Katie Holmes is a terrible zombie model for Marie Claire


My GOD Katie Holmes is horrible model. I have just gone through Marie Claire’s October pictorial, starring their cover girl Katie Holmes, and this might be one of the worst ever. It’s not really Marie Claire’s fault. It’s Katie’s. She doesn’t know how to carry herself, she doesn’t know how to pose, and she looks old and exhausted and slumpy and like a f-cking zombie in nearly every photo. And you know Marie Claire probably used the best shots too – that’s how bad it is. Can you imagine the shots that were rejected? Go here for the full slideshow, but the best (worst?) shots are the bottom of this post.

Anyway, Katie was also interviewed for Marie Claire! Xenu lets her speak for herself and everything. It’s predictably kiss-ass (“Katie Holmes doesn’t really walk; she glides…. I find myself getting distracted by her cheekbones and her soft but determined voice.”) but there are a few (butt?) nuggets of interest. The full online excerpt is here, and here are the highlights:

Producer Jennifer Todd, on Katie Holmes as producer/actress on The Romantics: “She really was a producer. It wasn’t just a credit given to her. She’s been relentless in trying to help get this film out. She has a real love of cinema and a real passion for seeing a project through from start to finish.”

On The Romantics: “I just look for characters I can relate to. I loved this role because it felt like these are things that people go through,” Holmes tells me. “It has friendship, it has heartbreak, it has the past coming back into your life. I also liked the friendship between Lila and Laura because it’s tricky between women — you are either a friend to women or you are not.” Holmes continues, “That stuff for me is very real. I have three sisters, I went to an all-girls academy. I feel like I know girls and know how we fight, and [author] Galt really nailed it. I just thought the movie felt very true.”

Doing the film festival rounds: “The enthusiasm that existed around this project was just awesome,” she says. “We all get together now and do dinners. We really did become great friends, and that’s rare — to continue those friendships.”

What’s it like being (the third) Mrs. Tom Cruise? “It’s really exciting. Tom’s as big at home as he is on the movie screen. He’s so passionate about everything, whatever he’s doing. When he’s being a dad, he’s right there; he’s giving it his all. It’s inspiring and it’s fun. It’s an amazing life, but we always remind ourselves of how incredibly lucky we are.”

On their date-nights: They visit each other on set when they can — Holmes is currently working in Toronto — and they do manage to have date nights, usually screening a current movie in their Beverly Hills home, followed by “probably a two-hour discussion about what we thought.” They also play a lot of Scrabble. Holmes, always the straight-A student, is a formidable opponent. “But Tom’s really good at it,” she admits. “It’s all strategy. I think when I’m back in Toronto, I’m going to bring my dictionary and study.”

On being apart: Despite their hectic schedules, they’ve never spent more than a week-and-a-half without seeing each other.

More kids? “Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I’m really there for Suri. I’m the youngest in my family — my closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it! I liked having all of my mom’s attention, and sometimes I think I still do.”

On Suri, who Katie says is being home-schooled (by Xenu?): “We travel a lot, and so for me, it’s keeping a daily schedule for Suri that never changes,” Holmes tells me. “We wake up, and we do the same thing. She does her chores. I think it’s very important. If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not really herself. She has to make her bed, she has to take her dishes to the sink, she has to put her clothes in the laundry — you know, that basic stuff. I try to do what my mom did for me … just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden … When Suri comes to the set, we have art projects, and I just try to keep her busy and inspired.”

[From Marie Claire]

If her life is really this good – and honestly, she does make it sound very nice and low-key – then why has she aged so drastically, and why does she wander around like a drugged zombie so much of the time? I just think… damn, even with all of her money (Tom’s money), I still wouldn’t want her life.





Photos courtesy of Marie Claire.

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  1. denise says:

    She has dead eyes.

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh hell! They make Suri do chores, yet she has the last say in what her mom wears out in public? That’s a disconnect.

    I agree with you about the exhausted and slumpy energy she exudes from these photos – and just about any photo we’ve seen of her since she married TC.

  3. Fae says:

    Looks like a normal woman (with a job and a small child) who hasn’t been photoshopped to death. Personally I find that preferable.

  4. Deniz says:

    I don’t know…The lighting or something is really off on these pictures. I’ve seen her in other magazine spreads and she didn’t look as bad as this. There’s no color in her face and she completely lacks emotion.

