Jennifer Aniston’s “friend”: John Mayer is a basket case, a closet case & a dud in bed


These are some scans from Jennifer Aniston’s “homage” to Barbra Streisand in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I just thought we should use them because I don’t think we have before. Anyway, last week, John Mayer slammed the Huffington Post after HuffPo repeated an E! News story about Mayer and Jennifer Aniston getting back together. I didn’t really think Mayer answered the central question – “Are you back with Aniston?” Instead, he deflected, masturbating a bunch of nonsense about HuffPo having a “C-Span scar”. Anyway, most sites reported it as “Mayer slams reports of Aniston reunion.” Which led some to conclude “Not even a racist, misogynistic douchebomb wants to touch Aniston’s vadge.” Which led to this hilarious piece, courtesy of one of Aniston’s unnamed friends:

Jennifer Aniston thought John Mayer was a “dud” in bed. Rumors were flying this week that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were getting back together this week. However, according to a friend of Jennifer that is not happening cause John is a “dud” at doing the nasty.

The friend said that they were not compatable at all and that John was a basket case.

Apparently Jennifer has found a new victim to make her dreams come true – she is dating a European banker.

“For the first time in years Jen is getting the love she deserves and she’s been spending quite a bit of time in the bedroom trying to get pregnant. Mayer was terrible in bed, they were not compatible at all. John is a basket case. I think he might be in the closet. Jen gets on famously with her new man. It took her years to get over Brad Pitt and her anger toward Angelina Jolie. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. Jen is happier than ever now while Brad and Angelina appear to be miserable.”

[From Celebrity Dirty Laundry]

I was all prepared to cosign Aniston’s “friend” with all of the talk about Mayer being a crappy lover, a basket case and a closet case, but then they had to go an ruin my fantasy with all of the “Aniston is trying to get pregnant” and “Brad and Angelina are miserable” talk. Because I don’t believe either of those items, and I so badly want to believe the stuff about Mayer.

In other Aniston news, you know how everyone made a big deal about how she plays a character who – gasp – masturbates in her film Horrible Bosses? Well, she’s apparently going to be dialing up the nudity again in the film Wanderlust, which she’s signed on to do with Paul Rudd. The plot sounds… ugh:

In the film, which begins shooting this fall, Jen and Paul Rudd play Linda and George, a happily married couple who can no longer afford to live in Manhattan when George loses his job. En route to live with his brother in Atlanta, the pair stop overnight at an inn – which really happens to be a commune – and decide to live their lives as freeloading hippies for awhile.

What does that entail? Prepare yourself: you’ve definitely never seen Jennifer Aniston like THIS before. For starters, the 41-year-old actress goes topless! Yup, that’s right – while protesting a new Wal-mart, Jen rips off her shirt to stop a slew of bulldozers!

[Linda RUNS into the one already shoveled hole, RIPS OFF HER SHIRT, and stands TOPLESS in front of the bulldozer, reads the script].

Secondly, she takes the term ‘free love’ VERY literally. Not only does she sleep with every other guy on the commune, but she has a threesome with two WOMEN, one of whom happens to be pregnant! Not only that, but she also smokes weed on the regular AND – like her character Kassie Larson in the The Switch – has a baby, but there’s a twist. She may or may not know who the daddy is by movie’s end…

[From Hollywood Life]

That sounds like… a weird movie. Um… well, at least she’s going to try something different? Sure. I’ll go with that.



Harper’s Bazaar scans, courtesy of CelebsGossip.

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  1. WednesdayGirl says:

    I have to give props to Aniston.

    Despite the fact that most of her movies suck and bomb at the box office, she somehow keeps on doing movies, whereas it would be an end to another actor or actresses career.

    I have no idea how she does it though. She’s really not that talented, she looks the same in all her movies, and the character is always the same.

    Oh well, more power to her I guess?

  2. EllenP says:

    Sounds like someone’s protesting too much. Mayer seemed to think Aniston is sort of stagnant–stuck in 1998. And if he was such a dud, why’d she go back the second time? Just because he didn’t name her as napalm, her Friend doesn’t have to get even.

