LeAnn Rimes calls herself “Mrs. Cibrian” when ordering Girl Scout cookies


In Touch Weekly always gets the best scoops about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. I think they must have a good source in the camp – perhaps a hair stylist or something. All I know is that ITW’s stories are usually on target. Anyway, this week’s story is just a funny little piece about how LeAnn “can’t wait” to take Eddie’s last name when they’re married. That’s the power of an orgasm, isn’t it? You’ll give away anything and everything just because you’re with a guy who isn’t deathly afraid of vagina, and suddenly you no longer have your name. But there’s an even funnier addendum to this “LeAnn can’t wait to be Mrs. Cibrian (because that always turns out so well)” story. Apparently, LeAnn ordered some Girl Scout cookies – and placed the order under the name “Mrs. Cibrian”. Oh, LeAnn.

She’s not officially engaged yet, but LeAnn Rimes has already taken a big step with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, 37. According to an insider, not only does LeAnn plan to legally change her name to Eddie’s once she marries him, but she already goes by it informally.

LeAnn recently placed an order for Girl Scout cookies from a troop in her neighborhood of Hidden Hills, and she put the order under Mrs. Cibrian. LeAnn’s rep denies the story.

“In her mind, they’re already married,” a friend explains. “LeAnn never took her ex-husband’s last name, but she can’t wait to take Eddie’s.”

The two can’t get enough of each other. Days after returning from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the singer and her beau, 37, jetted to Las Vegas over the Labor Day weekend for yet another romantic getaway.

A close friend of the couple tells In Touch: “They had a great time together in Vegas and looked so in love. LeAnn is very happy living with Eddie and is working on some music, too.”

Adds another friend, “I am sure they will be married in a year.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Yes, LeAnn’s rep denies the story. Here’s how I think it went down: Some Girl Scouts went to LeAnn’s house, and she placed an order because, after all, who says “no” to Thin Mints and Tagalongs? LeAnn is delusional and she has no sense of what is and is not appropriate, so she didn’t think anything of placing the order under “Mrs. Cibrian”. Then one of the parents of the Girl Scouts realized what had happened, and he or she called in a tip to In Touch. ITW contacted LeAnn’s rep (that poor bastard), who denied the story because he doesn’t want everyone to know that his client is a fruitcake. Just my theory.


Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian on Sept. 4, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Rita says:

    Are we suppose to believe some den mother rushed this story to In Touch after spotting “Mrs.Cibrian’s” signature on the cookie list? No, this story came directly from LeAnn, as they all do. Brandi can expect delivery of a dozen cookies she didn’t order. Eddie should have ordered the cookies under the name Mrs. Rimes, but then that dead-beat would have stiffed the little scout (“stiffed” not “stiffied” but with Eddie, you never know). The other day LeAnn lied when she tweeted about making the kids school lunch. I’ve no doubt that Le spread imaginary jelly on imaginary bread and then drove to the imaginary school because she delusional. The fact is, LeAnn is a publicity obsessed hose monster and Eddie, … well, Eddie looks like he’s about to be eaten by something that doesn’t chew its food.

  2. chasingadalia says:


    There are Girl Scouts selling cookies in September?

    They only do it in the spring out my way! Nooo!

  3. Livia says:

    I’ve gone from laughing at these stories of her love-sick, delusional craziness to cringing – because, you all know that when Eddie dumps her, Rimes is going to completely, totally, lose her fucking shit. It’s like, she has absolutely no sense of self apart from who she is with this man, and that’s rather sad.

  4. Hautie says:

    HA! I was wondering exact same thing about those cookies being for sell… only in the Spring here too.

    So this story is just typical bullsh*t from ITW.

    Geez, there is no need to completely fabricate a story. She gives them enough ammo without having to lie.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    whenever I see a picture of her, I can’t get over how unattractive she is.

    she seriously looks like a man in drag.

    seems these two are always going away for “romantic getaways”. I’ll bet LeAnn thinks that if she doesn’t pamper her man, and keep him within arm’s reach, he’s split.

    and she’s probably right.

  6. NayNay says:

    OMG! Leann is fruit loop.

