes are just about up, especially Jon’s. Maybe that’s why Kate is freaking out and trying so hard to get paid while she can.

Radar has new photos of Kate and Jon out with their kids – separately. These photos are from 4/22 and 3/4. Credit: Fame


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  1. Tess says:

    God, please let their 15 minutes be coming to a merciful end.

  2. dorothy says:

    I can’t believe anyone would care what she does. Kate..go away already.

  3. grazi says:

    I cant see how this is news. It seems like a lot of the ‘good moms’ here.
    I came to the US as an au pair, and had a lot of friends in the same program. Most all of us worked for moms that did not have a job or only worked once or twice a week, yet we were supposed to be with their kids around 50h/week cause they ‘needed time for themselves’, and would leave their kids when they were asking to spend time with them. But whenever there were guests or neighbors at the house, they’d be pretending to pay attention to the kids.
    I dont generalize, but I came to think that a lot of moms here have kids because it is socially expected in marriage, but they want to be away from them as much as possible. Therefore, KG not being with her kids is something id have guessed.

  4. hapygoleslie says:

    i will never forget the scene where kate is approached by a curious bystander and says to kate “oh, you look familiar” and that bitch kate responds with “think real hard”

  5. aenflex says:

    It’s just a joke to me. Her mutated sense of self-importance is so blatant, and so funny. I cannot see how people take her seriously as a mother/dancer/nurse/business woman/woman, etc. She is a little corporation and her children are the slave labor. People I consider to be decent parents wouldn’t subject their kids to constant filming and this strange fame. It’s one thing to be a child actor who works and then has a home life as well. Totally different when home is full of a film crew and your parents are f*ucking wacky.

  6. journey says:

    a quarter of a million dollars per episode? if she were spending money like normal people, instead of trying to live the hollywood lifestyle, she could have millions in the bank and be retired, able to devote herself to raising those precious babies. instead she’s fame whoring.

  7. whitedaisy says:

    Those kids will have some sad stories to tell when they are older.
    Alot of what is being said about her self-obsession fits.
    It is all and only about her, in her mind.

  8. NotBuyingIt says:

    SURPRISE! Everyone pretty much figured that as the kids got older they would see what their Mom was all about. Jon has his faults, but he was always much more loving and willing to play with his kids. Kate is a bitchy, control freak that values money over relationships. I feel very sorry for these kids.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I agree this all sounds like it’s from Jon’s camp, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a hint of truth to it. They’re both so gross, I feel bad for the kids.

  10. TG says:

    @grazi – You are so right, but isn’t that the norm for all countries and especially the upper class? I live in a middle class neighborhood and my lazy neighbor mom doesn’t work and she puts the child in daycare all day. Can you imagine? I would have my spouses hide if he tried that one with me. Her husband says he is raising 2 kids the baby and her.

  11. Taya says:

    I am just waiting for the 8 tell-all books in about 15 years. It will be the Dionne children stories all over again. This woman is a clear case of a self-centered, narcissistic raging famewhore.

  12. oxa says:

    Kate left Jon in October 2008. Jon did not cheat on ber. Kate in her TLC special “Kate – Her story” confirms it! Jon was not seen with any other woman until early 2009.
    Kate said on one of the old house shows that she is not a morning person so Jon gets the kids up dressed and fed b4 he goes to work. She also said on camera that when he gets home she is done, the kids r his to bathe, teeth, jammies read to and put to bed. She never interacted or played with the kids, she didnt let them play or explore like normal kids cos then they would get dirty and she might have to get the clothes clean. She was & is a selfish,means spirited, narcissistic shrew and that will never change.
    She freaked out screaming like a banshee at Disney when the kids ice cream melted and dripped, I wanted to reach in the tv and slap her for ruining the experience fot them. So yes I believe that the kids prefer to be with Jon as seen by their smiles and playful ease when with him.

  13. Eileen says:


    Hey how about that weather? Pretty great huh?!!

