RHONJ reunion: Danielle enrages Teresa by possibly bringing up Joe’s lovechild

So part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion/bitchfight was Monday night. We’re just getting to it now as I didn’t watch it when it aired and am relying on the clips and analysis already online. These ladies are amusing for a while, but unless I’m doing something else, like cooking or exercising, I don’t particularly feel like watching this show. It’s not something I’m comfortable focusing my full attention on, even if it’s my job to talk smack about it. Still, this episode earned the highest ever ratings for Bravo and RHONJ has been renewed for a third season. A lot of people are watching these grown ladies act like impetuous preteens with a grudge and no supervision.

One of the big scenes that’s getting attention is when Danielle asked Teresa why she didn’t acknowledge her nephew’s birth. Teresa got super offended by that and got up screaming in Danielle’s face. She yelled “Do not bring up my family you f’ing bitch, piece of shit, motherf’cker.” These two have a long history of screaming fights so it’s not like it takes much to set either of them off. There’s speculation, though, that the “nephew” that Danielle brings up is actually the love child of Teresa’s husband Joe, which would explain why she freaked out. Jezebel notes that Danielle is thought to have hired a private investigator to dig into her on-screen rivals’ pasts. We know that she hired a PI to find her birth mother along with the fact that she loves digging up dirt on the others to use against them. It’s possible she suspects that the nephew is Joe’s mistresses’ kid and is using the issue to taunt Teresa in a way that she knew would get to her. There might not be anything behind it, though. Here’s Jezebel’s analysis, which includes more on the alleged mistress:

Within the first 10 minutes of last night’s reunion, Teresa flew off the couch in a rage, screaming in Danielle’s face over the mysterious mention of a “nephew.” Was Danielle implying that Juicy Joe has a love child?

It all started when the women were discussing how Danielle didn’t congratulate Jacqueline on the birth of her son. In true Danielle fashion, she tried to turn the conversation away from any negative reflection on herself and asked Teresa, “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?”

At first, everyone on camera seemed just as confused as the audience at home, since it seemed like Danielle was asking whether Teresa acknowledged the birth of Jacqueline’s son. But then you could see on Teresa’s face that the wheels began turning. She knew exactly what Danielle was implying, and it threw her into a fit of ire that had her screaming like a farm animal giving birth. Danielle—having successfully made someone look more psychotic than herself—sauntered off the stage.

Everyone was left wondering how the mention of a nephew could evoke such a visceral reaction from Teresa. It was obviously a hot-button issue, and Danielle know exactly what she was doing when she pushed it.

Well, rumors have been swirling for several months now that Juicy Joe has a “gumar” named Tara G. (It is unknown at this time whether or not there is any relation to Kim G.) Apparently, it’s an open secret in the Giudice’s hometown with Tara showing off pictures of the couple together, and Joe supposedly even takes her to his construction sites. Tara is said to be young, blonde, and supported, financially, by Joe. She also has a baby boy, and while it’s unknown whether or not Joe is really the father (someone get Maury on the horn!), it would make sense that even the suggestion of a love child would make Teresa lose control.

According to one website, Danielle hired a private investigator to follow the Giudices, Lauritas, and Manzos to get some dirt on them, and that sounds like some crazy shit that she would do. Could this be the same P.I. she hired to track down her birth mother? Because that whole story line this season of finding her birth mother—the teenager who allegedly traveled from Sicily to Pennsylvania to give birth—seemed completely contrived and pointless to me, seeing as how Danielle’s ex-husband Keven Maher discussed the impossibility of opening her adoption records.

[From Jezebel]

Jezebel links to two websites that have more on the alleged mistress. One of the sites Reality Tea, acknowledges that it’s just hearsay for now. “There is also a rumor that has been going around for the past couple of weeks stating that Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice has been having an affair with a Jersey woman named Tara G. We received an email about this a while back, with someone telling us that everyone in the Giudices hometown is aware of this woman and the affair, including Teresa. We didn’t publish this as there was no proof attached to the email.The other claims to have more insider information on the mistress, but it’s still rumor and there’s no proof.

So why did Teresa freak out? She’s telling anyone that will listen that she just thinks her family is off limits. She told Popeater that it’s all about Danielle taking too much of an interest in her family, and she told OMG!All I was saying was: Do not bring up my family. I’m very protective of my family. I’m on the show, not my family. I don’t regret anything, and I think I handled myself very well. That part just got me heated again, and she knows how to push my buttons. When I’m attacked, I attack. The things that come out of her mouth are very malicious, mean things. I’m not going to just sit there and take whatever she’s going to say to me.” Yeah, Teresa knows that Danielle has some serious dirt on her and she doesn’t want it to come out. She wouldn’t be yelling and screaming like that over not being able to see her nephew right after he was born.

