Kim Kardashian admits Botox use, denies nose job

For some strange reason, the Kardashian/Jenner women made an appearance on ABC’s Nightline last night. Well, I mean Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris Jenner, not the youngest Jenner girls. The whole thing was not really to promote anything as far as I can tell, they just seemed to want to correct the record on certain tabloid reports. Like, say, plastic surgery, a subject that I’ve been covering despite my ambivalence towards their plastic, waxy faces. I suppose the biggest headline out of this interview is that Kim once again denies having plastic surgery, but does admit to trying Botox. You decide… here’s In Touch Weekly’s before and after cover (from last month) of Kim’s face:


Yeah, she had a nose job. Nothing huge, but it’s smaller and the tip is different. Here’s more from the interview:

Kim Kardashian has never had work done on her nose, Khloe Kardashian’s wedding was not paid for by E! and, no, the Kardashian clan does not intend to pull the plug on the reality TV show based on their lives. Those are just a few of the myths the family is out to dispel.

“We do the show ’cause we’re happy and it’s fun for us,” said Khloe Kardashian. “So until it starts becoming a pain or something that we don’t want to do…”

“Season 52,” joked mom, Kris Kardashian, referring to her youngest daughter: “Kylie gets married.”

In an exclusive interview, the women at the core of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” — Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe — sat down with “Nightline” co-anchor Cynthia McFadden for a conversation that ranged from their business empire to who has had plastic surgery and who takes the longest to get ready to Kourtney’s baby and Kim’s Playboy appearance.

“We have a really good time doing what we’re doing,” said Kim. “We love every project that we’re into. We’re just having a good time.”

Kourtney Kardashian, who gave birth to her first child, Mason, a son, in December 2009, said her breast implants were no secret.

“I have had breast implants, but it’s so funny ’cause it’s not a secret, I could care less,” said Kourtney. “It’s so funny because the ‘before’ picture that they [In Touch magazine] showed was after I had my boob job, so I’m like, they should have written ‘before Mason’ and ‘after Mason.’ Like my boobs have like tripled since breastfeeding.”

“Oh, right,” said Kris, with a wry smile.

Kim denied rumors that she had plastic surgery on her breasts or nose.

“Trust me honey,” she joked to McFadden, “if I take this bra off you will tell me I need to get them done. I’m totally not against plastic surgery. … I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done.”

McFadden asked Kim about her nose.

“I’ve never had my nose done,” said Kim.

“None of us have had our nose done,” said Kris.

“But what’s funny,” said Kim, “is about my nose, it’s my biggest insecurity. I always want to get my nose done. … I went to a doctor, I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like and it just didn’t– It– I wouldn’t look the same.”

McFadden asked Khloe about reports that her wedding to NBA star Lamar Odom, which appeared at the start of the reality show’s fourth season, had cost $1 million — and that E!, the entertainment network, paid for it.

Are the rumors true? “We wish,” said Kourtney.

“E! produced the wedding and filmed the wedding,” said Kris, “and they paid for the things that were set up to produce the wedding, but no–”

“They had to pay for movie lighting,” said Khloe. “Whatever their expenses were, that has nothing to do with me. … So whatever they needed for filming purposes, that’s what they had to pay for.”

McFadden asked about another rumor, that the wedding was more about TV ratings than a love connection.

“Well, I’m still married,” said Khloe. “I don’t need ratings like that.”

“I don’t think anyone can fall in love for ratings,” said Kourtney.

“We grew up in this life of privilege, but we were always taught when we’re 18, we’re gonna be cut off. We’d better figure it out, and we’d better get a job,” Kim said. “My father taught us really well, and I think really instilled a good work ethic in us. We didn’t have the credit cards. We didn’t have the cell phones. We didn’t have that, like all of our friends did, growing up.”

When asked what their dad would think of their lifestyle and success, Kim said, “I just know he would be so proud of us. He would see that the whole entrepreneur side that he instilled in me. He would be so happy.”

McFadden asked Kris about reports that she had encouraged daughter Kim to pose for Playboy.

“I thought it was a good idea,” said Kris. “I thought that so many iconic women have done Playboy. And I thought, you know for Marilyn Monroe.”

“You were pushing her,” said McFadden. “Let’s be honest.”