    @ Livia: You are absolutely correct. As soon as Eddie dumps here, which we all seem to know will happen, (and clearly Leann doesn’t seem to get), she will be put into the psych ward. She is unstable, and when she gets dumped by Eddie, that would put her over the edge. I guess she isn’t smart enough to realize he is only playing the game, and she is the pawn in his game. Eddie is only with her until the next dump rich bitch comes along.

  7. mslewis says:

    Girl Scout cookies are only on sale in the Spring. This is the case all over the U.S. Every troop sales cookies at the same time. So, this story is a total lie that somebody made up. Show a photo of the order sheet or it didn’t happen.

    What silly twats over at In Touch. Guess they couldn’t wait until next Spring to print this lie.

  8. jen says:

    I’m counting the days #3, counting the days!

  9. Rita says:

    Girls Scouts often sell off season when they have special projects or events and if there is a signature, LeAnn won’t personally respond to this story. Brandi asked LeAnn directly to stop tweeting about the children and making them the center of her home wrecker, I mean homemaker photo-ops. LeAnn refuses to stop. Can “heavenbound” now understand why I despise LeAnn? LeAnn’s next publicity stunt will no doubt be to imitate Paris when she’s arrested after a joint falls from her purse and a kilo of oregano is discovered in her vadge.

  10. aenflex says:

    @chasingdalia -I know right? I’m like WTF?? No one has come into my office, in typical fashion, and asked me to order any cookies??
    Mmmph…not right…I want my cookies now.

  11. Johnthing says:

    LeAnn should sign up for some boobies.

  12. brin says:

    This nut bag gets more psycho every day!!!!! Just saw this item on Perez Hilton & he had a similar pic with “we’re idiots” written on it….ain’t that the truth!

  13. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Wasn’t cookis season in March? Why is this story coming out now?

  14. serena says:

    @Rita..Whenever I read stories on LeAnn and Eddie I always look for your comments because you seem to know that extra much information and I am always wondering how you know….!

    “The other day LeAnn lied when she tweeted about making the kids school lunch.”..is a prime example…who are you Rita…who are you! And what ever you do-don’t stop dishing! x

  15. mary jo says:

    Is Leann calling a little girl scout a liar Shame on her if this is true Leann is a real nut job when will she get it Notice MR Leann Rimes up above has had a manicure and has clear polish on his nails touche Mr Rimes you are now offically Leanns BIT**He has nothing to do now but follow her around on her county fair tours

  16. lynn says:

    Leann loves to twitter so much and she has stated on her page that she knows about the cookie story If it is not true all she would have to say is “I did not order any cookies from anyone “under any name she can’t do that because she is a known LIAR and if someone would show proof that she did do it the sh** would hit the fan she is an obsessed woman

  17. Jezi says:

    @serena how Rita knows is because Leann tweets about it all the time how she makes the kids lunches. Brandi called her out on it on twitter. Saying that Mason had a hot lunch and Jake had a short day. Hence, Leann lied and is just trying to make herself look like this wonderful stay at home step monster…lol.

  18. brin says:

    This is sooo hilarious…..thanks, Kaiser! Happy Friday!!!!!

  19. Rita says:

    I’m really nobody who is obviously obsessed with people who put themselves out there as role models one day and as “F… my fans” the next because my bush is burning. I don’t follow L&E’s tweets because they are just propaganda but you can find whatever I say clearly on Brandi’s twitter page. Here’s a good one that I read on another thread.

    The morning after attending a David Gray concert in Vegas and a night of hardcore boning LeAnn tweeted:

    “We wore each other out last night.”

    Eddie tweeted that morning:

    “I’m still thinking about the wonderful David Gray concert last night.”

    I bet she whacked him upside the head for that.

  20. coup de grazia says:

    mentally, she is approximately 13. she probably writes “I heart Eddie!!” and “LR + EB = 4-Ever!!” (in bubble cursive with I’s dotted by hearts) all over her magazines at home and consults her magic 8 ball and cosmogirl horoscope for relationship advice.