  5. Super Sleuth says:

    Is anybody in there?!?

  6. Katie says:

    Wow, she doesn’t look really tired in these photos. You would think they could take care of that with makeup.

  7. badmom says:

    #1 So This. The whackjob she’s married to has sucked every bit of life out of her. And Katie needs to stop rhapsodizing so much about
    Suri; she just sounds stupid, not like a doting mom.

  8. photo jojo says:

    She seems constantly drugged – like she has a low grade Xanax buzz or something.

  9. Samigirl says:

    I believe this photos could be coined “heroin chic.”

    She does look tired and zombie like.

  10. denise says:

    @ Badmom (lol@ the name)

    It’s like Tom has literally sucked the life out of Katie. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and those eyes say alot. It’s like she’s not there.

  11. Nanea says:

    Playing scrabble on a date night? Discussing a movie for two hours afterwards?

    Doesn’t sound like a date to me! More like something I’d do with a group of friends when my husband’s not around, and of course we’d be doing the discussing accompanied by lots of food and wine.

    “We always remind ourselves of how incredibly lucky we are.”

    Yeah, he – that he got himself another beard and she that she got access to his credit cards.

    And describing Crazy Cruise as being “as big at home as he is on the movie screen”? Scary! Just imagine having his maniacal grin in your living room, 12 ft across!

  12. Moreaces says:

    Poor thing, Tom has really got his claws in her, am surprised that she can hold a normal conversation.

  13. Gwen says:

    @Denise: Just what I was thinking. She’s not there at all.

  14. RHONYC says:

    “She does her chores. I think it’s very important. If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not really herself. She has to make her bed, she has to take her dishes to the sink, she has to put her clothes in the laundry — you know, that basic stuff. I try to do what my mom did for me … just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden … When Suri comes to the set, we have art projects, and I just try to keep her busy and inspired.”


    ya know, i make my ‘kankles-katie’ cracks and i think calling her ‘fascinating’ is a stretch… but she does sound like a very good mother.

    i gave my daughter chores like that when she was that age and i think it attributes to her independent attitude now.

    also, those lil’ things…like doing art projects, making things with your daughter and just being there is a total gift. those years are so super precious and fleeting.

    i would’ve given anything to have been a working-from-home mom from ages 1-7 than having to go back to work. i remember being away from her for like 10 hours a day sucked horribly.

    katie does acknowledge she is blessed in that area, so good for her. 🙂

  15. audrey says:

    i think she’s pretty until she shows her teeth.

  16. Moreaces says:

    And describing Crazy Cruise as being “as big at home as he is on the movie screen”? Scary! Just imagine having his maniacal grin in your living room, 12 ft across
    I was taken a little aback by that statement too

  17. denise says:

    @ Gwen

    Strange things going on in that household for sure.

  18. Liana says:

    Tom’s as big at home as he is on the movie screen.

    But he’s such a wee little thing…

    And my date nights with my man involve going out somewhere, just the two of us, and spending time reconnecting. We play scrabble when we’re just hanging out at home, but that’s not what we do on date night.

  19. LindyLou says:

    I wouldn’t want her life for all the money in the world. Scrabble, 2 hour discussions after watching a movie? Guess that’s what you do when you don’t have sex because your husband prefers the company of Zac Efron.

  20. Bailey says:

    she has that medicated look

  21. Leslie says:

    As Tyra would say, she looks dead in the eyes. There is just nothing there.

  22. Leslie says:

    Okay, I call “bullshit” – they have a TWO HOUR discussion about the movie they just viewed? Christ on a cracker, they’re boring!

  23. nina says:

    No questions about HER,,,all about her husband and her kid. So if she was not married and did not have a child there would be nothing to ask her about.
    Oh, wait a min she has no career/life

  24. mila says:

    She looks like Helena Christensen in some of those pics.Too much Photoshop, not enough personality.

  25. aenflex says:

    Kaiser – that’s called the THOUSAND MILE STARE. Welcome to Scientology.

  26. lucy2 says:

    nina, totally right, it’s all about Tom and Suri.
    “Tom’s as big at home as he is on the movie screen.” That creeped me out a bit too! Except a TV screen would be more to scale for him.
    She has had dead eyes for a long time now, it’s sad, but hey, it’s what she signed up for I guess.

  27. Ruffian9 says:

    Dead. Eyes.

