The Kardashian sisters overshare about their first periods

The Kardashian sisters – is there anything they won’t share in order to promote themselves or some product they’re hawking? We’ve heard the blow-by-blow details of Kourteney’s pregnancy, and learned all about Khloe’s sex life. As each of them has gained and lost weight, we’ve been subjected to the minutia of that, too. Kim is on the cover of In Touch this week bragging about a whole five pounds she lost. Well now the Kardashians are talking about their first periods. They’re not oversharing to get publicity as usual, they’re doing it as part of their job promoting a new Kotex line which hopes to brand itself as the go-to period product for materialistic, fame-seeking women who openly talk about their Aunt Flo.

To be fair to these way overexposed women, though, it’s a decent ad campaign by Kotex and one that may help girls feel less embarrassed about something we all go through. Who better to use as spokespeople for giving personal information than the Kardashians? I really hate saying that, and I hate helping promote anything for the Kardashians. I watched the video and my opinion of the ads softened a little before I got annoyed by the blatant marketing ploys that would never faze mom Kris. I still can’t stand these people and it’s not going to get me to buy Kotex. They should have named the line “Kardashian Kotex” with tampons named Kim, pads named Kourteney and those diaper-type night pads – Khloe. Speaking of Khloe – who we know is still getting her period because we’d hear about it in about a minute if she ever got pregnant – she has a post on her blog enthusing about the ads:

We all know that I’m not one that’s afraid to speak my mind, nor do I get embarrassed very easily, so I have no problem screaming at the top of my lungs about periods and vaginas. Getting your period is natural, so as a woman, why should I have to keep my mouth shut about it? But not all girls are as comfortable discussing these sorts of topics as freely as I am, and that’s the issue that I want to address here.

I grew up in a house with almost all girls so talking about these things happened pretty much every single day. Haha and Rob being the only male had to put up with it. Kim and I were both with Rob when we first got our periods…it probably scarred him for life! He can pretty much handle anything now — he’s totally going to be that husband buying tampons for his wife LOL.

It shouldn’t take a primarily female environment to make girls feel at ease talking about their period! Personally, I like talking about these things LOL, which was why I so excited to participate with Kim and my mom in a series of videos called “Getting Real” with U by Kotex. We answered girls’ questions about their periods, and shared some fun personal experiences of our own.

[From Khloe Kardashian's Blog]

Ok, I’ll quit letting my intense dislike of the Kardashian Klan infect my opinion of their Kotex Kommercials. You can watch all the ads on Celebuzz. No one contacted or encouraged us to promote this product or we would have kissed ass instead of being snotty about it.

Here’s Khloe promoting Kotex U products by posing in a bright red skintight dress and construction hat while breaking down a faux wall with graffiti that reads “Vajayjay,” “HooHa,” and “Aunt Flow.” Yes, this is all about empowering young girls.


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  1. Naye in VA says:

    to be fair i talk a lot about my period. Mostly to men. so that they feel my pain.

    In fact ive given every boyfriend i’ve had a blow-by-blow of why we get our period and how its natural and not nasty. suprisingly they all listened thorugh my lecture lol. even my kid brother.

  2. RedEyeJedi says:

    wow khloe looks like a freaking drag queen. when are these girls gonna go away? we need more people with REAL talent.

  3. hatsumomo says:

    yeah, my man was pretty curious about periods too. No lady he was with before me would talk about it to him, and its fine and all, but I WILL NOT let him watch when I put a tampon on. Its still a personal thing!

  4. ogechi says:

    Thats a good campaign. Love the K-sisters.

  5. GatsbyGal says:

    Ugh, I use Kotex…maybe it’s time to switch to Always.

  6. freckles says:

    I want to punch the person that tells celebs (even fake celebs) that crossing your legs like that is flattering. It looks so stupid and unnatural..

  7. lena says:

    I really don’t get why people call her fat or ugly, I think she has a nice figure and she isn’t ugly at all (my opinion of course,) Ugly is a very strong/harsh word to use against someone.

  8. l says:

    i like them and make no apologies for it.

    This is a VERY SMART move by both the Kardashians and Kotex. This is going to be big.

  9. bellaluna says:

    I think it would be better for them to be tearing down a wall with the words “Periods shouldn’t be associated with:” “Embarrassment”, “Shame”, though I did notice “Secrecy” was on that wall.

    No matter how old we are, I think most of us ladies get that “Oh, please don’t let it be a teenage guy bagging my stuff” feeling at the store. And guys need to do their part too, and stop saying things like “Wow, you’re really on the rag!”


    @ GatsbyGal: the Infinity by Always is a completely awesome product!

  10. Richie says:

    This girl talks only about sex & nothing else!!!! just coz they were rich, they became famous!! I was pretty shocked when i watched few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians…JEEZ she doesn’t respect her own mother!!!! all they speak is fowl language!!! NO CLASS WHAT SO EVER!! GO AWAY!!!!!

  11. guesty says:

    kris jenner is the new papa joe…no doubt about it.

  12. audrey says:

    i would like to propose a ban on the K sisters.

