Angelina Jolie announces she’s having twins

Today Angelina Jolie put all the speculation and rumors to rest and announced that she is indeed having twins. Twins seem to be the “it” baby right now. I’m not sure if it’s possible to special order them, but it seems like a lot of celebs are popping them out lately. Though if Angie did indeed conceived through IVF as has been speculated, it would increase her chance of having multiples.

It’s twins for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! In an interview that took place in Cannes on Wednesday with the “Today” show’s Natalie Morales, airing Wednesday night on Access Hollywood and in full on Thursday on “Today,” Angelina confirmed the baby news that has been rumored for months.

The twins will be the couple’s 5th & 6th children. Angelina confirmed the news in a side-by-side interview with Jack Black — they are promoting their new Dreamworks animated film, “Kung Fu Panda.” Jack was the first to let the news slip, and then Angelina followed up with her own confirmation.

“You’re gonna have as many as (the) ‘Brady Bunch’ when you have these,” Jack joked.

“It’s confirmed? Is it two?”, Natalie asked.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve confirmed that already,” Angelina responded. “Well, Jack’s just confirmed it actually.”

“Is that true?”, Jack said jokingly.

“Yeah, you did,” Angelina replied.

“Sorry,” Jack concluded.

[From Access Hollywood]

Angelina said that she and Brad know the sex of the babies, but that they’re keeping that private. Natalie Morales asks if she’s giving birth here or in France, Angelina replied, “Possibly.” Which technically didn’t answer the question – Morales asked if it was one or the other, and Jolie gave that response. So maybe here, maybe there, and maybe on the surface of the moon. Who knows. That’s six kids, collected in a VERY short period of time. Congrats to Brad and Angelina.

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  1. Anni says:

    hm. i guess it was a joke. why would jack black know that she´s with twins AND let it slip when she was so secretive about the whole thing. she just played along. but we´ll see sooner than later

  2. Lisamarie says:

    Just a quick correction – IVF would increase her chances of having more than one child, but artificial insemination would not.

    Artificial insemination is just the injection of sperm into the uterus, exactly like a penis, but not as fun. I’m quite sure about this, because my daughter is the result of artificial insemination. 😀

  3. MSat says:

    Her boobs look awesome!

  4. momoftwins says:

    ugh… I know this is totally lame of me but I hate that so many stars are having twins! Ever since JLo had her babies so many people have asked me what my fertility treatments were like. Have people forgotten there’s also natural twins?

  5. Sasha says:

    Well that narrows down the list of people who don’t know to a small Papau New Guinea native tribe who still use stone implements, and worship a ’59 Mercury as an idol. 😆

  6. Syko says:

    I think twins are the new black. Even our receptionist where I work is expecting two little girls in October.

    They are putting something in the water!

  7. mazzy says:

    Brad’s sister has twins.

    Angie’s first cousin has twins.

    Twins on both sides equals increased possibility of twins.

  8. ER says:

    We have twins on both sides of mine and my husband’s families, but I’m grateful we had singletons, although we would have welcomed twins.

    Since Brad and Angie want a plethora of kids, twins really is great news for them!

  9. headache says:

    Crap like this scares me. We’re planning to having another child in the near future and holy mother of god, I thought I was the only one who thought there was a bump in the amount of twins being born.

    Is it just not as rare, is this temporary, is it because more people leave around each other and we get more exposure, is it because we are healthier?

  10. someone says:

    She should have went for a litter of 6 and just got it over with she will have to go out and adopt 2 more..

  11. mazzy says:

    Angie’s uncles are twins also.

  12. Feeonna says:

    It is not because we are healthier!! It is because of all the hormones and chemicals in the foods that we eat!!
    IT is actually a very scary thing;the chemicals are the same reasons that our kids are developing sexually earlier with every generation. That is the opposite of healthy! 😯

  13. Kolby says:

    CB – I think Morales asked if she was planning on delivering “here in France,” to which “possibly” would seem a reasonable answer. Morales interviewed them in Cannes, so “here in France” makes sense.

  14. Kolby says:

    headache – the number of multiples has increased steadily in the past few years, mainly due to women waiting longer to have childrne and then needing fertility assistance, which sometimes results in multiple births.

    It’s funny because I just got an e-mail from BabyCenter today detailing the most recent information on fertility in the US.

  15. Syko says:

    I always thought twins were so efficient. One pregnancy, one labor, one hospital stay – two babies! It’s like a “buy one, get one free” sale!

  16. Mairead says:

    Careful Syko, or you’ll find that the more enterprising of the “unique baby name brigade” or indeed Angie herself, will be naming one of their twins Bogof 😉

  17. shelby says:

    they are creating their own army to take over the world, stay tuned……

  18. MM says:

    6 children in 3 years of a relationship.

    Not so healthy for the well-being of the children natural emotional and psychological growth.

    These are too many huge changes in a very short period of time for the children to adjust.

    Mother nature knows best, and it usually takes a year in between every child to be born.

  19. no big deal says:

    angelina needs to be nutured.