  3. hairball says:

    WednesdayG- Couldn’t agree more! Yes, she looks, acts, and talks EXACTLY the same in every movie, yet keeps getting roles. It’s boring to watch her.

    I made the horrible mistake of renting (thank god didn’t pay at the show) “The Bounty Hunter” and I didn’t even finish watching it halfway through. It was just god-awful.

  4. toto says:

    she looks like blohan in the last picture

  5. hairball says:

    John Mayer seriously seems like a total self-absorbed douche who mistakenly thinks what he does and says is so significant to the rest of the world.

  6. Megan says:

    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos! I love most of her movies (especially Management), so I’m glad that she’s making more of them 🙂

  7. meme says:

    @WednesdayG – It’s really kind of amazing, isn’t it? She’s sort of like the Energizer bunny. And while I’m a ‘hater’ Brangelina don’t look miserable in the pics I see of them.

  8. original kate says:

    wow – that buff colored dress is gorgeous! i wonder who designed it? le sigh.

    in other news: i am officially tired of hearing about john mayer’s peen.

  9. Kim says:

    Yeah he is a dud that’s why she took him back after he dumped her on TMZ. I hope this is made up by the site. I would hate to think her “Friend” would be this immature.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well I am pretty sure “the friend” is a liar seeing as how Aniston took him back after he bad mouthed her after their 1st break up. It sounds like trash to me.

    I am not sure why people are making a big deal about seeing Aniston topless. Everyone has seen her topless already. If you haven’t seen her boobs there was a leak a few years back from when she did the nude scene in The Break Up, not a bad movie but it could have been better, and someone released this picture of Aniston looking kinda fug. You see her boobs as she looks back at Vince. I am not sure if she was wearing tape or what. I think she was wearing tape over her nipples. Then there were some other topless shots of her which she sued someone for. Nothing special. If you watch Swordfish with Halle Berry they are kinda like her boobs. I like rounder boobs and more perky, not so tear dropish.

    The Judd Apatow movie does sound kinda blah. I think Horrible Bosses is gonna be good though. I don’t know about her performance in it but Aniston is getting some grade A cast members and good material. If she sucks in that one then there really is no hope for her.

  11. a says:

    in the first photo she has webbed fingers. WTH?

  12. Ellie says:

    i saw ‘the switch’ last weekend and i’m surprised it did so poorly. the movie is more focused around jason bateman and the little kid is adorable! oh, and jeff goldblum was divine.

    aniston wasn’t really memorable in the movie, but she wasn’t bad. i agree with everyone who says she needs to stop doing rom coms and branch out. i think she’s playing safe, but she could kill it in a dramatic role.

  13. marge says:

    WTF with the granny panties in the last pic?

  14. Anastasia says:


  15. eja102 says:

    she looks ridiculous.

  16. OC lady says:

    Umm, I’m guessing both stories–“she’s dating John Mayer,” and “she’s doing nudity in her next films” are deflection from her PR. Anything to change the subject, I think.

    I never hear about the PR of other stars, but for some reason, Jen’s PR guy is always in the presses?

    An example–The Wrap–a part of the Hollywood Reporter–just wrote an article called “The Switch’s a bitch.” The article criticizes Jen’s movie choices, but also talked about her in a positive way. It wasn’t a kiss-ass article but more realistic. Well, her Pr man absolutely flipped. Anything that’s not 100% positive is not good. He then publically called it out, saying the writer is a tabloid writer, nasty person, etc. It just seems like her PR does everything possible to keep this woman in the public eye and get her good press.

    I’ve never hear of the PR people for any other stars, except for Jen? This guy must be a total guru or something.
    And, Jen’s friend, Chelsea Handler, just signed on with him, too. Hmmm . . .

  17. coup de grazia says:

    can we kindly quit referring to any undergarment that does not ride up the wearer’s ass crack as “granny panties”?

  18. meme says:

    @coup de grazia – yes, please. starting now.