  28. benny says:

    She does looked drugged. But maybe that’s just from being so tired.

    I think she’s one of those people who can put on weight quickly, and then she loses it for her next role or fashion spread. That constant weight gain/loss cycling can really age a person, especially in the face. Also, I think she’s a smoker, and that will age you prematurely.

    I wish she would gain a few pounds and stay there – that’s when she looks her best and youngest.

    I’m not gonna comment on her interview because it just sounds so sad. Two hour discussions on movies they watched? Studying a dictionary so she can keep up with Tom while playing Scrabble? I sincerely hope that is b.s., because if it’s not . . . dear God, what a sad woman.

  29. nnn says:

    She looks like a vampire

  30. missy says:

    I think she looks fine. People always complain about these shoots being too photoshopped, but then they complain when they keep the flaws i.e. under eye bags. Based on her wadrobe and lighting, it looks like they were going for darker look.

  31. aenflex says:

    I will eat crow if she smokes, it’s very frowned upon in Scientology. You know if she smokes she don’t do it when Tommy’s home…

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    How good could she be at Scrabble? All she ever describes is in various shades of ‘amazing’.

    I’ve never heard of this film, but I like the alliteration of ‘Lila’ and ‘Laura’: very grown-up. That’ll serve her well in the next Scrabblegories championship, or whatever the heck she does with her long, long nights.

  33. original kate says:

    she is brainwashed…or something, i don’t know. she looks unhealthy and sounds like tom’s fan instead of his wife.

  34. lady miss E says:

    the interview and the pictures frighten me terribly. I would say “that poor woman”, but I bet she spends more on facecream in a month than I make in a year, so f*ck her and Xenu too.

  35. hellen says:

    HORRIBLE! Good God, she looks like she just got out of the hospital or something. And she sounds like she has about a 300-word vocabulary, heavily weighted toward “really” and “amazing”.

    She also sounds incredibly dumb, by which I mean undereducated and lacking intellectual curiosity, and perfectly happy letting someone else dictate her life.

  36. a says:

    @denise: i agree. empty… dead eyes.

    also that dress would have been awesome without adding the olive colored tank top…?

  37. *bRaZiLiAn* says:

    she always has the same coke head look
    she always has that stupid look in all pics
    just makes u want to slap her an be like wake up bi***

  38. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I think she looks pretty.

  39. angie fan says:

    I Looovveee her hair. That’s about it. A lousy actress.

  40. di butler says:

    Katie is the ever obedient Scieno wife. She never wanders off-script.

  41. TG says:

    I agree with everyone on here isn’t your spouse supposed to be your equal and not larger than life?

    My favorite shade of amazing is “magical”. LOL

  42. Diva says:

    Isn’t Tom Cruise severly dyslexic? And she’s having to study the dictionary to beat him in SCRABBLE??????

    Anyway… I think Katie Holmes was probably going to be a vacant, dead-eyed woman before Cruise got his hooks in her. It’s why he was able to. All that aside, I think she’s truly happy with the little, pretend life she has, so good for her.

  43. CanCan says:

    How about letting Suri play with other kids her age? I have never seen her with other children, but yet bringing her clothes to the Laundry is more important? I think she is going to be socially awkward as she grows up.

  44. Embee says:

    Living with that little maniac would exhaust anyone. I was thinking of Tom, but Suri’s no picnic, either. Don’t you know he hides behind doors, furniture and springs out like the little leprechaun he is? She’s probably shell-shocked.

  45. Bee says:

    @Leslie, LOL at “Christ on a cracker.” Peter Campbell is that you? And “Did ya get the pears?”

  46. Juice in LA says:

    Maybe she’s really trying to send us a message- that her life is making her a zombie, and we need to help her!!

  47. jemshoes says:

    Poor girl, she hardly ever gets whatever look she’s going for right.

  48. AJ says:

    She belongs to the aliens now.

  49. Emily says:

    The interviewer’s right, she doesn’t walk-she stumbles around looking for fresh brains.

  50. Catherine says:

    At least she totally loves that little girl and is there for Suri. Can’t say that about too many celebrities and their kids. Michael Douglas anyone? He f***ed up royally with his kid and look where it got him. Hopefully Suri will grow up happy and well adjusted.

  51. California Surfer says:

    I wonder if scientologists are allowed to smoke weed? Katie and Tom need to smoke some!

