Jesse James & Kat Von D get pap’d constantly, and she’s thrilled about it


Honestly, I don’t have strong feelings about Jesse James and Kat Von D as a new couple. It seems pretty clear that despite my suspicions, Sandra Bullock did toss JJ out with the trash, and JJ was and is looking for new girls to occupy his time. He and Sandra are divorced, and she’s been a class act about the whole thing, so I feel like they both have the right to move on – Sandra should and will move on to career highs in Hollywood, and Jesse will continue to bone whatever sketchy chick will have him, until he fades into obscurity. That being said, I enjoy the schadenfreude. Because Jesse looks absolutely miserable with his new “girlfriend” Kat Von D. Poor Kat thinks she’s hooked a prize – and she’s clearly calling the paparazzi so that there are tons of photos of her and her new “boyfriend”. Last week they walked their first red carpet together, and over the weekend, they SHOCKINGLY got pap’d walking down the street and then eating tacos (cough).

New couple, Tattoo artist Kat Von D and CEO of West Coast Choppers Jesse James go about their day in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 2010. The tattoo loving couple enjoyed lunch at Pinches Tacos. As The “LA Ink” TV personality smiles in total delight and doesn’t seem to mind the cameras, bad boy Jesse hides his eyes with a Cleveland Browns hat, allowing just a glimpse of his pearly whites to shine as they drove away from the restaurant. Despite Jesse’s sordid past indiscretions the couple smiles and laugh in total bliss.

[From Fame Pictures]

Enjoy how Kat is playing it up for the cameras. The photo agencies are getting tons of photos of them, by the way – it’s a flood of new “candid” photos and that always makes me suspicious. It’s ridiculous to think that the paparazzi spend all day following one of them just hoping for some photos – she must be calling them. And ordinarily, I hate when the tabloids bring in those “body language experts” to interpret photos, but isn’t JJ’s body language just screaming “I made a huge mistake”?




JJ and Kat on September 3 & 4, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. MonicaBee says:

    JJ’s body language is one of the 1st things I noticed. He is always hiding his face.


  2. a says:

    I bet you a dollar they will try for a reality show together.

  3. Bella Mosley says:

    He certainly got past “I’ll do anything to get Sandra back” quickly. And to go from Sandra to the dregs he’s with – how pathetic. The heaven to hell – where he belongs.

  4. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    What’s up with her Mr.Magoo glasses/shades.

  5. Trillion says:

    I’ve always liked Kat but she’s slipping big time.

  6. snappyfish says:

    This could be a way of hoping to get her back…make her jealous, which I doubt will work, but he did move to TX to be near her (and Louis, I guess)

  7. jen says:

    What is with those Tootsie glasses?

  8. Jillian says:

    @Trillion- Same. :( She’s too pretty for him.

  9. LindyLou says:

    Kat is so naive. She will be left broken-hearted in the not-too-distant future.

  10. gem says:

    Because as much as she likes 2 portray herself as that “badass girl w/ the tats who doesn’t care what anyone thinks” underneath all that ink she’s no different from any celeb whore 4 paparazzi and 2 think she had me fooled 4 soo long wow

  11. Johanna says:

    I used to like Kat & in the past I did think that Ami James from Miami Ink was a bit harsh on how he got rid of her but seeing her on her show (although, not lately since her show has become a boredom) I can see how truly annoying she is. So it leaves me to believe that was her conduct in Miami but we only saw the half of it because the show wasn’t about her & editing.
    I can only imagine the rationalization that she must have of JJ’s conduct & I bet she thinks she can tame him. What a dork!

  12. Kate says:

    I actually got the chance to meet Kat last month and she was nothing but entirely friendly, so I won’t talk shit.

    I had pretty negative preconceived notions about her and was proven wrong by the encounter we had, brief though it was.

    I do think Jesse’s actions were deplorable, and I doubt changing those habits is likely. But Sandra has moved on and its time he does too.

    Good luck to them all.