  21. Whatever says:

    It is against regulations here to sell out of season and I’m pretty sure that is the case everywhere. We can’t start even one weekend early, so either this story is a lie or the troop is breaking the rules.Not saying the girl scout is a liar, just that the writer of the story made the whole thing up. I really think some of them sit around a bong to plan the next issue and come up with story ideas.

  22. elaine says:

    Crystal Gayle had a great song out a few years back and in it were the words “but, when I dream,I dream of you” and sure That that is the only aspect of Eddies life Leann cannot control and when he dreams he dreams of Brandi Has to have something to keep him sane Dream on ,Ed dream on

  23. Stella says:

    @Rita- I was in the Girl Scouts for 10 years and never, not once, did we EVER sell girl scout cookies at any other time. Additionally, I have never, ever heard anyone say that they sold cookies for some other fund raiser.

  24. june says:

    I think I read that she did that last year

  25. Green Is Good says:

    This relationship is a train wreck waiting to crash and burn.

  26. Stella says:

    Oh and even though this story is clearly made up- I totally believe that Leann would do something like this- she does have a hint of the crazy in her eyes.

  27. Praise St. Angie! says:

    regarding the selling of cookies…

    I know that the ORDERING of GS cookies are usually in Dec/Jan, but staggered, during that time period, throughout the country.

    however, there are also times (as Rita stated) when they will sell for special events. They don’t take orders, but sell at tables in front of stores or supermarkets. (which is even better because you don’t have to wait for the cookies to arrive!)

  28. TG says:

    @Rita – I laughed my head off at your first message and am glad others think it is funny too. But maybe the cookies should have been ordered under the name Mr. Rymes. LOL

    If kids were not involved and she wasn’t tweeting all this gross stuff I could be happy for her because I know how that first lust/love feels like. It is the best feeling in the world. I married my husband while still in the lust stage, and 4 years later, I am still in it (Ha-ha), but I had enough sense not to tweet to the world about it and about his 2 children.

    Can’t wait for the epic breakup!

  29. Manda3 says:

    I believe your theory is a right theory.

  30. brin says:

    I know I’m on break-up watch (kind of like a doomsday clock for LR).
    She is just so self-absorbed and needy.

  31. Eileen says:

    I agree with Serena: Rita always has some good dish on them! Now I think Brandi needs to come back on here under a fake name and give us more crazy stories too! That would be epic-I can’t even imagine what she’s seen and heard.

  32. Kitten says:

    Man, I’d love me some Thin Mints right about now…

  33. Praise St. Angie! says:

    kitten, I still have a box in my freezer!

    I’m saving it until I can order a few more boxes, or until I see a troop out in front of a store.

    at which point I will buy as many boxes as they have!

  34. Twez says:

    She’s seriously working a ‘stache in those photos.

  35. angie fan says:

    I’ll say this, LeAnn DOES have a beautiful voice.

    Love the shortbread cookies.

  36. anoneemouse says:

    Girl Scout cookies are not out until next year, so I don’t believe this story. However, I will say that LeAnn has done nothing but run her mouth since she got together with him. She better hope this leopard changes his spots once he marries her or she will find herself one day, being treated just like Eddie’s current ex….and oh how embarassing that would be.

  37. anon says:

    Pretty sure she used that name last year when she ordered those cookies that girl has serious mental issues She desperately needs therapy She renders all the men in her life useless and now Eddie is standing in Deans shoes and has no manhood left Hooray for Dean He got out and now Eddie has to serve his time trapped until he mans up and leaves old screwball

  38. Bee says:

    I remember when I used to sometimes think of myself as Mrs. whatever depending on whom I was currently dating. The only differnce between me and LeAnne was that I was a freakin’ teenager and she’s a grown a** woman. Grow up LeAnn. Grow. Up.

  39. brin says:

    @bee…lol, I know! She’s playing housewife, too.

  40. AnnieB says:

    @coup de grazia
    Well, the LR+EC=twu wuv 4eva!!! in bubble letters on notebooks idea isn’t that far off. She has “LovE” tattooed on her back. Someone asked her about this on twitter and she professed, out loud, to the public, that it is for Leann and Eddie in lurve. Ugh, she makes me gag.

