Kim Kardashian shows us how she achieves that waxy cat-eyed look

We’ve seen the Kardashian sisters give each other bikini waxes and accompany each other to the salon for laser pubic hair removal. In a new episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe goes with Kim as she gets Botox injections, bugging her the entire time. Kim has previously admitted that she’s used Botox, although she’s unconvincingly denied that she’s had a nose job or butt implants. Now we can see firsthand how Kim achieves that freaky cat-eyed look. Isn’t she lovely?

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian visits a plastic surgeon’s office to get Botox injections — and opts out of using the numbing cream!

“I think I can handle it,” Kim, 29, tells the doctor. “I have a really high tolerance for pain.”

But 26-year-old Khloe — who Kim invited along for moral support — is skeptical about her sister’s desire to look younger.

“This is disgusting. I hate needles!” Khloe says. “You’re so stupid.”

Gripes Kim, “I don’t even know why I brought Khloe along with me. I mean, she’s just making all this noise and she’s freaked out about the needles, and I just want her to shut up and just be supportive.”

[From US Weekly via Huffington Post]

I’m so sure Kim knows she can get Botox without numbing cream because “all her friends do it” that way and not because she opts out of using the cream every two weeks when she goes for her shots. I’ve said this before, but I’ve been considering Botox and it’s really frozen-looking chicks like Kim (still 29 supposedly) who are convincing me to keep putting it off. Kylie Minogue has a similar way-too-high looking eyes and Kellie Pickler once suffered from this before the ‘tox wore off. All excessive Botox manages to do is age a person by giving them the waxy preternatural look that freaks like Joan Rivers have. I’ve seen many decent facelifts that look better and are more convincing than Botox once they settle. So maybe I’ll hold out for a facelift once I hit retirement age. It’s better than looking like I should be sipping Mai Tais in Boca when I’m still in my 30s.

In related never-ending Kardashian news, Kim and Kourtney are rumored to be relocating to NY to open a Dash boutique there and spur some new plotlines for their show. Kim is also said to be “really upset” that some never before seen nude photos from her 2007 Playboy shoot have hit the ‘net, just as she was so upset when her sex tape came out and she made a bundle and got famous for it.


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  1. ch says:

    is like she erased her ethnicity

  2. Jackson says:

    Wow, did she have her chin done, too? I don’t care how much Botox you do, the chin doesn’t go from that big and prominent to that thin and chiseled.

    As a side note, I’m thinking of getting botox next week. I don’t care how much I waste from a vial, I only want the absolute minimum. I’m afraid of having some kind of a reaction to it, or getting a ‘botox headache’ that I’ve read about. I seriously don’t need a three-month-long headache.

  3. Snarf says:

    29 my ass. She’s been 29 for the past two years running.

  4. Hautie says:

    If Kim stops screwing with her face now… she will age well.

    But if she keeps screwing with it, she is going to look like Melissa Rivers in two years.

    And that is not even a good look on Melissa Rivers.

  5. aenflex says:

    CB – I think it can be done sparingly and smartly. I would never get it myself, only because I just don’t want to. But I’ve seen plenty of girls around the office that have used it, not a lot though, and they look fine, not catty or waxy. We are always looking at the addicts, and of course they look much worse than the real thing. I hope you do what makes you happy.

    @jackson – can’t you keep the vial and use it again for your next treatment?? That’s how they do with fillers…

  6. Jackson says:

    @aenflex – that’s a great question! I will have to ask about that. TY!

  7. Lisa S says:

    I just don’t understand these girls getting this work done at such a young age. Very strange to me.

  8. Eleonor says:

    She looks weird in both pictures, if you want a beautiful skin you must stay away from tanning, tanning makes your skin a older, and the botox, I don’t like it, really.

  9. james says:

    you buy it by the syringe,not the bottle,each area is about $300. i do my crows feet one visit,a few months later between the eyes and months later forehead.that way you never look waxy and done it just softens you up . i hate the look of the frozen face but it looks really good if you are conservative and don’t do it all at once.

  10. serena says:

    She wants support? Don’t make me laugh, please.
    Anyway she can’t look like 18years old anymore. She must accept it! wtf..

