Lindsay Lohan’s first weekend out: crack shenanigan free? (update: no)


The above photo is of Lindsay Lohan leaving court on Friday. Yes, this is what she wears for a court appearance. Jean cut-offs, flannel, transparent t-shirt and no bra. That’s our Lindsay! Seriously, though, what is going on with her boobs? They are out of control. Anyway, I’m stuck talking about Lindsay’s reoccurring nightmare of bras and courthouses because she didn’t do anything bad this weekend! Can you believe it? No cracked out shenanigans that I can find for Lindsay’s first weekend out of the joint. Maybe she kept her crack shenanigans at home, in private? I don’t know. We’ll see.

Anyway, if the tabloids had their way, they’d make Lindsay’s rehabilitation into the next “Britney Spears”. According to Page Six, Lindsay is even using Britney’s recovery as some kind of ideal. Except that people actually had sympathy for Britney, because she had (and has) a very real mental illness, where Lohan just has a f-cked up personality disorder involving narcissism and being an entitled a–hole. Oh, and Britney was actually wildly successful for years and years and Lindsay made Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Lindsay Lohan is ready to undergo a Britney Spears-style life transformation to get her career back on track. The troubled starlet has handed the reins of her messy finances to Lou Taylor, the savvy, no-nonsense Nashville businesswoman who guided Spears back from the brink. Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, is also believed to be interested in getting involved in Lohan’s music career.

Lohan is currently lying low at home in LA, where just two days out of rehab, she’s already turning down offers of up to $150,000 to host parties at clubs and casinos.

One source told us, “It doesn’t seem right — Lindsay just got out of rehab and prison, and certain casino owners are offering a ton of money for her to host a party and be around alcohol when she has specifically been told not to.”

Another source said, “Lindsay knows she has to stay home and behave, she knows one wrong move could land her back in jail. She has support from her mom, Dina, and Lou Taylor, who is a strong influence and a deeply religious and principled woman. Lou has been working on fashion deals for Lindsay including the Marc Ecko ads and a deal with a Russian fashion company. Larry Rudolph was like a father figure to Britney, and Lou is referring some business to him.”

Taylor, who runs Tri Star Sports and Entertainment, quietly came on board with Lohan earlier this year and wired her a $10,000 bail bond after she returned from her ill-fated Cannes trip in May. Lohan was released from rehab Tuesday, just 22 days into treatment and after serving only 13 days of her 90-day sentence for violating probation.

But Judge Elden Fox has forbidden her to drink alcohol or do drugs, and required her to attend AA meetings and undergo mental health counseling. Any slip-ups could result in a 30-day return to jail.

Lohan must live in California until Nov. 1. A source said, “She really wants to be with her family on Long Island, but she knows she has to do everything the judge says.”

[From Page Six]

From what I know of Larry Rudolph, he does seem like a really smart manager who actually has standards and actually cares about Britney’s well-being. And Lindsay should be so lucky. Honestly, the comparison to Britney helps Lindsay and does nothing for Britney. Lindsay wishes she had Britney’s record of success and the massive amount of goodwill people have for Britney’s recovery. I think people want Lindsay to do well, but at the this point Lindsay is more famous for being a f-ck up then she ever was for her “career”.

Speaking of Lindsay’s “career” – you know how she’s still a “leggings designer” right? Her line of budget, hooker-wear leggings 6126 is actually one of the few successes of Lindsay’s cracked-out “empire”. Anyway, Lindsay wrote (!) a mission statement-thingy for Blackbook to describe her goals for 6126. It’s really, really funny… if you don’t mind the unintentional mocking of a dead celebrity (hint: Marilyn!):

My fashion line, 6126, salutes modern women who understand that sophistication is always in vogue. Inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe and the timeless, confident glamour her memory represents, 6126 is named after her birth date. The confidence and sophistication Monroe exuded is something we don’t see today. It has been a dream come true to be so involved and hands-on in creating something I am so passionate about. When I designed the 6126 collection, I wanted to make pieces that any woman can mix and match to create her own sense of style–for example, mixing our sequin shorts with combat boots.

[From Lindsay Lohan’s statement via HuffPo]

Remember that time when Marilyn wore sequined hot pants with heart-shaped pasties and combat boots? That was iconic.

One last piece of Lohan news: so, she’s got a small part in Machete, the new Robert Rodriguez film. Guess what she plays? Oh, it’s too gross. Here’s a SPOILER, courtesy of one of Celebuzz’s spies:

“I saw Machete. It’s really well-executed exploitation… but Lindsay is barely in it. She’s nude almost the whole time (except for the “nun with a gun” scene), and she has a videotaped ménage à trois with her mother (not Dina) and Danny Trejo in a pool. Her father pulls her out of a drug den type situation and confesses (to priest Cheech Marin) to lustful thoughts about his daughter. “I just wish she’d look at me as more of a man.” I don’t know if the small role was tailored to her… But. Yeah.”

