Star Jones really lays into Barbara Walters

Star Jones and Barbara Walters didn’t part company on The View on amicable terms and they’re still not willing to bury the hatchet and move on. Barbara talks about Star candidly in her new upcoming memoir, and includes details about how she used The View to promote wedding sponsors and lied about her gastric bypass surgery.

Barbara Walters said Star was dishonest, greedy on “The View”
Walters gave details of her book in an interview on Oprah yesterday, saying “We had to lie on the set every day because [Star] said it was portion control and Pilates. Well, we knew it wasn’t portion control and Pilates. And the whole point of the program is honesty.” Barbara also said that the viewers didn’t relate to Star anymore after that big obvious lie and that they turned on her.

She dished candidly on Star’s freebie wedding and the way she took advantage of sponsors, saying “The audience, instead of seeing her as this lovely, romantic bride, began to see her as a greedy bride.” Barbara also made it clear that Star manipulated her by giving an interview to People announcing she was leaving The View before it was covered on the show. [via]

Star already admitted to gastric bypass and to first telling View co-hosts
That’s rude of Barbara and all, but it’s not like she’s telling us anything we didn’t know. Star herself eventually admitted she had gastric bypass surgery, as if it wasn’t painfully obvious to everyone following her super rapid weight loss. She told Glamour, in an article published last August, that she kept it quiet because “I didn’t know if the surgery would work. I had never stuck to a diet or committed to exercise for more than a month.”

Star also admitted to Glamour that she told her View co-hosts firsts, so it’s not like Walters is giving us new or private information about Ms. “Wedding for Sale” Jones, she’s just saying she didn’t like the way she handled herself.

Star issues scathing response to Barbara
The newly-separated unemployed Star is showing us all why she’s persona non grata on television now – she really is nasty and can’t wait to attack back. She issued a statement laying into Barbara and personally insulting her, saying Barbara’s other revelations in her memoir about having an affair with a senator 20 years ago humiliated an innocent family “for the sake of selling a book”:

“It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book,” Jones told Us. “It speaks to her true character.”

[From US Magazine]

Star should have stewed in her juices for a while before she barked back at Barbara. Now she has even less chance at getting some kind of entertainment career. She’s a lawyer, so maybe she can go work insane hours at a law firm or something. She seems like she’d be really good at scaring people on her clients’ behalf.

Update: Here’s the video. The part where Barbara dishes about Star starts at about 3 minutes in:

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26 Responses to “Star Jones really lays into Barbara Walters”

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  1. neelyo says:

    I can’t stand either one of them but I’ll have to give this round to Ms. Jones for the line ‘in the sunset of her life’.

  2. Alexis says:

    the photos are brilliant!

  3. headache says:

    Star may not have said it as nicely as she could have but girl certainly wasn’t wrong.

    Of course, neither was Babs.

  4. Fuck You Star Jones says:

    “I had never stuck to a diet or committed to exercise for more than a month.”

    wow…so glad I work my ass off for months to loose 15 pounds, when a beached whale can just have her stomach reduced to the size of a peanut and loose like 5 times that in the same amount of time. Another easy way out.

    Star Jones is nothing but a pock on society.

  5. McKenna says:

    Agree with Star. Babwa sold out both Star and Rosie to make a buck, which is rather odd considering she really is in the “sunset” of her life and doesn’t have much longer to enjoy the money.

  6. gg says:

    gah! That left side “before” pic of Star looks like a charicature. I know what it reminds me of – the little boy named “Juicy” on reruns of that Eddie Murphy show The PJ’s. Since she’s been skinny, why does she always look like she’s sucking in her neck?? 😯

  7. lanette says:

    i am glad Star responded…i became a fan of Star JONES when she announced on the View that she was out!

    she had the right to leave the way she did…at least Star was honest about it instead of trying to cover it up..

    c’mon it would have come out anyway…

  8. velvet elvis says:

    Why in the hell is Barbara doing this? She doesn’t need the money…she doesn’t need the publicity. All she’s doing is destroying the image she worked so hard to build for all these years. Is this how she wants to be remembered? Babs seriously needs to put herself out to pasture before she hurts herself any more.

  9. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I have to wonder if Star Jones will gain back her weight. Some gastric bypass patients do gain back their weight.

  10. Melania says:

    I give this one to Star Jones. Why bring this up now? Did she think about the family she would be hurting? She better retire now while people still remember all those great interviews she did. Now she’s starting to look a little bit….well…enough for now.

  11. Sasha says:

    So where’s the footage of Iron Lady Babs taking Star’s head off with one blow and licking the bloody stump ?