  11. oxa says:

    Ohhh so that is how she gets that “Just been Embalmed” look.
    The Botox shelf life once opened is pretty short, I have a friend who’s doctor called her right b4 Xmas and said come on in for a freebie, I have an open bottle that wont be useable after the Holidays.

  12. debbie says:

    She has also had her nose done…by the looks of things. She used to be so naturally pretty…so sad! No she looks like Bruce Jenner!

  13. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Botox, over time ruins your face, even if it is done sparingly. If you want to look younger, take care of your skin or get a full face lift by a great surgeon. Botox is evil, and I have never seen one woman I thought,had a good look with Botox. You can always tell, and it looks awful. She has ruined her face.

  14. Sassy says:

    I don’t get these chicks in their 20s and early 30s who opt for Botox! Why are they getting this shit done at such a young age?

    And Kim definitely had her nose tweaked and possibly her chin, too! Pics don’t lie.

  15. weslyn says:

    i don’t get the idea of putting a known toxin in your face (no judging, if that’s what u do though)

    on a side note, did anyone see the episode of “1000 ways to die” where the lady got a bad batch of botox, winded up getting a headache as the poison spread, so she went to relax in the hot tub and it paralyzed her muscles and she slid into the tub and drowned…sssccaarryy

  16. Jackson says:

    I only want the botox on my forehead between my brows. It’s been a tough year or so and I always scrunch up my eyes making that line between the brows. This time last year it was like, eh, whatever. Now? Ugh. Looks bad. I thought about a filler instead but I think the botox would be better for that area. I always get tension headaches up there, too, so it’s supposed to help with that, too. Haha! Wish me good luck!

  17. Leshie says:

    I think she looks great! 2006 was awhile ago! I think people just need to get off her back and stop being Jealous! Kim you look AMAZING!

  18. S_____ says:

    I’ve gotten Botox three times for migraines (hey all headache sufferers! your drug plan should cover it if you get a prescription). It worked twice, no headaches for three months. The last time it didn’t do anything; go figure. Anyway, I have to say it looked good. I looked younger and less scowly without looking weird. So I’d say go for it.

  19. crab says:

    @ Jackson. I get botox and once in a while I get a headache from it. It’s not a real bad one and it only lasts about 15 minutes or so. It is listed as a side effect that you might get after the injection. Good luck!!

  20. Frenchie says:

    She also had a “hairline revision”…. please give your surgeon’s address to Teresa Guidice !

  21. malachais says:

    she used to look amazing, still is beautiful but very artificial.

  22. Eileen says:

    My S-I-L has gotten botox since she was 27, and she’s 44 now and she looks ok-but the first two weeks after she gets it done she has wonk eye and frozen surprise brows. So for two weeks of the month she looks normal, then two weeks a month she lookk like a surprised Paris Hilton mannequin. And botox once a month for 15 years has made her skin look weird.

  23. denise says:

    @ Ch poster #1

    COuldn’t have said it better myself.

  24. Keyanna says:

    I don’t understand why a 29 year old would need Botox. I think she looks terrible. She used to be so naturally pretty. And why does she lie about it? Does she think we are a bunch of idiots?

  25. Taurus says:

    Nose job:Check
    Chin job:Check
    Fillers :Check

    Minus the cheeks I think she looks better. Its a slap in the face to her Armenian background though. She was the only one out of her sisters who actually looked Armenian. Her and Kourt look like they’re Latino and Khloe looks idk…Almost forgot about the boob and butt job! Boob job is great, very natural looking. Butt job, not so much.

  26. EMV says:

    She has had so much work done…it’s too bad. It’s like she no longer wants to be Persian/Middle Eastern. As a Syrian girl myself it makes me irritated bc she is naturally beautifil. A chemical or some microderm abrasion is one thing, but now she looks more like her mom than her dad, who she used to resemble more.

  27. SammyHammy says:

    I had botox injected into my neck for medical reasons about a month ago. It stings like crazy going in, but it never even occurred to me to ask for a numbing cream. I mean, it’s not that bad.

