Jessica Simpson’s a binge drinker who’s not over John Mayer

Jessica following John Mayer around like a puppy when he was on tour in January, 2007
More stories and theories are emerging regarding the recent and still unconfirmed Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo breakup. Us Weekly reports that even though Jessica has been blabbing about her love for Romo to anyone within earshot, the pop singer is still licking her wounds from being so publicly dumped by John Mayer. When Jessica saw pics of Mayer and Jennifer Aniston splashed all over the tabloids, she went into a full scale meltdown, complete with binge drinking and some vomit. That same night, Romo was seen partying solo in a club in Chicago.

Jessica Simpson got good and drunk as John Mayer, the guy who broke her heart, went public with his new relationship with Jennifer Aniston last week.

The 27-year-old singer was so out of it after a four-hour session of drinking at L.A.’s Mexicali Cocina Cantina on May 10 – which started at the pre-happy hour of 4 p.m. with BFF CaCee Cobb and her beau Donald Faison – that she was reduced to leaving her Range Rover in the parking lot and calling her mom Tina for a ride home, Us reports (for good measure, CaCee Cobb threw up under the table); that same night, Us Weekly also reports that beau Tony Romo partied solo in Chicago and was overheard telling friends he was single again.

Across the country, Mayer and Aniston went public with their relationship – holding hands and kissing affectionately at the Marley & Me cast party in Miami.

[From Us Weekly]

If the reports are true, Jessica took the breakup with Mayer very badly, and continued to call him and e-mail after he dumped her. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is still hung up on the guy- though I can’t understand what these women see in him, personally. It does make sense that seeing your ex, who was a commitment phobe while dating you, now lovey dovey with someone else would send you into a tailspin. Maybe Jessica should take a break from guys for a while, figure out who she is, and be a lot more careful about being so public with who she dates. Oh, and the binge drinking sessions probably aren’t helping, either.

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  1. tasha says:

    it seems karma has come to haunt Jessica , after she treated Nick badly tut tut

  2. ER says:

    From Jessica to Jennifer… about opposite ends of the spectrum!

  3. Mairead says:

    out of curiosity, why is Nick portrayed by people as being Mr. Angelic?

    I’ve watched that programme and he came across as a condescending games-obsessed know-it-all who married someone far too young for him to me.

    Poor ould Jessica, she’ll turn into Pammy Anderson if she’s not careful 🙄

  4. Jean says:

    Umm…the server who waited on JS and party that night has called BS on this story. Simpson was calm, polite, and definitely NOT drunk.

    I read this at

  5. dizzybenny says:

    maybe Mayer has a big one because i don’t see either what is the big fuss over the guy.

  6. anon69 says:

    we saw him in the green thong-that boy is all taters!

  7. Anni says:

    i never expected donald faison to date such a douche that actually throws up in a bar…classy.

  8. Sasha says:

    Energy wasted over a whiny fruity man-child, Jessica.

  9. Nothing but Empathy says:

    I dated a guy like Mayer, waxed philosophical about everything; the canned tuna fish we just ate, and I felt amazing and intelligent just being in his presence. Everything we did together was meaningful, and life was so much deeper. He was so charming and made me feel like I was the only girl in the room, but at the same time aloof; out of my reach, and way beyond my control. I was so young, and he smashed my heart.

    I’m not a fan of her’s, but Poor Jessica, I’m sure when he spoke up for her after the super bowl, her heart went all aflutter all over again– that’s how these dude’s work, they make you want to impress them, so whenever they throw you any praise, you suck it up like it’s the only thing that will keep you alive. And they never close the door, they’ll always “think the world of you”, I hope she can move past him, because you know he’s not coming back for a round 2.

  10. kate says:

    poor, dumb jess – john mayer looks embarassed to be seen with her.

  11. flatbellydance says:

    Uh, wow, Nothing But Empathy.

    You so hit the nail on the head with that analogy. To me, those guys are worse than the players that care less if you catch them in the act. At least with players, you see them for face value, know where you stand.

    Dudes like Mayer are so phony, they make me ill just being near them. He could just carry around a mirror, talking to himself, and be happier than with any woman.

    ‘Course, Jen Aniston pretty much *is* the equivalent of the human mirror. Very pretty to look at – not much going on inside.

