George Clooney’s costar: “He wasn’t that experienced” with hooker sex scenes

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis arrive on the red carpet before a screening of the film Up in the Air during the 4th Rome International Film Festival in Rome on October 17, 2009. UPI Photo/David Silpa Photo via Newscom

It just occurred to me a few minutes ago that George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis are going to walk the red carpet for the Emmys tonight, and they will likely be the biggest A-list couple there. The A-list part comes from Clooney, of course. I’m not calling Eli “A-List” unless we’re talking about golddigging cokewhores. But I imagine they will be one of the most photographed and talked-about couple there (Clooney is getting a humanitarian award), and that’s kind of sad. I mean, who else are we really going to get excited about? Katherine Heigl? I doubt she’s even coming, because she’s a big “movie star” now. Sure, I’ll be thrilled to see Jon Hamm and all of the Mad Men people and the Modern Family people, but it just seems like the Emmys are rushed this year and no one is really paying attention. Meh.

Anyway, back to Clooney… you know he’s got a film coming this week, right? It’s called The American, and he’s barely promoted it at all. LaineyGossip theorized that Clooney isn’t promoting it because it sucks. That’s a solid theory, I think, because while it doesn’t look awful, it doesn’t really look a solid film either. Just kind of boring and there and an excuse for Clooney to wander around Italy. Anyway, since there has been a dearth of Clooney promotion, his costars get to speak. Like his “love interest” in the film, an Italian actress named Violante Placido. She plays a prostitute. Wow, how NOT like Clooney’s real life, eh? According to this chick, Clooney was really awkward in their love scene:

For most women, getting naked with George Clooney would be intimidating. But for his costar in the upcoming thriller The American, there was no such trepidation – on her part, at least.

“He confessed … that he didn’t do lots of sex scenes,” Violante Placido, who plays prostitute Clara and Clooney’s love interest in the film, tells PEOPLE. “I felt like this was in a way something new to him, he wasn’t that experienced.”

She says the relatively graphic love scene came together well, though, once they agreed to trust each other.

“We had to find a way to make it natural and let your body speak somehow,” Placido says. “We were very open to one another to try and make it work. We just said ‘let’s trust each other’ and we did. I felt like we had to let ourselves go.”

Ultimately, she says, the scene was an important one to get right.

“It had to look real; it is the turning point for the two characters,” she says. “I can tell you that watching it, I don’t feel as calm as I did when I was on set filming it. Just watching it is a little like … wow.”

In the film, Clooney plays Jack, a professional killer attempting to escape his trade after one last assignment to the Italian countryside. The movie hits theaters Sept. 1.

[From People]

Clooney found it strange to enact a passionate love scene with a hooker? Um, is he losing it? Beyond that, I find it weird that someone, anyone would talk about Clooney not being good in love scenes, considering his status as a romantic lead is unquestionable, in my opinion. He’s able to have chemistry with nearly all of his leading ladies, and his romantic scenes with Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight still make my top five of the Best Film Sex Scenes Ever.

Here’s Clooney’s costar, this Violante chick. She’s pretty. But maybe she doesn’t have that trashy quality he gets hot for? She looks like a classic beauty:

11 November 2008 - Hollywood, California - Violante Placido. Gomorrah American Cinematheque Screening at the Egyptian Theater. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

MILAN, ITALY - JULY 16: George Clooney waves to fans as he leaves Milan's law courts after testifying against three individuals accused of fraudulently using his name to promote a fashion label at Palazzo di Giustizia on July 16, 2010 in Milan, Italy. George Clooney testified as a civil plaintiff during the trial against the individuals running fashion label GC  George Clooney.  (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Actor George Clooney looks sly and sexy as he spends the afternoon filming on the set of 'The Descendants' in Hawaii on March 12, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    She is absolutely stunning with those gray eyes and coiffed hair. Very understated and elegant. Ladylike.

    In other words, not a tattooed trannyish mess with a coke habit.

  2. mslewis says:

    I think she is a bit out of line talking like that about Clooney. I think what she said was unnecessary. She sounds like a big mouth and that might limit her movie career in Hollywood.

    And, #1, how do you know she doesn’t have tattoos? Or is not a “tranny mess”? Or that she doesn’t have a coke habit? Do you know her personally or are you just going by that one photo?