  13. There’s something about that chick that i’m not feeling.

  14. Christina says:

    Can’t help but notice that all of the women that he’s pictured with are heavily inked and so is he yet I don’t think Sandra has any….does anyone else find this bizarre?

  15. Captaine says:

    Went from Sandra Bullock to Kat von D….talk about an epic fuckin downgrade.

  16. original kate says:

    i’m confused as to why jesse would move to be near louis – didn’t sandra adopt him as a single mother? maybe i’m mistaken but i thought jesse was not his adoptive father. oh well. these two sure look klassy.

  17. Missfit says:

    Ya, it’s OBVIOUS he hates the paps and as much of a douche he was to fuck up on Sandra, he DID seemed much happier with Sandie, but he FUCKED it up and now he’s with Kat and he’s DEFINITELY NOT happy. I can’t help but to wonder if Kat is LITERALLY happy because of JJ or cause this will make her more famous and bring her into the spotlight more. I truly hope she stays real and true to herself and doesn’t let this fame crap get to her head. I don’t understand why he’s supposedly “not happy” any damn way, that’s the kind of girls he likes, that is the kind he always cheated on Sandra, but he wants to have his fucken cake and eat it too, what a DOUCHE!!! I still like Kat though, she’s way cool.

  18. Amoosed says:

    Preferred her red haired look

  19. malachais says:

    The 2nd to last thumbnail is just priceless (looks like jj is hiding his face). Of course she’s going to be friendly to her fans, she is on a reality show after all. Don’t forget that this is also the same person that had ‘fake’ shop managers cast for ratings, but then said she didn’t like how the show was going to keep her fans happy. Its all about money and ratings. I dunno… I just get the vibe too that she is trying to rub it in everyone’s face that she’s with JJ now. He has a type, doesn’t she see that? He wants to be associated with someone with a fairly positive reputation in Hollywood (keyword fairly).

  20. mhjmc says:

    LOL .. I don’t think JJ is just that into Kat .. he doesn’t seem truly happy as he did with Sandra .. and if memory serves he HATES the pap’s!! So I doubt this relationship will last 6 mos.

  21. aenflex says:

    Those red-rimmed sunglasses are damn ugly. Ugh.

  22. Original Gracie says:

    I believe that Jesse moved there with his daughter Sunny so that Sandra would have access to see her as much as she can. Sandra and Sunny are very close.
    Plus I think Sandra said she wanted Louis to have time with Jesse as well.

    Jesse is a weird one…but he must have SOMETHING because I don’t think Sandra would have loved him and married him otherwise.

    Or he’s just really, really, really good at faking it.

    She is SO MUCH better off without him.

  23. Liana says:

    Kat did one of my tats and was really nice, friendly, and warm (and the tat is gorgeous). So I can’t hate on her.

  24. OC lady says:

    I used to watch her show and she is such a fameho. She was dating some rock star named Orbie, and called him the love of her life. Then, she dumps him. After that, she dates Nikki Six and is all gaga over him. Then, she dumps him. Now, she’s dating Jesse James and saying she’s SO in love w/him. Can’t wait until she dumps him, too. :-)

  25. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Captaine: DITTO, baby….

  26. Canucklehead says:

    Wow, he’s a nazi, he’s dating a girl who’s tattoos and white skin make her look like the love child of a zombie and a comic book, and he’s a Cleveland Browns fan.

    3 strikes, he’s out.

  27. SoulLovah says:

    why is her face so swollen? does she always look like that?

  28. Amanda says:

    Kat VonD just repulses me. Her personality on her show is straight-up famewhore, “Hollywood”, super whiney, and I am cringing looking at her with him. For some reason, I feel like she is into him way more than he is into her- could be the body language in the pictures, could be her blurting out she is “in love” with him to the paps, and him not responding, I don’t know what it is. I don’t get how in his entire relationship with Sandra, a MUCH bigger star than Kat, we never saw this much of him. He has always seemed to hate the paparrazi and media attention and gone out of his way to avoid it. And now he has been dating Kat for what- a week? And every outing they have is followed by the paparrazi. Something seems kinda fishy.

