Naomi Campbell in Venice with her Russian: is his divorce ever going to happen?


I was just looking through these new photos of Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend/fiancé at the Venice Film Festival, and I had several questions. First of all, why would Naomi wear such a hideously dated look? This dress looks like it came from the section of her closet labeled “1991”. Second question: If you’re a designer who is going for “sleek” and “horizontal stripes,” why not just do that for the whole dress? Why “jazz it up” with some trashy fringe at the bottom? Third question: Is Naomi wearing toeless fishnets?!? Fourth question: what’s up with her weave? It’s looking particularly thick, and I can’t make out any bald spots.

My next series of questions are about Vladimir/Vlasislav Doronin, the Russian beefcake in the photos, and Naomi’s boyfriend/fiancé. First: is that absolutely enormous emerald (cabochon?) ring her engagement ring? Allegedly, it is. Here’s a closer look:


Now, for the real questions about Naomi and Vladimir/Vladislav. Is his “divorce” ever going to come through? You know he’s still technically married to a nice Russian girl and they have kids together, and he told Oprah (OPRAH!) that he and Naomi were totally getting married and that he and his wife were totally getting a divorce. Nothing seems to be happening, though. From what I can find, the Russian sources are still very “meh” about this story – perhaps international homewrecking isn’t as juicy a tabloid story for the Russian media? I did find this recent article from The Moscow Times – it’s mainly about Russian model Natalia Vodianova and how she and her British aristocrat husband are maybe about to split (they have three kids together!). The Moscow Times compares the Russian tabloid reporting of a possible split to Russian tabloid reporting that Naomi and Dornin will ever get married. Which is to say “unlikely.” Now, the divorce could be held up because they’re still negotiating some kind of settlement – after all, most sources have him listed as a “billionaire.”

My final question: can you imagine the international hissy fit that Naomi will have if Dornin doesn’t ever get around to getting a divorce? Oh, it will be epic. There will be no un-thrown phones from New York to Moscow. They will have to sic Interpol on her ass. There will be an international task force of elite crime fighters tasked to take her down.


Naomi and Dornin in Venice on Sept. 2, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. SammyHammy says:

    That is one huge, tacky, hideous ring.

  2. mojoman says:

    well, She wont need any more Blackberry since now she has that tacky, gaudy ring to swing at somebody!

  3. Snarf says:

    Why buy the cow if your getting the milk for free?

    An apt metaphor, given the players in this melodrama.

  4. Zelda says:

    Anyone else gonna notice that Doronin’s package is huge? Anyone?

  5. Mia says:

    Why worry about atomic bombs? Naomi will throw atomic blackberries in Moscow if this billionaire doesn’t get a divorce…

  6. Eleonor says:

    I think he’s seriously HOT.
    And it seems the kind of guy who will throw back the blackberry to Naomi.

  7. oxa says:

    He is Russian so interpol will never find the pieces if she messes with him.

  8. lena says:

    Kaiser that’s not a weave, that’s a lace front wig….the difference is a weave would have to hair to be sewn/glued to, any we know from those bald headed beastly pics of Naomi she doesn’t have any.

    I find her boyfriend kinda sexy.

  9. Tampa Sunshine says:

    Her head looks huge compared to his.

  10. Tia C says:

    As ethically challenged as Naomi is, I highly doubt she gives a sh*t whether he ever gets divorced.

    @ SammyHammy: You are right about that ring. That is one fugly-ass hunk of jewelry.

  11. Lantana says:

    Maybe it takes a long time to get a divorce in Russia? (I have a friend in Italy and it took her 3 years from filing to finalization of her divorce.) And that ring is really tacky. Surely she isn’t wearing that everywhere. My piddly little diamond gets snagged a lot(so I usually just go with the band). That ring reminds me of something you’d get out of a 50c toy thing (what are those things called?) that’s at the grocery store checkout.

  12. Lila says:

    Naomi has been engaged a gazillion times. I doubt she’s rushing to the alter herself.

  13. Stella says:

    @Zelda- good catch! no wonder she is willing to wait around for the divorce to be finalized! damn!

  14. Embee says:

    Naomi has temper tantrums because she repeatedly behaves like a doormat for the gross, powerful men in her life who treat her like excrement. Excuse me but CHARLES TAYLOR and this blatant adulterer?!?!?! Anyone see a pettern? The thrown phones/hissy fits, etc. are just her letting off steam about the dirtbag user she’s hooked up with. Poor thing. Look at her face even in these pictures…she’s a meek thing with him. Typical abused face.

  15. scotchy says:

    or perhaps he is just really good in bed and that is why she is meek and weak around him?

  16. Sans says:

    Why do you sites have to lie. He told oprah he’s been seperated for 10 years. He’s not getting a divorce cause shed have a right to half his billion. He wouldn’t be a billionaire anymore. Naomi doesn’t want kids or nothing so who cares.

  17. Brooke says:

    Her Azzedine Alaia is not being shown in the best light; the color is actually a vibrant teal. I’m sure she chose a sedate and conservative look not only for the occasion (evening film premiere at Venice Film Festival) but also to highlight the gauche jewelry. The fishnet is part of the shoe/bootie (sorry can’t recall the designer).

