Matthew McConaughey’s new D&G ad: Photoshop or gene-splicing?


This is not Matthew McConaughey. This is some alien hybrid of McConaughey, a biscuit, a giraffe and… Tom Cruise, maybe? There’s definitely some gene-splicing going on. And I’m almost positive they just stuck his alien head onto another dude’s body, because something about the neck/face/shoulder ratio is messing with me. Anyway, this is a new image from Matthew’s return engagement as the alien-face of Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance campaign. The perfume/cologne is called The One Gentleman, and it debuts in October magazines. This was shot by an actual word-famous photographer – Jean Baptiste Mondino. No word on what 14-year-old did the Photoshop for it.

I wonder why Matthew was chosen for this. I don’t look at photos of him and think “I bet he smells nice.” I look at photos of him and think “I bet he has cheese growing in places I have no interest in seeing. And his dinosaur arms suck.” Of course, if they let me be in charge of advertising, dudes like Clive Owen, Vincent Cassel and Michael Fassbender would be the face of every ad campaign. Speaking of Fassbender, who do I have to blow to get him some press?

For their part, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce said they chose Matt because, “He is worldly, successful, impeccable but he also boasts something else such as an innate elegance that distinguishes him from the rest. Men would love to be him, women to be his…” Barf. They were the ones who greenlit the Madonna ad campaign, otherwise known as “Grandma Madge and her weird alien face wrestle some chickens and her weird-looking grandson.” Dolce & Gabbana are in desperate need of glasses.

Here’s how McConaughey really looks… he’s an attractive man, but he’s aging naturally, bless his heart, and let’s not pretend that he’s some alien-faced, wrinkle-less hybrid, alright?

Tensions look high on set as actors Ryan Phillippe and Matthew McConaughey sweat their way through filming scenes for their new film 'The Lincoln Lawyer' currently shooting on location in Los Angeles, Ca on August 13, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

Matthew McConaughey looking worn and weary as he walks about the film set of The Lincoln Lawyer in a tank top without shoes, in Los Angeles, California on August 3, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Matthew McConaughey looking worn and weary as he walks about the film set of The Lincoln Lawyer in a tank top without shoes, in Los Angeles, California on August 3, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc

With their very busy life's actor Matthew McConaughey and model Camila Alves seem to be utilizing their chores and workout secessions as creative opportunities to spend fun loving time together, as the couple today hit the gym grabbed a smoothie, and shopped for groceries at Whole foods this afternoon in Los Angeles, Ca on August 13, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

43561, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday August 13 2010. Matthew McConaughey holds a gun whilst filming scenes for his latest movie, The Lincoln Lawyer , on location in Pasadena, LA. Photograph:

Ad courtesy of Styleist.

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43 Responses to “Matthew McConaughey’s new D&G ad: Photoshop or gene-splicing?”

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  1. eja102 says:

    ITA with the cheese theory.

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Photoshoppers need to step up their game. Their work lately has been very shoddy (the Mad Men Rolling Stone cover, Sex and the City poster etc). This is just ridiculous!

  3. meme says:


  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    IDK That top pic of Matt doesn’t look that different then the candid ones of him at the bottom. Matthew could bang me like a screen door during a hurricane, inappropriate comment I know since its hurricane season, but only if he is wearing that suit and has his hair like that. Damn he looks freaking hawt. I likey the AD. I love his quirky crazy ass to.

  5. aenflex says:

    Ugly’s what it is. They did something odd to his neck.

  6. RHONYC says:

    sure that’s not matt’s madame tussaude wax figure?

  7. Annie says:

    He’s fugly no matter what. There is ZERO going on with this cat. Gross.

  8. Carrie says:

    Kaiser, I heartily cosign those three choices: I would enjoy living in a world where Clive Owen, Vincent Cassel and Michael Fassbender are the face of every ad campaign.

    [Though I am still mad for Nathan Fillion.]

  9. 6 says:

    his body looks smaller or out of proportion somehow. Yeah, photoshop is evil and apparently controlled by aliens.

  10. Abby says:

    He looked RIDICULOUSLY hot in his Stetson fragrance campaign. Shirtless cowboy in chaps and a hat…

    My love of the pics was ruined when I found out he actually doesn’t wear cologne… or deodorant… and he probably stinks(said Kate Hudson when they worked together on Fool’s Gold). sad day.

  11. Melissa says:

    Looks like McConaghey fused with Gavin Newsom, the mayor of SF.

  12. Wif says:

    most mismatched advertising campaign ever (just being good-looking does not make you elegant.)

  13. LolaBella says:

    That photo is ‘shopped to hell, but Matt looks great in the D&G commercials. Below is my favorite.

  14. bw says:

    Anybody seen any other recent photos of him anywhere???? Does he look “different” in those? Does anybody else think perhaps, wow, he’s had a lot of plastic surgery recently, and this is how he looks now? Different. And his hair’s suddenly dark and different, so maybe he’s had this surgery, but plans on telling everyone if they say there is something different about him, “oh, it must be the new dark, shorter hair” (wink, wink) . . . That’s what it looks like to me, anyway. Not too hot plastic surgery. In fact, the 3rd and 4th pictures even look a little “Michael Douglas-y” to me.

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    “…worldly, successful, impeccable…” Oh, HELL NO! For describing MM?