    My guess on this cookie order story is that it DID happen, but months back. Like the Eddie is boning his wife story, which came out this summer but happened last fall. Whoever else he’s boning right now, I hope that leaks out soon because the fallout will be epic. Can’t wait to see LR very publicly humiliated.

  41. anon says:

    also I noticed in one of her pictures, she has a HUGE vein in her forehead Heaven forbid if that thing pops She is just so plain When she has been made up and heavily spray tanned she looks O.K. but when you see her out and around she is just so ugly Stringy hair, huge horse teeth, cellulite legs , nostrils that flare just when she is breathing normally and those are the ugliest squint eyes I’ve ever seen and as for me I am a totally gorgeous sorry Leann I may have to come to L.a. and take your man

  42. brin says:

    Put on some comfy shoes,Leann, cause that’s gonna be some long walk of shame when(if)Eddie dumps you.

  43. Debra says:

    I dont know anything about girl scout cookies….but I do know Eddie is looking rough these days….I think Leann is one of those pod people like on invasion of the body snatchers, and every time Eddie goes to sleep, she sucks a little more life out of him….JMO

  44. mslewis says:

    Girl Scout cookies are NEVER sold at any time other than the Spring. That is also when some girls have them out front of grocery stores to sell to patrons who don’t want to order. ALL Scout troops have to make their orders early in the year because the cookies are made by the same manufacturer and they only make them ONCE a year, for the Girl Scouts and no one else. This story is a total lie.

    However, I do believe Crazy LeAnn would call herself Mrs. Cibrian, just because she is still a child. She married at a very young age (was she even 20 years old yet?) and she is now living out her teen years by tweeting stupid stuff that only a teen would do about a man whose marriage she helped to break up and she’s so stupid she doesn’t see how ridiculous she is. But I don’t think Eddie cares because he’s living the life of a kept man and seems to be loving it. So he’ll stay with this twat forever because his acting career is over and he has nothing else to do.

    What I don’t understand is why these two are in the ragmags. It’s not like they are A-list or anything. He’s a has-been TV actor and she’s a has-been country music singer. Even Paris Hilton is more interesting than these two.

  45. tango says:

    I expect Eddie needs to get a full time gig before he’ll be ready to dump LeAnn. But you know it’s coming. I expect there are many more attractive and less crazies out there who will sleep with him.

    In fact, like Tori Spelling and her husband Dean, I bet LeAnns bank account was what attracted Eddie the most. Without that making LeAnn significantly more attractive, he’d have hit it once or twice and moved on by now.

  46. Kitten says:

    @ Praise-I’m willing to pay black market price for that box of Thin Mints!

  47. AnnieB says:

    OMG…she makes me cringe with embarrassment. But it’s so freaking hilarious. She’s so…subtle and nuanced. I can’t believe she is only 28, she is so wise. Yoda-like really. lol.

    More twats:

    leannrimes “Unless it’s mad, passionate,
    Extraordinary love, It’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life Love shouldn’t be one of them.” -unknown about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    melissareed2420 @leannrimes sorry but I don’t agree. Passion fades with time. Then what are you left with?? You must have a good solid foundation first. 40 minutes ago via TwitBird in reply to leannrimes

    leannrimes @melissareed2420 Yes, but if in 10 years you aren’t still passionate about waking up next to that person and passionate about life with that person, what’s the point? Passion doesn’t have to be sexual. 7 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to melissareed2420

  48. Crittle says:

    She seems lovesick…and crazy. Can’t imagine what she would do if he dumped or cheated on her. Probably knife somebody.

  49. anon says:

    I know that she did that last winter with the Mrs. Cibrian thing and the cookies She has been nuts for a long longtime and Eddie better make a break for it while he can she reminds me of the girl in “hand that rocks the cradle”

  50. Rita says:


    Passionate? Is it no wonder this 28 year old teenager’s 8 year marriage failed? Basically what she’s saying is that when the passion (not sexual) of the honeymoon phase is over, so is the marriage. The perfect response from a narcassist. Obviously, Eddie feels the same way. There is little passion in a marriage where the wife is 8 months pregnant and caring for another child but there is attentiveness and understand, caring, and love as well as tolerance for mood swings and cravings. OMG, there is so much more than “passion” for another in a loving relationship. Deane loved her but I’m sure had little passion for her because her narcassism drove him away.