  29. jzhz says:

    More evidence this guy is deeply insecure and immature – he can’t even be by himself for a few months, he’s got to find someone else to hold his hand/pay his bills. What a pathetic loser.

  30. BethL says:

    Sandra did adopt as a single mother but Jesse and Sandra had custody of Louis for about 2 months when the scandal brokeout. So Jesse probably did have a bond with him. Nobody bought his “I want Sandra back” interview. It’s not shocking that he was insincere and moved on to another woman a couple of months later. Sometimes I do believe it but I don’t understand why people keep saying so and so called the paps. Celebrities are followed all of the time. Jesse and Kat dating is a minor big story so it wouldn’t be shocking that paps are watching them.

  31. Carrie says:

    Kat dates “famous” men- she dated Orbie (son of Roy Orbison, in a band) and then traded up to Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue), and now has traded up to Jesse James.

    So she has a type, and this plays right into her wheelhouse.

    As for Jesse, here’s what I have noticed:
    His first wife Karla, the mother of his two older children, looks like a “Sandra”: she’s pretty, age-appropriate, no tattoos, just looks like an attractive 40-something California mom.
    His second wife Janine, mother of his daughter Sunny, is the tattooed, drug-abusing, former/current porn star.
    Then he married Sandra, and cheated on her with Bombshell McGee and her ilk.
    And now he is dating Kat Von D…

    I think he switches between these two extremes, the “good girl, good mother” type and the “bad girl, wild child” type.

  32. Faye says:

    I’m with Trillion. I used to think so much of her, and now I’m wondering if she’s blinded by infatuation, or perhaps paparazzi cameras. All of us make really stupid mistakes right? I just hate to be disappointed by celebs/media people who I like, but it’s not like I can say I never put myself in a situation that was doomed and stupid with a man.

    Still though, if I ever get off the fence about a tattoo, I’m calling to get on her what-must-be years long waiting list. She is amazing at her job.

  33. canadianchick says:

    Imo she’s doing this for publicity, my bets are she’ll dump him when hit on by someone more famous than he is. If she does “love” him I think she thinks she’s better than Sandra and can change him. I used to watch her show because she is a great tat artist, but she is very mistrustful of people. That she’s picked him indicates an attraction to what she fears most.

  34. Moreaces says:

    Poor Kat, she really thinks JJ cares, Good luck with that girl,, Dont forget to sanitize

  35. Moreaces says:

    September 5th, 2010 at 12:02 pm This could be a way of hoping to get her back…make her jealous, which I doubt will work, but he did move to TX to be near her (and Louis, I guess
    I just think he misses a realible baby sitter in Sandra while he is out ho’ing

  36. walker says:

    She seems into him, but I think she is just the girl of the moment. I think he’s gonna break her heart.

  37. chelle says:

    Nuttin like being a fame whore…

  38. Moreaces says:

    @ Kate, Please spare me, what kind of desent woman, dates a known serial cheater,, she was probably one of the “women” that he was cheating with

  39. Cletus says:

    Yeah, people who cheat should immediately be shot in the face. They never deserve to live any kind of decent life or experience a moment that doesn’t suck. Actually, they should be lit on fire instead of shot in the face. Being shot in the face means it’s over too quickly for them. Because cheating on your spouse is the worst possible thing you could ever do. It totally ruins humanity.

  40. LuckyLilGem says:

    Why are they dressed like rebellious teenagers?

  41. Confuzzle says:

    I bet he hooked up with her for some casual sex, but she sees PR opportunity and won’t let go. She’s all over this for attention, and he looks like he wants to chew off his arm :lol:

    Hahahah suffer you repulsive pig.

  42. Ligeia says:

    did she dye her hair black so she looks more like his ex skankaroo nazi mcgee?

  43. K-MAC says:

    oh boy does he look miserable! I bet he is now feeling the full impact of just how much he screwed up!

    He is still a loser!

  44. photo jojo says:

    I think they are both the same kind of crazy.