  19. LolaBella says:

    Streisand? I don’t think so.

    In that first pic she looks like she’s channeling Jennifer Lopez.

    In the third pic (with that awful profile shot) she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.

    So, if John Mayer is a dud in bed then it only makes sense that she would take him back right?? 🙄 Pfft.

    I hope for her sake this story is a lie otherwise her ‘friend’ just made her look stupid.

    After the breakup John said said via TMZ video “I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if somethings not right…”

    I never understood why she even took him back after he so publicly commented on their relationship.

  20. Kitten says:

    “Yup, that’s right – while protesting a new Wal-mart, Jen rips off her shirt to stop a slew of bulldozers!”
    Ah yes, craptastic as usual. My god, I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston but really who the hell thinks garbage like that is funny? Man, I wish she would just stop already. Just one suckfest after another.

  21. TG says:

    @hairball – I too rented “The Bounty Hunter” on Netflix and couldn’t get past 15 minutes or so. I thought it can’t be that bad, but it was so I have never seen it either, but I do like other movies of hers even if I agree with many on here. I hate jon douchebag meyer so whatever anyone says about him that is bad is fine with me. I will never listen to his music or watch him.

    I have said all along not a week after Perez Hilton blabbed about making out with Meyer Aniston and Meyer were hooking up like mad, and I don’t think it was a coincidence seeing as they have the same agency representing them and she only seems to date celebs who are rept by the same agency.

  22. Kitten says:

    “Yup, that’s right – while protesting a new Wal-mart, Jen rips off her shirt to stop a slew of bulldozers!”

  23. canadianchick says:

    Is this all to deflect her lack of apology for the r word? I hope she’ll settle down and be happy with the mysterious European guy, I’m tired of hearing about her dating life.

  24. Umba says:

    She needs to fire her PR people and her agent. She’s an average actress but I think we could see more of her talent if she made riskier choices. She lacks confidence and it shows in both her career and lifestyle choices.

    At the end of the day, she’s the girl next door. Not terribly bright or interesting, but a sweetheart nonetheless. I wish people would stop criticizing her for just being a normal woman, albeit by all accounts, incredibly warm and kind. Those qualities are rare.

    Still, I’d love to see her move out of LA (at least for part of the year) to some unconventional place (not NY). Then if she cut down on tanning, changed her hair up a bit and stayed out of the spotlight, she would seem immensely more interesting.

  25. Snarf says:

    I’m no John Mayer apologist, but I call BS on that story. It’s fairly common knowledge that he took a hike cause Aniston is insecure. (An insecure middle aged actress? SHOCKING).

  26. K-MAC says:

    she looks fantastic! This sounds like an interesting turn for her!

  27. Mingy says:

    coup de grazia, thank u! i thought the exact same at that comment.

    and i cant wait for wanderlust…not cuz i’m pervy for aniston or anything. i’d watch anything with brian fantana.

  28. anoneemouse says:

    If you put a picture of Jennifer Aniston next to a picture of Angelina Jolie, there is absolutely no comparison. Jennifer looks so fresh, clean and HEALTHY. Angelina looks like a sickly stick figure. I think Brad made the wrong choice and if they are as unhappy as is being reported, then karma is a bitch.

  29. Jeri says:

    Whoever said all publicity is good publicity lied.

  30. Keyanna says:

    I never ‘got’ her to begin with, but she just needs to go away. Everything she does is crap.

  31. Alex says:

    brad and angelina are miserable oh really and how do this “friend” and Aniston know that. Methink someone is still a little bit obsessed with the brad and angie. She apparently moved on but she gets her “friends” to take jabs at them. So sad

  32. Liana says:

    can we kindly quit referring to any undergarment that does not ride up the wearer’s ass crack as “granny panties”?

    THANK you. I’m in the middle of writing a blog entry about thongs. I agree wholeheartedly, grazia!

  33. Kbomb says:

    Does anyone else think she looks startlingly like the actress who plays the kick ass British doctor (O’Hara)on Nurse Jackie?

    Anyway, love em both.

