Kim Kardashian compliments Khloe’s ‘vagina’ (video, SFW)

Kim Kardashian, who gets offended when women breastfeed their babies in public, is shown on the most recent episode of her reality show admiring her sister Khloe’s lady bits. Kim compliments Khloe’s “vagina,” and makes a common error in labeling the outside area, the “vulva,” the “vagina,” which is actually the inside part. Khloe has her legs spread and is getting laser hair removal while Kim makes the observation and as gross as it is to contemplate she may be able to see up in there. (Although she’s still incorrectly calling the outside area the “vagina.” ) Khloe got a bikini wax from her other sister, Kourtney, a couple of months ago on the show, and I guess she was sick of letting Kourtney do that to her. It sounds like Kim is actually complimenting Kourtney’s work:

On the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Khloe got laser hair removal for the first time.

“You have a better, like, looking vagina than I thought,” Kim said while watching the procedure.

“What? What did you think my vagina was going to look like?” Khloe asked.

“I don’t know, I never looked at your vagina,” Kim said. “I thought it was, like, a shaved rashy vagina.”

“I have a nice ass, too,” Khloe said.

[From Huffington Post]

What a nice scene between two self absorbed twits who spend their days getting spa treatments, shopping, and going to events. What else is next from this family? Are we going to learn about it when the younger girls get their periods? The older Kardashian women are already shilling for Kotex, they may as bring in 13 year-old Kylie and 14 year-old aspiring model Kendall to join in the family tradition of oversharing for profit and headlines.

Oh and Kaiser asked me why I had vagina in quotes when she saw the title for this story as a draft. She thought I was implying that Khloe didn’t have one.

Photos of Kim and Khloe are from 5/11/10 and 10/15/09. Credit: Kim is also shown on 8/20/10. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. Me1st says:

    OMG, that is just TMI…these two are too much

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Ugh! Do these famewhores ever stop trying to get attention? Honestly, who watches that show and wants to see them get waxed/lasered? It isn’t even funny or amusing to hear about.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I’ve got to stop clicking on these Kardashian stories. They just depress me as to the level we’ve sunk to in American society. Hopefully Khloe will appreciate it when her children’s friends tell her kids- “Hey I saw your mom’s twat on Utube”.

  4. freckles says:

    Meh, I know that it’s called the “vulva” but I still call the whole area the vagina. Vulva just sounds like a kind of gross word to me, not to mention everyone knows what a vagina is, but most people forget about “vulva.”

    It’s kinda weird, but I’m not surprised. I actually thought it was kinda funny.

  5. artista says:

    Thanks for the media plague Seacrest.

  6. Diane says:

    Why do I read these when I just know I’m gonna barf?

  7. Eileen says:

    OMG that last photo of Kim is truly terrifying!

  8. gorilla says:

    either kim is getting more comfortable or she’s been trying really hard to seem less like a crotchety prudish old lady

  9. Brin says:

    Anatomy 101….big hairy men don’t have vaginas.

  10. maya says:

    The show is SCRIPTED!!! They know what to do to get people talking, while they are laughing all the way to the bank. Their show is the highest rated show on the E! Network.

  11. Cam says:

    Ugh, gotta stop reading these stories, seriously. Who wants to know every detail about their life, anyway? Oh wait, there must be thousands of people considering the show’s still on air. Whatever, this is the last time I click on a Kardashian story, for my own sake.

    Update: Maya is RIGHT.

  12. Kevin says:

    So….wazz up with Kourtney’s vagina Kim?

  13. RaccoonPrincess says:

    I’ve seen the ads for the show and I hope my impression is dead wrong, but it looks to me as though the mother is desperate to live vicariously through her daughters, the stepdad (who looks like Skellator playing Bruce Jenner) who approves of none of them and criticizes everything, and some not very bright girls who are so self absorbed, they don’t realize how unrealistic the lines they read sound.

  14. aenflex says:

    Kim looks stretched.
    I don’t have any sisters, but I am pretty sure if I did, I wouldn’t let them stare into my vulva (?).

  15. dread pirate cuervo says:

    A few weeks back my waxer made a comment that the shape I picked “looks nice” & went on to share that she has the same shape. I didn’t want to know. Sorry for the TMI, but I hope that by sharing this with you, it will stop haunting me.

  16. “She thought I was implying that Khloe didn’t have one.”


  17. MissVJJ says:

    Looks like Kim is holding a bottle of Eau d’ Whore in that last pic!! She looks just like her mommy now with all her plastic surgery. How sweet.

  18. original kate says:

    “I don’t have any sisters, but I am pretty sure if I did, I wouldn’t let them stare into my vulva.”

    no, aenflex, you wouldn’t. i have three sisters and none of us have ever seen the other’s cooter. at least not on purpose. for the record let me state: we haven’t waxed one another’s cooters, drank their breast milk, pulled each other’s pants down (since we were about 5) or mimed intercourse with them.

  19. Keyanna says:

    Obviously Americans love this crap. More power to the Kardashians.

  20. buzzybee says:

    pretty soon we will have SEX tapes prime time too.. TV is getting more classless all the time & I can’t believe RYAN SEACREST is behind some of this.
    Skanky TV. There is information & then there is too much information & this is one of those times..

    When do you think they get into Threesomes on there show.

    Kardashins maybe laughing to the bank & its up to the public to tell the TV producers what it is they want to see. As long as you tune into this garbage we lose more morals & decency all the time.

    You wonder why the young people of today are the way they are. think about it.

    SEX ED by the Kardashins maybe next.

  21. Keyanna says:

    I think it’s safe to say that the actual viewers are the idiots.

  22. Leticia says:

    Pure trash. I am embarrassed for them.

  23. fizXgirl3114 says:

    omg can her face be pulled any tighter?

  24. Genevieve says:

    WHO FREAKING CARES!!! Stop reporting on fake E-list celebutards

  25. Canucklehead says:

    There is something really disgusting about the whole Kardashian clan. So primitive and grotesque, but in a weird way.

    Also how can they be deemed “Celebrities”? They’ve never created anything, or invented something, or climbed Everest, or won a Stanley cup or won an Oscar. They have accomplished nothing, they are just regular people who have cameras pointed at them.

    so what’s up with that?

    ps-Don’t even get me started on Bruce Jenner and his ridiculous plastic surgery. It’s like he got stuck exploding.

  26. M says:

    @original kate

    It’s just a vagina lol. My sister has waxed me and I looked at hers after she had laser treatment because I was curious how effective it was.
    Why do people act like vagina’s are a taboo subject?

  27. Keyanna says:

    What I wonder is why people get on sites like these and posts “Who Freaking Cares????”
    I shouldn’t even have to explain.

  28. chloe says:

    wow, kim looks like j.lo in the last photo!

  29. timmlehh says:

    i still dont know what their job is ?

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