“She wanted to do it, too,” said Kris. “I mean, I didn’t force her to go do Playboy.”

“That opportunity came about to do Playboy,” said Kim, “I was on the fence about it. Do I want to be viewed this way or do I want to show women that, hey, I am curvy. I’m not like all these like stick-skinny models that I see on the cover of all of these magazines, including Playboy. And I thought that it would be empowering. And so, I did it. And at the end, I was uncomfortable. And at the end, I had a great time. I really love my relationship with Hef. I love meeting all these people. And I got a completely different fan base.”

McFadden noted reports that Kim regretted appearing in Playboy.

“When I said that comment, I had said…’I'm sorry that I did Playboy then, when I was in the shape that I was in,’” said Kim. “Not the shape that I’m in now. Because I had lost 15 pounds. … So it kind of got misconstrued a little bit.”

[From ABC News]

Khloe is still kind of my favorite. I realized that several months ago – that Khloe was the one I rooted for. Her older sisters treat her like crap, and yes, Khloe is loud and kind of obnoxious. But she’s the funniest! Oh, but I think she and Kris are playing fast and loose with the cost of the wedding and who paid for what. True, E! might not have paid for everything, but I’m sure E! plus several tabloids – many of whom were running “exclusives” about Khloe and Lamar – paid big. Oh, and does anyone else think Khloe might already be pregnant? I think that’s why she’s been so low-key lately. She’s waiting to announce it and make a big splash.


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Header: The Kardashian sisters on May 11, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. YT says:

    I’m not so sure about the nose job. She is a different weight and she is more sophisticated with makeup. Less baby fat too. Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve already wasted too much time thinking about Kim’s nose.

  2. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    I agree YT! She looks totally different, but it’s more like she got a facial wax, laid off the tanning booth a bit, changed her hair and makeup…She looks classier and smoother. Part of that may be Botox, but part of it is probably the nice expensive facials she can afford. Her nose looks very similar to me. Kim has gone from looking trashy to looking somewhat pulled together (I can’t believe I’m defending a Kardashian).
    I also love Khloe in print, though I’ve never actually watched the show. She just gets a bad rap for her looks, but I’d love to have her figure (and her money)…

  3. serena says:

    ow come on, kim had her cheeks done, it’s so oblivious. the shape of the face is totally different!
    and I don’t believe that their mother didn’t do anything to her face..I mean, look at her! I can tell she had.

    Kourtney, meh..I don’t know, we’ll see.

  4. ogechi says:

    I love this family. May God continue to unite them. All the best THE KARDASHIANS.

  5. Hautie says:

    I also think Kim just stopped trying to look like a video ho and cleaned up her over all appearance.

    From her makeup to how she dresses now, is completely different from say 2 years ago. But I would have thought she lost closer to 25-30 pounds.

    Oh and it is obvious that the Mother has had a little work done.

    Khloe is fun cause she rarely censors herself. And I seriously doubt she has had any face work done. But I have always wonder if she had broke her nose. It just looks like it to me.

  6. zen says:

    lol@ Kim’s denials. Her cheek implants are as obvious as Heidi’s breast implants.

  7. Lilias says:

    I don’t think Kim’s had a nose job, I think she shades her nose as she has someone Spackle on make-up for her. To be frank, you can do A LOT with just make-up and a different hair-do. I don’t think she’s had any other work done either.

    They are nothing but trash though; hilariously she mentions that her father would be proud that she was an entrepreneur…would he be proud that she got there by peddling porn?

  8. Marjalane says:

    This is a gross, obscenely dysfunctional family! Why do we have to keep seeing their ugly, painted on faces?

    More Gabriel Aubry! Less Kardashian!

  9. Persistent Cat says:

    Why do parents name their kids like that? Parents, don’t name your kids based on your idiotic whims!!!!!

    She does look completely different from that 2006 picture. I think she’s had quite a bit done.

  10. andrea says:

    i think kim is a beautiful girl – on the outside, anyway – but she’d be so much prettier if she laid off the makeup – holy hell, that is a lot of makeup. also, i am starting a stop the hate against chipmunk cheekbones movement. i have cheeks like that – not everyone with prominent cheeks/cheekbones has had cheek implants – all the K girls have that bone structure – i doubt there are cheek implants involved.