Meanwhile it still seems up in the air whether Danielle will be on the show next season. Teresa tells Popeater through a “source” (her) that she doesn’t care, though. “I just talked to her and it’s funny but she actually doesn’t care if Danielle comes back for another season or not. Teresa’s not intimidated or scared of Danielle. She actually thinks Danielle makes good TV and is amusing. If anything, she feels sorry for her. All she has in her life is this show.” Someone is trying to play tough. Maybe she knows for a fact that Danielle is not coming back. They need a villain, though, and she makes a good one, as hard as she is to look at. It’s not like any of them are easy on the eyes though, and that’s a great understatement in some cases. (below)

43694, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday August 17 2010. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo and PR guru Jonathan Cheban arrive at Katsuya in Hollywood. Giudice and Manzo have reportedly been asked to return to the Bravo reality show for a third season. Photograph: Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

43694, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday August 17 2010. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo and PR guru Jonathan Cheban arrive at Katsuya in Hollywood. Giudice and Manzo have reportedly been asked to return to the Bravo reality show for a third season. Photograph: Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

Danielle Staub poses for the cameras at the Jersey Shore Soundtrack Album Release Party in Marquee on July 13, 2010 in New York City, NY.  Fame Pictures, Inc

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43 Responses to “RHONJ reunion: Danielle enrages Teresa by possibly bringing up Joe’s lovechild”

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  1. Westcoaster says:

    If Teresa is so protective of her family, why on earth is she on a television reality show which films her family? Give me a break

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yay you covered this. Oh it was amazing. The whole season was sh*t but this was impressive. It wasn’t even 15 mins into the reunion when Teresa got up and yelled at Danielle, nearly attacking, flinging poor Andy Cohen into his seat. As for the affair thing, nobody, Caroline, Jacqueline, or Dina would let Teresa stay with a man who is cheating on her like that. I don’t see Joe cheating on her either. Joe loves her.

    As for my thoughts on the reunion it was really hard to fully enjoy because Danielle was getting bullied the ENTIRE time. Danielle was out numbered and there was NO ONE on her side. Danielle may have brought that on herself but I just really couldn’t enjoy the debate if it wasn’t fair and level. I still enjoyed myself to a degree but it was to easy to see who would win this thing. Its 3 against 1. Also Danielle spent most of the reunion contradicting herself and wouldn’t answer questions head on. Danielle is slim pickings. She has her moments but if was alot more clever, did less stupid sh*t, said less stupid sh*t, she could take them down.

  3. Bite me says:

    There’s another theory that the nephew is Teresa brother halfblack child, and that the family disowned him cuz he married a black woman and have two children with her, hmmmm

  4. Marjalane says:

    I saw this clip on Chelsea Lately last night- HILARIOUS!! These are the most hideously ghastly group of women I’ve ever seen! I love reality TV, but I couldn’t watch these broads for more than 2 minutes to save my life.

  5. RHONYC says:

    i love how danielle ‘saunters’ off the stage like a price as right hostess. lol!!!

    plus, caroline’s embarrassed face at the end of the clip is priceless.

    i betcha when miz gutter-mouth is alone in her ‘mansion’ with all of those giudice brats and they’re throwin’ a ‘teresa-sized’ tantrum all at once while joe is giving the ol’ ‘sau-siege’ to his ho-war, it’ll be a sight to see. :-)

  6. Tess says:

    There’s another theory about the reason for Teresa’s descent into madness.

    But first…..Where do they find these people and why would somebody like Caroline, who I used to think was half way sane, allow her life to come under the kind of scrutiny that is about to be unleashed?

    If there are mob ties….that’s coming out. If there are mistresses or boyfriends…that’s coming out…if Alby or anyone is gay…that’s coming out. These folks are playing with fire. I just don’t know why they would risk their privacy.

    Anyhoo, alternative theory for Teresa’s violent outburst: her brother is married to, or involved with, a black woman and they have a son (Teresa’s nephew) who Teresa and her family have cut out of their lives.

  7. Chrissy says:

    The second to the last paragraph – last sentence – do you mean Teresa knows that Danielle has some s*&t on her?