[From Celebuzz]

Jesus. I like Robert Rodriguez (the writer/director) but seriously? Maybe it’s one of those things that sounds worse on the page. Right? UGH.

UPDATE: I seriously spoke too soon. According to Fame Pictures:

Actress Lindsay Lohan made her way late last night out for dinner at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, California on August 28, 2010. Lindsay arrived at her favorite restaurant with a friend around 11pm where she stayed for a few hours leaving at around 1am in the morning on a wild and crazy car ride. The “Machete” actress took on the roll of designated driver but was not a safe DD according to photographers who followed her outrageous drive from sunset blvd to the Pacific Palisades. Lindsay was reportedly drive at high speeds in her Maserati going about 120, blowing through stop signs and red lights. Finally the cops caught up to her but let her go with out a ticket, the photographers where not so lucky. Lohan was recently released from a court-ordered stint in jail and rehab last week following a violation of her probation stemming from a 2007 DUI conviction.

The Chateau Marmont? 120 mph? And her lips are reinflated (below)? Oh, crackhead.


Fresh out of rehab Lindsay Lohan enjoys a sugar free Rockstar energy drink as she arrives at the Fox studios in Los Angeles, CA on August 27, 2010. Immediately after emerging clean and sober the troubled starlet has been making all efforts to create a productive future for herself, or is she just trying to capitalize on the media attention? Fame Pictures, Inc

44042, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday August 26, 2010. Lindsay Lohan looks happy and relaxed as she stops at a gas station in Hollywood. Her friend Eliat was driving the black Mercedes which needed fuel and one of it's tyres pumped up during the pit stop. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

44042, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday August 26, 2010. Lindsay Lohan looks happy and relaxed as she stops at a gas station in Hollywood. Her friend Eliat was driving the black Mercedes which needed fuel and one of it's tyres pumped up during the pit stop. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

44042, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday August 26, 2010. Lindsay Lohan looks happy and relaxed as she stops at a gas station in Hollywood. Her friend Eliat was driving the black Mercedes which needed fuel and one of it's tyres pumped up during the pit stop. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,


Header: Lindsay Lohan leaving court on August 26, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. Green Is Good says:

    Looks like all Lowhan did in rehab was eat her way through several candy machines.

  2. Strawberry says:

    Well, getting off of Adderall and y’know, eating, would cause her boobies to become gargantuan again!

  3. Becca B says:

    @Green Is Good: Sure she has gained a little, but don’t you think she looks million times better now? And she is not sporting a crack-face, which is a HUGE improvement!

    Maybe this is her one shot to turn her career around and get better offers than playing porn stars/twisted daughters.

    Anyway, her description of 6126 – loved it! I found it very amusing, especially trying to connect it with a word “sophistication”. Who knew one can have so much love for and be “so passionate about” leggings?

  4. mimi says:

    I’m jealous. I have big boobs too but if I ever went braless – no matter what age, mine would never be that high. And her eyes don’t have that dead, scared look. Best of luck, Lindsay

  5. julie says:

    i love you celebitchy. thanks for telling it like it is.

  6. jzhz says:

    She looks a LOT better. I mean, her style is still busted, but she looks better when she’s eating and she looks younger, too.

  7. Innocent says:

    @Becca B
    6126 initially started out as just a line of leggings but now there is a whole range of clothes such as jeans, jackets tops etc.

    It wasn’t really a visit to court just a twice weekly random drug & alcohol test with her probation officer.

    As her lawyer said the outpatient program is better for her as she attends the classes, has some freedom but has to stay sober.
    She hasn’t looked this good for …months?
    So i guess that makes Dina’s claims that she was sober laughable.

  8. Julie says:

    I hate to point this out, cause it will probably sound envious and bitchy, but whatever. Her boobs aren´t natural. I also have big boobs, and believe you me, they would never be that high and perky withouth a bra. Its called gravity people. PLus, she she was super super skinny, they still were there, and since breast are basically fat, they would have been much smaller, witch it didnt happened. Besides, there are several pictures of her out there a while ago with her boobs sagging. No weigh gain could have improved that, specially if she was not allowed to exercise in jail or rehab.

    On the other hand. That lil’ bit of weight she gained, suits her so much better. Her face looks better too.

  9. HotPockets says:

    I want those shoes in the last picture!!!!

  10. aussieGal says:

    Not completely. Stupid bitch got stopped by the cops last night for running a stop sign.

  11. Bella Mama says:

    i disagree with julie – 20 years ago my big boobs (c to d cup) were very high. now? ha! not so much high as sweeping the floor but my young ones were glorious. and real.

