Pirates of the Caribbean wax figures

The Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London today. The wax artists are quite skilled at male characters as Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp’s waxworks look eerily close to the real thing. Keira Knightley’s wax figure looks like a female impersonator, though. Maybe that’s why they tried to hide her underneath some falling hair.

People are speculating that Keira Knightley’s live-in relationship with fellow actor Rupert Friend won’t last long. He complained about his girlfriend having to kiss her hot costars in “Pirates” and said that she’s hardly ever home. Keira admitted to working too hard, and says that she needs to take time off, but not because of Rupert:

Keira, whose previous relationship with Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan ended because he couldn’t handle her fame, confessed: “I know I’ve been like a workaholic and I really don’t have time for much. I want to spend more time with my friends and family.”

She added that she “definitely” had no plans to get married just yet. And when asked if she was going to take more time off to spend with Rupert, she replied: “I’m going to take time off because of myself mainly, not because of him. Let’s see how things go there. I’m working on two new movies, that’s what I’m concerned about now.”

Not that Pride And Prejudice actor Rupert would call what she does “work”. When we asked about Keira’s performance in Pirates, he grunted: “It must have been a hard job kissing Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. I’m sure she hated every minute of it!” Then he moaned to us: “She hardly ever comes home to me.”

It doesn’t sound like Keira and Rupert are doing too well if they speak so poorly of each other to the press.

Here are the wax figures of Keira, Johnny and Orlando.

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  1. mandi says:

    i think i might need to get a job at this place and smuggle that johnny wax figure home.