Is Jessica Simpson knocked up, or is she just a fashion failure?


Or is it just a horrible photo? Or is it all of the above, horrible photos of a pretty pregnant girl, wearing a bad dress? I just can’t with Jessica these days. My problem is not that she’s slightly heavier than she was a year ago – my problem is that she is still wearing the same clothes that she wore when she was thinner. You know, the same looks. They didn’t even look that hot on her when she was thinner – and now she just wanders around in a donut haze, looking frumpy and uncomfortable. And pregnant, in these photos.

Now, if she is pregnant, good for her, I suppose. I guess the potential baby-daddy would be Eric Johnson, the dude without a job, the grad-school dropout. Hollywood Life claimed last week that Jess was looking knocked up… but that doesn’t mean anything. She just gains weight in her midsection. God… I’m really hoping she’s not pregnant.

Anyway, Jessica was in NYC over the past few days – she was hostessing a preview of her Spring 2011 collection, which should sell very well, fashion experts say. Fame Pictures notes, “Jessica hosted a fashion presentation Tuesday night that featured real women and their curves in her preview for the Spring 2011 Jessica Simpson Collection “Show Me Your Blues” Jeanswear. Jessica will be a busy lady for the next week with Fashion week coming into New York.” That’s nice that she got “real women” not models to show her clothing. Good for her.

One last thing – a few days ago, a reader sent in a tip about Jessica and her best friend forever, hair guru Ken Paves. According to the tip, there is a rumor floating around that Ken and Jessica are on the outs as BFFs. Now, Ken and Jessica haven’t been stuck up each other’s asses for a few months, ever since Jess started hooking up with this Eric Johnson dude. Ken and Jessica haven’t been photographed together in months, so there is some evidence to back it up. One theory: Ken doesn’t care for Eric. Second theory: Ken is pissed because he thinks The Price of Beauty might have ruined his reputation. Third theory: Ken and Jess are both drama queens, and they’re just in the middle of tiff. Fourth theory: nothing is wrong. Who knows?

And for the love of God, look at the shoes!




Jessica on Sept. 8, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. bb says:

    She looks like a rich 60 year old trophy housewife in that first picture. Dreadful posture and outfit.

  2. Richie says:

    Her body has become pretty much broader and larger than what it used to be! guess it’s a bad photo….

  3. Schnauzers!!! says:

    She looks pregnant, but who knows. I guess at some angles I look pregnant too? IF she is, good for her, it’s what she’s always wanted. Hope this guy is worth dividing up genes with…

  4. scotchy says:

    bad photo, bad outfit, i too hope she isn’t pregnant.
    what i don’t understand is why she doesn’t hire a bloody stylist?

  5. Siren6 says:

    Doesn’t she have anyone in her life that can level with her when she puts on an outfit like that, turns around, and asks, “Does this work?” Tragic.

  6. Maritza says:

    She has gained a lot of weight, it looks like she has let herself go. Time to go on a diet Jessica.

  7. Katalina76 says:

    GAH!!! Someone should force a stylist upon this poor girl.

  8. Kelley says:

    I’m with you, No. 7 … I think she’s just chunky, but the whole outfit is horrid … fug shoes with that dress, which wouldn’t be too bad on its own, but with those shoes ? Yechh … someone needs to explain to her that short dresses on her type of frame look like hell …

  9. Jazmin says:

    How can she promote a fashion line when she looks like crap all the time?
    Boggles the mind….Btw, it’s genetic—her body type. She can’t do anything about it. Just look at her mother. They both have (jicotea) turtle bodies.
    Sorry Jess, can’t have everything in life.

  10. Samigirl says:

    Jeeze Louise. What a terrible, unflattering outfit. She has LOST HER MIND. And the shoes are awful.

  11. aenflex says:

    Ahhh…at least she’s not hateful. Ditzy, and gooey, but not hateful. I cannot dog her that hard, I really think she is a sweetheart. Just growing, for whatever reasons.

  12. kate217 says:

    omg so much worse than I was expecting!!! she does look pregnant but i doubt she is

  13. nanster says:

    I have never seen another woman “in the spotlight” who yo-yos more than Jessica Simpson. I saw her in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ the other day and she looked beautiful and fit, though I couldn’t manage to sit through the entire movie because it was so bad (but I digress). The constant fluctuations in weight can’t be healthy for her.

  14. spanks says:

    It looks like she’s just really gaining weight in her upper body, must be her ‘trouble spot’ and where all her pounds go.
    Those shoes are hideous.

  15. Roma says:

    I thought for sure my screen was distorted… she looks like Snooki in that outfit. All ball-like and short.