  12. AC says:

    i like your style sasha 🙂

  13. xiaoecho says:

    CB…..did you have to remind us of Star Jones juices?……….eeewww

  14. differ says:

    she’s cute.

  15. B. Gislason says:

    I totally agree with Star on this one. I considered B.W. a class act until this week. She committed adultery with a married man and seems to not have any shame or remorse whatsoever. What about the family? As an employer she should have respected the privacy of Star and Rosie when they left the show. It was also pathetic yesterday watching the co-hosts pay homage to B.W. enough is enough! I now see B.W. in a completely different light. She is one needy lady. She does not need the money so she must be doing this for attention. Sad!

  16. Audrey says:

    I too admired Barbara until she told the world about her affair. Why would she want to tell people about something so shameful? Perhaps she felt remorse for what she did and needed to tell about it. However, this was a bad decision which affects everyone involved. How selfish of her. Her true colors are shining through. Very sad.she is not the person I thought she was.

  17. Syko says:

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t find sleeping with a married guy to be shameful? Seems to me it’s the guy who should be ashamed, since he’s the one cheating.

  18. sarcasma says:

    Star Jones lost me shortly after she got married. Whenever the subject of marriage came up she’d drone on and on like she was some expert. I remember thinking, “come back and talk about marriage when you’ve been married 5 years, 10 years”. Hell, she didn’t even make it two years!

  19. Ron says:

    Am I the only person that falls asleep during this story? Yaaaaaaaawn!

  20. Kim says:

    It’s funny how quickly folks react when the very person who is being exposed and talked about decides to respond. If someone decides to put my business out there, then yes, I would definitely respond. I guess Barbara really though it was necessary to expose Star in her book…the real question is why? Honestly do we really care that Star had surgery and didn’t tell us (the fans) about it right away…please! Trust me, Star is very intelligent. I’m sure she’s not worried about “not” being able to land another job.

  21. headache says:

    Syko, to me it’s only shameful when you know damn good and well this man is married and you decide to sleep with him anyway or even worse, make a bald faced play for a married man.

    Now if you didn’t know he was married, no shame there at all.

  22. Mrs. Majors says:

    In my opinion, I’m shocked that Babwa would even consider writing a scandalous, “tell-all” book. It seems so beneath her. Writing a biography that details different places she’s been, experiences she’s had, and interesting people she’s interviewed yes. But leave it there. “I slept with a black married Senator. And I lied about Star Jones’ bypass surgery.”???-Not necessary. Who’s she trying to be, Danielle Steele? It’s almost like she’s screaming…LOOK OVER HERE, LOOK AT ME, I’M CONTROVERSIAL TOO D*MMIT!!!! It’s pathetic!

    Furthermore, it’s not news that Star had surgery. Babs would have turned heads had she made this “shocking confession” BEFORE Star admitted that she’d had gastric bypass. But, uh, yeah…we knew that. Star has also admitted that she used her celebrity status and her position on the view to get sponsors for her wedding. So…again, no big whoop.

    And say what you want about Star…but her response to Babwa was no less than brilliant and perfectly timed. To me, loosely translated, she basically said ”Check Mate B*tch”. 😉

  23. Nicole says:

    Barbara Walter talking about Star Jones

  24. Dino Velvet says:

    goes to show you that women like drama, and cat fighting and fanning flames. which is sad to see two old hoes out there spitting at each other as if their tails (tales) are tied together. For BW to “kiss and tell” shows you that she is just as bad as SJ. I dont why either one of them keep talking – i havent heard one bit of new information fall out of their mouths in years. Neither one of these “beauties with brains” have it, never had it and will never get it. Please take them both out in the parking lot and shoot them in the arse!! Now that will make GREAT COPY!! To both of you ladies, here’s a quote – shut up already!!!

  25. Leekah says:

    🙄 I lost no respect for BW. Maybe in her mind this was something she needed to write about for some sort of therapy or something. She doesn’t need the money, and I personally have never heard any rumors about her or any affair in her past. Like I said, maybe this is a way for her to get closure on some issues in her life that she wanted to share with the public. People think of her as this icon, with no drama, but she’s just human. It’s hard to live life under the expectations of what some feel you should be, when you are only human, with human desires.

    As far a Star goes, I respect her in a sense, but really, looking at those pics, she definitely had surgery and if she did, there was nothing wrong with admitting to it. To be honest, she was prettier heavy. And as a side note, does she look any happier less the 100lbs? Not to me. If you don’t cleanse the soul, then all the weight loss in the world can’t make you happy. Happiness comes from within, and from the marriage situation, I see that Star has a way to go.

  26. Jo says:

    I don’t care for Barbara Walters-she’s a back stabbing individual. She writes a book and decides to confess an affair she had with a married man-she will sell out anyone! 😈