  13. Aviatrix says:

    Khloe is the most outspoken of them, so I’m not surprised here. At least it isn’t some product for weight loss, cosmetics or “how to be better to land your man” kind of thing. It might be a little misguided effort, but I think Khloe has a good heart and isn’t as famewhorish as her two younger sisters. She’s trying a lil too hard, but she’s the most normal.

  14. JuiceinLA says:

    A Construction Hard Hat advertising Kotex is just about the most disturbing visual I have seen this week… GAH!!!!!!!!

  15. put a cork in it says:

    I used Kotex, hated it. Always, ugh. About every product thats out. The only tampons I’d use when heading out is Platex. But for overnights I’d use Depends Undergarments..

  16. bros says:

    we didnt HEAR about the blow by blow of kourtney’s pregnancy. We SAW it. she filmed her entire pregnancy and yanked her own baby out of her gaping hoohah and put this on national television. these people have a sickness as far as I am concerned.

  17. ana says:

    I love the K sisters. They’re beautiful and speak their mind. They’re talking about a product that many young girls wonder about but as they said, feel uncomfortable discussing. We should all be so lucky. Speaking of luck I just got 15% off at Mandees at this website Beezag. You need a pin to register, but I used a promotional one “cvmark” maybe it will work for you guys too. What better way to impower women than good, cheap fashion :)

  18. malina says:

    @ freckles
    LOL I’ve always crossed my legs like that – it’s just my habit and I don’t care what it looks like. And ppl always ask me if maybe I need to go to the restroom ;) please don’t bash me when I become a celebrity LOL

  19. TG says:

    I love their show! But, I keep changing my mind on Khloe can’t decide if she is pretty and strong or boxy and manly looking. I reall think she has a different father than the others.

    And what about Bruce wasn’t doesn’t he count as a male in the house? It figures that selfish girl would forget about her step-dad, who probably provided the only good support and guidance around.

  20. Katie from Boston says:

    I think this is good. Some girls never learn about getting their period, or what to use, or how to expect to feel. Why must it be this mystery. Anything that “demystifies” menstruation (hate that word) is okay by me. Men shouldn’t be scared by it. That’s why I always liked dating guys who had sisters as opposed to those that don’t. All women get their period. Why should it be so secretive?

    * Where’s “God, it’s me Margaret” when you need it nowadays!

  21. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Kudo’s to the Kardashians, even though I sometimes find them annoying… and is it really true that Kourt took out her own baby???

    My mother would never talk about periods even though she gave birth to six daughters – she was raised in a boarding school so maybe the nuns never openly discussed menstruation back then and I wonder if they are different nowadays?

  22. Emily says:

    I actually think this is a good idea. I think I just lost part of my soul saying that, but… Anything that can help young girls learn about this, or have the courage to ask, is a good thing in my opinion. I used to refuse to buy tampons, and made my mum do it, but now I can talk in detail about my period with any of my friends, most of whom are guys. It’s funny, guys either get really grossed out by it, or ask a zillion questions.

  23. Lisa says:

    Speaking of feminine supplies, are there any other women out there who have opened up an “Always” pad and been uber-ticked to see the “Have a happy period” message? Especially when you’ve got horrible cramps and can’t leave work and the midol isn’t working. Seriously. I stopped using Always after that.

  24. yae says:


    That “time” is a sacred clock. I find the Kardashians discussing it rather sacrilegious (in a Goddess sort of way).

    Here’s a bunch of nitwits getting rich off being idiots and they are schooling women into conversation about menstruation. Really, how embarrassing for those indulging in this.

  25. Amy says:

    hahaha speaking of Kotex, my Spanish professor gave us an assignment to choose a tv commercial, show it to the class, and talk about why the commercial appeals to a certain target audience etc…

    One girl was pretty ballsy and chose the recent Kotex commercial where the girl is talking about how cliche and unrealistic tampon commercials are. There are 6 guys in the class and they sat through the presentation stony faced. To be fair, this was around 9 AM in the morning and probably not what they wanted to hear/see first thing in the morning.

  26. Kolby says:

    I saw one of those commercials last night during The Vampire Diaries. It featured a prtty girl standing outside a drug store asking random men if they could go inside and buy her tampons while she waited outside with her bike (she had forgotten the lock or something). They men all flat out refused, and one of them offered to grab her a roll of toilet paper instead! Ha! Both my husband and I thought it was a clever commercial, and I certainly remembered the product it was selling afterward.

  27. Cindy Kennedy says:

    These girls are famous for nothing.

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    Of course none of those ads show anything eco-friendly for periods. Lunapads and Diva Cup missed the boat on this! Women need to take it seriously the garbage they leave behind when they use bleached and plastic tampons and pads every month. Not to mention the narsty “napkin rash” and vaginal infections caused by the use of such products. We’re switching our babies to cloth or eco-friendly nappies, so why aren’t we doing that for ourselves every month considering most of us have will menstruate from age 13 to 48.

  29. Donna says:

    I think its vulgur how the K girls air their private business and opinions to the world.