  34. Cheyenne says:

    If he’s such a dud in bed why did she go crawling back to him after he publicly kicked her to the curb? Did she run out of batteries or cucumbers?

    And after five years, her “friend” (whose name is almost certainly Stephen Huvane) is still dragging Brad and Angie into it. God, she is beyond pathetic.

  35. Gigohead says:

    Wow, such horse manure this “friend”. Wish these “friend sources” would be banished in journalism. If they cant provide a name, then don’t print.

    Ex’s give a rat’s butt whether the other is happy or not happy in their current relationships. I certain DON”T care about an EX husband or boyfriend.

    Everyone knows John Mayer is a screwball and is missing a few nuts and bolts in his head. He has to be muzzled all the time for his stupidity. So this “friend” isn’t saying anything new.


  36. truthSF says:


    I hate, HATE wearing thongs. It always feels like I have a permanent wedgie going on.

    I prefer wearing boy shorts. They’re comfortable and there are no pantylines visible under your pants or skirts.

  37. jas says:

    Totally do not believe these so call friends (really publicist). That’s the best they could come up with.
    I agree that the purpose for this tit-for-tat game Jen and John’s pr team is playing is to deflect talk of her flopped movie and her use of the r word without apologizing.
    For the future if Mayer is so bad then why don’t she stop chasing after him for 2 minutes.

  38. Della says:

    So we have two “news” pieces here. One news piece quotes a “friend” talking about her supposed love life with John Meyer. And another piece is about the plot of an upcoming movie.

    How exactly do either one of these translate to Jennifer Aniston doing PR to deflect from her use of the R-word and needing to fire her publicist? She isn’t quoted in either one of these. There is nothing that remotely looks like they come from her.

  39. Michelle says:

    I lurve Jen. I think she is beautiful and who cares if her hair is the same, or she plays the same character. Last time i checked she was one of hollywood’s best paid actresses. And people cnt stop talking about her…

  40. kim says:

    in the closet.

  41. DD says:

    love that many are debating an unnamed friend source that the tabloid made up that what? Uses the obvious talking points: Angie, Brad, John… Those tabloid writers have it easy, they know the way to get everyone interested in a jen, angie, brad story. so waiting for the next brad meets jen to complain about angie, or angie hates jen, brad and the kids… so we can rag on all of them again using the same talking points, huvane, bitter, homewrecker, etc…

  42. DD says:

    i’m on the boy shorts bandwagon with truthsf. Their comfortable and sexy. i find thongs and g-strings repulsive and unsanitary.

  43. tlz says:

    Ugh.. Yeah, most ,if not all, of Jen’s movies suck. It’s like you keep wishing she would get a decent script, but maybe it’s her acting. Who knows..Who cares.. She might do better if she went back to tv.

  44. Jemma says:

    FWIW, I like Aniston. The movie does sound weird, but I like her a lot lot more than I like Jolie.

  45. teri says:

    Such a dud in bed? She went back for seconds didn’t she? Brad seems to be very busy and loving every minute of his life with his family, something he’s always wanted. Sorry Jens movies are trash and she sucks in the love department but don’t try to blame it on the happy JP family Jen.

  46. Camille says:

    Miss Piggy.

  47. Jean says:

    Wow. She really can’t go a week without tabloid/media attention, can she now?

  48. Shay says:

    It doesn’t matter if Aniston’s films flop at the box office, she is financially better off than most actresses, including Angelina, and I suspect that she got over Brad years ago not that it took her ‘years’, the way the media makes out.
    If it is true that she is finally in a relationship with a non-actor or non-Hollywood person, then she’ll be on her way to doing so much better.
    I don’t see how Brad Pitt is supposed to be the ‘best’ relationship arm piece. To me, he has always resembled a pot-head away from films and he isn’t that good an actor anyway.

  49. Whatever says:

    Wow, such horse manure this “friend”. Wish these “friend sources” would be banished in journalism. If they cant provide a name, then don’t print.