  20. Mama says:

    😉 Jack Black: I am sorry. I did not realize it’s such a big deal to keep the twin news secret.

    Angelina Jolie: Yes, it’s a “big deal”. And you should keep your mouth shut. You just ruined my “charity works”.


    😉 Jack Black: I am sorry. I did not realize it’s such a big deal to keep the twin news secret.

    Angelina Jolie: Yes, it’s a “big deal”. And you should keep your mouth shut. You just ruined my “charity works”.


  21. Mom says:

    Angie… would have been nice if you had worked on being some what of a role modle first… Doing some charity work but not living your own life in a parental way is not being a role model.Now we can all unfortunately watch to see how well rounded these children turn out. Brad, Hang in there.

  22. TG says:

    Brad is a low life. So, is AJ.

  23. Kait says:

    Brad’s family history of twins would have absolutely no impact of the chances of Angelina becoming pregnant with twins.

    Yeah, six kids in three years is a lot but they have the finances to make sure those kids are always provided for and they seem fairly hands on. If nothing else, I’m sure they hire fabulous nannies to take care of the kids. It’s not ideal but none of us know what really happens in that home.

    Besides, with Jack Black involved I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s all a joke, although she looked rather serious when she confirmed it.

  24. Really tho says:

    tramp, skank, infested ho-bag!

  25. 2 years together says:

    It’s 6 children in a 2 years of relationship.

    How about dating first, making sure you even fit as a couple. Some people don’t even get engaged before they date for 2 years.

    Shiloh is not even 2, and Angie got pregnant while the divorce was not even finalized.

  26. Enonymouse says:

    I have to say that Angelina popping out kids (now it seems like every year) and randomly adopting even more, is a total turn off. I liked her so much more when she was a single strong mother with just one kid and not Brad, now it seems to have turned into a breeding machine. BLAH. 🙁
    But its her life and its her choice so good luck to her, she is going to need it.

  27. Jandra says:

    Good for Angie and Brad! I hope she has a healthy pregnancy with two healthy babies to love and to cherish. They look like great parents.

  28. Mel says:

    I am I the only one who cannot wait to see this time bomb? Twins, from a woman who never wanted to have kids but would only adopt because there were too many kids suffering, then she goes out and has IVF (Of course it was IVF and we will be told so later)to have twins. He poor kids are gonna have issues. And she has how many films to promote in this coming year? Does she seriously intend to continue working with all those kids, they also need special attention. Will she feel more for these ones than for Shi? When will she adopt again? When the limelight fades? And than loser Pitt, in all this he seems like his brains took leave.

    Every psychologists in this country is screaming that stability and routine are key in raising a child. Every child who has been a normad has scars to show for it and this woman has done everything in her power to deny thee helpless kids that.

    Zahara is gonna be pissed!

  29. Mel says:

    Mark my words, she will be adopting soon and taking on three more movie roles. Once a trainwreck, always one.

  30. Granger says:

    As usual, I’m blown away by the hatred some people feel for someone they’ve never met.

  31. sandy says:

    i love me some angelina jolie but i’m confused by this whole story
    i thought AJ seemed miserable pregnant last time around- then again maybe she was miserable at the paparazzi?
    she doesn’t look like she is having twins yet.
    the other celebs that have twins are over 40 and she’s only 32 and shiloh was 2 yrs. ago- there is no way she needed fertility help.
    love her green dress

  32. sandy says:

    i never knew mia farrow has twins too

  33. Bodhi says:

    Congrats to the family!

    (Of course it was IVF and we will be told so later)

    Really? Are you sre? How do you know? 🙄

  34. neelyo says:

    I think the venom directed at Jolie at this site is from people who have been left by a partner.

    And is anyone here a licensed child psychologist because everyone certainly thinks they know what’s best for someone else’s children.

  35. xxx! says:

    well you think wrong @ neelyo! I’ve not been left, so try and come again. but don’t strain your brain!

  36. headache says:

    Some people are so damn judgemental, seriously.

    In any case, I’m happy for them. Their children are some of the happiest celeb babies this side of the Klum/Seal kids and Brooke Shields’ kids and they look so normal when they go out.

    To everyone who is worried about their stability, etc, how much stability and mental health do you think Maddox would have seen in a Cambodian orphanage? And we all know Zahara would have been dead before her first birthday.

    Consistant love and affection can provide more stability than living in the same home for all your childhood can. Just ask any military brat.

  37. Mel says:

    Headache, I wish to disagree humbly. Just because a child is adopted and saved from a fate worse than death does not mean they deserve any less than those born in a loving and caring family. If for a moment her fans stopped blindly supporting her, they would realise that what she is doing is ridiculous. It is as though she knows it is her only way of keeping the media attention and her loose boyfriend. But seriously 6 kids in just over two and a half years is crazy when she admits that they are committed only to the children and that is all that matters (meaning a split cannot be ruled out, they don’t even plan to get married).

    Those kids are already showing signs of mental trauma. Maddox is not the jolly child he was, Zahara seems angry all the time. Pax is frightened most of the time and Shiloh hardly has any expressions on her face apart from a semi-surprised look.

