Tommy Lee brags that rave he threw for 14 yo son’s birthday got shut down by the cops

Tommy Lee is so very proud of the rave he threw for his son’s 14 year-old birthday party. It was a raging success, according to Tommy, because the cops came three times and ultimately shut it down.

Rocker Tommy Lee’s eldest son is becoming a hellraiser just like dad – his recent 14th birthday party was shut down by the police.

Lee and Pamela Anderson’s teenager Brandon asked his dad to help him organize a rave for his birthday in June.

The Motley Crue star tells TV show Extra, “Brandon just turned 14 and he goes, ‘Dad, for my birthday I wanna throw a rave.’ He took over this place, I bought a huge sound system, lights, Glo-sticks…The cops came three times and he was so pumped. He was like, ‘Dad, this is the coolest thing; my party got closed down by the cops.”

The 14 year old is the only wild man in the family now that his dad has stopped drinking.

Lee explains, “I quit drinking 90 days (ago)… I’m a lot clearer, which is scarier; you don’t wanna mess with this now.”

[From Starpulse]

Now that his oldest son is fourteen Tommy thought it would be a great idea to throw him a party so loud that the cops needed to be called. Apparently he has no consideration for his neighbors or the fact that a rave is inappropriate for a 14 year-old. Incidentally, a four year-old kid drowned at a party that Tommy threw for this same son, Brandon’s, fifth birthday. (Tommy was found not guilty of negligence in a suit against him by the boy’s parents. Jurors found that it was not his responsibility to provide a lifeguard and the nanny who was supposed to be watching the kid had left.) I’m not saying that Tommy shouldn’t have a party for Brandon due a tragedy he wasn’t personally responsible for nine years ago, just that he should maybe be more cautious when it comes to parties for kids. He certainly shouldn’t be bragging to the press about how loud and out of hand they got. I hope his sons have other adults around to supervise them rather than relying on Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, but it’s doubtful. What an idiot he is, but at least he’s been sober now for a whole three months.

On a lighter note, have you seen this video of a 16 year-old Australian teen defending the 500-strong party he had when his parents were away on vacation? Tommy Lee probably sounds pretty similar to that kid.

Tommy Lee is shown on 4/10/10 with his girlfriend, Sofia Toufa, in Vegas. He’s also shown with a black eye at the consumer electronics show in Vegas on 1/9/10. He looks awful and like the hepatitis is really kicking his ass.



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  1. jen says:

    He doesn’t look like he’s long for this world.

  2. Chris says:

    “He looks awful and like the hepatitis is really kicking his ass.”

    That’s probably because drinking is the worst thing someone with Hep C can do. It’s murder on the liver.

  3. Snarf says:

    Meth face.

  4. Kj says:

    “what advice do you have for other teens who are thinking about throwing a party while their parents are gone?”

    “get me to do it for you.”

    That Aussie kid is so epic. I love how he refuses to take off his sunglasses because “they’re famous.”

    Oh and Tommy lee’s kids have been fucked from the beginning. I’m not going to say that Pam and Tommy don’t love their kids or care for them, far be it from that, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they probably aren’t the best role models.

  5. Westcoaster says:

    Is Tommy Lee sick? or is this just the result of years or partying? He looks like crap

  6. Tess says:

    Another poster child for wasted potential.

    Like Lindsay Lohan, their entertainment value becomes focussed on witnessing their decline and speculating about how long they can last.

  7. Whatever says:

    Tommy was always fug, but he looks half dead now. Since he isn’t drinking anymore, I guess we can’t blame the booze for the fact that the man is an idiot.

    I never heard about the four year old drowning before. That’s horrible, but I wouldn’t lay all the blame on Tommy. What kind of idiot drops off a four year old child and leaves, especially at Tommy’s house?? I’ve never left a child that young at a party, with or without a pool. Seems like a combo of bad parenting and negligence on Tommy’s part. They share the blame.

  8. bettygirl says:

    he looks worse than keith richards!

  9. Whitey Fisk says:

    Tess said: “Another poster child for wasted potential.

    Like Lindsay Lohan, their entertainment value becomes focussed on witnessing their decline and speculating about how long they can last.”

    Great comment. That is so true, and so profoundly sad when one really stops to consider it.

    It almost – almost – makes me feel bad for being a CB junkie, but maybe making a mockery of this type of behavior will prevent our young people from emulating it.

