Elle Fanning, 12 years old, is The Anti-Lohan


Sofia Coppola has a new film called Somewhere that is currently premiering at the Venice Film Festival. It stars Stephen “I Coulda Been Something” Dorff and Dakota Fanning’s little sister Elle as father and daughter. I admit that I know who Elle is because she guest starred on a really good and really disturbing episode of Law & Order: SVU. She was the little girl who started a fire to get her new mommy to love her, remember? Terrifying. Anyway, she used to be so, so tiny and now she’s all long and coltish and so pretty! But you can tell this isn’t some fame-hungry “child performer.” Much like Dakota, Elle doesn’t seem to be totally down with “celebrity.” Look at her face – that’s the face of a young girl who is having fun having her picture taken, because it doesn’t happen that often. That is not the face of a Lohan, you know? And she seems sweetly awkward, yet she has a poise that comes from not being coached into self-consciousness. She’s wearing Doc Martens too.


And is it just me or does Stephen Dorff still have… something? I don’t know… I feel weird admitting that I find him hot.


But he is hot, isn’t he? Remember when it was Dorff and Christian Slater and both of them were supposed to become, like, the next Jack Nicholson? And neither of them did. But it’s nice that Dorff is still getting work.

As for Sofia’s movie… well… um… try not to cry at the trailer, okay? Because I welled up, and now I feel extremely guilty. Also: Benicio del Toro is in it, although he’s not in the trailer.


‘Somewhere’ photo call, Venice, Sept. 3, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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55 Responses to “Elle Fanning, 12 years old, is The Anti-Lohan”

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  1. Emma says:

    I admire both Fanning girls. I think they’re very talented actresses and very sweet and down-to-earth, which is refreshing. I watched the SVU episode you mentioned Kaiser – it was back in season 8, called “Cage”. It’s the only episode with Connie Nielsen (who was replacing Mariska Hargitay, on maternity leave at the time) I was able to stand. But I digress. Anyway, I look forward to seeing this movie, and I think Elle has a bright future ahead of her in the business, same as her older sister Dakota.

  2. Mistral says:

    What a cute girl. And Stephen Dorff is still very attractive (if only he wasn’t so douchey!). He was so good in Power of One…

  3. jen says:

    I love Sofia’s movies!

  4. kelbear says:

    It’s good to see at least some girls out there in hollywood can still stay grounded.

  5. Sarah says:

    She’s adorable.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I just want to send the Fanning parents a bouquet of flowers or something. They’ve done it right – let their talented kids work in the business, but don’t let it rule their lives. The kids seem grounded and happy and NORMAL.

  7. Chris says:

    Lets be clear – there are pictures of Lindsay at this age and she looks equally clean-cut, fresh-faced and adorable. We should credit the Fanning parents for keeping Dakota grounded, or at the very least, out of the tabloids. Lets hope they are equally successful with their younger daughter.
    What a shame Lindsay had a train-wreck set of parents who were seduced by the fame and lifestyle.
    I bet they would do a whole lot of things differently if they could.
    Finally, I love her dress.

  8. Nanea says:

    It’s good to see that some parents still manage to raise their kids well in Hollywood.

    Let’s hope Elle stays grounded, like her big sister Dakota.

  9. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Precious girl!

    I really like the Fanning kids.

    I had red oxfords exactly like that in Catholic School!

  10. Rianic says:

    Loved her in Phoebe in Wonderland. I think every parent should watch it!

  11. l says:

    um…HELL YES he is still hot!

    (he kind of has a tad of a Keifer/Jack Bauer vibe- no?!)

  12. Raven says:

    I agree with Chris. I saw an interview somewhere with Elle a couple of years ago and she was a little firecracker. So upbeat and excited about everything. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    I am SO gonna be watching this movie!! (And I think he’s hot too)

  14. Ron says:

    The reason the Fanning girls are Anti-Lohan, is beacuse they have parents who are parents and care for them as parents. They are not disgusting famewhores who treat their children like a meal ticket.