  3. Erin says:

    Yes, she is a very elegant lady and has made quite a few good quality films in Italy (not box office stuff) apart from the horrid film-movie on the late porn star Moana Pozzi. May I just say again that Canalis is not a hooker, just someone who (in my opinion) has been working hard to make a name after being the most popular Velina on Italian TV but has no real talent. She was good in Love Bugs and appears to me as conceited but that’s very far from being a hooker. here in Italy there is one big problem that accusations can be made before been proven guilty or not by a court. Many starlettes accuse others and invent stories just to be spoken about and of course at present Canalis is the best name to make. In a few months the accusations will be withdrawn. It happens. The same is happening to Belen Rodrigrez who is the most pop showgirl at present (raunchy videos, drugs…)

  4. YOYO99 says:

    She is very pretty

  5. Aqua says:

    I hope it’s not all about Clooney and teflon Ely like at the Oscars that would be a real shame since their will be a lot of other talented people there.I can’t wait to see what the headlines will be for tomorrow and what people will have to say about them.

  6. RHONYC says:


    funny. :-)

  7. Elm says:

    I have seen Clooney act in a few recent movies (no tv) and he always appears to be somewhat wooden – so I assumed he couldn’t act or was shy or under-acting or not confident.

    She does look like a classic beauty and quite natural after the smutty C-anal-is – have noticed that in Europe, love scenes are becoming more graphic with increased nudity – so I can see that she would be quite comfortable with it.

    Also agree that the film’s promotion has been relatively muted …. I won’t be going to watch it as everytime I see Clooney it reminds me of the slutty gf -will be interesting to see if the hooker/coke scandal has any affect.

    What a shame that he is being awarded a huge gong and not taking his parents as his guests – they deserve some of the recognition too – instead of this usurper who is surely out of place arm-candy.

    But Clooney is stubborn – and the bigger the backlash against the tranny -the more he seems determined to keep her around – well at least this year there won’t be as many movies to promote – I would have loved to see him being quizzed by the press about his ‘relationship’ with the happy hooker

  8. Eileen says:

    wow! She’s pretty and makes me want to cop my hair off into a bob!

  9. Raven says:

    Thank you, Erin, for your comment, but it will likely fall on blind eyes. After all it is so much more hip and worldly to have the words “tranny coke whore” or the equivalent flow from your pen than to bother figuring out what’s really going on or to expose the fact that you don’t have a clue.

    His co-star’s comments were in really poor taste. I doubt they will be working together again. Sadly, there is probably some truth to them–he really screwed his back up on other film and, depending what kind of surgery he had, he may have lost some spinal flexibility.

  10. rheba says:

    not his usual beard

  11. jean says:

    Clooney said in an interview that he no longer does promotion for his films because he doesn’t believe it makes a difference in their success. He said he did a lot of promotion for films that ended up bombing, so why bother?

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    That last picture of him is awful. That man was born to wear a tuxedo and seeing him in that last picture, with the palm tree shirt and braided belt…. ugh. He looks like your handsome neighbour that you flirt with but don’t fantasize about because he dresses like that.

  13. mslewis says:

    Clooney said in an interview that he no longer does promotion for his films because he doesn’t believe it makes a difference in their success. He said he did a lot of promotion for films that ended up bombing, so why bother?
    Well, if true, that is very silly of Mr. Clooney. If the star does not promote his/her film, I tend to think the film is not worth seeing. If a star does promote his/her film, it makes people think that star cares about said film.

    Besides, most of George’s movies are bombs (or, if not true bombs, not very high grossing). The only really high grossing movies he has made were the “Ocean” movies and “Burn After Reading” all costarring Brad Pitt. George cannot really open a movie these days but he’s still a star. And I seriously doubt he has any “backlash” because of the women he chooses to date.

    I will be interested to see how “The American” does at the box office since George is the ONLY star; all others are European and it was filmed in, I think, Sweden and Italy.

  14. Aqua says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, he really should have taken his parents or at least his dad with him since George took him to Africa with him. I’m sure most of the questions will be about the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award or his movie The American I don’t think anyone will ask about any supposed scandal about his girlfriend because the reporters may feel it’s not the right time or place to ask since he is receiving the award. I feel I should clarify what I typed earlier “what the headlines will be for tomorrow and what people have to say about them” I hope it’s not all about G and E because their are a lot of talented people at the Emmys who deserve recognition as well but because the BHHA is so huge it will mostly be about George receiving the award and of course his girlfriend.

  15. canadianchick says:

    I plan to see this. She’s pretty-love her eyes and hair. I recall Jlo saying in an Out of Sight interview the same thing about Clooney sex scenes-he was very nervous.

