Amy Winehouse arrested after cops finally saw that crack video

Amy Winehouse is getting to be like Pete Doherty. It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with what she’s accused of and what she’s being arrested for. I saw the latest story that she’s been arrested, and thought that it must be mistaken, because wasn’t she just arrested like last week? It was a week and a half ago, I see, and she was arrested (or went in voluntarily, depending on who you believe) for an incident in which witnesses claim she hauled off and headbutted a guy outside a bar. She was also said to have smoked drugs on the sidewalk and to have deliberately knocked over tables and drinks in the pub. Police let her off with a caution for assault, which means it goes on her record or something but is not an official charge.

Now she’s finally been arrested for the video of her smoking crack that was published on The Sun’s website back on January 22. The next day reports came out that the video was turned over to police, so why did it take them over three months to finally call her in?

Just like the last time she was arrested, her rep is trying to spin it like it was “voluntary”:

“Amy Winehouse voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment,” her rep said in a statement. “She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is co-operating fully with inquiries. The interview relates to a video handed to police earlier this year.”

[From US Weekly]

It’s doubtful that the police will do much to Amy for the drug-taking video as it’s hard to prove what exactly she was smoking. Amy’s music career is already in jeopardy, with her producer Mark Ronson saying “I’m not sure Amy is ready to work on music yet” and admitting that they weren’t able to finish the lead track for the new James Bond film. What will it take to get her to clean up?

She has a lot of demons to distract her. The Sun reported this weekend that her jailed husband, Blake, was plotting with his new girlfriend to try and extort money from Amy. He is said to be demanding a $6 million divorce settlement.

Thanks to Splash for these photos of Amy supposedly waiting for a pizza outside a recording studio yesterday. She’s an exhibitionist, or maybe her skin was so itchy she wanted to strip down for better scratching access. Why is she holding a jar of mayonnaise up to her face?

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  1. Tammy says:

    Everything about her just perplexes me.

  2. mithcy says:

    She needs to do something about that nappy hair. I bet she a cridders living in there!

  3. brent says:

    She’s looking HOT! 😈

  4. Kayla says:

    She needs Jesus. This girl has demons that will destroy her. It is sad but true and if someone doesn’t lead her to the lord she will die. Kill, steal and destroy, that his mission. I will pray for her. Please do. Prayer works.

  5. Harley says:

    would it be wrong to hope for her to kill ➡ herself? Im just asking….

  6. Christine says:

    It is a shame to see such talent go to waste…She is a modern day Billie Holiday…Beautiful talent being ruined by drug abuse…I fear she will meet the same demise…Pull through AMY!!!!!

  7. Anni says:

    and people flip when brit runs around in a towel 🙄

  8. gg says:

    Shewweee … Think skinny is beautiful? Think again …
    Girlfriend is really hard to look at. One wonders what those guys are thinking. 😕

    She ought to be poster girl for anti-pro-ana websites.

  9. Enonymouse says:

    I just saw a documentary about Amy Winedhouse and it seems that this girl has this stupid dark fantasy that she is Juliet and the ugly drugy husband of her’s is Romeo, basically she loves having pain and suffering in her life in order to be inspired. She needs to get over herself and come to her senses, there are millions of people that have much bigger problems then her that cannot help it, but she can by trying to seek help to stop her drug problems (also have some consoling while she is at it) and simple dump that loser of a man she has.

    If she was any other useless celebrity or like any other rock star like Pete Doherty then I would not care less what happens to them but this girls has real talent and is wasting it and her life away because of her own doing.

  10. stellapurdy says:

    she looks awful, someone needs to step in

  11. Trashaddict says:

    Two words: WHITE TRASH

  12. saintdevil says:

    What is this “great talent” everyone is talking about?

    Basically, she has a good voice.
    Her lyrics suck (“chips and pita – you’re not bitter” WTF?!) and the music is pretty generic.

    But I do not hope for her to commit suicide – I hope she’ll be able to figure things out and stay away from everything that is bad for her.

    Unfortunately figuring things out is a tough job when you’re an addict. 🙁

  13. gg says:

    She does a good imitiation of Billie Holliday if she was a chav, so what? To me that does not mean she sings well. She’s ripped off a very interesting set of chops and image from the 60s; something we’ve not seen in decades, so that’s kinda ‘creative’, but other than that, she’s an impressionist with horrible fashion sense.

  14. geronimo says:

    Highly talented, highly original, brilliant wordsmith. All down the drain unless she gets her shit together. Sigh.

  15. journey says:

    four possible reasons she’s holding a mayonnaise jar to her head:

    1. she’s stripped down holding a mayonnaise jar to her head, because she got some really bad drugs, and is hallucinating that she’s at the beach, and thinks the mayonnaise jar is a seashell– she’s listening for the sound of the surf in it.

    2. she has a magic genie trapped in the mayonnaise jar and she’s listening to his explanation of why he can only deliver a quarter ton of heroin at a time– even genies have their limitations.

    3. the goddess-of-good-taste is in there harping on amy’s abominable lack thereof. “do something about that rat’s nest hair! do something about those nasty clothes! and eat something!” and amy’s shaking the mayo jar, saying “shut up you little fairy goddess! i’m sick of listening to you! shut up or i’ll throw you in the ocean!”

    4. she’s communing with the mayo jar, remembering the last time she had a sandwich. several years ago. back when she actually ate.