  16. California Surfer says:

    Wilma Flintstone called, she wants her shoes back! And I wonder if Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey are due around the same time?

  17. Chris says:

    Is it just me or does Jessica Simpson look a bit like Britney Spears?

  18. Embee says:

    Poor thing, she looks terrible, and she’s such a pretty lady.

    How does one dress for this body type? (I am her physical opposite so i haven’t any experience). Would she look cute in babydoll/empire waist items? She baffles me because she so rarely looks…right but I don’t think she’s fat. She’s just dressed ALL WRONG all the time. The only time she looks cute is in jeans and peasant blouses.

  19. Team Bethenny says:

    Not pregnant, just getting fat. She needs to learn proportion, pronto. Stacy and Clinton, where are you when we need you?

  20. luna says:

    @Embee: I have the same body type as Jessica, as in my shoulders are broader than my hips, which, when you’re chubbier, equates to top heavy. This means that when we gain weight, most of it goes to the stomach and face while the legs and butt area generally stay slimmer than the top portion of the body.

    Exercise wise, cardio is a must…it’s the only way to get rid of the excess fat in those areas…and core strengthening exercises help a lot too.

    Style wise, since legs are typically the best feature for women with this body type, short skirts are good (they also draw attention to the slimmest part of the body), the waist area of clothes should draw attention away from the actual waist (like babydoll and empire waists), and skirts should be fuller to make the body look more balanced. In the picture above, the waist on her dress pinches her right on her gut, and then the skirt hugs her, almost accentuating her most unflattering part.

    Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger are all skinny versions of this body type. It’s kind of funny because when women with the cone or “apple” body type are skinny/fit, they’re usually described as “statuesque” but when they’re chubbier they’re “top heavy”.

  21. Lizzard says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think she’s gained more weight and hasn’t given up the clothes she used to wear. She’s never really looked great in anything she wears. She needs a new stylist. For example, those shoes are just hideous on anyone and pairing the unflatteringly clunky looking shoe with a too short too tight dress doesn’t help matters. If the dress were the right size for her and a couple inches longer and didn’t have that ribbon belt across her widest section of her body, the dress might not be that bad. Plus, please GOD burn those shoes!

    If she is pregnant, good for her, I’m sure she’s thrilled… I always got the feeling she’s been super jealous of Ashley since she had a baby and got married.

  22. Gwen says:

    Yikes :O

    I’m going with very badly dressed.

  23. elaine benes says:

    What is wrong with her? Does this chick not own a mirror?

  24. original kate says:

    god, i hope she isn’t preggers. i already know way too much about her bodily functions.

  25. Sassy says:

    She’s just chunky – and I don’t mean that in a bad way BUT girlfriend DOES.NOT.KNOW.HOW.TO.DRESS.

    She’s rich, right? HIRE A STYLIST. STAT.

  26. Katie says:

    If she is expecting, more power to her. She looks very confident, and happy, and that’s fantastic. I know I didn’t really “bump out” until I was about 4-5 months along, but I felt like I looked thicker in my middle during my first trimester. It is also possible that she is one of those girls who let themselves indulge a little more when they’re happy in a relationship (I have a few girlfriends who fit into that category!). If that’s the case, we should all cut her a little slack.

    As far as the shoes…these are a little tragic. I actually like most of her shoe line (as loathe as I am to admit it!). These are just unfortunate.

  27. fugly says:

    oh noes. in the face she looks it.

  28. trishy says:

    This girl has never dressed herself well. It’s just more obvious now that she’s put on some weight.

    Also, apparently she’s the “celebrity” guest judge for the Project Runway finale! What. The. F. Was Jennifer Love-Hewitt booked already? PR on Lifetime, you’re really taking steps to alienate your fan base.

  29. Delta Juliet says:

    I don’t get it? I am a regular woman, with a regular job and an average, slightly voluptuous body. In other words, I don’t have an ideal body and I don’t have tons of cash to spend. But I manage to look way better than her. I look in the mirror before I go out the door and if the top or bottom doesn’t look quite right, I change it! Is she looking in a funhouse mirror? She looks horrible! (I’ve also been pregnant 2 times and wouldn’t go out looking like this)

  30. angie fan says:

    Did she look in the mirror before she left her house and say “Looking Gooood”! Dang, even the woman to the right of her has got her beat!

  31. Annie says:

    Too much deep fried beer me thinkith.