    LOVE ANGELINA – I would agree that it seemed like they were picking on Danielle but it’s amazing how much stuff they keep pulling out on her. And it sounds like there is sooo much stuff going on in the background that isn’t shown. Danielle must be pulling some really crappy stuff … over and over again … and we are only seeing part of it.

    I personally will be very happy with Danielle off the show. She is so hard to watch. Delusional is the nicest thing I can say about her.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    @Chrissy – yes! I fixed that, thank you!

  9. jc126 says:

    I tend to think that if any of them had mob ties, there’s NO way they’d go on the show.

  10. guesty says:

    gonna watch this mess in a quick minute…but imo in the earliest episodes it seemed as if juicy joe kinda sorta liked danielle.

    @chrissy…totally agree that there is alot going on behind the scenes that isn’t aired…damn it!

  11. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @LA-You certainly are naive to women and the fact that men cheat. Just because someone “looks” in love, does not mean they are, or are in a happy marriage. It’s called faking for the cameras.Furthermore, women often times do not interfere with matters of cheating spouses, and the women on that show have allowed Dina to stay with a cheating husband, so why would they not allow a woman who is not family stay with a cheater? Teresa is not the type to listen to anyone regarding her life. For God’s sake, the woman is still in denial over the fact she is in foreclosure.


  12. cara says:

    @bite me….I hadn’t heard that but thought such an thing may have occured. I myself was adopted by first generation Italians, and have lived over there as well, and I can say, they are Notoriously racist toward “black” people, aka “moo-linyans”, as “they” would say.

    Either way, Theresa and the Manzo’s really must have very low IQ’s to even THINK that they are coming off as anything other then uncouth.

  13. alex says:

    LA: Seriously you are so naive. Just because someone look so in love doesn’t mean they are and of course they would let her stay with her cheating husband and after all it is good for TV, the perfect family

  14. mollination says:

    It kills me that people think they can form a fair and accurate opinion of reality t.v people based off their show alone – it’s edited, it’s all formed around certain story-lines and character traits that fit the “character” being projected. For the commenter that thinks “joe loves theresa very much” and that her family wouldn’t “allow her to stay with a man who cheats” —— how can you know that?

    Not to mention, if these people are as authentically Italian as they pretend to be, a gumar would not be so out of the question. There are different rules that Italian men play by when it comes to respect and honor, and while outwardly disrespecting his wife would be intolerable, they have been having select mistresses for decades if not longer.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am not naive. I am well aware he could be cheating. I personally think Albert would step out on Caroline before Joe would Teresa. Who on earth would find Joe attractive besides Teresa? I just haven’t gotten a vibe he would step out on her yet. He might but I just don’t think so.

  16. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sorry LA, but you are very naive. Nothing wrong with that, it is just a fact.

    You see a couple on tv and assume all is well. Ugly men find women to cheat with all the time. Looks have nothing to do with cheating, and if some fug man is flashing around a few bucks and a free dinner, that is all it takes.

  17. Tuatara says:

    How can she say “I’m on the show, not my family”. That is just clearly ridiculous. About as ridiculous as saying that she handled herself well. This woman is simply delusional.

  18. pebbles says:

    Teresa is certifiable……literally growling. But I think that I hate Jackie more. She started the whole damned thing…..even in the opening segment, she was saying we are here “with no armed guards.” And she called Danielle garbage a number of times. As someone who is adopted, and has questioned whether or not I was “thrown out,” it is EXTREMELY bitchy to call someone who is searching for her birth mother “garbage.” Burns me. Oh, and who is she to question parenting skills???? Her hat-headed teen is unwatchable. Okay, I think I’m done.

  19. meme says:

    Andy Cohen is the worst thing to ever happen to Bravo. He concocted this Housewives shit.

  20. Bored@Work says:

    @Love Angelina..Who would find Joe attractive other than Teresa? Are you kidding? I don’t even think Teresa’s finds Joe as attractive as she let on. She stressed it too much which ususally means she is covering something. She’s attracted to his seemingly fat wallet that has allowed her to sit on her a$$ doing absolutely nothing for years now.

    Don’t care what anybody says Teresa is crazy. And all that I’m Italian, so I am feisty attittude is a farce. She flipped her lid with that table flipping incident and played it off as it were cute. It was not, it showed just how classless and silly she is. The rest of them are a bunch or bullies and Jacqueline is just a damn puppet.