    It makes me laugh when people actually believe there is a source on some of these stories. This is the drunken fantasy of some pathetic tabloid “reporter” and nothing else. I suspect that to be the case frequently with this so called triangle.

    The reason the tabs won’t let it go can be seen by reading the comments on any story related to any of the three. It explodes with people trashing Jen or Angelina. Amazingly, these stories still sell magazines!

  50. Kauai Girl says:

    It is blatantly clear who is the dud in bed here-poor jennifer just can’t seem to keep a man. She certainly can’t carry a movie. Leads one to wonder, who is it that is hiding in the ‘closet’? Jen–we are all waiting for you to come on out.

  51. CB Rawks says:

    That’s all so junior high. I think I tangled some ligaments, rolling my eyes so hard. Mayer is definitely a thorough douche and HE says things like that, but for JA’s sake I hope she didn’t make any of those childish comments. You don’t want to be on that pathetic level.

  52. Lulu says:

    See! I am still stuck on — John Mayer is gay!?

    NEVER saw that comin!

  53. coup de grazia says:

    i mean, i don’t hate thongs – at least not the rare comfortable ones (i’m lookin’ at you, hanky panky) – but i love the boyshorts and other stuff out there- which are quite sexy – many guys find those sexier than thongs, actually – and i also suspect that the pic of JA doing streisand with the “granny panties” is done that way either to hew as closely as possible to the original image or use a vintage-y “bloomer”-type angle under a vintage-feel dress – or both.

  54. TG says:

    @coup de grazia – I agree, I have always thought boy shorts or underwear that shows some of your butt cheek is very sexy and thongs are unattractive and unflattering. I only wear thongs when I am feeling fat so that I don’t have 4 a**es. LOL

  55. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I agree with #47- whomever thinks this “friend” is a real person who knows Jennifer Aniston needs to take a step back and realize that tabloids make stuff up. I know right?

    They use the terms “sources” and “friends” when they mean “someone in our office who thought this would be funny”.

    Come on, peeps. Let’s get our heads out of our asses and realize that not all tabloid stories are true and most of them aren’t spread by the actor in question. These are bored staffers whose job it is to make up stories.

    EDIT: Though I do realize that it is much more fun to hate on someone than to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    And if you think she’s so boring, why bother commenting on her stories?

  56. Holly says:

    The only reason we’re still hearing about Brangie and Jen is because America can’t get enough of it. I’m sure they’ve all moved on and couldn’t care less about each other. The tabs write this because they constantly cater to both camps of women: either Jen is bawling her eyes out, pathetic and faxing stories to tabloids, or Angelina is a sociopathic, manipulative bitch who ties Brad in the basement (and not in a good way). People love to hate on either woman, and dream that Brad is some sort of deserving demi-god that’s like, sooo worth it. Go figure.

  57. Holly says:

    PS: Love how this story has everyone riled up and accepting it as proof of Jen’s being “pathetic”, yet when an equally unflattering story is printed about Brangie, everyone calls foul. Interesting.

  58. palomino says:

    Wow. People are really, really hard on women.

    Aniston’s got talent. I saw her in the Good Girl and she was so friggin great. It’s too bad that her post-friends film choices haven’t been as interesting.

  59. Rita says:

    The John Mayer tale is all a total lie, I believe zero of it. Sleezy tabloids/blogs make up this type allegations/crap all the time without any proof.

    Totally doubt JAniston is losing any sleep over JM. Just as I doubt she is losing any sleep over Brad and his family, seems to me she has long since moved on. Now I do think she is worrying over her career as all do as they get older in a career that almost always rewards youth like acting does especially for women, and Aniston’s career is her chosen #1 priority.

    I also totally doubt Brad is regretting anything about his life with Angelina and their kids, a 46 year old man knows who he loves and wants to be with. Brad has had his family now for like 5.5 years, he made the decision that his family was what he wanted and needed in his life.

    Why anyone here thinks any of these 3 adults waste precious time for going on almost 6 years living in the past is too strange for me. They all appear quite happy to me with their present life choices.

  60. Faye says:

    i wanna see the front of that dress dammit!