  32. KellyBrynn says:

    it may just be the printer fumes at work, but i REALLY like those shoes…

    and i agree with people who’ve expressed the sentiment that despite her utter stupidity and hypocrisy about her body (the way she suddenly becomes comfortable with her body, but yet can’t stop obsessing over it) she is hard to hate on. i’ll admit back in the day i was upset that someone with such a lack in singing talent was heralded as a GREAT singer, but she’s mostly harmless. just annoying.
    i hope she does find happiness, but i think she should stop thinking that her happiness is directly related to who she is dating at the time. granted, in the honeymoon stage we’re all enamored, but i hope she finds her own happiness.

    and i WANT those shoes. they’d look absolutely slutastic with a hot red dress. i’d rock it.

  33. tango says:

    What? Is she a size 10 or 12? Maybe? It seems that the camera does put on weight and next to size 0 starlets, a size 10 looks downright fat. But Jessica hasn’t learned how to dress for her body type and weight. Jessica really needs a stylist who understands proportion and how to elongate short curvy women.

  34. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I feel kinda sorry for her-she seems like the type who leans toward being heavier anyway. I remember when she first came on the scene and had to work out ridiculously to get that body she had for that one music video-can’t remember which it was. And there was another instance where she split her pants at a concert.

    She just isn’t a skinny girl-and there is nothing wrong with that. Her problem, as others have enumerated, is that she just can’t dress her body type. She’s been in this business so long that she’s got blinders on and probably has a bunch of Yes Gays hanging around who tell her she looks great even when she looks awful.

    And I hate the term “real woman”. All women are real. Some just take better care of their bodies because it’s their job and they have the time and money.

  35. Sakota says:

    “And I hate the term “real woman”. All women are real. Some just take better care of their bodies because it’s their job and they have the time and money. ”

    Same here. Type 2 Diabetes runs in my family and heart disease. I’m a size six rigtht now and I am FED UP with all these badly overweight women braggin about how a size fourteen is the ideal.

  36. Majosha says:

    Sakota, a size 14 can be perfectly healthy for the right woman and certainly far from “badly overweight.” It all depends on your shape/height. I hate the notion that any woman who treads into the double digits is automatically a fatty.

  37. DrM says:

    Jess could look beautiful dressed well. There is actually nothing wrong with her body shape at all. Mine is quite similar and it isn’t that difficult to dress for this particular shape and size. You DO NOT have to be skinny to be healthy, happy, attractive or worthy of living (but some of the hateful comments on here might give one pause…)

    Its a bad dress, Jess is not a bad person, ugly, obese or deformed…get a grip some of you.

  38. Shanzy says:

    @Majosha – I agree! I’m SIZE 10-12 and at 5’11, I look healthy and not over weight at all. Snookie is a size 6-8..

  39. Embee says:

    @Luna – very cool – I can see where you’re coming from. She does have beautiful legs and looks great in short skirts. I think her body type is very feminine but appears difficult to dress in today’s fashions. Of course, I am hosed when the babydoll look comes around – I look like a dog dressed up as a kitten in those suckers.

  40. zigan says:


    and would somebody please tell me wtf she’s doing all day long?

  41. Camille says:

    Holy crap. This chick has no idea about anything does she.

  42. Kiska says:

    I have a similar build as Jessica and putting on the wrong outfit can be a disaster! For one thing: No puffed sleeves…it just adds two additional boobs.
    The belt around the waist just screams – look at my belly and hips.
    She needs a new stylist asap.

  43. Anoni Mus says:

    I actually think she looks good with a few pounds on her, she should be a role model for real women instead of trying to fit into the boring skinny blonde mold. Look at her legs, I’d kill to have legs like hers.

    That said, she is a slave to fashion and has little taste, if at all. Sad, cause she is very pretty and could look twice as good with the advice of a good stylist.

  44. Crash2GO2 says:

    Maybe she is one of those women who gain weight when they are happy. *shrug*

    She reminds me of my 97 year old grandma (not that Jess looks old!), still teetering around in high heels, talking about starting her diet ‘tomorrow’. Definitely an apple body type tending towards chubbiness.

  45. jemshoes says:

    Fug shoes – ugh! JS is also a little too … orange. :) It’s OK by me if she’s heavier, just ease off the fake tanning!

  46. GT says:

    I love Jessica no matter what size she is! She represents being happy with yourself and not having to be a size 0, which is rare in Hollywood. Although that isn’t the best outfit I’ve seen her wear she is gorgeous!!

  47. TheTruth says:

    Many of you people in here care too much on how other people look on the outside, but very little about inside beauty.

    This tells me that many of you people hate your own look, and therefore has to put other people down, just to hide your own self-hate.

    It’s sad that this world is so hateful, when we could have a warm and sweet world instead.