  11. guesty says:

    just caught the end of nightline & was like why r they on there?

    kim’s cheeks are the definite change i see in her face. + she looks so waxy.

    never thought khloe could be preggers…but MAYBE so…now that u mention it!!

    glad to read kourtney @ least got a word in during the interview.

  12. Captain says:

    See little girls, your dreams too can come true in America. All you have to do is be the offspring of a wealthy lawyer, hang around a herpes infested socialite, have absolutely no talent, and make a sex tape with some R&B singer’s little brother and nothing but blessings come your way!

  13. Lila says:

    She looks like Michael Jackson. And she’s clearly wearing a lace front wig in the bottom two pictures. I don’t get the tweaking. She’s so young!

  14. Steph says:

    I can believe that she hasn’t had plastic surgery. When I got a little older from 22 to 27 my face totally changed. It just looks like she lost the baby fat and so her cheekbones are more prominent which made her nose narrower. It can happen:)

  15. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Her whole face looks like someone is hiding behind her with their hands in her hair yanking the sh*t out of her face. Her skin looks SO uncomfortable and tight, and like it has a more upward slant than it used to. I’m all for older women have a little touch here and there to freshen up. But this girl was beautiful to begin with, and hasn’t even hit 30 yet, right? And no, weightloss and a good facial doesn’t make your face that much tigher…Why would someone already so beautiful do that to their face? I think she looked better before.

  16. Lemon Drops says:

    Kim has obviously had cheek implants and a nose job, maybe even some kind of eye lift. Normally I wouldn’t care if she had, but the fact that she keeps denying it (just like Ashlee Simpson did) is so irritating. Quit lying to us woman! We’re not dumb!

    As far as Khloe being pregnant, its possible, I’m just glad this isn’t a baby-bump watch article lol.

  17. Lynne says:

    I agree, don’t think she’s had surgery. My face has been changing as I age, too

  18. danny says:

    Are you blind or stupid?? OF Course she has had some work done!! Look at her face she completely looks likes a different person! Her nose is too tiny and she cheeks bones are noticeably fake!

    THE WHOLE FAMILY ARE LIERS! I would feel gross if i was lying and my whole family were backing me up!

  19. kkk says:

    Her profile used to be longer and bigger! But look at the 4th picture! The profile looks good its small and straight! So why does she has insecurities with that nose? LMAOOO Who is she trying to fool! She used to have insecurities until she got her nose done! Please anybody who hasn’t see that is a moron. And she clearly is wearing a lace front in that picture, perhaps she just got her 90 mins face lifts to hide the surgery marks

  20. amanda says:

    Surgery for sure. I have never seen such good side by side comparisons of her. Thx! Definitely a nose job- really obvious (a nice one tho). Def cheek implants or injectables. Something is going on with her eyebrows. They slant upwards at the ends now. I liked her before- more natural and unique looking. But, I guess it’s the surgery face that got famous. She looks downright scary in that last pic!!

  21. danny says:

    and her upper looks alot smaller

  22. archiepelago says:

    Kim was nervous about Playboy and being ‘seen that way’? Yeah cos that sex tape wasn’t at all painting her as a ho. These women will do anything for fame.

  23. Kim says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didnt realize it was April Fools day today?

  24. Kim says:

    Faces change as you age but your nose doesnt get significantly smaller and you certianly dont get less wrinkles as you age. She has had at least the following: nose job (more than 1), botox, fillers, lip injections, cheek implants, boob & butt implants and who knows what else. And sadly she still looks like an ugly man.

  25. Kim says:

    The mom saying she hasnt her nose done??!!! Are u kidding me. That is the worst 1980′s Armenian nose job i have ever seen!

  26. DeE says:

    everyone is stuck on scrutinizing Kim’s face, rightly so because it isn’t just aging/contouring/less make-up, but I guess the other body parts have already been deemed stuffed? Boobs and booty aren’t au natural….and that isn’t jealousy talking. She was born beautiful….all that money and insecurity is working against her.