    Haven’t used it cosmetically, but I can tell you that it is some crazy powerful stuff…since having it done, I can’t salivate on my right side at all. But I’m pain-free for the first time in 6 months, so I’m a fan for its medical use. Doubt that I’d use it cosmetically, however.

  28. Jeannified says:

    I think she is amazingly beautiful! She has a cat look, but it looks natural on her. Now, that being said…she could really end up doing damage to her looks in the future as she ages and her features start to look freakishly “in place” when she should be aging. We’ll see.

  29. jojo says:

    Her face is gorgeous. For me, she is beautiful.

  30. Merry says:

    Noooooooo!! Stop this obsenity, Kim! WHY?!!
    God, she makes me angry! All the girls in the world that keep feeling ugly and inadeguate and she does this like it’s the most normal thing in the world to f**k your face up.
    AND she was so beautiful! WHY?!

  31. Kiska says:

    If you want an example of botox gone wrong check out Priscella Presley. She ruined her looks with that stuff.
    I agree with CB, wait and get a full on face lift.

  32. original kate says:

    she used to be very pretty. it’s sad she went from “i’m proud to be armenian” (it is armenian, isn’t it?) to “i could be any other brunette skank in LA.” my friend sahar looks like the old kim, and she used to be flattered when people compared her to kim…now, not so much.

  33. faye says:

    her eyebrows look better taken care of now but thats all that looks better. She was just fine before.

  34. Meow Mix says:

    @ Jackson

    I have been doing that area and around my crows feet for several years. I work outside and even though I wear a ton of sunscreen and sunglasses, I end up squinting and scowling from the bright sun. The botox if done in moderation helps a lot with this.

  35. Meow Mix says:

    @ CB

    I don’t think that the botox is giving her that ‘cat like’ look. I have never had botox pull or lift my eyes. In fact it is usually the opposite since you are now longer tightening the muscle and acutally get a softer look around the eyes from not squinting.

    She has had an eye lift if you ask me.

  36. Tia C says:

    @ Kiska. Priscilla Presley sure did ruin her looks. She was a beautiful woman at one time. I thought what really ruined her face though was being injected with inferior silicone by a shady doctor, who then did some time. I don’t think it was the botox so much.

    Kim Kardashian is beautiful, IMO. She really doesn’t need to do all this BS to her still very young face. I have a hunch she will regret it down the line. And aside from that, it’s just too bad that she doesn’t think she’s fine just the way she is.

  37. kim says:

    Botox at 26?????! Thats insane. She is going to be such a plastic nightmare by 30! These drs are smart -the younger one starts the more they need because they start to look like freaks like Kim does now (shame she was ok looking a few yrs back) then they have to get more injections to even out the results of getting botox and injectibles to young. These poor girls on this viscious cycle will be so sorry they started this crap so young. But hey they think they are young & will look like that forever. They are in for reality check when face is so messed up from to much work at young age before face has even settled in life.

  38. kim says:

    Botox brings the lids down. Her cat eyes are the result of an eye lift. So she is acting like see I do botox and Im not afraid to show people – YEAH because she is hiding all the surgeries she has had and down playing them as “I just get a little botox”. We arent fooled Kim. You look like the cat lady – disgusting!

  39. Liana says:

    I can sit for hours under the tat needle, but the thought of Botox freaks me the fuck out. Go figure.

  40. Kiska says:

    @ Tia C.

    Thanks for the correction. I had heard it was botox that did that deed.

  41. wonderful says:

    Hahahahaha: “Do I look younger???” “Three to five days, sweetheart.”

  42. dj says:

    Definitely Merry! I get really frustrated when adolescents want to look like her. Trying to be someone that never NATURALLY existed. She’s an amalgamation of surgeons. Disgusting and young girls think that’s really her.

  43. Isa says:

    I think she was at her prettiest about a year and a half to two years ago. Same with Megan Fox.

  44. erin says:

    she was so beautiful and unique BEFORE

    now she’s generic and blatantly unnatural

  45. Annabelle says:

    eww. poisoning yourself for youth? NOT attractive.

  46. chuchubarney says:

    I predict that Kim K. will be married in Las Vegas by early of 2011. This is sudden wedding — she will tell her family at the last moment. She’s got marriage fever.