  12. Red Riding Hood says:

    I agree julie, as a person Who has huge boobs even with a pre-baby small waist & slimish figure mine would never have been that high and perky naturally – it’s called gravity peops 😉

    agreed she looks better but just such a shame that all the drug abuse etc destroyed her looks so she’ll never recapture the youthful freshness b4 drugs and plastic surgery

  13. photo jojo says:

    Ugh – those shorts. Just — ugh!

  14. WelshBoy21 says:

    Lindsay looks great and i’m glad that she seems to be keeping out of trouble.
    I really hope she can turn her life and career around she’s a sweet girl.
    The next thing she needs to do is dye her hair red again so that people will remember the Lindsay they loved and not the Blonde cracked out Lilo, pluss it suits her better!

    p.s awsome booooobs! haha x

  15. Susan says:

    I think she looks great (a vast improvement from where she was). I truly hope this time she can turn it around. I believe she really wants to, but addiction can be a killer. Her mother needs to want what is best for her child and not her pocket book. Lindsay has a good heart and I hope her future is bright and successful, in Hollywood or not!

  16. original kate says:

    one saturday night does not a weekend make.

  17. Kloops says:

    She looks good, relatively speaking, but I seriously do not understand her aversion to bras. Still a narcissistic attention whore. Guess they rehab that in a couple weeks.

  18. walker says:

    She looks really good! She’s looking her age, her face looks very fresh and it looks like she gained some weight. I hope she keeps it up.

  19. Carrie says:

    She looks like she’s finally put on a little weight, and she looks so much better! She’s still very slim, but the weight has filled in the hollowed out look of her body and face, and her eyes looks clearer. Plus, the crack face is much improved.

    She actually looks better than she has in years, health-wise. Maybe, against all the odds, she is getting it together.

  20. lucy2 says:

    If she’s on such a strict probation, why did the cops let her go without a ticket? I’m kind of doubting that, but won’t be surprised if it’s true she’s out speeding around.

  21. sasha says:

    “My fashion line, 6126, salutes modern women who understand that sophistication is always in vogue.”

    Because nothing says ‘sophistication’ like a pair of leggings with built-in kneepads.

    What a moron.

  22. Persistent Cat says:

    If I had a Maserati, I can guarantee you it would never do the speed limit. I’m kind of torn here. I understand her driving like that when she’s got all these insane cars chasing after her but on the other hand, I’m sure there’s a million restaurants in LA, why does she have to go one that’s swarming with papparazzi?

    In that photo of her in the car, her lips look like Jessica Simpsons. The very bottom of the lip is actually slightly smaller than the outer areas of the bottom lip. That doesn’t happen in nature.

  23. Innocent says:

    The video is on x17 and they said she didn’t get a ticket and only went past one stop sign.
    1am is probably good for Lindsay.
    I think her becoming an outpatient was the best option for her recovery.

  24. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Oh only 1 stop sign – then thats all good then

    Her stint in jail and rehab had obv taught her to respect the law and she has obv learned a really important life lesson

  25. Liana says:

    oh, good, it was only ONE stop sign. Phew, Good thing she didn’t plow into anyone going through that ONE stop sign. Innocent, stop sticking up for everything this girl does. One blown stop sign at a high rate of speed is all it takes for tragedy to happen.

  26. whitedaisy says:

    I disagree with Julie and Little Red. My breasts are that large and absolutely rode that high at her age.
    Now? Not so much :0)

  27. serena says:

    Except for her lips her face seems kind of… normal?
    Almost like her old -original- self and cute.


  28. canadianchick says:

    White Oprah/Innocent you’re back,were her puffer lips your idea too? She’s not really following her outpatient program if she is out late, breaking the law and talking herself out of it, doesn’t really sound like someone who’s serious about her recovery. So no, outpatient doesn’t seem to be cutting it after such an early release.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I know two people who were horrifically injured when some young idiot driving way too fast went through only one stop sign, so yeah, that doesn’t sit too well with me either.
    Anyone with half a brain who’d just been through all the jail and rehab and was being watched closely by the courts would be on their best behavior.

  30. Hmmm says:

    I’m not really interested in Lindsay Lohan. I am more interested to see what happens with the wheels of justice. Clearly, justice is taking a holiday. I had NO idea there were SO many people out there that have no problem with corruption. To me, that’s the real story. LL, on the other hand, I imagine will just drop dead one day. And the wheels of justice will continue to not grind on, and will never take responsibility for the consequences of criminal actions.

    ETA: Those last pix of her smiling show that she has no shame. She’s been in jail and she’s been in hospital and she’s in outpatient rehab and is still on probation, but acts like it’s never happened. I would be mortified

  31. Aspen says:

    She doesn’t look braless in that picture. Not even fakies stand up quite like that without a bra…and just because you see a little areola doesn’t mean there’s no bra.