  14. john wilson says:

    hahhahahah she thinks her kids are tough on her now, give it a few years when they all ask for emancipation

  15. Amanda says:

    To me, this story is probably somewhat exaggerated, but tending more towards true. There was a Huffington Post piece recently from someone who happened to be on vacation next to Kate and the kids … and their film crew on their family vacation. Film crews always go with them on their family vacations and the kids have to perform activities for the cameras. It’s things like that which seem really messed up to me. Do the kids EVER get to experience “real” activities that aren’t filmed, when they aren’t asked to perform and do multiple takes of normal, everyday growing-up types of activities? Their entire lives aren’t real because the cameras are ALWAYS there. Just one more example– I believe this year, the sextuplets birthday was celebrated early, “for the cameras” and then again on their actual birthday. I think that’s confusing, not just for the sextuplets (why are they having a party, that’s not a real party, and only a camera crew is there), but also for their older two siblings, for whom things like that are never done.

  16. annaloo says:

    Kids! They just say the darnedest things, don’t they? And it’s usually true!

  17. TG says:

    @oxa – You said it all!! I don’t know how anyone could watch themselves on that show and not be horrified at their own actions. It is all documented. Jon reminds me of my dad he let that woman browbeat him into submission and let her do whatever she wanted including getting knocked up with 6 kids that he didn’t even want. My dad was very similar, including letting my mom control religion and every other batshit crazy thing. Even though I can’t stand to look at Jon’s face for he is so gross looking I feel he was abused by that woman and needs counseling and should sue Kate for domestic violence. Men are often ignored in this department and I despise a woman who thinks she can run roughshod over a man just because she is a woman and can get away with it. If the situation were reversed his a** would have been in jail and he would have lost custody of the kids.

  18. hmm says:

    I’m THIS close to feeling sorry for her…by the time she realizes how awful she is she’ll have alienated her entire family. Unfortunately, her awfulness is also what’s preventing me from having more sympathy.

    I do, however, feel sorry for all of us having to hear about her…please, please go away now. $250,000 is more than most of us will make in 5 years.

  19. grazi says:

    Yeah you r right, it may happen in all countries. But I was thinking about the 3 children that upper class think they are supposed to have. Sometimes I think they imagine that the number of kids is what makes them socially acceptable parents, Idk.
    In my country, there are moms like that, but they normally have only one kid, and dont have nannies, just so they will be free to answer the phone if it rings. I say that because it was one of the motives I would be working for 10h with kids. Mom needed to answer the phone. I swear.
    I just dont get why to have so many kids if you clearly is not interested in being around them.

  20. Moore says:

    The Enquirer. Right. Let me know when People picks it up then I might care to look twice.

  21. Snarf says:

    14:55, 14:56, 14:57….

  22. oxa says:

    People has their nose up Kates skirt & ran stories where she blamed & bad mouthed Jon.
    The Enquirer had the goods on John Edwards and many of there other stories turned out to be true.

  23. Joseph says:

    For someone who talks so much crap about the Kardashians, you all seem to doing a great job of advertising for them.

    lmao @ all the kardashian banners on this site now

    Talk about hypocrites. And i’m sure you’re going to delete this comment as soon as it’s posted because you’re getting called out.

  24. original kate says:

    “Even worse, the children, are starting to feel as if Kate loves them only when cameras are around.”

    sadly, i feel that way, too.

  25. Maritza says:

    She’ll have hell to pay once those kids turn teenagers because by then people won’t be interested in them anymore and Kate will have to answer to their wrath.

  26. malachais says:

    I think what is most upsetting is that none of the kids (Jon and Kate’s) extended family reach out to these children. It doesn’t seem like anyone cares/wants to deal with this charade. That makes me more sad because you would think their family sees this crap going on and would want to help these children in some way.

  27. RhymesWithSilver says:

    I don’t get why people buy her books on parenting. If sheer numbers are what it takes to declare oneself an authority, we should all be bowing down before Octomom.

    Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that those kids are being raised by nannies, and not by Kate OR Jon.

  28. H says:

    @ grazi- There are some women out there like that. I have 2 kids and work part-time and my dad is retired and watches them on the days I work. I think it is the most selfish thing to have kids if you don’t want to take care of them and need so much “me time”. I have nothing but respect for women and men who just say kids aren’t for them and don’t have them rather than the @ssholes who have kids and treat them like a burden.