  52. Eileen says:

    Shoot just his weird psychotic energy is enough to suck the life out of you…little own his constant need to be taller, have you drink barley water, and be the perfect mom for the media. Egad!

  53. Confuzzle says:

    It’s remarkable just how well she’s been programmed in such a short space of time. I suppose meds help when having to deal with a bizarre life like hers now is. I wonder when the real daddy to her bot child will finally have the balls to speak up?

  54. leZombi says:

    She looks like Zombie Brunette Michelle Phifer in the last photo. That’s the only one I like.

    There are better models on modelmayhem who have no experience. This is just… bad.

  55. whitedaisy says:

    @denise Haha so right.

    ““And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… “

  56. citysuede says:

    anyone else notice that she only smiles with one side of her face? and never shows her teeth when smiling like she used to before they were married.

  57. GatsbyGal says:

    Yeah, she’s dead inside.

  58. jzhz says:

    I have never seen what the big deal is about her – something is way off in her proportions. There is a big difference between actresses and models, that’s for damned sure. She does look like the undead.

  59. mollyo says:

    “anyone else notice that she only smiles with one side of her face? and never shows her teeth when smiling like she used to before they were married.”


  60. belle Epoch says:

    She’s exhausted from carrying Suri and her blankie everywhere.

  61. texasmom says:

    MUST. . . EAT. . . BRAINS. . .

  62. la chica says:

    NB: ALL the shots cut her off at the bottom of the hips. This is bec KatiE has the HEAVIEST thighs on anyone in Hollyweird. they look very unattractive. Marie Claire played up the dead eyes to distract us from the elephant thighs.

  63. Granger says:

    Wow, I can so relate to Katie Holmes. Date nights with my husband also involve renting movies and playing Scrabble. But that’s because my husband and I are both students. Which is why I can safely say that if I had Tom Cruise’s money at my disposal, I WOULD NEVER RENT A MOVIE OR PLAY SCRABBLE ON DATE NIGHT AGAIN!!!!

  64. Anonista says:

    It’s hard to deny that she is cute – maybe not beautiful, but definitely cute.

    And remember, models don’t necessarily get to choose what they wear for these shoots. Someone else does the hair and makeup, as well as picks the final shots that will go in the magazine. You can’t fault KH for someone else’s taste in clothes.

  65. Toe says:

    She looks….hungry.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    Ojos muertos.

    Poor woman looks like she’s dead from the inside out.

  67. allison says:

    shes still pretty

  68. hyuch says:

    none of the photos show her below the waist…get rid of her thick legs and she’s immediately 20x better looking….

    I bet she lets Suri do 90% of what she wants. She is always saying “you have to go with the child” and “if it makes her happy…”.

    And she STILL likes being the centre of her mother’s attention? Huh? She ‘s a grown up with her own family…There’s an argument for having another child stat.

    That said, I think she looks a bit vacant but pretty in these shots.

  69. Tg says:

    Honestly, I think her makeup and hairstyle is what aged her. If you have seen her recently on the red carpet or out in public she hasn’t looked so bad. And she doesn’t look that horrible to me either just a bad makeup job and really crappy dull colored clothes.

  70. Darlene says:

    Wow, there are so many harsh and hateful comments on this thread. I am not a fan but it is so cruel to read where others write and/or speak so mean about and attack another human the way some of you are doing.

    Forgive me for being so sensitive but I feel so bad just reading this.

  71. lisa says:

    I have to be honest..never knew much about her before she and Tom got together.. I never watched that show she was on.. so I don’t have anything to compare..

    But I am going to make a comment.. I look at most couples and for some reason I can imagine or not imagine them having sex..

    I can never picture Tom/Katie having sex.. It’s strange I know.. but there are couples you see and you just know they have great or good sex. I just don’t see it with Tom/Katie either way..

    Don’t know what that means.. but since we are making comments that was mine..

  72. kelly says:

    Well, she was chosen for her blandness and lack of potentially controversial opinions and aspects. TC wants a pliant, white bread MOR beard and he got one.

    What was anyone expecting? Incredible talent? Zingingly well informed, cosmopolitan freethinking worldview? Duh.