  16. Eln says:

    Erin, Raven

    C-anal-is knows full well that she will never be persecuted for the drugs/hooker scandal – being the lap-dancer and velina for Italian mafia king, Berlusconi’s media company

    Berlusconi never allows his interests to be persecuted – any attorney stupid enough to try ends up either way neutralised or dead – check out the wiki link below for a taster

    In the US, Hollywood king Clooney is her promoter … Clooney’s money, sorry our money, will keep away any hounds other than those she has on speed-dial like ramey

    and, lest anyone forget, Clooney and Berlusconi are long-time friends, so I bet C-anal-is is feeling pretty snug and safe anywhere she goes

    Aqua – I agree with you – ‘Hope’ the Emmys don’t become a side-show for Clooney and his trashy side-bit – it would have been so gracious to have taken his father along instead to the Emmy’s – and there are so many really talented actors/actresses out there who don’t get any media coverage as this slutty pair will be playing the media –

    I would like to know who writes Clooney’s speeches?

  17. Liana says:

    There was nothing wrong with what she said. She didn’t say he was sexually inexperienced, she said she got the impression he was inexperienced in on camera sex, which is quite different from real sex. The technicalities make it so unsexy and actors really have to trust each other that they will make it seem real when it hits the screen, because there’s nothing sexy about a director telling you where to put your extremities during filming.

    And she’s so pretty.

  18. spinner says:

    He likes em kinda dirty or something.

  19. Madison says:

    Clooney said in an interview that he no longer does promotion for his films because he doesn’t believe it makes a difference in their success. He said he did a lot of promotion for films that ended up bombing, so why bother?
    I think people not going to see his movies has more to do with the type of movies he makes not the amount of promotion he does or does not do. The American doesn’t sound very interesting plus his movies tend to play to an older audience not a younger audience who are the ones that mainly go see movies and they seem to like action, vampire, and spiderman type movies.

  20. Solveig says:

    I’ve just seen that the movie is directed by Anton Corbijn. I didn’t like his first movie at all – Control, based on the book Touching from a distance, about the former Joy Division’ singer – but probably The American is less pretentious and less boring than Control…


    @Eln, I higlhly doubt that Elisabetta Canalis is one of Berlusconi’s “interests” – I also doubt that she is still in his payroll, but I’m not informed about it – he is the most powerful man (“man” is an exaggeration referred to that mafioso di merda), but he is unlikely to be interested in Canalis’ issues: he has his own issues to care for.

  21. Erin says:


    “Clooney and Berlusconi are long-time friends, so I bet C-anal-is is feeling pretty snug and safe anywhere she goes”

    Just please tell me how do you know Clooney is friends with Berlusconi. This is absolutely the first time I’ve read of such a link and I do live in this country (Italy).
    Canalis was a velina but not a Lap-dancer. Nearly every teenage girl dreamed (and maybe still do) of becoming a Velina. So does this mean that every girl here is a whore? It’s a bit like being Paris Hilton, but at least a velina tries to dance and mime singing.
    This is a strange country and unfortunately quite a few showgirls are famous for doing just nothing (check Valeria Marini on google for the least interesting but most popular one) and in my opinion Canalis has really tried a lot, then if she is successful at what she’s doing (good at) that’s another story.
    I personally don’t like her and maybe Clooney could have chosen better among all the beautiful and talented italian women… Tatooos are spreading around here like mad and nearly every woman/girl has one (not me).
    I think she should have waited before starring in a a cameo role on Leverage, she should smile more when on the red carpet, learn to speak english better and not boast she is so great and look less big-headed or smug when around (but she has always had that attitude). Another showgirl (she was quite good too) was accused by someone of being a prostitute (exchange sex for work), her career ended, accusations fell and now she’s married to Flavio Briatore (tycoon). As I said, I live in a weird but extraordinary country….
    All I would like to say is give her a chance.

  22. Blue Elm says:

    What is she talking about – he’s not comfortable with prostitutes?! How many has he dated – hasn’t he got one on his arm right now?

    Although only those two actors know what/how they agreed to in trusting each other with the sex scenes …. I wonder if he had any inkling that she would talk to the tabloids right after the movie was finished – it was a smart move on her part for self-promotion and for the movie – but I haven’t watched enough of his movies to know if all his leading women come out about working with him.

