Jane Fonda on her figure: ‘I stay active, I have good genes & money – it helps’

Jane Fonda, 72, is promoting her new workout DVD for older people and a new book she has coming out on aging. I love how honest she is about the fact that she’s had plastic surgery, which she’s admitted to before, and that it’s not easy for her to stay in shape. In a new interview with ET, she talks about how older people can become disassociated with their bodies if they’re not careful and how she has to pay attention and work hard to stay slim. “I’m careful about how I eat, I stay active, I walk a lot. I have good genes, and money… money helps.” She also talked about her hip and knee replacement and how she has to “take my body where it is” and not try to push herself past her limits.

Jane Fonda has been open about her plastic surgery since she had her eyes, chin and neck done earlier this year and now she tells Entertainment Tonight more about the procedures.

“I recently had plastic surgery,” she said. “It was a hard decision to make, and I decided if I’m going to do it, I’m going to tell the truth. I’m writing a book about aging, so I can’t write that book and not say I’ve had plastic surgery. And you know, I just decided it was for me — I don’t want to have bags under my eyes that make me look tired, and so forth and so on.”

Fonda, 72, has struggled with bulimia and admits her workouts have been excessive but she is trying to find moderation in walking hills, lifting weights and swimming.

“I have, in my life, been obsessive about exercise, about most everything,” she said. “But one of the good things that happens when you get older is everything comes into perspective. I don’t want to get hurt.”

[From The Huffington Post]

I really like Jane and how matter-of-fact and open she is about everything. She doesn’t have to own up to plastic surgery or to doing anything to maintain her figure at 72, but she’s admitting what it takes and that it’s easier because she’s loaded. I want to do leg lifts with her in her tricked out home gym. Then we can retire to her gorgeous living room, drink vodka martinis together and gossip. I wouldn’t even tell a soul, and you know that woman has some awesome stories.

Jane Fonda is shown on 7/4/10, 8/9/10, 8/16/10 and 8/26/10. Credit: WENN





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  1. Tiffany says:

    I watched that interview on ET last night and I have to say, her honesty is refreshing and it makes me like her more. She has had surgery, she admits to having her eyes done, it looks subtle and not a massive change to her face. She looks good for 72. See celebrities, we know you have money and means, just own up to it, you will never be like ‘normal’ folks.

  2. guilty pleasures says:

    She looks great and age appropriate in all photos, is rockin that purple fedora as only a mature woman can, and is refreshingly honest about her age-deceit!!
    I would def have some work done if/when things start to go seriously south. Wouldn’t get bigger boobs, but eyes, under the chin, heck ya!
    Go on wit yo bad self Miss Jane!
    PS, gonna jack that white blouse/jeans look!

  3. EllenP says:

    She looks great – especially her neck. What in the heck happened to Joan Rivers?

  4. Jackson says:

    I don’t care what people say about her. I like her and I applaud her honesty.

  5. CandyKay says:

    I was never a fan – recalling the whole “Hanoi Jane” moment – until I read her biography a few years ago. It was, indeed, very honest. She admitted frankly to a lot of screw-ups. She has lived a full life, and you have to give her credit for that.

    Are there any of her movies that people still watch, however? Barbarella, maybe, for camp value, and maybe Coming Home or Klute for students of 1970s cinema, but does she have a “signature film” the way Lauren Bacall or Catherine Deneuve have?

  6. She’s a political twit and an embarrassment to America. If she weren’t so rich she would look like any other woman her age.

  7. Hmmm says:

    Puhleeez. Like she’s only had plastic surgery this one time??? I don’t think so.

    Everything is always about Jane. Bleh.

  8. Rex says:

    CandyKay – How about “Barefoot In the Park”? with Robert Redford? That is a classic

  9. maggiegrace says:

    I love her, always have.

  10. original kate says:

    omg, i love “barefoot in the park!” that movie is hilarious. as for jane, she looks good, and i think she is an amazing actress, but the outfit with the jeans and the white fedora? um, no. the black outfit looks great on her. if you dress your age people will think you are younger, but if you dress too young (ie, ripped jeans etc) it’s obvious that you’re struggling to look younger. and that makes you look older and kind of pathetic.

  11. JM says:

    CandyKay- you forgot On Golden Pond where she starred alongside her father Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburne. She was also in Agnes of God with Ann Bancroft & a young Meg Tilly and The Morning After with Jeff Bridges.

    Will people persecute this woman over the Hanoi Jane issue til she dies? She was very young. Do you think Lindsey, Paris et all will be doing the same stupid things they do now when they are 72..if they live that long?

  12. RHONYC says:


    i bought my mom the 1st jane fonda workout like in 1982/83.


    so great that she’s still doing her thing.
    i like her honesty and how she doesn’t come off as ms. know-it-all.

    i’ll get this video for my mom, too.

    she’s gonna flip! 🙂

  13. Embee says:

    I LOVE her in “On Golden Pond”.