  51. fugly says:

    never had a tagalong. had to google it.

  52. Debra says:

    Like i said before, I dont know anything about the cookies, but i just had to go look it up….I know the story may be fake, who knows? but this is what it says on the girl scout website: “A council conducts only one cookie sale per year. Most of these activities take place between January and April, but some occur as early as September.” —–regardless whether the story is true or not, LR acts like an obsessed adolescent in my opinion so nothing would surprise me

  53. chasingadalia says:

    I love that most of the comments on this story are in regards to our dismay about not having boxes upon boxes of Girl Scout cookies in front of us while we read this story.

  54. Whitey Fisk says:

    Fugly, what kind of life are you living? Get out there are stalk some Girl Scouts, for God’s sake! If a Twix and a Reese’s PB Cup had a love child, it would be a Tagalong. Oh my God, I get breathless just thinking about them.

    Every single year I buy an obscene quantity of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas, planning to put them in the freezer and parcel them out just right so that I can enjoy them year-round. And every single year I have inhaled the very last cookie by May.

  55. Knotstu says:

    They are made from real girl scouts. Aren’t they?

  56. mymy says:

    She looks pretty in these photo’s.I mean is her behavior any worse than many other people you talk about? I mean of the cheating kind? She is besotted.And he looks like a very bad bet. He is creepy.I think she was bored and married to her best friend like Pitt was. I think she will be sad from this.He is a user

  57. CB Rawks says:

    Ew, that story makes me just shudder with discomfort. Has anyone had her tested, I wonder? To see if her neurons are actually firing and so forth. Her elevator definitely doesn’t make it to the top floor.

  58. CB Rawks says:

    “because my bush is burning”

    Say what, now?! Medic!

  59. Alice says:

    While I don’t agree whith the circumstances of their relationship …they are together and seem very happy. She may be a little off but why beat her up about it (maybe the crazy is why they are so happy) Just a thought. So people need to stop harrasing them and move on. And by the way she is beautiful and she and Eddie will have beautiful children. Stay strong LeAnn and living a great life is the best revenge :) ))

  60. AnnieB says:

    OK, Rhymes is the most delusional bitch I have seen, ever. It might not be AS bad if she was attractive, in any way at all. Physically, god no. Personality-wise? Absolutely toxic and repulsive. So yeah, not much room for “forgiving” the delusion self impression. More twats, in regards to her many many many HATERZ!11! and her gigolos husband’s wife:

    “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” -George Bernard Shaw about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

    “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” – Coretta Scott King about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Brandi is a “coward” for being “intimidated” by Leanne. So are all her “haterz”. Uh, yeah, OK then. Those of us who feel you are desperate, pathetic, needy and embarrassing are intimidated. Or, no, not at all. We cringe by your every desperate twit. But yeah, we do laugh tooo, because you have a ton of money and we SHOULD be jealous of someone who made a ridiculous amount of money yodeling as a teenager, but we aren’t, because we aren’t as pathetic as a lovesick 12 year old, into a guy who is not that into us, but will go along with the ride while he gets random shit worth a lot of money. Because it’s funny to watch.

  61. brin says:

    LR & EC are both users and deserve each other, I feel sorry for everyone else in their toxic orbit (namely Brandi & the boys).

  62. CB Rawks says:

    Good stuff, Annie B! :D

    The constant twatting is so telling. It’s the literal example of that old saying: *people who talk about sex constantly aren’t actually getting any*.
    I don’t think she’s getting any of the stuff she raves and raaaaves about. Because it’s like others have said, if she was really living that life, how could she have time to constantly twat about it? And why would she interrupt the moment to brag to strangers?

  63. chuchubarney says:

    I truly sense that Karma is going to bite LeAnn in the butt around Jan/Feb. 2011. She not going to hold onto him for much longer and they are going to have a huge bust-up this Christmas. Here’s the twist; he’s going to crawl back to his ex whom is going to enjoy rubbing it in Leann’s face and then dumping him to make a point. Like the saying goes: “what goes around will come around”.

