Kate Hudson will probably go on tour with Muse, for her lover Matt Bellamy


God, can I just complain about my job for a second? How f-cking difficult is it for a magazine to release excerpts from their cover interview with a nice image of their cover, and perhaps one additional photo, all on the same day? I swear, trying to find the images for Kate Hudson’s October Elle UK cover was like pulling teeth. Nevermind that Elle UK’s site is not very user-friendly (everything is on the wrong side of the road!), but apparently none of my favorite fashion sites have any good working images or scans. It sucks. Why do I even bother? It’s not like Kate is even popular with you girls. I guess I did it because I like Kate, and I wanted to see some photos of her total drag queen styles for this Elle shoot. And trust me, the makeup is totally drag queen. Purple eyeshadow from here to eternity. Anyway, some excerpts from the interview:

Kate Hudson covers the October issue of British Elle, out September 1, and in the interview she talks about her new relationship, staying in touch with her ex for their son’s sake and her workout, music and reading habits. Here are a few excerpts from Elle’s press release:

On her new boyfriend, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy: ‘When I was with Chris, music was my life – I spent seven years on the road,’ she tells Elle magazine. ‘Would I do it again? I wouldn’t shy away from a tour bus, it’s wonderful.’ Despite failed romances with Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong, she hasn’t given up on love. Describing Bellamy as ‘lovely’, Hudson, 31, admits her ideas on marriage are changing.

On marriage plans: “It’s definitely not something I’m looking for. But the divorce doesn’t put me off. I’ll just see what happens. I think a lot of times people are terrified of love and stop themselves from experiencing it. I don’t ever want to get that jaded. I do believe in love. I believe that when you really open yourself up to love, it’s the most beautiful thing.”

On her ex-husband, Chris Robinson: “Chris is a wellspring of information. He knows more about music than anyone I’ve ever met. I still feel close to him. When you’re divorced and raising a child together, the communication has to stay alive. It’s hard sometimes. If you have kids with someone, make sure you really, really like the father because, for your child’s sake, you have to be on the same page forever. Chris has moved on, he’s remarried and had a baby and when you both have new people in your life, you have to really stay on it. I think Chris and I both have that priority checked. My favourite Muse song? Ha ha ha! I’m not well-versed enough on that. I’m getting there though. Matt and I are just learning about each other and it’s wonderful.”

On career: ‘I think that happens sometimes. You get burnt out. I have to recharge. Artistically, I have zero competitive nature – to the point where I wish I had a little more sometimes.’

On her personal style: ‘When it comes to clothes, my personal style has never changed. I’m very specific about the things I like – a lot of printed dresses, lots of different textures. I can’t get away from flowing things. I don’t like clothes that constrict me. It’s, like, ‘Would you like to put some clothes on?’ ‘No, I wouldn’t!’ I’ve got a lot of friends in the fashion industry and I have so much respect for them – they work so hard. Stella [McCartney] dresses me. What I love about her is that everything she designs is comfortable. She understands where women want to cover themselves, where they want things to be flattering. But when I see her we’re just moms together. We’re all about hanging out with the kids, and she’s such an amazing mother.’

On her workout regimen: “I am, by nature, active and I have to work out. I usually do two hours each day when I’m at home. I dance, I like to spin, I’ve got into some of the Tracy Anderson stuff – I work with this girl Anna at her studio. And I’ve had a trainer called Nicole Stewart for 15 years – she’s trained me when I’ve needed to get into work mode. I’m pretty disciplined. It’s important to be conscious of your health and not indulge too much in the things that are bad for you. Do I mind having my appearance constantly scrutinized? I don’t have enough time on this planet to worry about things like that. I’m more concerned with if I’m raising my son properly, with what makes my family happy, with what makes me happy.”

[From Huffington Post & Metro]

I kind of buy that Kate doesn’t want to get married again. I could see that. Of course, I could also see her pitching a fit because a dude doesn’t want to marry her. So who is the real Kate? I think the real Kate is a girl stuck in permanent 14-year-girl mode, where she falls for a boy hard and fast and everything is so emotional and crazy and intense, and then everybody moves on. That would be eh, whatever, if she were just a single girl – but she’s a single mom. I don’t know, though, we don’t really know what it’s like for Ryder. Maybe he gets it by now, you know?