  45. moopsie says:

    maybe she needs to make some money so she’s hooking up with a guy that’ll get her some attention and possibly some interviews. trying to figure out why the hell she likes him

  46. DrM says:

    Man…hate much or what? Look Kat Von D may not have the best taste/decision making skills in men but that does not make her a nazi/ho/skank extraordinaire. And I think Jessie realises he F’ed up in a major way. Public humiliation anyone? I think the man has paid his dues, he’s a douche…but deserves to be left alone to do his douchey stuff in peace! LOL

    I like her glasses, I was looking at them thinking I might get a pair…

  47. mojoman says:

    She is using him for publicity, he is using her to get Sandra jealous. Win win situation for both but a loose situation for us (who noticed these nimrods are on the cover of the tabloids)

  48. Siren6 says:

    He looks miserable. Couldn’t care less.

  49. Girl says:

    I can’t help but to think they might be using each other. She for fame. He possibly for dispelling what pretty much everone believes: that he is racist (she is Mexican-American). I hope I’m wrong and I definitely could be.

  50. d says:

    “I just think he misses a realible baby sitter in Sandra while he is out ho’ing ”

    YUP. That relationship with Sandra was oh so convenient for him, wasn’t it? I think he straight up used her and got the shock of life when Sandra drew her line in the sand when she said it was over. I think this guy is total scum.

  51. Trillion says:

    Liana: I am sooooo jealous!!! I would love her to work on me and I even have the piece picked out already. *sigh* prob. never get the chance. Kat and I were raised in the same relatively obscure, intense religion so I’m always pulling for her. She is making it hard with this lame b.s. She’s so intelligent, undeniably talented and interesting. This makes her look like the rest of the stupid pack. I liked her better when she was dating skaters and tattooing just under the radar.

  52. teehee says:

    Im with #31. Hes just such a mess inside that he cant hold his head up. has nothing to do with her much like it had nothing to do with Sandra.

  53. LittleOat says:

    Ummm…leave the Browns alone, you famewhores. You bitches have nothing on Josh Cribbs.

    Seriously. Why is he wearing a Browns cap?

  54. DiMi says:

    It’s amazing how many women are exploiting Sandra Bulluck’s fame. And Jesse does not look well. Not only does he look miserable, but he only seemed to look really happy when he was with Sandra. I mean really, he followed Sandra to Texas, and now this lady’s trotting right on after him wherever he goes. It’s pathetic, but it’s just business.

    She doesn’t care about his past because this is just a career move for her.

    Although, I do think she looks pregnant, which would explain why they’ve gone public.

  55. Westcoaster says:

    Like someone said earlier this has all the makings of a reality show.

  56. jemshoes says:

    UGH, tattoos and those two! ;)

  57. Bodhi says:

    @ #59 ~ What is wrong with tattoos?

  58. albeli says:

    Kat’s such a huge downgrade from Sandy (who was way too good for him). Her posture is horrible. And yes, he looks absolutely miserable.

  59. cara says:

    I call BS on these two. I’d bet it’s a PR stunt concocted by Bullocks team. Just note, when did we EVER see James and Bullock “canoodling” or D and her former lover (wasn’t it Mick Mars) “canoodling” at taco places. This is a stunt….to show, him moved on, let ppl forget…then he and “America’s sweetheart” will rekindle their romance…I can see the headlines now, “He’s changed, humbled, matured”. This is a farce.

  60. Angel says:

    They actually look like they might be friends, partying it up and having a good time. He obviously has issues and is immature so this younger woman is perfect for him because she doesn’t seem to be the type to take any crap but yet she’s fun and isn’t judging him. I saw informal pictures of Jess and Sandra before the breakup walking down the street or whatever and they weren’t holding hands or laughing. He always seemed to be walking behind her in every picture I saw. I’m sure the guy tried to be the big superman that Sandra wanted him to be but that wasn’t real. And maybe this new relationship is.

  61. Bluesconnect says:

    Sorry, but all of those tattoos make them look like a couple of Anacondas. Yuk! When they get old and their skin wrinkles and shrivels, all of that green will just fade into big blobs. Take a look at any WWII vet and you’ll see what I mean.