Teresa Giuidice accused of hiding $250k in assets in bankruptcy filing

Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice filed for bankruptcy a few months ago along with her husband, Joe. The couple is $11 million in debt despite earning less than six figures a year – officially. Teresa has refused to take any responsibility for her actions and insists that her lavish lifestyle didn’t drive them into bankruptcy. In a recent interview in In Touch, she claims to be living within her means and limiting her spending. She doesn’t mention or account for the $60,000 she’s accused of spending in just two months after they filed for bankruptcy. Teresa and Joe’s creditors claim in a recent court filing that the couple never reported $250,000 they earned as an advance for Teresa’s book, Skinny Italian, along with failing to report earnings from her online boutique and another company that Joe owns.

A New Jersey lawyer for the Dept. of Justice handling the case of Teresa and Joe Giudice in federal bankruptcy court has filed a complaint on Thursday objecting to the couple’s request for Chapter 7 protection, claiming they intentionally failed to reveal major assets in their original petition. The court documents that appear to have been filed by Roberta A. DeAngelis have surfaced on a ‘Housewife’ blog. Sources of income alleged to be missing from the bankruptcy filing? The court documents list a $250,000 book advance from Hyperion received by Teresa for her cookbook ‘Skinny Italian,’ her ownership of an online boutique called TGFabulicious and more.

The objection reads: “To date, the Defendants have not filed amended schedules that disclose the existence of the book ‘Skinny Italian,’ the publishing deal with Hyperion, Defendant wife’s ownership of TG Fabulicious, LLC, or Defendant husband’s ownership of 1601 Maple Avenue Associates, LLC.”

The claim further alleges that the couple were untruthful in previous sworn testimony (“the Defendants have knowingly and fraudulently made false oaths in this case”) as the contract with Hyperion was reportedly dated Oct. 22, 2009 — just prior to the Guidices’ petition for bankruptcy protection — and signed within weeks of filing for Chapter 7. While Teresa has reportedly acknowledged in an April 2010 examination under oath that she received the book advance, her legal team has apparently done little to officially update court records about the newly disclosed assets.

[From Popeater]

Every move this woman makes shows what an entitled arrogant person she is. She has no shame and will stop at nothing to continue to buy whatever she wants so she can live however she wants. I just feel sorry for her kids.

As for those rumors that the “nephew” that Danielle Staub brought up on the reunion show last week was Teresa’s husband’s lovechild, several of you mentioned another possible reason why Teresa flew into a rage. (As if she needs a reason.) There’s a story that she has a nephew that is of mixed race, which her low class family refuses to acknowledge. I was unable to verify that at all, though. I had the chance to read the full dumb interview with Teresa and Joe in In Touch, and they don’t address the cheating rumors except to say that Teresa “laughed” at that story and that they’re solid. Joe volunteers that they “still make love once, sometimes twice, a day.” Thank you for sharing. That really puts me off my lunch and now I’m imagining fur flying and cats mating.

Here’s Teresa looking lovely on 9/1 and 9/5/10. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. B says:

    Teresa Giuidice accused of hiding her forehead, oh wait, it’s non-existent.

  2. aenflex says:

    What really cracks me up is how he got into a wreck and THEN took some shots afterward, while waiting for the police to arrive. True or not, either way he is a stupid pud. That reunion show was so comical and tragic. Suffer the children.

  3. Snarf says:

    Joe totally f*cked around on her and fathered a kid. Danielle Staub found out, hence all the hatered.

  4. Jane Q. Doe says:

    That woman has the deadest eyes I think I’ve ever seen.

  5. JC126 says:

    They’re douches. She had some lame explanation for why she overreacted, which was something about not being able to visit a nephew when he was born because of work, and it was ludicrous – no one would react like THAT to something so benign. I totally believe the love child story.

  6. gem says:

    How can you hide that amount of money from the government? where would it be located? Like seriously I wanna know im curious if anyone knows

  7. Kelly says:

    Her lower lashes, OMG.

  8. TeeTee says:

    and I read somewhere they owe for more than 4 yrs of taxes, something about them never filing and falsifying tax returns..

  9. Dhavy says:

    With all that money she still can’t cover the tan lines LOL.

    Can these networks pick better looking, un-botoxed, un-plastic (at least face), better dressing rich women? They all look like they came into money by winning the lotto and they were previously living in a trailer working as strippers.

  10. Bored@Work says:

    If this woman and her husband don’t end up in jail soon, something is wrong with the justice system.

  11. Tuatara says:

    You are right. It looks like her lower lashes are trying to escape!

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    TG Fabulicious, you say? If we ever need a word to replace “budget,” I’d say that’s it.

    @Dhavy, they have to be that way, that way people will watch. As long as they make people feel better about themselves, they’ll watch. If they were all attractive and classy, they’d make the viewers depressed because they’re not them. That’s why soap operas are awesome. We may have problems but we don’t have their problems. It’s really quite cruel of the networks and us to watch these trainwrecks but they don’t have the decency to act better so here we are…..

  13. Taya says:

    These two are both scum and deserve to go to prison.

  14. Kiska says:

    scumbags. I hope Teresa finds a jail cell to decorate.

  15. Ron says:

    Of course she did. I really hope they throw her ass in the clink. Bankruptcies like this one piss me off. Taxpayers foot the bill because she can’t control her shopping. It’s not because someone is ill, or laid off etc. It’s becasue she is so incredibly selfish and a complete pig. 18,000 on a christening party????? She needs to be in prison.

  16. original kate says:

    i hate the way she always tilts her head to the side in photographs. on second thought, i hate everything about this trashy wench.

  17. Sassy says:

    Bankruptcy is supposed to be an option for people who have/do work their asses off and still can’t get ahead – maybe they’ve had an illness in the family, got laid off – something to that effect. It’s something that if filed, most people have put much thought into, weighed their options – a tough decision but sometimes a necessary one.

    But for these two? They were total f*cking pigs about the money they spent, not a care in the world, living in their jacked up tacky mansion, with their tacky furniture and then, uh oh! we’ve spent nearly ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS and we shouldn’t have to cough that up. Let’s file for bankruptcy so we can start fresh with our ridiculous, greedy ways.

    Pigs. Total disgusting pigs.

  18. Chrissy says:

    Perhaps they didn’t file anything regarding her businesses b/c they are in her name only? I have no idea how bankruptcy works but if one partner declares, does that mean the other partner also forks over any assets they have only in their name? If she admitted it in court but her attorneys haven’t filed any forms, perhaps they don’t have to? I obviously have no idea. Just wondering …

  19. wunderkindt says:

    Teresa needs to go to jail!