Photo by: KGC16/starmaxinc.com 2010  7/18/10 Kate Hudson in Saint Tropez. (France)  Photo via Newscom

42721, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday July 20, 2010. Kate Hudson is spotted leaving Scott's restaurant in London around 1 am after a 4 hour dinner with film producer Harvey Weinstein. Kate arrived in London today after vacationing in St. Tropez. Photograph:  PacificCoastNews.com

Photos courtesy of Elle UK and Metro.

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38 Responses to “Kate Hudson will probably go on tour with Muse, for her lover Matt Bellamy”

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Why do I even bother?”

    for one, you make me (and I’m betting several others) laugh on a daily basis.

    Plus…and this is all I need to say…


  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG THE FRONTMAN FROM MUSE!!!!!! Kate is really dating Matt. I thought that was a bad fu*king joke. OMG no no. OMG my heart can’t take this shit. Oh God. Blah. Thats why Kate looks fugly in that up coming episode with Rachel Zoe.

  3. meme says:

    I can’t stand Kate. Annoying, talentless, dumb. Did they bother asking about her son? Poor kid.

  4. Relli says:

    I saw her at 10,000 Lakes Festival back when she was traveling with Chris. For all the thing i dislike about her boy crazy persona. She looked beautiful and happy swaying/dancing on the side of the stage during the show. I never saw her look more content than right then.

  5. OC lady says:

    I like these pics. I wish she would pick better movies. The last movie I saw with her–that bride movie with Hathaway–was just horrible.

  6. koala says:

    she constantly changes her style, with every man she dates. she’s a liar, annoying, barely passably cute, always in awful movies. she needs to take time to figure out who she is before the looks that she does have fade and she can no longer attract her flavor of the month/ 3 months. she is what is wrong with women in their 20s. men only want one thing from you, kate, and not for very long by the looks of it.

  7. jen says:

    She doesn’t even know any of their songs. LOL!

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    Her mother made plenty of awful movies into her forties. Why should Kate break the mold? These movies pay the bills, get designers and stylists to work with her, and it sure beats sitting around doing nothing but trying to figure out if there’s a Muse song you like.

    Gotcha, Kate! You’re such a poseur, you don’t even have a favorite Muse song,yet? “Uprising?” Does that ring a bell? Come on, you’ve HEARD that one by now, right?

  9. Bobby the K says:

    Her eye make up is spooky.

  10. artista says:

    Next up…..Wildcats remake!!!!!

  11. danmor9 says:

    Wonder if the kid understand that his moms a real Cock Hound! Her track record with guys really suck, maybe she needs to try carpet munching.

  12. Jeri says:

    Kate’s attitude to life sounds good (for her) but when you enter kids into it it’s another equation.

    I hope Ryder doesn’t get it yet, he’s just a little boy and shouldn’t fret about his Mom leaving him for men. He may become afraid to love after loosing so many people in his life that he has loved (Kate’s exs & their children).

  13. LolaBella says:

    Kate looks better in the candid papp pics than in the ‘artistically styled’ ones.

    Whenever I read a post about Kate or Cameron Diaz, I always think of Cam’s comment that she ‘will travel for c@ck’; it seems like this applies to Kate as well. 😉

    I like what she has to say about her ex; it sounds like they have a mature, healthy relationship for their son’s benefit.

  14. Original Gracie says:

    Kaiser said: “I don’t know, though, we don’t really know what it’s like for Ryder. Maybe he gets it by now, you know?”

    Yeah, but I worry about what he’s “getting”. That all of Mommy’s “friends” are around for a while and then they disappear? And then there’s a new “friend”? That doesn’t seem very healthy.

    But you’re right…we don’t know how he handles it or what she tells him. I can’t help but worry though. What is he going to think about male/female relationships with a serial-dating Mom?
    We’ll see.

  15. LindyLou says:

    Ha! She doesn’t even know the music of the man she’s boinking!! What a ho. And her makeup and styling for the magazine is epicly (is that a word? don’t care!) fugly.

  16. Keyanna says:

    I am a Kate Hater too. She looks like a damn snail. What is or was the appeal?

  17. chris says:

    She’s so damn boring. She’s like vanilla pudding without the vanilla.

  18. Johnthing says:

    hate that slut.

  19. audrey says:

    kate has that same annoying mouth thing that both j.lo and jessica simpson have- only the two top teeth show when they try and do the “sexy” open mouth pose. i HATE it!