    Her actions during VN were extremely disrespectful of our troops, but she made amends.

    She had a pretty intense yoga phase as well. I wonder if that’s still on her radar?

  14. Mike says:


    She is a traitor, plain and simple. Half-assed apologies decades later doesn’t make it not so.

  15. IceBunny says:

    she will always be a liar masquerading under the guise of a “truth teller” until she confesses and discusses all the lipo she has had. Women who “distract” us talking about the nip/tucks they have had on their face – acting like that is the great divulgence of all time – while denying the endless vacuuming done on their bodies, are hardly truthful. Especially sinful are the ones, ala Jane Fonda, promoting an exercise video for seniors. Way to mess with old ladies’ minds Jane. ‘You too can have this body, if you work out like this!’ … What is sad is that people actually buy into her “truth”.

  16. Mistral says:

    people with money have more time and resources for plastic surgery and other procedures. but, really, it’s all about how much time we’re willing to make for our health. luckily, walking places is free!

  17. Mistral says:

    people with money have more time and resources for plastic surgery and other procedures. but, really, it’s all about how much time we’re willing to make for our health. luckily, walking places is free!

  18. Jessie says:

    @ Mike: should I congratulate you on never having made mistakes or been blinded by youth and inexperience? Or do you think only “bad” people ever make mistakes, and “good” people always do the right thing?

    Terrible atrocities were committed on both sides of the Vietnam war, and neither came away smelling like roses. I don’t respect what she did during the war, but I have to admire giving a televised apology and trying to grow and work from there.

  19. e-non says:

    jane rocks. another really terrific film is ‘julia’ with vanessa redgrave.

  20. Raven says:

    I like Jane Fonda and have read her bio as well. She was cagey and defensive for years about her plastic surgery and I think had more than her eyes done last winter. No one of her age would have a jawline like that without some help.

    She seems to work hard to try to grow as a person. She has been endlessly remorseful over the Vietnam incident and her other activities in Vietnam. When a Vietnam vet spit on her in Kansas City during a book signing, she chose to let it go and not press charges. She has taken a lot of abuse from individual veterans and just sucked it up out of remorse for what she has done. That’s good enough for me, although people wanting an excuse to hate her would not find anything sufficient short of death.

    The thing that bothers me is that people don’t understand the effects of years of bulimia. Her bones are shot, as are Sally Field’s, who also suffered from bulimia. She’s had to have both hips replaced. I wish she and Sally would speak out to young girls about the effects of bulimia. Obviously, Karen Carpenter is the poster child for that, but because we see both Jane and Sally as youthful and attractive, we forget what goes on inside the body and how they are paying for it today.

  21. Emily says:

    @Raven, I never knew that about Sally Fields. You’re right, it would be good if they could talk about the long-term effects their bulimia has on their bodies.

  22. Wresa says:

    Wow, I had no idea she was 72! She looks amazing. Her attitude is like mine when it comes to plastic surgery: it is one thing to ‘maintain’ but another to alter your appearance altogether.

  23. kelly says:

    Another ‘good genes’ A-hole. Seriously, when people say that about themselves, what do they actually mean? That they’re some sort of eugenic example to lesser mortals??? WTF? My eyes are rolling so fast right now it’s giving me motion sickness.

  24. Alecto says:

    sorry but i can’t forgive her from the vietnam thing. i wonder how many good men that were murdered due to what she did. i wonder how many future leaders died because of that. it wasn’t their fault that they were thrown into that situation when they were no more than children. it was an unjust war waged by a government that wanted a war.

  25. KateNonymous says:

    I can’t get past the “Vietnam thing” either, and the dumb things that Lindsay, Paris, et al do just don’t compare. Joan Baez did a much better job of apologizing, much earlier. Jane Fonda has yet to truly apologize. Her “explanation” was self-satisfied justification, IMO.

  26. lio says:

    @alecto: so it was an-unjust-war-waged-by-a government-that-wanted-a-war, but an injust war against which nobody shoud have speak up? In the country of free speech? Strange…

  27. Stronzilla says:

    I loved her in Cat Ballou. Lee Marvin was hysterical and won an Oscar. He said they should have given it to his horse.

  28. Tess says:

    I see her as a classic Lear Jet liberal hypocrite, very conflicted about her own entrepenurial streak, which she will not own up to, and, immoral, shallow, and elitist when it comes to politics.

    However, for anyone interested in Fonda, and a very revealing view into the world she grew up in (her mother was a member of an old Connecticut blue=blood family who committed suicide), read Brooke Hayward’s ‘Haywire.’

  29. elaine benes says:

    Jane looks fantastic. Loved her in Barefoot in the Park & 9 to 5.
    I have a few copies of her videos from a few years ago but they didn’t help much. I guess if I put down the bag of cookies I was eating while watching & got off my ass that would make a difference.

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