    I mean…maybe she is, but you can’t really know that for sure from the photo.

    She looks better than usual (except the clothes…her wardrobe choices are always so unfortunate). Hope she stays sober.

  32. WelshBoy21 says:

    UGH… people are always so willing to believe the worst, so apparently according to this swarm of paps she runs a bunch or red lights and gets pulled over but none of those very paps manages to get a picture? LOL

    People just wake up and wish her well in recovery until you see some actual evidence instead of BS from scum paps.

  33. nnn says:

    I am not too familiar about her, but really i dont understand what has happened to her old self.

    I think she is potentially very pretty (when she is reddish, auburn) and could act circles around Megan Fox.

    She should have been the one to rise if she had manage to stay sober and more serious about her career.

    What a waste !

  34. Isa says:

    I wonder if she has a bra on, one with underwire but no padding.

    Her boobs are saggy, they look like they have been lifted.

    Here is an example:

    Her weight has gone up and down often, so that is why they are saggy.

  35. Renee says:

    Good god, I’ve spent way too much timing staring at her boobs looking for signs of a bra. I’m really starting to question the path my life is on.

  36. Isa says:

    LOL @ Renee

  37. skeptical says:

    Hang on…. when lindsay was the passenger and sam was driving there were no ignored stop signs or stop lights.
    Just saying.
    Actually sam is very good about traffic laws. She tends to always obey the law, whether traffic or not. She has no duis. She takes a driver.
    Maybe because as a non-citizen she could get deported. So she found ways to always obey.
    It IS possible to obey the law even w paps around.
    Lindsay just doesn’t want to.

  38. mollination says:

    Those lips are atrocious. Oh, linds. Blech.

  39. rose says:

    Let me set the record straight to all the stupid boob comments. Her boobs are actually saggier looking from the sides. They look high ad and perky only from the front. One boob hangs lower than the other one, too..

    She isn’t wearing a bra. You can see her nipples basically AND they are in different spots because one bob is sgging lower than the other. A bra pushes them both up so that the bottom is at least kind of on the same level DUH.

    The person who said that basically skinny people can’t have big boobs and have them be “perky” obviously knows nothing about boobs.but hers aren’t that perky really. They aren’t down to her knees yet but they aren’t like perfectly perky.

  40. poopie says:

    those shoes are AWFUL !!! linds wearing ‘sensible’ shoes? come on….even MARILYN wouldn’t wear those fugly things

  41. SammyHammy says:

    “I also have big boobs, and believe you me, they would never be that high and perky withouth a bra. Its called gravity people. PLus, she she was super super skinny, they still were there, and since breast are basically fat, they would have been much smaller,”

    Well, that’s you. You can’t speak for other people.

    1. One good friend of mine was blessed with a very impressive rack at a very early age. All throughout our 20’s she was able to go braless without a problem. They stayed firm and perky. It was only after childbirth that they started going south.

    2. Another well-endowed friend was on a mission to lose 50+ pounds. Everyone teased her that she’d lose the boobs along the way. Guess what? She lost the weight, but the boobs are still every bit as big as they were before. She still wears the same bra size (and is still spilling out of it).

    Every woman is different, every body is different, so you really can’t speak for everyone. You can only speak to your own personal experiences, really.

  42. Tia C says:

    Re the boobs: On first glance, I thought she was wearing a bra because her boobs don’t appear saggy to me. Maybe it’s a very sheer bra. My nipples are freakishly large and are visible through all but the thickest padded bra. Just sayin, she could be wearing one. Hard to tell.

    Re the lips: Her idea of what looks pretty on her is SO distorted, it’s sad. She looks like a duck with these inflated lips. Lindsay, STOP THAT! Your lips are fine just the way nature made them. So is your hair, for that matter.

    Sheesh. You know, it’s tiresome to see all the potential with someone and yet they see NONE of it?

    She needs to stop talking about Marilyn Monroe. She obviously knows NOTHING about her. Let her be. MM and Lindsay have ZERO in common, and I doubt MM would’ve wanted anything to do with Lindsay’s stripper “fashions.”

    IF that story of her driving crazy is true, it won’t be long until she’s back behind bars, and we can all stop hypothesizing about her boobs, her lips, her hair and her “fashion line.” 😉

  43. Jeri says:

    Would UCLA let her get a boob job while there?

    Her breasts have been very saggy in the past – way more then they should be for her age. Maybe she has a “cut-out” bra on.

  44. gorilla says:

    looks really refreshed, with addiction its like each time you get treated it (should hopefully) pick away at it a little more until eventually (hopefully before its too late) you grow up, learn real coping skills, and start to deal with all your problems face to face, its a long process… somethings gotta click first, we’ll see i guess, hopefully she’ll realize some stuff, and get away from her parents, definitely her “dad”