  20. Tiffany says:

    The Black Crowes are on the road promoting their album , she use to join them with Ryder was a infant, and now she is going on the road with MUSE, who are not really stateside…It is one thing if she was single, there is nothing to judge about her hitting the road. But that kid is what 6,7? Kate, I am getting on a soapbox, slow yo row.

  21. Camille says:

    Holy crap that cover is so fug! And I also wish she would leave Matt and Muse alone.

  22. Sally says:

    @Camille: Totally agreed! On both points.

  23. LindaR says:

    @ Audrey. Agree. So many celebrities have an annoying mouth thing going on that when my husband and I watch a movie or tv show and see one we will both look at each other at the same time and say “annoying mouth thing”. The new James Bond guy has one, Jennifer Aniston has one, can’t think of any more right now but, ugh. Drives me crazy.

  24. Melissa says:

    I’ve never thought she’s any great shakes, but whatever. I’m actually impressed, however, that she couldn’t name her favorite Muse song. Why can’t we just like a guy and not give a crap about what they do for a living? My husband’s in IT – he doesn’t expect me to get all excited about computers! So why should she suddenly become some huge fan of his band just b/c she’s dating him? Has he gone out and rented all of her shitty rom-coms? Doubt it.

  25. Emily says:

    She’ll never live up to her mum in my opinion. Goldie rocks, Kate doesn’t.

  26. trixy says:

    Wow, you guys really do not like her. I’m with you Kaiser, I am always intrigued to read what she has to say and see how she looks. She’s not a great actress, but she’s not trying to pretend she is. In fact, I feel like she is one of the few who just authenticaly living her life and enjoying it. Plus, she’s just cool. She looks cool and seems fun.

    Fyi, I don’t think she ever dated Matthew Mc. Are they confusing him with Owen Wilson, or fusing her on-camera life with her real life?

  27. Mistral says:

    wow to some of the “guys” commenting on here. would you be calling out a single actor dad for being a “pussy hound” / slut if they went out with lots of women? I’m sure her kid doesn’t see her with every guy she dates, nor is she necessarily sleeping with all of these fellows/bringing the home for romance.

  28. NayNay says:

    What is that that I’m smelling? Smells like desperation.

  29. aenflex says:

    So she dates around, so she’s a little immature. That’s not what I think is horrible parenting. I would rather have a flighty but loving mother like Kate might be, versus having a drugg addicted crackwhore, or a angry man hater.

  30. connie says:

    i am annoyed with all the posters that assume she bangs every guy she is connected to. Some females have more male friends than other females, yes sometimes this is a sign of promiscuity, but without knowing her personally i find it offensive everyone just believes she’s a bed hopper

  31. ViktoryGin says:

    Why, f*ck why? Couldn’t she date the frontman from a lesser band? Like Nickelback.

    While I’ve never given a rat’s ass about her qualifications as a mother or a her dating habits, I’ve always detested her on the basis of Hollywood nepotism. Am I the only one who thinks that she was completely overrated in Almost Famous?

  32. Bodhi says:

    she is what is wrong with women in their 20s.

    Excuse me? What, excatly, is wrong with us women in their 20s? I am 28, have been married for 2 years, have been employed full-time for 6+ years & have a ton of friends. Please tell me what about that is so “wrong”?

    Anyfreakingway, I really like Kate & I admire her bohemian ways

  33. Granger says:

    “Do I mind having my appearance constantly scrutinized? I don’t have enough time on this planet to worry about things like that.”

    Uh — yeah. You work out for TWO HOURS a day just because it makes you feel good. It has nothing to do with being scrutinized. Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

  34. Bee says:

    I don’t get the kate hate. I think she’s lovely and free spirited. And also naturally beautiful. On Tuesday’s episode of the Rachel Zoe project she had almost no makeup on and still looked better than many actresses do, with a pound of makeup smeared on their faces. So, she likes the boys. Does that instantly make her a terrible mother? Jeez, she got married at like 21 or something. I think she’s just trying to figure things out.

  35. suzy says:

    Funny. I bet some of the people leaving comments about her being ugly are real ugly bints themselves. Take a look at your own life before slagging someone else off. I don’t know her, but good luck to her.

    Matt is having fun for now so leave them alone.

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