    Danielle is crazy, but we all know that. The rest of them are just as sick, and even though Dina left the show, she didn’t leave because of Danielle, they never even interacted the whole show, until she initiated that meeting. That was so weird, she probably just ran before Danielle got a chance to air her dirty laundry.

    I don’t know where Caroline got her air of superiority from but its getting to me. She is not without flaw and I am sure she knows that Teresa is a dumb a$$. She probably just don’t want to admit that she was wrong about her. This damn “family” is nuts.

  21. cara says:

    @peebles. Good point. Jaqui is Trouble. I used to like her husband, but now I feel for him to like her, he must be a but vapid.

    Danielle may be *ahem* spunky to say the least, but she is seriously defending herself against a group of catty creatins. And actually, high and mighty Dina started all of this anti danielle stuff by digging up that book.

    I also LOVED how last season, the former fat one, caroline, touted her friendship with Bernard Kerick. FUUUUnnny stuff, cause where’s good old Bernie, yeah, that’s right. Jail.

    and one more…..danielle’s kids are impressive. whereas caroline’s……how old are they and they’re still living at home. And how did they not know that Albie’s “disabilities” would hinder his career as an attorney. Are they all “disabled”??? And Gia, a model. Puhleeze. Say what you want about danielle, but her kids are something to show off, FOR SURE. Actually, they surpass ALL the RH kids as a whole. (and they’re gorgeous….that oldest one, she looks like a clavin klien model from the early ’80′s….just stunning. It’s not just looks but composure as well)

  22. Sans says:

    For real. Danielle may be crazy, but she has great kids. I like danielles crazy. Hate the sex tape, but I’m not hanging with her so who cares. The rest of them are bullies. Jackie is a puppet. Talking about Danielle’s kids is low. When all the other kids are so messed up. When danielle gets her own show these chicks will have to go after each other. Frankly it’s karma. Caroline Theresa Jackie all are getting what they deserve. Theresa’s husband is a cheater I’m sure. Cheating isn’t about looks. I would for it to come out that Theresas family are bigots though.. LOL. Danielle handled herself well. Theresa just screams cause she has nothing to say….. No rebuttal. So just scream and curse to look bad.

  23. Captaine says:

    Like somebody said earlier, the nephew comment that made her go bat shit was in reference to Teresa’s family disowning her brother for marrying a black woman and having a child with her.

  24. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    What a classy bunch, disowning a family member because they married someone who was African American. Typical of low IQ, low class individuals.

  25. K.at says:

    I love, love, love this show-best housewives hands down(although D.C> is pretty kick-a**.

    @LOVE ANGELINA;-I do agree with you that Danielle was picked on-however, her crazy, worthless, lying, delusional self totally deserved to be annhilated on this reunion. She is an atrocious mother, a bad human being, a fake friend, and there is not one redeeming quality about her. Oh my God, I cannot stand that creep!

    About Teresa and Joe-I 100% believe that he is skeezy and would cheat on Teresa-which makes me sad because she is awesome. Of course, of course, no one agrees with me, but I think she is awesome. I am Greek, and I have that on/off switch, so I totally relate to her (however, not condoning, just relating:)). And while many pointed out that he is not attractive, I have two words for you- JON GOSSELIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not think Albert would EVER cheat on Caroline-that seems like a very solid, stable, loving family, so I was surprised when I saw the comment…..

  26. original kate says:

    these women are repulsive – i really cannot believe that adults act this way in public. or in private, for that matter. caroline should just change her name to tony soprano and be done with it, jackie’s daughter is full-on bitch, theresa has the brattiest children i’ve ever seen – and the way she dresses them up like grown women is beyond disturbing. and danielle? well, she looks just like a sleestack:


  27. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @K.at- Jon Gosselin looks like an Asian version of that repulsive Joe Giudice!

  28. denise says:

    Thanks for this hilarious video, lmao!!!
    Wooo Theresa threw that man on his ass. hahaaa.
    Boy does she have a potty mouth.

  29. madam ex says:

    Without Danielle, their ratings are going to plummet at an all time high. How boring was the 2 Italy episodes without Danielle. There is NO SHOW without her, unless they bring on more drama and trouble, like with Kim G. or another housewife. This show wont make it on their own, now without Dina and Danielle, no way.

  30. cara says:

    “IIIIIIIIIIII was adopted and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m looking for my birthmother………..BUT if she’s on drugs or homeless…..” – Danielle w/the PI, my kids found that to be hilarious.