  61. lisa says:

    Don’t care for her, and yes she is boring. I comment because I want to. I don’t see her movies because they don’t provide entertainment for me.

    I would love for her fans to name another film of her’s where she made some kind of impact. That was memorable. The Good Girl was what over 8 years ago. And her fans use that as the ONLY example of depth in a performance. Sorry that to me does not speak to talent.

    Regarding Mayer.. I don’t think the story is true. And lets get real, this is not the first time Aniston’s Friends have spoken to the media about her relationships. They praised Mayer at first.. the best sex she had, He makes her happy, happiest she has ever been.. then called him cheap when he dumped her on TMZ.. So there is a HISTORY of her Friends talking about certain men in her life. So while I say BS.. there is evidence from past conduct that could say yes.

    But don’t be surprised if her PR man (Huvane) issues a statement. But they seem to be a bit scared of John. After his Playboy (I think) interview talking about her being stuck in 1998 and him not wanting to hang in a kitchen at night and pat a dog..(ouch) she never responded. I think John knows a lot about Ms. Aniston. If he is a douche then she is one too. She took him back and bragged all over the place how perfect he was. Following him on his tour. So sometimes we get what we ask for.

  62. oduroyal says:

    I totally believe Brad is miserable with Angelina but I think he’s sticking with her for the sake of the kids…for now. I don’t think he ever really wanted to marry her (hence he hasn’t) but he did want a big family which he got.

  63. Katherine Mac says:

    First, I believe this is a BS article and that there is no friend who said these things.

    If on the odd chance there is any truth to this, then who in the world has a friend that would say such things about someone’s ex-lover to the media? Or this was a calculated plant by Aniston’s publicist. Only lowlifes trash former lovers like this.

    It’s all very distasteful.

  64. OC lady says:

    Most people aren’t saying this story is true. It’s silly speculation mostly. But I don’t think you can say it’s not true either. After all, Jen is friends with Chelsea Handler. When Jen was on her show, Chelsea nastily said of Angelina “Everyone knows you are EVIL!” then turned around and introduced Aniston in the sweetest voice. It didn’t seem to bother Aniston in the least that her buddy brings up that triangle BS.

  65. Sans says: is who her p.r. people told this story to. She had two weeks to deny dating John Mayer and it only came out when he went off on his blog, her people released a statement to She followed that man all around, then he publicly dissed her. He dated her again, then dissed her again. The only reason he dated her was cause he could act any old way. Because she was easy sex and free sex. That’s what players do. Didn’t need to put money into her to deal with her.

    She is juvenile like this. Read her Vogue and GQ article. When he dissed her the first time they came out saying he was cheap. No he just doesn’t want to spend money on you. You are temporary.

    Stop calling Mayer a racist CB.

  66. Catherine says:

    Who is this ‘friend’? Brad and Angelina look miserable…she wishes…

  67. mln says:

    Jen is in her 40’s she is only noticing what a douche he is 3 years AFTER the breakup???the ONLY excuse she had was that the sex was good if the sex wasn’t good than she is even dumber than I thought which is really,really bad.

  68. Trillion says:

    Pretty bad when the clothes one wears (while imitating a genuinely talented performer) are much more interesting than the person in them.

  69. Maylee says:

    I don’t like Jennifer Aniston I’ve never did I just never got her appeal but I must say that this story is fake because if this “friend “ had the guts to talk about Jennifer personal life and make a profit from it. Then why not give their name? and with friends like that who needs enemies. I also think Jennifer Aniston need to get redid of her PR guy because for the last 6 years all he’s done is make her seem like a pathetic little girl who can’t hold on to a relationship and that needs her friends to talk shit about her ex’s girlfriend to make her feel better, instead of a strong and independent woman that ready to start a new chapter in her life. I believe 50% of the about Brad, Jen and Angelina “the triangle” stories come from tabloid writes trying to sell magazines and 40% comes from Jen PR guy. The Jen PR guy is involved because sense Chelsea Handler signed with him she no longer makes fun of Jen and now constantly talks shit about Angelina and the kids and whenever she has a movie coming out a new “the triangle” story comes out which get even more press on her. I fill Jen is 10% responsible cause she doesn’t put a stop to it, I think if she just would just say “I have moved on. I don’t speak to my ex nor do I call him at nights, we don’t hook up in hotels never have never will. We have moved on and don’t believe everything you read” yet she says nothing. Tabloid stories are only as good tell the person their writing about tells what really going on and calls them lies. Before people start say what about Brad and Angelina part in these rumors. But they both already said that 99% of what you read about them from tabloid is not true and that their friends do not talk or read tabloids.