    Goofy, Texan (no offense, A&M everybody), and scruffy would be to the mark.

    Photoshopped much?

  16. dj says:

    Looks like whoever photoshopped out part of his masculine jawline. He’s got more a square shaped face and it looks like they chopped out the area of his face between his cheekbones and jawline (like a taller, leaner person). Unfortunately, if that’s who they wanted they should not have hired Matthew McConaughey. What idiots.

  17. lala from nYc says:

    nathan fillion! yay!

  18. Jen says:

    I look at him and think, “I bet he smells” But dammit if I don’t think he’s hot! I hate myself.

  19. lucy2 says:

    Worldly, impeccable, and elegant”…who are they talking about? Because it’s not Matthew! He seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s a total stoner, beach bum, cowboy hippie.
    I always find it hilarious that he does cologne ads because reportedly he is a stinky one.
    I liked him when he first arrived and did that John Grisham movie, but now he’s just 40+ guy in lame rom-coms with Kate Hudson and the like all the time.

  20. Dhavy says:

    Josh Holloway-yeah he already did the Cool Water thing but I bet he would look better in those ads

  21. mslewis says:

    Matt is okay but I love his wife(girlfriend?) on that reality show about hair styles. I can’t remember the name right now but it’s coming back in the Fall and I can’t wait. She has such a cute accent and sometimes when she speaks you can just see her little brain working out the proper American words. So adorable. Plus, she has beautiful hair!!

    Oh, I’m having a major brain fart because I can’t remember the name of the show or her name!! It’s tough getting old, people!! Seriously.

  22. Marie says:

    LMAO @ the cheese reference.

  23. Jeri says:

    I have been noticing lately that his face & his hair look different. Not sure what it is but definitely something is different.

    Looks like he got his hair re-sewn to his head and not sure what he did to his face.

    Surprised he accepted this campaign since he loves the natural scent – no deodorant or aftershave, etc. Kinda ewww.

  24. Dobben says:

    @poster “6″: his body looks smaller or out of proportion somehow. Yeah, photoshop is evil and apparently controlled by aliens.

    >>yes!! That body is way too small…
    it looks like his face is in the foreground and his body floating somewhere in the background. His right shoulder (left one to us) looks wonky. And I have serious doubts that that’s his hand, or even a hand connected to that arm — it looks like someone is just reaching up and adjusting his tie for him.
    Creepy all around…

  25. gretchen says:

    just think he was photoshopped to look slightly twihardy…a little vampire’ish…just marketing i think

  26. Leek says:

    The top picture looks like he would look perfect in a coffin. He looks more made up by a mortician than photo shop. I don’t find him attractive at all.

  27. Ashryn97015 says:

    His chest is broader in other pics I’ve seen… The alien hybrid comments had me cracking up. He sure is gorgeous, though.

  28. Team Bethenny says:

    Love child of Christian Bale and Tom Cruise.

  29. Ricci says:

    OMG they photocrapped the hell outta him

  30. lu says:

    photoshop is the future. say goodbye to natural looks

  31. Marianne says:

    I sense some photoshopping…

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    Elegant? ELEGANT??!! What are they smoking? And what was the elf smoking who did that horrid photoshop job on him?

  33. LuckyLilGem says:

    That’s horrible photoshop work. The dude’s head looks like it’s on crooked.

  34. Kelly says:


    Im just glad that men are now being subjected to the same pathetic, demented f*ckery that women have had to endure for the past 74679902746 years.

    I wonder how long *they’ll* put up with basically being spat at from mag covers by the insane clown faces that they’re supposed to be aspiring to. Will men hate themselves and each other for not looking like this? Maybe they’re smarter than us.

  35. KateNonymous says:

    I question their choice of adjectives. McConaughey is not best known for being worldly, impeccable, and elegant. He’s best known for being shirtless.

  36. jayem says:

    ^KateNonymous just made me spit out my drink! LOL!!

    mslewis – It’s Shear Genius. I can’t believe you like her accent. I don’t understand a word she says! It really gets on my nerves.

  37. anon says:

    who names a fragrance ‘the one gentleman’!! craziness

  38. Stronzilla says:

    He looks like the Geico Gekko. And I’m sure Mel Gibson would be more than happy to help out with the Fassbender/press issue in exchange for a well-timed BJ.

  39. DetRiotgirl says:

    @team bethenny YES! I was scrolling down these comments just waitng to see someone say he looks like Christian Bale! I cosign a Christian Bale/Tom Cruise love child here!

  40. I Choose Me says:

    I’m getting a serious uncanny valley vibe from that photo. *shudder*

  41. tango says:

    They look like they photoshopped his shoulders smaller. What? It’s bad to look buff and manly with broad shoulders? I guess I’m old fashioned and like my men to look manly verses skinny male model types.

  42. teresa says:

    well i think he’s absolutely goooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeouuuuuuuuuuuusssssssss
    and anybody who says otherwise has no taste. What it is he’s got personality and charisma as well as looks – far from shallow and boring (like some of the models they use for ads) – we don’t just look at a face but the whole person and as well as GORGEOUS looks he has got it all as is seen from his films – he should be the next JAMES BOND as he has exactly what pierce brosnan has – LOOKS, PERSONALITY AND CHARISMA which are an exploding combination