  12. Jenna Mitchell says:

    You know, I totally agree — I think John Mayer is a total douche. I don’t like his music, either. Never did. He’s about as deep as a puddle — that with the sleeve tattoo and retarded 80s winged haircut. God Aniston can do better. 👿

  13. Mezzro says:

    Simpson and Mayer – not unlike a Twinky and Ding Dong with carnal knowledge. The only ‘deep waters’ in that meeting of the Mensa’s is Narcissus’ reflecting pond. In terms of cognitive capacity, it wasn’t a bad pairing. Oy

  14. MM says:

    Jessica is actually an innocent and honest girl. I like that about her.

    She chooses the wrong men. John just used her for publicity and Tony Romo is a player who got scared when she expressed her emotions.

    She is a sweet girl and she deserves better.

  15. Kevin says:

    I like Jessica,,she even had 1 song (1 only) that was kinda snappy. She does seem naive to me…the bottom picture with her throat muscles all tight looks like she is ripping a nice sustained belch…John’s face seems to be saying “enough with the belches already,,,”

  16. Domesticated Biotch says:

    Ok-not a big Jessica fan because she personifies the “dumb blond” thing…but I can’t help give her some props for calling her mom and not driving drunk. So we at least know she does have some common sense.
    But if she’s still hung up on Mayer, we can safely say she’s not joining Mensa anytime soon.

  17. Mr. T says:

    Bleh on the whole thing. The Chest should just go away.

  18. Bodhi says:

    I don’t care about Jessica but John Mayer is the biggest d-bag ever.

  19. Kissable Kitten says:

    there’s nothing innocent about jessica like someone said. she dumped her husband, who doted on her because she thought she was too famous for him.

    as soon as the ink was dry on the divorce papers her career dried up with it.

    she did nick wrong, she won’t find love again until she acknowledges that and apologize to him for it. it’s called karma.

  20. Kissable Kitten says:

    Oh yeah, and John Mayer is hot. H-O-T.

  21. Yuck says:

    John has truly gone to the dogs these days. I have officially come to peace with the fact that he will never be nor ever return to the John Mayer I came to love between 2001 and 2005. RIP John Mayer 2001-2005. JM 2.0 is an a-hole, douchebag.

  22. Kittah says:

    Her problem is she is lazy, doesn’t want to work, have a career or become a mother.. She just wants to hang out with a RICH man, well.. cling to him, have him take care of her needs and they should not actually do more than party, travel, laugh and forget the world around them.

  23. neelyo says:

    He obviously doesn’t pick them for brains. Didn’t he date Jennifer Love Hewitt too? A run of bad taste that doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.

  24. Sara Bellum says:

    Nothing but Empathy and Flatbelly dance. Wow. Just wow. That’s it. That’s exactly it. And I didn’t have the good fortune of fresh youth when I met my John Mayer equivalent. I’m still smarting from that drive-by, but I’m old enough to see it for what it is. She’s probably still too young yet. And yeah, I do feel sorry for her. Her father is a master manipulator and she needs to cut him out of her life, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Until that happens, she’ll continue to face failed relationships.

  25. Terriann says:

    this girl is so loonley and needs to be picked up off the ground… he used her and then rung her out dry. he does not want to be single and used her as company until he found something better. he seems like he is a guy that gets borde with something/ someone very easily. she was used sorry for u jess but that is life she needs to use better judgement.

  26. shelby says:

    Yeah i thought Nick lachey talked to jessica like she was a piece of sh*t

  27. Jessica says:

    Ok ppl – unless you have actually met any of these people, you’re just making assumptions based on what you know from the media. Keep in mind the media is not always accurate! That being said, I do feel sorry for Jessica. From the sounds of it, she is very sensitive and has trouble moving on from relationships. I can relate, cos I always have the same problem. I wish I could give her a hug!

  28. Other Karen says:

    I agree with Domesticated Biotch. Even if the story was true, she should be commended for not driving drunk (if she was even drunk in the first place).

  29. Emily says:

    Well I kind of like her and I hope she finds someone nice and less vain than Mayer.

  30. Sage says:

    I think Mayer’s gay/bi and just uses women as his ‘beard’.

  31. Denise says:

    Jessica, I think ,it’s all because of the men you choose. Once that circle is broken……I believe you will find, a decent man ,until then, keep on getting hurt…. Another thing, I don’t see, what the fuss is, about John Mayer…I believe he’s as cute as Gomer Pyle, lol……Actually, Gomer Pyle looks better, Lol He just does nothing for me and the way I see him is, “YOUR SO VAIN”, “YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU, DON’T YOU, DON’T YOU “??????

  32. greg says:

    who cares?

  33. wandablen says:

    oh poor dumb jessica

  34. wandablen says:

    he will be fat and bald in 5 years