  70. Camille says:

    Great comments: lisa, OC lady and Maylee. I couldn’t agree with you guys more. You all nailed it.

  71. stanhope says:

    Jennifer Aniston passed tired 50 miles back near the Stuckey’s. John Mayer, Cracker Barrel says it all.

  72. Stronzilla says:

    Anyone with her track record should refrain from name calling. Maybe if she had spent a little more time in the bedroom with Brad trying to get pregnant he wouldn’t have defected. As for getting over her anger, her ‘friend’ alternately slams Mayer’s prowess, calls him a basket case and insinuates he’s gay, which is an insult to gay people everywhere. Maybe that explains the remark, ‘Everyone gets what they deserve in the end’.

  73. Linna says:

    This new movie sounds good. and Wednesday her movies are not bombs, they are profitable, they make $$$, Most are low budget, using acting not huge effects and promotions. she is working doing what she loves, I think that is great.

  74. Cheyenne says:

    oduroyal: I totally believe Brad is miserable with Angelina but I think he’s sticking with her for the sake of the kids…for now.

    Based on what? Never mind, don’t tell us. You read it in In Touch magazine, right? And the tabloids never lie.

  75. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    People people, please. You all sound pathetic for desperately reaching for ANYTHING to hate on jennifer Aniston for. Even for something a “friend” of hers said about an ex on a celebrity gossip website.

    You think she’s pathetic? How about all of you clinging to bs stories like these so that you can bitch about a person you don’t even know?

    That is truly sad, desperate and pathetic.

  76. The Bobster says:

    What does that entail? Prepare yourself: you’ve definitely never seen Jennifer Aniston like THIS before. For starters, the 41-year-old actress goes topless!


    Actually, some of us managed to download the vidcap from “The Breakup” before her lawyers put the kibosh on it. Very nice, I might add.

  77. I Choose Me says:

    I’m chiming in on the underwear hijack of this thread. Boy shorts are my preference. Thongs are for when I know I’m not going to be wearing ’em for long. But then, I prefer comfort to glamour all the way.

  78. Majosha says:

    lisa: The fact that you retain and then regurgitate so many details about the (supposed) activities of a woman you don’t like, and don’t even know, is disturbing at best.

    I wish Brangelina, Aniston, and all the crazies who worship/despise them would just crawl under a damn rock and disappear already.

  79. Keyanna says:

    I think boy shorts look way too ‘boyish’ for my taste. The only way a thong or G-string could be ‘unsanitary’ would be if you aren’t practicing good hygiene or not doing your laundry.

  80. Anna says:

    Is this her attempt at saving face?

  81. Cinderella says:

    I look forward to seeing her take on roles with a different twist. And the pervy side of me would like to see her topless as well.

  82. Camille says:

    I see hypocrisy has raised its head again in here 😆 .

  83. Crash2GO2 says:

    I SO don’t care about her anymore. She’s lost me completely. By now she knows her use of the R-word hurt people and she hasn’t apologized – not nice. That’s all I need to know.

    Take off, eh?

  84. CB Rawks says:

    “People people, please. You all sound pathetic for desperately reaching for ANYTHING to hate on jennifer Aniston for.”

    No one did that. I’ve been reading through the comments. Did you actually read any of them before you attacked? Weird.

    I love the picture of JA lying on top of the piano, because it’s a recreation of a scene from Babs’s best movie “What’s Up Doc?”