Brad Pitt’s plastic surgery secret, was he hotter before?

The National Enquirer has a story this week about how Brad Pitt had some work done at the dermatologist’s office to make himself look “10 years younger” for his role in Moneyball, filming now. They have a photo of Brad that’s recent where he’s not wearing sunglasses, and his eyes look like they’re a completely different shape compared to how he looked a few months ago when he had that mangy beard. Here’s are two links to some photos of clean-shaven Brad recently, but they don’t come close to showing the very clear difference in his looks that the Enquirer does. We did our own photo comparison, but it’s not even close. Anyway, this could explain why he wore sunglasses to the premiere of Salt – he looks really different and it’s noticeable. Here’s part of the Enquirer’s piece:

The 46-year-old actor has been getting injections of the wrinkle filler Radiesse to make his face look younger and smoother, the Enquirer has learned. And it appears to be having the desired effect. Not only does Brad’s face look brighter and more radiant, Angelina has given her seal of approval.

“Brad hasn’t looked this good in years – and Angelina is definitely pleased about his makeover…”

For months, the actor hid behind a scraggly beard “because he was so self-conscious about how he was aging.”

Brad was forced to shave when he began his new role in the baseball film “Moneyball.” Before production began, he paid a visit to the office of Dr. Mark Rubin, his longtime Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon…

“Brad felt he needed to take 10 years off his face…”

Added the source: “Now, with his smooth skin, he says his kids always want to touch his face – and so does Angelina!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 6, 2010]

You know what? I liked him better before. He’s too much of a pretty boy again now and when he gained a little weight and grew that graying beard he was sexy with a normal guy edge. That’s more attractive to me than cookie cutter perfection, maybe because it’s more accessible or whatever, but I liked it. I never got hot for skinny clean cut Pitt, but mangy beard Pitt has a real appeal for me.

Anyway as Michael K at D-Listed would write, “that’s some Benjamin Buttons sh*t.” Brad does look like he erased 10 years, and it’s not cute. Maybe it’s just from shaving his beard, but the Enquirer makes a good case that there’s some surgical/injectable intervention going on.

Oh and The Enquirer has another story this week about how Pitt may play the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, who invented the inkblot personality test. Brad looks a lot like Rorschach and supposedly his family brought it to his attention. He’s now said to be “talking to production partners” about developing a script that’s been “making the rounds” on Rorschach. The Enquirer even credits TotallyLooksLike for making a comparison between the two. I hope this film is a screwball comedy. For some reason that’s what comes to mind when I think of Brad attached to this project.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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62 Responses to “Brad Pitt’s plastic surgery secret, was he hotter before?”

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  1. mln says:

    I liked scruffy Brad too… I thought it was really sexy how low key and real he looked.

  2. NiRa says:

    But his “scraggly beard” was making him look older…

  3. kimmm says:

    It’s crazy how much Shiloh looks like her Dad .

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think the reason his eyes are so squinty in that first pic is because he’s stoned.

    in those popsugar pics, you can really see the resemblance to a young Redford, too. he looks good, whatever he did.

    but now I want to see the Enquirer comparison pics!

  5. Kaiser says:

    I think it’s mostly the beard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Brad had some minor eye tweaking. I found it weird that he kept his sunglasses on the whole Salt red carpet.

  6. jen says:

    It’s amazing what a shave & a little Just For Men can do!

  7. Jen D says:

    I can’t see it, but I wouldn’t doubt that he’s had it done. I hope he does movies that are more funny and unusual – I think that’s when he’s at his best.

  8. Gwen says:

    Didn’t he have some surgery around the time of the triangle mess? I remember Jen making some comment about how men who get an eye job look foolish, and how you can always tell, and at the time I was pretty sure it was directed at Brad.

  9. RHONYC says:

    oh stop it.

    his ‘surgery’ secrets are the same as my boyfriend’s…otherwise known as sleep/shower/shave.

    a bit of a tan doesn’t hurt either. :-)

  10. bite me says:

    of course he had work done… that man is just so vain ?*rolls yes* i bet he eats healthy and works out for shame

  11. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    yeah, like I’d believe the photoshopping Enquirer about anything.

    he doesn’t strike me as the plastic surgery type, he seems to dislike looking too pretty…

  12. meme says:

    he looks great (see i said something NICE) and not botoxy plasticy at all. but he’s a pretty boy and pretty boys don’t do it for me.

  13. LindyLou says:

    He really does resemble Hermann Rorschach quite a bit. It looks like he definitely had work done around the eyes. But I think he looks good.

  14. skibunny says:

    He looks like he had a bath and a shave.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Brad looks handsome either way. I don’t think he had anything done but as we get older its only natural we take steps to look our best. I am lucky I live in this time because I can start preventing, well slowing down, the aging process before I am old. Anyway as long as Brad looks like Brad I don’t see the big deal. If he goes Heidi Montag on us then we have a problem. I still don’t think he does anything, Johnny Depp doesn’t. Johnny Depp is still hot.