  29. Jeri says:

    Kate does seem so mean & to the kids also.

    In those pictures of her pre-surgery looks compared to now, one of the major differences was she was smiling and being a pleasant person. Now her smiles look plastic just like her face.

    Jon always claimed she was boning Steve from their first separation. I’m definitely not a Jon fan but do think he is better with the kids “when he is with them.”

  30. GatsbyGal says:

    I don’t think it sounds like something from Jon’s camp. It sounds perfectly believable that the kids would gravitate more towards their more-approachable, more-available dad. And I actually DO believe that Kate only “loves” her kids when the cameras are on.

  31. Ericka says:

    I wonder if Jon’s tell all will include his shit as well. How he was a douchebag. Abandoned his kids for 2 months to live in Utah w/Morgan. Brought sluts to the house and had sex w/them w/the kids there. How he stole money from the kids. How he was the security leak w/TLC, Kate and the kids. How he supported the Gosselins w/o pity nuts that were sending threats to the mother of his kids. Doubtful. Also, you see Kate w/her kids w/o the cameras. She took them to concerts. Had a big B-Day party for the kids on Mother’s day, takes the kids for ice cream, dinners and shopping all w/TLC cameras. This is just Jon’s desperate attempt make money off Kate’s back, as usual. He is such a bum. At least is trying to provider for her kids. Jon is too busy on twitter selling butt cream and trying to get verified as a celebrity.

  32. Whatever says:

    Jon is a worthless piece of sh!t. At least we know how he is living without a job for all this time! He is obviously the “source” on both stories and now he’s writing a tell all? I feel so sorry for those kids. Having your father continually trash your mother in public has to be incredibly damaging. If he thinks their friends aren’t showing them this stuff, he is a bigger idiot than he appears. Her career choices and personality aside, at least she doesn’t run to the tabloids as a “source” for stories to trash the father of her kids. For that reason alone, she will always be a million times better than Jon.

  33. TG says:

    @grazi – Wait another 20 or 40 years when all thes celeb kids grow up and we hear about how their parents ignored them. Will be especially funny regarding all those “Super Moms” in Hollywood. Of course by that time we won’t care. Yes, it seems to be the standard in this country for the upperclass to have 3 kids and the rest 2.5 kids.

  34. jamie says:

    Can’t stand her! What mother takes there kids to the park or wherever in high heels and booty shorts! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee She is so high on herself ,whats with the bodyguard?????????????????? she’s no celebrity pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make the witch go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m not watching the Emmys because shes going to be on it!

  35. wunderkindt says:

    I’m sure her kids hate her-afterall, what’s to like?

  36. Angel says:

    While most of these comments just make me shake my head in disbelief, one really bothered me. Why on earth would Jon be in jail if he acted like Kate? And Domestic Violence? seriously, did I miss something where she was beating the crap out of him or something? Because last I heard, having a ‘bitchy’ (I say that because it seems to be the most common accusation, though when I see her I just see an extremely tedious and micro-managing individual who has to be that way because she has like a million friggin’ kids under the age of ten or whatever, paired with a slacker who needed his head pulled from his own ass occasionally … oh, AND, these are kids Jon participated in having too, mind you. As if we should pity him for having to make them breakfast and bathe them while Kate makes the money? Stay at home mothers do it every day. Big deal. What, it’s tragic and she is an awful bitch because the roles were reversed? Good Lord, people. Good Lord.) … spouse hardly counted as ‘domestic violence’.

    But ANYWAY. Yes to the person who said they’d believe it when People picks it up. And yes @ whatever. For someone with as little integrity as she is accused of having that is an interesting observation. Well said.

  37. Decemberist15 says:

    She has to be famous and make money because otherwise her and the kids will be out on the street she says? Well gee… Maybe she should have thought of that before being irresponsible with her uterus and having 8 kids!!! She already had 2… Why did she feel the need to have more?

    Her and the duggars… Not to mention Octo mom all have a case of child hoarding that really needs to be addressed.. It’s not ok and it’s unfair to the kids!

    Team dcf!