Britney and Kevin are not doing another Chaotic

There were reports that Britney was planning a “Chaotic 2” to further pound her stardom into the ground, but that was yet another piece of fake news embellished by the British tabloids. They always put some bit of UK slang in there to give it away.

“I know that things are fine, but this show will put paid to those rumors finally.”

Perez Hilton called Britney’s rep, who denied that Britney was dumb enough to make another “Chaotic”. Plus Kevin would have to be around long enough to make the film.

Just like the rumor that Britney was going to give birth in Namibia, this originated with the satirical site “Postcards from the Pug Bus” and was picked up as real news, with fake quotes added for good measure, by the tabloids.

Here is K-Fed shopping for junk food on July 3rd. He looks awful. It was so much nicer to check out pictures of cutie Perry Taylor. [via] Oh – the gossip rags are reporting that Sean Preston was calling manny Perry “Da Da” and that’s part of the reason why K-Fed had him canned.

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