    I am not saying that they don’t love them. It is clear that they love their kids and are devoted to them, but lets be realistic, money a lone does not raise a child otherwise all those rich brats would not be falling out of bars and dying of ODs.

    Brangelina try too hard. Plane rides, boat trips etc are not what makes a good parent. Putting your children first is. Angelina won’t even slow down to look after the kids she is collecting. She is only 33, no one said she has to have all of them in five years. Give them time and space to devote time to them. She has admitted that giving each kid special time is a challenge. What makes her think that 6 will be less of a challenge when you and your partner are still working 8 movies a year? Other tinseltown mothers have scaled down to devote their time to their children, and they have only one child, she has six and thinks she is super woman. Well, I hope all turns out well, but that is too much to hope. This family is a disaster waiting to happen.

  38. whatever says:

    Look, they gave 3 orphaned kids a home with a future. So what if they had help in conceiving. What they have done so far cannot be criticized, they have the right to have as many kids as they want, and they have the funds to support them so why not?
    Leave them alone… they’re not bothering anyone!

  39. Mairead says:

    I never understand why people keep banging on about how the kids “don’t smile”. They’re not marionettes like!

    I don’t have any myself but I see plenty of them walking around with their parents everyday – and none of them are trotting around with rictus grins. There’s the full gamut there – bored, expressionless, angry, bratty, tired, content and laughing.

  40. Hollz says:

    i, personally think that Shiloh and the twins were accidents. Angelina seems like a Wonderful mum.

  41. Katrina says:

    I think twins, and babies in general, are really pointless in this day and age. I mean enough people are reproducing to populate the world, so why does EVERYONE want kids so bad? Sure, great, they are a mini you/your partner. But doesn’t the looming fate of global warming, food shortages, pollution, and most likely the end of the world phase anyone? I feel like Satan being the only one out of all of my girlfriends that doesn’t want children. Babies are nice when you can give them back. /rant

  42. Katrina says:

    @ ‘2 years together’ – THANK YOU! Yeah seriously Brad has lost a lot of my respect as a fan because of his decisions. Sure leave your best friend and wife for some talentless harlot, whatever, but couldn’t he have made sure it was going to work before he left out the condoms? They barely knew each other, it was lust, not love. Good luck to those kids when Brangelina is getting divorced in 7 years. Seriously sex appeal is not enough to keep a “marriage” healthy. They will probably get married and shortly after when the kids grow up, they will divorce.

  43. Ann Marie says:

    i think Angelina having twins is great , I don’t think they need to adopt any more children at this time they have a lot on their hands with six kids. Brad and Angelina is doing a great job from everything I have read the kids seems to be well rounded children, the more the merrier. I wish them good luck. 😀

  44. Geenie says:

    I agree with both sides of this argument to a certain extent but 6 kids is a lot and truthfully these children will be raised primarily by nannies and caretakers. There is no way Angelina and Brad with their busy schedules can raise these children on their own. It is hard enough for two working parents with just 9 to 5 jobs to be able to give children the love and support they need. Six kids, two actor parents. They will most certainly have issues when they grow up. just the fact that three of them have been abandoned by their parents and. Adopted children always have issues. HELLO, they should have stopped after Shiloh!

  45. lola says:

    Hollz, Angelina has since changed her story and now Shiloh was planned. If the twins were not IVF, she would have yapped on and on about it since now she is telling us how she has a lot of sex when she is pregnant in unique positions.

  46. julia says:

    I am sooooo sick of hearing about this godsend woman and man… just because they have money they can do this crazy interference with gods plan IVF and travel the world adopt children of a different race when we have chlidren here that need help. I think they both are a poor excuse for humanity and use their stardom to promote anything and everything they want to do an oh Im a real twin and resent the fact that that plant two seeds and call them “twins” my parents did it the right way.. Whats a matter jolie afraid to have sex with brad you had no problem when he was with the most beautiful woman with class unlike you….. Jenifer aniston. Try it the right way next time and quit playing the almighty savior.. You will have to answer to your inadequacies one day.. and that you will have to do alone.. That is if you even believe in God……

  47. julia says:

    :roll:this is the way i feel about the whole bad and angie bunch and these stupid nicknames “brangelina” give me a break they have real names the media is ridiculous in thinking this singles them out as perfect…. She has talent like my dead cat and he is an arrogant idiot that lucked into fame an fortune by looks alone…. this world is truly f@#%&^d up so give us celeberties to think about. I came across this by accident cuz im not interested in the news nor do i buy newspapers because it is strictly aimed toward people of no substance or worth a big waste of time an money…..I don’t find my comments rude or defaming anyone they do it themselves by allowing themselves to be interviewed and photographed and act as though they hate it. Without it they would be nothing.. Please AJ and BP no more kids didn’t like the movie the stepford wives and it sounds as though maybe there will be a sequel the brangelina clan… with all that is written maybe we can all be famous as easy as they have become LOL!!!!!!

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