  23. Aqua says:

    I think the movie The American will do well for the first weekend but after that I’m not so sure, it will be interesting to see how it ends up. I’ve noticed more and more movies are opening during the week instead of waiting for a weekend maybe it’s to give the movie a head start before the weekend hits and other movies come out. This weekend and this upcoming week seems to be quite something for George with his BHHA and his movie coming up on Wednesday. Just an interesting bit, I know a few guys who normally are not GC fans but they want to see this movie because it’s a spy/thriller type movie and not his usual rom/com type movie.

  24. Lisa E. says:

    It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? He’s uncomfortable in a love scene with a hooker, and yet he’s had so much practice! Has this man no conscience? At least he kept his coke-addicted hooker off the red carpet for a change. Remember how Sarah Larson was stuffed in everyone’s face and how she was even given interviews on the red carpet over his co-stars of “Michael Clayton”? I swear it’s only because either his publicist or his studio told him it would be in very bad taste to bring Elisabetta onto the red carpet. She knows no different. Italians are so deprived of morality that they think “entertainers” like her are perfectly acceptable which is the same reason why they keep voting Berlusconi into office time and again even though he’s crooked himself. They figure if they go to church every week, that God will turn the other cheek on their faux pas.

    If Clooney is so morally straight and narrow as he likes to pretend he is, why does he avoid the red carpet after such scandalous talk arises? Remember how conveniently he decided to no longer talk to the press after it started to be revealed all the truth about Sarah Larson?? He simply wants his cake and eat it, too. He wants to drink like a fish, get lap dances in Vegas, sleep with a different woman every night, enjoy other drugs and recreation, and be able to tell the skanks at the end of the week, “Now go home.” This way he can avoid intimacy, but still partake in the physical part and come out looking like a champ of hearts. And so long as he can be photographed giving to the poor, he can maintain a squeaky clean image and pick up frivolous awards, such as that bestowed on him by the Emmy’s. Or People Magazine’s nonsensical Sexiest Award. So he will have something to pat himself on the back for and something to show to his pal, Obama, who’s equally becoming just as much a fame wh0re.

    So who cares that he has a movie coming out? He’s got a lifestyle to maintain and hide under the carpet so those in middle America will rent his flicks and increase his residual checks from the union(s). In the end, it all comes down to money. Something makes me think he hates the nice suits, he hates the lavish palace in Italy, he despises the red carpets. He would rather guzzle beer and play with his peen inside of trailer while watching porn. Talk about Hollyweird being nothing what you read in the magazines.

    This guy’s a phoney and a poser.

  25. M says:

    I’d love to hear what your top five of the Best Film Sex Scenes Ever lol

  26. Merry says:

    Team Erin. I so agree: I always thought of her as one of those girls who try as hard as they can to work and make money (and support her own family too: she always has them around!). She does have a bit of a grand attitude, but she doesn’t whine about working and paying the rent.
    Besides, back when she was a Velina all she did was do a silly dance, stumble around smiling and then have the presenters make fun of her (always found that a humiliating job); now those Velina girls do serious porn dances: I stopped watching that program because of how sick it made me to think of cute little kids in front of the tv witnessing this (hooker-like) behaviour. Watch this!!
    ps. Elm: Berlusconi is not a Mafioso. Mafia is something very dangerous and secretive. Although I agree many politicians are probably involved with some Mafia families, I strongly disagree Berlusconi is (although he might be involved in some kind of inopportune, possibly against-the-law behaviour. Like all politicians).

  27. Lita says:

    ‘Maniston,’ ‘SaMANtha,’ now ‘C-anal-is?’

    Okay, hands up, no judging now, who’s a little cutie schmutie in the 4th grade then?

    Honestly that schtick is weak. And Elm – you care *way* too much about this chick.

  28. anto says:

    he’s much experience in the real life with prostitut sex!!! he date since 1 year with his anal-dumb!!!

  29. Jeri says:

    It’s been said Clooney & Jennifer Lopez did not care for each other at all when they made “Out of Sight”, so the fact that the love scenes are hot is a testament to good acting.

    Although I do not want to give JLo a compliment. Her head might blow up if it gets any bigger.

  30. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Lisa E: “Italians are so deprived of morality…”

    Sorry, but your post fell flat on that one sweeping nationalistic generalization.

  31. Mrs. Andy Gates says:

    Not a lot of experience? In the opening scene of “Three Kings” wasn’t George fucking a woman’s brains out? So, WTF is she talking about? Yeah, for whatever reason, he probably just wasn’t attracted to HER.

  32. anon says:

    Well, if he wasn’t that experienced it didn’t show. I saw the film yesterday and the scene was HOT!! Wow……