  27. lame rihanna says:

    UMMM I love how people keeping saying they have money like they are Paris hilton rich? Come on people this family is middle class with reality tv money and porn money and now lamar money! You really think their stupid endorsements can afford their life styles? They try to live like they have millions! Quite sad if you ask me!! ANd Kim face is plastic the whole family is delusional! This is somebody that knows them and it sounds quite accurate. For all the people who think the Kardashians were born into money need to think again. Do your research. Robert Kardashians wasn’t rich…He was comfortable. Kris left Robert because he was a frugal person and he wasn’t born into money. Kris was a Flight attendant! Kris wanted the celebrity life…when they met O.J. (before the murders), Kris was drawn to that lifestyle…the clubs, and red carpet events. She craved that lifestyle…That is where she met Bruce Jenner. Kris left her husband for fame. Kris soon figured out that Bruce was frugal too! Why do you think she is at EVERY event Kim K attends??? Kris is living through her daughters.
    The Kardashians must work and get money anyway they can…They live like they have Trump money and they don’t. Those private jets, shopping, trips, etc…cost money. The Kardashian children ran thru the trust money their Father left them.
    This is why they opened the Dash Store. Kourtney borrowed money from Paris to open the story in Cali…Kourtney and Paris were attended the same schools…high school and college.
    Kim K. didn’t have a job after high school so she up and married some producer for money. Why do you think she married so young??? She wasn’t in love, she wasn’t in college and she didn’t have a job. She wanted to live the lavish lifestyle kourtney’s friend Paris. Paris hired Kim as a favor to Kourtney to organize her clothes in her closet. Kim and Paris became close friends and hangout partners. Kim was eventually hired by others to organized their closets…of course by Paris recommendation and soon became a stylist for Brandy and Ray J. Which didn’t last very long because Sonya fired Kim because she was sleeping with the client Ray J. Kim figured she would marry Ray J and he dumped her too.
    Kim didn’t have a steady check anymore so she has to figure a way to make money…and she did. Now, the only way she can continue her lifestyle is to become rich.
    Kim K runs through 2.5 million in expenses a year. So, she needs everything she can get, clothing line, perfume, etc. Why do you think she wants to marry Reggie??? Reggie is worth at least 80 million…55 million dollar NFL contract along with 20 million in endorsements. Kim isn’t stupid…she is trying to get that young boy to marry her. She knows in Cali, those rich older men aren’t fools. Kim lived around her father and Bruce and she expensived who frugal they were…she doesn’t want that life her mother had. So, Black ball players with new money are not frugal and lack knowledge of money management. They are great targets for any chick looking for a quick come up.This is the truth around hollyweird. This is why the family doesn’t get the respect in hollywierd. This is why ‘A’ list celebrities steer clear from them. Only people wanna be in bed with them is newly rich celebs or hood money (rappers, ball players, etc). No one of cl***** and substance respect the come up. Too many people out in Cali struggled to get anything and Kim opened her legs and the red sea parted for her and her family. So, Please stop staying Kim was born into money…NOT TRUE. If you lived in L.A and worked in the industry for years…you wouldn’t be fan

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    This family is such trash. I still can’t get over one of the episodes where the beast (khloe) kept repeatedly calling her “father” a pussy… I was so embarassed and ashamed for him. I’d never feel comforable with being that direspectful to someone older (heck even my age). What a disgusting little family :-/

  29. alexandra says:

    I stand by what I said before, she has fillers in her cheeks, and forehead reassignment. Regardless, she is beautiful but too much make up.

  30. fizXgirl314 says:

    Her eyes are looking weird. Especially in that last pic. Looks like she glued someone else’s skin onto her face. creepy!

  31. Eden says:

    Wow Rihanna….thanks for the info.
    Very informative and nauseating at the same time.
    Kim has filler puffing up her nasio-labial folds in the 2nd picture and I think that changes the shape of her face as well.

  32. ogechi says:

    @Lame Rihanna: Tell that to the wind!!! You have too much time to write all these non convincing essay. Stop the hate and leave them alone1

  33. Slymm27 says:

    @Ogechi, let Rihanna be. How do you know the story is a lie. Sounds true to me, but then again, you are kind of obsessed with the Kardashians, aren’t you?