  15. canadianchick says:

    The Fanning parents should do an intervention on the Lohans and teach them how to raise normal kids in a celebrity context. And Stephen Dorff is hot-loved him in Power of One, will see this movie. Love Benicio del Toro also.

  16. Bronson says:

    ugh i want her 3-eye doc oxfords! they are so friggin expensive!

  17. a says:

    hooray for genuine happiness!

  18. Alarmjaguar says:

    I totally remember that L&O episode! It was really sad and disturbing

  19. annaloo says:

    No one does the ennui of lost beautiful people in privileged, amazing lives better than Sofia Coppola. No one.

  20. mslewis says:

    The movie looks interesting but, what is it about? I loved “Marie Antoinette” and hated “Lost in Translation” so I guess I’ll see this to break the tie!!

    At one point this summer I saw a photo of Elle Fanning and her (handsome) father. He was taking her to ballet class and they were holding hands and Elle was eating ice cream. It was such a sweet picture, I just melted. So, yeah, I think these girls have good parents and no, I don’t expect either girl to turn into a Lohan. If that does happen, I’m totally giving up on life and entering a nunnery because my judgment is too impaired when it comes to movie stars.

  21. kath says:

    She looks like Elizabeth Smart.

  22. Jeri says:

    She has played the child in many shows and does a great job, mostly unremarked upon. She’ll probably become a great actress if she doesn’t deceide to do something else, or both. Guess it’s not an “either/or” situation.

  23. Eleonor says:

    I love the Fanning girls, they seem talented down to earth, NORMAL girls, their parents are doing a great job.

  24. Dhavy says:

    I hope parents of future Hollywood kids are taking notes.

  25. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I hate this kind of navel-gazing pseudo-philosophical indie shit. So self-indulgent and tedious.

    ‘Whatever happened to our ideals?’

    ‘Existential crises! Who is that, again?’

    ‘Who will take care of my ennui when we part?’

    ‘Shall we go the obscenely-priced Disaffected Mumblers art installation?’

    ‘I would, but I just so disinterested.’

    ‘How can we be so close, and yet so far away?’

    ‘Sounds are just the backdrop against which the greatest silences recline.’

    ‘I can barely lift my head for all of this pretense– portentousness, which is it?’

    ‘Don’t worry, I’ll tip the cocaine into your nostrils for you.’

  26. original kate says:

    the fanning girls are adorable. please, please stay out of rehab.

  27. Shy says:

    It’s amazing to see Stephen Dorff as good and nice guy. He always plays psychos. I hope the movie will be successful. I like good Stephen.

    And gosh.. that poor celebrity in the trailer. He looks so sad.

  28. jm says:

    wow – she could be Elizabeth Smart’s twin.

  29. Carrie says:

    Wanna know the secret to why the Fanning girls are both turning out so well?

    Because we don’t know anything about those parents- ie. the parents aren’t famewhores.

    I have said it for years, but the best measure of how a child star will turn out is whether or not the public can recognize the name and face of their parents. If the parents are as known as the child actor, then there’s a problem.

    I don’t know a thing about the Fanning parents- their names, occupations, what they look like, where they live…all I know is that Dakota goes to a regular high school, is on the cheerleader squad, was nominated for the Homecoming Court, and is a talented actress.

    Bravo to them, seriously.

  30. Madisyn says:

    Anyone know the first names of the Fanning sisters parents? Didn’t think so!

    Kath: I thought the same thing the minute I saw the first picture: Elizabeth Smart.

  31. Dan says:

    I only read it because of the title.

  32. Jen D says:

    Please let these girls get their choice of plum Hollywood roles over less deserving “actresses” like the Lohans. Wasn’t Dakota homecoming queen of her high school or something?

    Also: Jo ‘Mama’ – you’re awesome.

  33. annaloo says:

    Joe Mama– you are hilarious… I do love Sofia Coppola’s stuff but yes, the characters do lie around a lot, gazing up… wondering, dreaming, contemplating..whining…

    you are a wicked writer.

  34. Isa says:

    I haven’t watched her in anything except the trailer, but she seems to make acting seem effortless. Like her sister.