  16. Lia says:

    I’d do him! :P

  17. Amanda says:

    I love seeing his hair like that again- the way he has it now.

  18. aussieGal says:

    He hasn’t been attractive for years now.

  19. Snarf says:

    Brad may have had some botox or used a face iron.

  20. tar says:

    I don’t see any difference. Except in one he looks more tan and he’s not smiling. The other one he is pale and his smile is giving him “smile lines”. If anything, he may have had some botox, I don’t see any surgery here.

  21. guesty says:

    never really thought he was all that hot to begin with. since he’s been with angie…he’s a little hotter…but only a little imo.

  22. jessica says:

    how the hell can you see anything? he has glasses on in the “updated” pic

  23. Dee Vine says:

    In his older movies he used to really have bad acne scars. Those disappeared as he became more famous. So I wouldnt be surprised if he’s had even more facial peels, which will also make his skin fresher looking like they have been recently. I think he tries too hard but pretends not to care, especially the way he dresses. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, pulls it off effortlessly (as someone made a comparison in previous comment).

  24. Kitten says:

    That beard is a tragedy. SO much better without.

  25. lucy2 says:

    Much better now than in the beard era. He hasn’t been aging all that great, IMO, and that whole look wasn’t helping. Looks a lot better and younger now, but he still doesn’t really do it for me.

  26. nan says:

    I would loovveee to see Brad and Johnny Depp in a movie together. I’d be salivating during the entire length of the movie.

  27. Juice in LA says:

    I seem to recall back in the Thelma and Louise days, he had some acne scarring on his face- but I don’t see that now.. maybe its all linked?

    @nan- Genius!!!!!!! Has it ever been done, and if so, Why the “EFF” not???

  28. original kate says:

    @ snarf: WTF is a face iron? is that real?

    i can’t tell the difference at all, other than the beard. i never thought he was that hot, although he was a sex god in “fight club.”

  29. Maritza says:

    I like the clean cut shaven Brad better.

  30. sharylmj says:

    so much hotter without that stupid homeless guy beard.. clean shaven Brad – yup that’s the Brad I love!! :)

  31. Cam says:

    Yes, he had work done, definitely. But he looks way hotter. I was starting to think he needed a shave… oh well, hello again pretty face, we missed you.

  32. lrm says:

    He’s just attractive. Period. He’s always been. And probably always will be. Whether I like him as an actor or person is irrelevant. And any work he’s had done has enchanced his genetically gifted looks. He looks great-hot again.
    And I suspect that having slightly older kids means the parents are getting more sleep? God-i was haggard with only one young child for years…imagine 6? Even with help…that’s hard. [and they *say* they only had daytime help anyway...noone stayed the night]

  33. aenflex says:

    Too bad when people start changing their face. It’s so disconcerting. It has a way of changing their perceived personality, and familiarity seems to be sacrified. Just my humble opinon. I don’t mind the way faces look aging naturally.

  34. ch says:

    the enquirer could have photoshopped the photo and make up the whole thing

  35. Marjalane says:

    Sorry, but age and Angelina sucked all the hot out of Brad.

  36. Majosha says:

    I wish he would stop dying/highlighting his hair. I thought he looked great in Babel — gray and a little grizzled. He’s always been too pretty for my tastes, but that movie made me think twice.

  37. gabie says:

    He has such an ungly nose, nobody notice in holywood? he is not attractive for me at all. some photos of him, YES, look OK. But generally his not handsome men, not before not after!

  38. LolaBella says:

    IF he’s had some work done, I hope it’s not in the Kenny Rogers/Michael Douglas realm of work.

    That said, just shaving the billy goat gruff and a tan has made him look a helluva lot better these days. Very sexy.

    I wish he would just age gracefully like Robert Redford or Sean Connery; those lines and wrinkles add to their overall handsomeness, IMO.

  39. Jeri says:

    I think he’s had many tweaks over the years, I think the first was his nose many years ago. He has always seemed to worry about his appearance. His eyes are puffier now, does he think that’s an improvement?

    I like him & most of his movies. Not a brangaloonie though. Think they were both hotter before they got together & turned their life into a “brand.”

  40. mslewis says:

    Boy, that Rorschach movie sounds like a real blast!! I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit for two hours watching a movie about a guy developing an ink blot personality test? It sounds about as interesting as a movie about a man working for a baseball team. Oh. Wait. That movie is already being made.

  41. P.J. says:

    I knew it! Definitely filler in the face has restored his youthful appearance. He was starting to look a bit haggard, especially with the eye bags.