    So really, I’m doing society a service by following CB. There, I feel better! 🙂

  10. anon1 says:

    I know Pam the skank Anderson said she got Hep C from Tommy but was it ever confirmed? I’ve don’t remember ever reading anything about him actually having it. She was pissed at Tommy and I think she just threw that out there. I don’t know that I believe what she says. Pam has run with a lot of questionable guys and could have picked it up anywhere, if she even has it. I just don’t know that I believe it-especially with her continuing with her hard partying ways. She’s been a sloppy mess the past few years. You would think that she would be in even worse shape if she was actually sick with Hep.
    Tommy is almost 50 and did a lot of drinking and drugging while with Motley Crue. I honestly don’t think he looks all that bad all things considered.

  11. aenflex says:

    I stare and stare at the comment box, yet nothing at all comes to mind…

  12. nanster says:

    And anyone is surprised by this kind of behavior? They probably had an open bar for all the 14-year-old party-goers. Any child who is the spawn of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson will end up a total mess – I feel sorry for their sons.

  13. Chris says:

    @Whatever: he said he stopped drinking 90 days ago. Just 90 days, that’s bugger all in the scheme of things. He continued drinking heavily for years after he contracted Hep C, that’s what’s ruined him.

  14. As usual, Tommy Lee is making us proud one again. He is as good a neighbor as he is a father. Nice work, Tommy! Will Tommy be surprised when his kid winds up in jail on a heroin charge in a few years? Or worse? Think ROLE MODEL, Mr. Lee, when it comes to your kids. At least he quit drinking – definitely a good move. Too bad one cannot simply quit being stupid though.

  15. GatsbyGal says:

    A rave?! This is 2010 for christ’s sake. God Tommy Lee, way to show your age.

  16. Idlewild says:

    Those poor kids are going to grow up total trainwrecks and menaces to society. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Ever.

  17. Lady LaLa says:

    What makes you think they got HepC from
    sex???? It’s called Tattoos-Blood into
    blood needlesticks….

  18. lucy2 says:

    Kj, I totally agree. Those two kids never had a chance, you just know how their lives are going to go.

  19. original kate says:

    he looks like ass.

  20. fugly says:

    MINDFREAK! he looks like an old, skinny, Chris Angel. tommy lee used to be sooooo hot for a skinny white dude.

    i would never let my kid go to a party at tommy lee’s. hells no. haven’t we done this before?
    kids + tommy lee as the chaperone
    = certain disaster

  21. Tia C says:

    Wow, creating a disturbance in your neighborhood that causes the cops to come three times, wasting taxpayer dollars, is REALLY something to be proud of! Bless his heart, Tommy Lee has become the poster child for precisely how NOT to live life.

    @ GatsbyGal: While I agree that Tommy is looking half dead, the article quoted by CB states the kid asked for the rave.

  22. lilred says:

    The phrase rode hard and put away wet certainly comes to mind…

  23. laurie says:

    You can get HepC from coke. Blood from the nose. A former boyfriend of mine got it that way and died from it. Couldn’t get a liver transplant in time.

  24. Mistral says:

    14 already??? Wow…

  25. court says:

    dont worry, those sunglasses corey worthington made ‘famous’ eventually came off
    he gave them to a magazine here in australia, the magazine in turn held a competition to decide how the sunglasses would be destroyed. i think they wound up being run over with a truck.

    such an idiot. he lives about half an hour away from me, you see him at the local shopping centre and everyone looks at him as if hes nothing but a loser.

  26. Wow Tommy is looking washed up. The same can be said for Pamela too. All those years of the rock and roll lifestyle have finally caught up to them in a big way.

  27. jemshoes says:

    @ court – hey fellow Ozzie!

    Totally embarrassed that Oz is repped by stereotypes like Croc Dundee and idiots like Corey Worthington on the international scene.

  28. GT says:

    Holy shit, what happened to him????? I used to think he was hot, he looks like he’s aged 30 years!!!

  29. Chris says:

    Corey Worthington was news down here about two years ago, sheez.

  30. workingclasshero says:

    Rants of jealous people. Sure, he’s showing his age, but honestly, he’s lived the lives of ten men. He lived how he wanted, to and what’s more rock n roll than that? Isn’t that what life is about? Making the most of your own life? Rock on Tommy. God bless.

  31. dehumidifier says:

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  32. 70's wildchild says:

    Honestly, I cannot believe some of the stupidity I am reading on here. Several of you have called Tommy Lee stupid. This is for them: Look in the mirror and repeat that would ya? Were I to list every celebrity who ever drank/used drugs, be it a musician, actor/actress, or whatever, the list would be so long it would never fit on this blog. How can you be so ignorant as to pick on just one person? Perhaps Tommy Lee is slowly killing himself. Perhaps he doesn’t care. For my part, he is one of the all time top drummers but then again, that all depends on who you ask because it is all subject to personal taste. Personally, I prefer a more subtle, classic style. Power drumming is great where needed but not through the entire song. Each drummer must conform to the music the band is playing. Tommy Lee was one of the best~!! Let Him Be!!!