Uma Thurman on the beach with her boyfriend

Uma Thurman vacationed in St. Tropez with her boyfriend, hotelier André Balazs.

Hello! Magazine has the details:

Passions are running high in Saint Tropez where Uma Thurman is showing all the signs that her two-year on-off relationship with Andre Balazs is back on. The pair have been holidaying in the celebrity hangout, and the chemistry between them was on show for all to see.

Andre Balazs wraps a protective arm around his love of two years, Uma Thurman, on a break in Saint Tropez. The couple split in March but now look to be rekindling their relationship.

Uma’s big boobs are probably real, because they’re drooping convincingly.

Thurman has asked Hollywood not to write her off because she’s getting older, and says that actors get better with age.

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Thanks to yeeeah for alerting me to these pics.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    Those droopy boobs really are worthy of a 1930s movie! Actors may get better with age but their bodies don’t. How many actresses have pleaded not to be written off because they’re aging and how many producers cast 20 something starlets with 40 and 50 something actors? Unfortunately the only people that want to see older women in movies are other older women and they’re not the ones propping up the box office. At the movies there is nothing between the nymph and the crone. A sad fact but ever true.

  2. Marie says:

    She is now in my favorite top five of actresses because it is brave to keep ones own breasts, and she is really ageing beautifully. I think fake breasts are really ugly. I hate the look of breasts that are like kate beckinsales up by one’s neck. You just need a good bra. Natural is the most interesting and beautiful. Cookie cutters orange breasts are not beautiful. They are disgusting looking. I also love rosario dawson. Great set on her!

    Scarlett Johanssen I am sorry to say — are 100% fake. You can see when she wears a bikini. They are separated, have a ridge and they have the telltale round on the bottom of the breast– real c and d’s do not do what hers do. I know I have a perfect 32D natural, and perky and so do my 4 sisters. None of their boobs do what johannsen’s do, and we are all in better physical shape.

    Keep it real girls. Keep it real.

  3. millie says:

    Uma looks great. Her breasts are real…remember Dangerous Liaisons with her when she was just a teenager? They are where they should be and I bet that Andre appreciates what he’s got. About older women in movies.. I just got back from an almost sold-out showing of Devil Wears Prada. Lots of women but also older men with their wives. I bet most people showed up to see Streep rather than Hathaway. Interesting part about Johanssen’s boobs–I noticed that they’re so far apart in a bikini, but they look pretty good in a gown. She’s good but seems to be just a tad too hungry to me, just like Keira Knightley.

  4. ChaCha says:

    Of course in those gowns the celebs push everything just right with tape and who knows what- else underneath their dresses’.Then when they get naked it’s gelatin city.