  42. Kiska says:

    Brad has never given me the tingles. So, I don’t care if he’s had plastics done.
    At least he doesn’t look like this:

  43. lucy2 says:

    LolaBella, I saw Redford in person a few years ago, and wow, he still looked pretty good. I think it was rumored he had something done to his eyes, but it was denied.
    Kenny Rogers/Michael Douglas – totally agree, that’s too far. A little improvement here or there is one thing, but those two, especially Kenny, did way too much.

  44. BethL says:

    The scraggly beard made Brad look a lot older. He looked really good with the goatee. Also when you smile lines showup. I don’t see much difference in the photos. I don’t know much about plastic surgery but isn’t it noticeable for a few weeks? I think Brad shaved just a week or two before shooting and I’m sure there were cast meetings before that. I doubt he would get work done knowing people would see obvious work.

  45. kim says:

    He has had so much done to his face its not even funny. Fillers & botox galore. He has been doing this for years now. Him and Angelina tweak their faces ALOT.

  46. DD says:

    There is the rare photograph, scene or two where I think he looks hot, but I just don’t get this sex appeal most people see in him compared to all the other way hotter men in hollywood. I will admit he looks A LOT less haggard without that beard and whatever else he got done.

  47. Persistent Cat says:

    @ mslewis, I was thinking the same thing. I think it’s at the point where he and Angie are so full of themselves that they’ll make a movie about anyone, no matter how boring or tragic or unappealing to mass audiences.

    He’s probably had work done, everyone has in Hollywood. He’s 46 and there’s a ton of younger actors dying to take his place.

  48. tutu says:

    What eye work…have you did you see him on TV today being interviewed? He has the same eyes..wrinkles and all. Why do you believe in tabs?

  49. albeli says:

    He doesn’t look younger so much as puffy. Not a good look.

  50. Adrien says:

    With just the right amount of fillers, he looks great.
    Brad looked like Rorschach in Inglorious Basterds. But I’ve seen several photos of Rorschach and he looks more like Guy Pearce. Perhaps we should do a Rorschach test to determine who should play him.

  51. Cheyenne says:

    He was looking damn good today in New Orleans at the MIR site:

  52. sandy says:

    sorry, but brad is so hot, even more now, the older he gets the better looking he gets, and it’s not just his looks any more, he’s very well rounded. including a caring, family man, sexy.

  53. ziggy says:

    so what if he did a little something? still hot!

  54. mrsodie2 says:

    Brad is no stranger to the plastic surgeon’s office. When I worked with him in 1997 or 98, I forget, he had very pock-marked skin. Must’ve had bad acne as a child. He has had treatment for that over the years, and it has gradually improved. He also seems to have veneers on his teeth (don’t they all?). The first nip/tuck that a person does around 40 (sadly for women it’s more like 32) usually looks GREAT. They look refreshed, well-rested. Then, like a drug where the dealer is all, “You like it? You know where you can get some more…” they don’t stop until they look like freaks.

  55. civ says:

    check out dlisted. he doesn’t look much different.

  56. LolaBella says:

    Brad looks really good in more recent pics (taken yesterday?) on DListed and JJ.

    Sadly, it’s clear that he’s had something done to his face…looks like fillers under his cheeks because his face is not as gaunt as it was when he had the billy goat scruff.

    He is starting to look very Robert Redford-esque in the face now which, IMO, is not a bad thing. He’s still sexy.

  57. orion70 says:

    Never thought he was that hot to begin with…even in his glory days.

  58. Lita says:

    LOL @mslewis!

    There’s a look that people get after they’ve done the facial procedure/surgery thing, I agree with @mrsodie2 on that (and that once never appears to be enough). At first it looks fine but then they get this strange cast to their features. Not a Brad watcher, but when I saw the ‘HE’S SHAVED!!’ pics but before this story came out I was surprised to see that look to him. So I believe that he has – just a spidey sense.

    I had the weirdest experience – I was in an ENT surgeon’s waiting room and started getting the spooks. The women coming in all looked odd, very well dressed and ‘done,’ with strangely timeless looking faces – without the plump roundness of youth but sans the character of age. Twighlight zone music, something was just off – then I saw that as well as being an ENT surgeon, he also did cosmetic surgey. And then I laughed, creepy. Each to their own but for me, no thanks!

  59. Linna says:

    He looks really bad these days, not sexy at all. His glory days are over.

  60. serena says:

    No more beard + youngster hair + tan + some good skin product = 10 years younger.

  61. Aspie says:

    I prefer clean cut younger looking Thelma and Louise-esque Brad…Yummy!!

  62. Jag says:

    I think he grew the beard to disguise what he was having done. There was a blind item a while back about a male star who was going to have work done in order to come back to film; my thought was that it was Tom or Brad.

    He can do what he wants, but he should be VERY careful about having eye surgery done. Kenny Rogers really regrets his last operation.