    And her boyfriend? I so WOULD.

  18. mln says:

    I have seen pictures of the wife and Naomi standing together and smiling so I doubt the wife sees it as a homewrecking situation. I also doubt that The Russian is planning on getting a divorce I think its just a permanent seperation with a very nice alimony for his wife.

  19. TG says:

    @Eleonor – I agree about him hitting back. He doesn’t look like he would put up with her BS, unless he enjoys the violent type and then it would only be for his enjoyment not because she has power over him. He looks all man to me. I might have to amend my thoughts on Russian men.

    I like her dress and hair here I think she looks really nice. The ring is hideous as well as the shoes and the bottom of the dress isn’t so great but she looks elegant for the most part.

  20. Zelda says:

    As someone who lives and works in Moscow and is way too used to it now, I have to ask–What WAS your view on Russian men? Because I’d have to say that type-A hypermasculine behaviour is the definite standard/goal for men out here. (think Putin) To me this guy sums up the “ideal” Russian businessman, the one all the oligarch-wannabes seem to be emulating.
    This guy’s way sexier than average, though. Obviously.

  21. Cinderella says:

    Naomi is just a toy. Nothing more. Very rich people have plenty of them. And that wife of his is going nowhere.

  22. ViktoryGin says:

    WTF is up with her face? She has that injected puff blow face look.

    And the lover….he could get it.

  23. gem says:

    @Sans th@s what i was gonna say

    But i thought the wife was very much okay w/ the arrangement of their marriage and liked naomi there has been pics of all 3 holding hands

  24. jr says:

    go Naomi!!!!!!

    hope he doesn’t hurt her!

  25. Westcoaster says:

    His wife is happy with the way things are which means no splitting of assets if he divorces her. Vladimir is at the same time dating and practically married to a supermodel(with anger issues, but still a supermodel) So why should he divorce his wife? Certainly sounds like he has his cake and eating it too!

  26. Catherine says:

    It just proves what shitty low self esteem she has when she allows a man like that into her life. He will probably never divorce. No wonder why she is such a angry woman.

  27. Rx says:

    I think that is a blackberry/phone in his pants….not his “package”.

    The stereotype is that Russian men are not well-endowed…but whatever never hit it with a Russian dude.

  28. RHONYC says:

    O.M.G. (and, i NEVER say that!)

    but, ok, yowsa!

    claudia did it.
    christie did it.
    cindy did it.
    linda did it.
    damn, even IMAN did it.

    all these broads (sorry *bowing* SUP-ER-MOD-ELS!) got with dudes who ‘put-a-ring-on-it’…but she has…at FORTY YEARS OLD, put herself on the arm of a MARRIED MAN, as quintessential ‘ARMCANDY’!!!

    jesus, nay-nay…as a very wise friend once said “some people just don’t have the skills”.

    she should just give the f%ck up at this point. :-(

  29. Eleonor says:

    @ViktoryGin: It wasn’t only my impression, her face looks weird.

  30. jzhz says:

    He’s hot. If he’s packing, good for her! Maybe his dong will have a calming effect on her.

  31. Mistral says:

    I doubt he’ll be divorcing. Why split his assets? I doubt Naomi cares. He’s taking care of her and the wife.

    I know a regular guy (civil servant, so it isn’t a money thing) who has been separated from his wife forever. He doesn’t want an actual divorce because then he will be pressured to get married again.

  32. Tiffany says:

    I can’t believe that nobody commented on Kaiser’s last paragraph…that was EPIC and quite funny. Kaiser, it’s like you save your best material for the hatred of Naomi Campbell.

  33. tooey says:

    I think her face is jacked, too, said it a few months ago. She’s got beginner’s Wildenstein going on…

  34. Sincerity says:

    Naomi Campbell looks quite lovely. Everyone doesn’t have the figure to rock the dress she’s wearing. I’ve noticed more mesh designed shoes and boots this season and they are intriguing.

    Perhaps the reason Vladimir has not finalized his divorce is due to economics. Depending upon the type of assets in his estate, he may be forced to swallow substantial losses if he had to liquidate a substantial portion of them to pay off his wife. He just may be waiting for the global economy to improve. From what I’ve read, the Russians have been dealing with widespread droughts and fires, lately. His business portfolio may not be extremely diversified outside of Russia. If his wife is well connected, he may be relying upon her alliances at this point. Why rock the boat when it’s just better to weather the storm first? Since he and his wife have been officially separated for 10 years, what’s the hurry? Naomi is probably not planning to have any children and Vladimir already has some. They make a very lovely couple and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

  35. tuscan sun says:

    I’m so glad she’s going bald.

  36. snappyfish says:

    There will be no divorce. He is happy with his situation and I doubt that any sane person would marry Naomi. Look at the list of her “fiances” I remember years ago when she was going to marry Adam Clayton of U2 just to name one.

    I think she can hold the crazy at bay for awhile…until she snags them. This man isn’t a fool. He would rather keep his Russian wife (the excuse to why we can’t marry) and have fun with the pretty model until he tires of her. Like all the rest

  37. Elias says:

    I think if someone should be shot, then it would be Naomi! I call that balanced justice!