  64. AnnieB says:

    @CB Rawks
    It actually makes me almost nauseous how she CONSTANTLY tweets about how forgiveness makes people “good” and so many of her tweets are judgmental about people daring to judge her, yet she tells us how people who judge (her) are losers basically. It’s really gross, just like her in general. I find everything about her offensive.

    Another thing she does A LOT is argue with people who leave negative posts about her in a completely passive aggressive way. She talks about how she ignores and blocks people and comments then she will go on a rant with 4 or 5 posts responding to one thing said to or about her. It’s all so desperate.

  65. AnnieB says:

    If you punish yourself and subscribe to her inane and annoying immature twats make a point to click on her profile to see her responses to her delusional fanatics. There are about 10-15 people who make numerous comments to her on a daily basis, like they are her BFFs, and she responds to a few of them repeatedly, to egg on the stalker fanatic behavior. Especially if they mention some physical or emotional issue or disability, and especially if they do repeatedly, like “whoa is me, I am suffering from ______ and this is a bad/crazy/emotional/etc/etc day and I love you and I listen to you and idolize you and you are my hero, everyone is haters”. She feeds off this stuff.

    But the gross thing a TON of the fanatics do is mention her gigolo and his wife’s kids as being “your boys” to egg her on and show their inane and psychotic “support”. To which she responds without any clarification or sane reality check.

    @leannrimes hope tonight was a lot of fun! Now do you get to spend some times with your boys?!!! 19 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Angie Ulitin

  66. brin says:

    LR is one twisted twit. Especially all those lovely quotes she espouses. She can’t live up to any of them.

  67. jj says:

    Now LeAnnDelusional is calling herself lil momma…..and agree her tweets show her to be totally bipolar. Hey Deadbeat Eddie, is all of her money really worth it???? Cannot wait for the cracks to show in her fairytale world.

  68. brin says:

    You know, I was thinking that, too….it’s all about her $$$. He only moved in with her after he lost his job.
    I hope he is looking for a job (and his manhood)while he’s out of her squinty eyesight.

  69. CB Rawks says:

    @AnnieB Heheh “Punish myself by subscribing”. :D
    I wonder if I can, without even joining Twitter? Cos I don’t wanna.
    I just read that part where she said “you have to forgive”. Like SHE needs to forgive others for their mistreatment of her. *headdesk*

  70. AnnieB says:

    Well, looks like “Mrs Cibrian” is stalking her married gigolo on set, again, some more. She’s been bitching on Twitter about how exhausted she is from her busy county fair and casino touring (3 shows in 3 days, how rough for her). Also, “her” “tour” was being an opening act for Willie Nelson. Anyhoo…

    Her busy schedule now involves being in Dallas where the gigolo is working in his bit part on a likely to not be renewed new show this fall. He’s not even allowed to be on set without her stalking up there. Is there someone with more money than her working on the show maybe? I mean we know how Eddie has a naturally wandering eye. She’s not going to even let there be a remote chance. Psy-cho.

    leannrimes Ohhhh, another yummy nonfat pumpkin spice latte! Not very cool in Dallas to be having one, but oh well!!! Going to see my sweets @eddiecibrian on set. 9 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  71. brin says:

    She has got to be the most psychotically insecure loon ever!
    She tweets over nothing and calls doing an interview “a busy day”! Good thing she’s not a real actual celebrity, just known for cheating with a d list actor.

  72. jj says:

    Let us take a quick look into LeLeLand shall we:
    The lil ones love me more than their birthmother cause I am so beautiful and I buy them toys and even make them lunches.
    Deadbeat loves me cause I pay for every darn thing and he just has to pose for pictures
    Oh my, in LeLeLand, my fans adore me cause I am so perfect and have love all around me
    And at the end of the day My Sweets, gets his allowance…oops I mean….we wear each other out. Xoxo from LeLeLand

  73. brin says:

    I’ve never seen anyone work so hard to convince people about her fauxmance, she definitely lives in Leleland…wacko!