  31. Kiska says:

    The whole crew is nuts. I watch the show because its so unbelievably laughable. If I or any of my family members stooped as low as any of these broads, I’d want to change my name and move to another country.

  32. jc126 says:

    So the late FIL was in the mob, but the sons do catering. Really, I doubt any mafia guy would do anything to draw attention to himself and his activities in any fashion, so I tend to believe they’re not involved in crime.
    Cheating on their wives is another matter, of course.

  33. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  34. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @jc126- mob families always have legit businesses like restaurants, bars, to offset the criminal activity. The Manzos are no different.

    Notice the episode where they had a party for the local Sheriff at their house. Typical mob move. Keep the cops on your payroll. Payola.

    People who think these people are that wealthy and have family in the mob, but aren’t involved in the mob are a bit naive.

  35. Sassy says:

    Teresa believes she handled herself WELL? Sure, if lunging at someone while screaming with nothing but motherf*cking f*cker, etc., coming out of your trash mouth, then yes, she handled herself well. Ha.

    Klassy with a K, y’all.

  36. Kiska says:

    I don’t like Danielle but she played it cool for the most part on the reunion. She made the other three look like hysterical witches.

  37. Bee says:

    Teresa already answered the nephew question in her interview with TVGuide.com

    “TVGuide.com: Why did Danielle mentioning your nephew set you off so much?
    Teresa Giudice: First of all, she’s all about lies. And it’s kind of perfect in a way because she always sticks her foot in her mouth. The night my nephew was born, I had to live-blog and tweet a New York episode, and I even tweeted that I was sorry I was late because I was at the hospital visiting my nephew. That’s why when she said that to me, I was confused why she brought that up. And when I got in her face, people thought I said, “Don’t break up my family.” I said, “Don’t bring up my family.” We were talking about the show. For her to bring up my nephew who’s not even on it? I mean, are you kidding me?”

    I believe this explanation over all of the rumors on the internet. Danielle brought up Teresa’s family. And she freaked out because she freaks about everything. If Joe had a love child and Danielle knew about it, I’m sure she would have come right out and said it. And not bothered with any of that of that nephew cr*p.

  38. JC126 says:

    Anyone in the mob who would invite cameras of a reality show into their lives must be a total moron. Even if they were that stupid, somebody they are associated with would try to talk them out of it. It’s just asking for trouble, and attention, and the last thing criminals want is attention.

  39. 6 says:

    And East coasters think they are better than midwesterners. Trash doesn’t have a zip code.

  40. Robin Chow-Cincinnati says:

    Here’s the thing; I’ve been watching from day one, Dannielle is a grinch looking skank who sells, trys to sell, herself & her kids to anyone with a dollar! Teresa is a gawdy “stuck in the 80′s” good hearted goof. Jaqueline, like Alex McCord of the New York show, stopped letting people speak for her & now she wont shut up. Caroline, is the best of them, but I think the show is getting to her, she talks about protecting her family, then they need to be off the show! Dina was the BEST of ALL, but she was the smartest too, she left. Dina knew she would end up hurt Danielle, serious can of whip ass!
    Danielle is a pig, a liar & garabage can whore!

  41. Madlock says:

    Personally, I want an interpreter to transcribe Teresa’s unintelligible barking. Was that “Baaaaawp”, or “Aaaaaaaw”?

  42. letsbereal says:

    The events that transpired during the final moments of the 2nd part of the reunion showed what the real problem was all along – nasty old trouble-making Caroline.

    From day one, scary control-freak Caroline and her pretend-nice phony sister Dina were furious that namby-pamby sister-in-law Jackie was friends with trampy Danielle, and it bothered their gawdy menacing friend Teresa, too.

    The Manzo sisters dug up Danielle’s unsavory past and smeared Danielle’s reputation throughout their ugly nouveau riche town, and eventually, weak-willed two-faced Jackie turned on Danielle, too. The whole Manzo clan piled on and showed their ugly bully colors.

    Nutty Danielle gave these witches plenty of fodder to use against her, but they went overboard, and became obsessed with her and talked about her 24/7. When they weren’t talking about her, they were talking about not talking about her.

    Anyway, Danielle stood up to the bullies and showed them and wimpy host Andy Cohen up by being the only lady on the show.

    Rumor is that Danielle introduced her replacement, Teresa’s hated sister-n-law, to the show’s producers, and Teresa is walking. I guess Danielle has the last laugh.

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