  34. ronda says:

    @rihanna I agree with you! People just think they were born into rich because they portray themselves that way! They pretend to be rich! Kim and khloe used ray js mom credit and spend 200k without permission to shop for their store and brandy and ray mom said she didn’t understand why kim would steal money cause she thought she was born into money! Because kim pretends to be richer than she actually is!

  35. Angel says:

    It’s called hella makeup and it’s called contouring. Of which, Kim does a ton of. This, literally, is how drags do their contouring. It is the same exact technique, and I am not saying that as an insult. 100% honestly, this is the same makeup technique that they mostly use.

  36. My name is Sandra Lee and i would like to show you my personal experience with Botox.
    I have suffered with migraines and neck pain for many years. Botox has given me my life back. I have arthritis in my neck and Botox is the ONLY thing that has given me relief.
    I hope this information will be useful to others,

    Sandra Lee

  37. LuckyLilGem says:

    She was beautiful then and now. Hopefully she’s doing her medical grade maintenance for herself and not to cope with her split from you know who.

  38. sara says:

    ok i been told that she had plastic surgey done i have a booty like hers i keep tell people she’s my role model i love the show im a big fan of it and got her perfume so i wounder if its ture that she got plastic surgery doen?

  39. /Barbara says:

    It bothers me when someone has so much plastic surgery and uses Botox and gets so much attention for being a real beauty. Kim Kardashian definitely has had
    her nose done, possibly cheek implants and most definitely a Boob job.

  40. Not says:

    KHLOE needs A NOSE JOB. YIKES. She needs to keep her attitude, though……..and I cannot wait for the day she murders that a**hole Scott and hides his body somewhere. This of course, if he doesn’t do it to Kourtney, first.

    Does anyone else see him as a Scott Peterson type? I can totally see that loser being told “I want a divorce” then trying to plan the perfect murder. I hate him. Scumbag, weirdo.

  41. Jasmin says:

    I cant believe how dumb the masses can be!it actually frusterates me.
    She’s clearly had extensive surgeries,Imagine all of the pressure shes under!
    I thought kim was so beautiful befor
    Now shes starting to look like micheal jackson(God bless his soul and her’s.)
    Please open your eyes Thanks..

  42. Dr. Skinner says:

    Kim has always been and will always be naturally beautiful.
    Shame that she cannot be satisfied with that and needs to enhance some of her body parts.
    She is vain and superficial, not satisfied with what she has – obsessively pursuing a better “her” and now with botox – on a young lady ! – give me a break.

    Would love to see her enhance any talent she might have – beauty is only skin deep.

  43. MedullaPancreas says:

    Body dysmorphia strikes even the beautiful and plastic surgeons aren’t in the business of talking sense to you if you’ve already made up your foolish mind. She definitely homogenized her unique look with cheek and nose augmentation procedures.

  44. Tony says:

    Kim and Courtney wear lacefronts a lot.

  45. Kimfan says:

    Maybe Kim has not gone under the knife, but I heard you can use injectables to contour your face (cheekbones), and also use injectables to smooth out a small bump in your nose. Also, you can use botox to give a mini brow lift. Kim did say she has tried botox.

    The difference is in her cheekbone area, nabial folds, her eyes are more slanted and less bugg-eyed looking.

  46. I remember watching one episode of their show and Kim was actually complaining about her botox! She even said she’ll never do it again. I think she may have gone under the knife because the changes on her nose are all obvious! As long as she’s happy with the results, I think let’s just all be happy for her. :)

  47. Elyn says:

    Kim could have been a beautiful 30 year old. Instead, she looks like an overbaked tart. Whatever she’s done to her face looks like it could come apart at any moment.

  48. Koowie says:

    Is anyone really surprised? Almost no one is natural nowadays at least not in Hollywood.

  49. nic123 says:

    I cant believe she destroyed her beautiful face with whatever she did because its obvious she has and I wouldnt be too sure its aging, she ruined her good looks and wont ever get them back and if her good looks are why she is famous then why is she even more famous then 4 years ago if her looks are ruined, its so confusing, I mean who would prefer this look?

  50. efd says:

    Kim is a nasty fake ass fat whale with a fake nose lol

  51. milly says:

    in those two pictures the different do not show but far back you see her with big nose if you look at older pictures. i think she had work done before she did her sex tape not after.