    I loved seeing the photos of Dakota being a normal teenager–sometime last year?

  35. jemshoes says:

    Cute as a button! Hoping she stays sweet and grounded.

  36. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Ha! If a poster’s snark can’t exceed its grasp, then what’s a forum for?

    That’s what all of these Hollywood adults get for following their dreams and often entertaining us. I win at art, so take that, ideals!

    Yeah, I showed ‘em.

    They seem like nice girls. I’ve never had much interest in child actors generally (though Margaret O’Brien was the talented cutie-pie), but that’s 100 per cent on me. If I could send out a message to the children of the world (New Kids On The Block-style), it would be this: Stay away from John Mayer and REALLY stay away from Vince Gallo, like move your location to the Sea of Tranquility if you see him coming towards you. Also, don’t see bad theatre.

  37. allison says:

    She makes me feel so proud of her even though I don’t know her, lol. What a remarkable, classy young lady. And she is TALENTED, let me tell you! Have you seen her in “Phoebe in Wonderland”? WOW. She is a damn good actress.

  38. Liana says:

    Stay away from John Mayer and REALLY stay away from Vince Gallo, like move your location to the Sea of Tranquility if you see him coming towards you.

    Coffee, meet keyboard.

  39. Eleonor says:

    @Carrie: I think you’ve got the point their parents are invisible to us, they must be very smart people, they stay away from red carpets and tv shows, and in the meantime they’re raising this girls who attend to school and do all the stuff normal girls do.

  40. serena says:

    Awwwwwww she is so cute, talented and nice. She really seems an enthusiastic child and surely will grow up well.

    I really like Elle. She is normal, which is out of the world for actresses of her age, and has a bright future. Thus she is poorly considered by the media, and by saying this I don’t mean paparazzi or Lohan’s reports but interview, photoshoot and so on. But well, I hope she becomes a great one.

  41. Al says:

    Saccharine. These girls have nothing on Linds.

  42. Sandy says:

    She’s adorable. However, dear Hollywood. Hire someone new! Someone not spawned from the super human gene pool! Someone who’s parents, aunt, older sister, etc. is not already famous. Its lazy. Its tiresome.

  43. rosie says:

    I know a bunch of people said elizabeth smart, but i totally saw bonnie wright when i looked at her (minus the red hair)

  44. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @Sandy: I was thinking that too. Where would the world be if not for connections and nepotism? Qualified, I guess. Sometimes you stumble on a happy accident, sometimes you get Nelson. I’m sure they’re nice guys and they’ve had one #1 single more than I’ve ever had, but it’s just too much peroxide for me to handle. I’m single, so as far as spawning responsbilities go, it’s delegation time.

  45. EMV says:

    WOW! A 12 year old who actually looks like she is 12.

  46. bb says:

    Chris said exactly what I was going to say – at this age Lindsay was every bit as cute and talented as Elle here. It’s so sad that Lindsay had crazy parents who brought her up to be the self entitled liar that we see today rather than keeping her grounded and humble. It’s also sad that she seemingly hasn’t been able to take responsibility for herself as a 25 yo adult.

  47. aenflex says:

    She looks like a little princess.

  48. Camille says:

    She is adorbs. And yeah Stephen is still hot.
    Its a shame that Christian and Stephens careers didn’t go as well as I wish they had.

  49. Chris says:

    I liked Stephen Dorff in S.F.W. As for Christian Slater failing to become the next Jack Nicholson it wasn’t through any lack of trying. It used to annoy me when he’d do TV interviews and actually speak like he was Jack.

  50. Sally says:

    Cute! She looks happy to be there, too.

  51. alexis says:

    Why would you say this? Lindsay was like this when she was 12 too.

  52. I Choose Me says:

    @Jo Mama. You’re in fine form I see. :lol:

  53. neveragain says:

    It’s sad that there is so much hate and jealousy of the talented,successful,lovely Lohan sisters by some insecure people here.
    They make excuses for the Fannings but criticize the Lohans for the same things.

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