  73. mln says:

    She shouldn’t have married Tom especially if she is just on contract as rumoured I am a bit too old for Dawson’s Creek and never watched but I did like her in Pieces of April and the Ice Storm but she isn’t the best thing ever. Even Nicole Kidman who was more talented didn’t have a career until after she got out of the marraige and she doesn’t seem as smart or enigmatic as Nicole.

  74. Shimmy says:

    This woman is completely full of shit. Nobody who is married or in a long term relationship feels like this about their partner. No healthy or happy relationship could allow you to stay in a sustained state of awed fandom.

    What I get from her BS speak is that she was a woman with very little life experience before she got into this sham relationship, and her idea of how to present a facade of a happy relationship is based on her naive, inexperienced beliefs of what a relationship should be, mixed with Scientology ideals. It makes me feel there is actually little interaction between them.

    And given her compulsive lying about her perfect life, coupled with Suri’s manner in public, I do not for a second believe Suri does any chores. I think everything that comes out of Katie’s mouth about her family life is complete fiction.

  75. cruiz2 says:

    I think you should go back to bed!!! No energy or life here. Boring you & make-up make it possible. Nothing special here. Yuck! Talents are…TOM.

  76. Lynda says:

    She’s enthused about being the 3rd Mrs. Cruise? Also, my date night usually involves some sexual actvity…ooppss…never mind!

  77. Stronzilla says:

    How does a dyslexic, high-school dropout beat a straight A student at Scrabble? What is it lately with Scrabble? It was also named as the favorite pastime of Jesse James and Kat Von D. Is it like code for something else?

  78. Charaze says:

    Compared to Paparazzi pictures, that cover is better. Katie looks really old now. I wonder what’s wrong with her timeless charm? Turns out her time ran out of batteries.

  79. anon says:

    what is going on!! she looks so sad, like shes about to cry any second in the last photo!! also where are her teeth?

  80. jm says:

    My kids do “chores”, too, but would I in a million years say they’re just not themselves if they don’t do them? Puh-lease.

    She sounds like a brainless twirp who’s trying to convince us of how smart and deep she is. I’m not fooled!

  81. Honey B says:

    @ Diva

    ‘Anyway… I think Katie Holmes was probably going to be a vacant, dead-eyed woman before Cruise got his hooks in her. It’s why he was able to.’

    Excellent analysis…

    @ Embee

    ‘I was thinking of Tom, but Suri’s no picnic, either. Don’t you know he hides behind doors, furniture and springs out like the little leprechaun he is? She’s probably shell-shocked.’


  82. aj says:

    She needs to find someone HER OWN AGE.

  83. Cletus says:

    Nah, she needs a young buck. They so wonders for a gal’s soul!

  84. Johnthing says:

    Amazing…awesome…bet those are favorite scrabble words.

  85. Westcoaster says:

    In every interview with Katie Holmes it always appears like she is holding back something or can’t think for herself. I know a celebrity does not have to or need to tell the public everything about their private life,but in the case of Katie Holmes it always sounds like she is reading from a script. Strange

  86. aenflex says:

    @Darlene – I feel you. There comes a point in Scientology where you are no longer your own, and in her case, it is IMPOSSIBLE to leave without very, very ugly consequences. I know she is an adult and makes her own choices, but at the same time, I feel for her too. I despise Tom, for other reasons, but Katie is really a victim here, of herself, her overbearing and psychotic husband/father, and of Scientology. We should really just pray that she gets out without too much damage. It takes years to detox from Scientology.

  87. Jazz says:

    There is no life whatsoever behind those eyes. Aren’t you supposed to have sex on a date night?? Playing scrabble and discussing movies on a date night are things you do with SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT HAVING SEX WITH!

  88. Whitey Fisk says:

    Denise, I was scrolling down to post “She has dead eyes,” and there was your comment, first in line! Very nice!

    P.S. Like Katie, I also have those with whom I have “probably a two-hour discussion about what we thought” and play a lot of Scrabble – my gay friends!

  89. SammyHammy says:

    She looks like she needs a good long nap.

  90. cindy says:

    Is she trying to look like Angelina Jolie with the eye makeup?

  91. Shimmy says:

    ‘Anyway… I think Katie Holmes was probably going to be a vacant, dead-eyed woman before Cruise got his hooks in her. It’s why he was able to.’


  92. Beck says:

    definitely looks medicated

  93. L Ron says:

    We have the real Katie. She has been taken to planet xenu. You are viewing a clone.