Lindsay Lohan says her boobs are real and she never tried cocaine

Lindsay’s full of shit lately. Her boobs look like two basketballs stuffed under her skin, but she has attributed their strange shape and quick growth to natural causes. This latest quote is undoubtedly made up, because there’s no source listed and it’s worded like a typical Brit would phrase it, but it’s not beneath us to repeat it or attribute it to her. She said something like this before, but it’s impossible to google since all the keywords are kind of dirty:

Stunning Lindsay, who only turned 20 on Sunday, said: “Skinny’s not attractive. I’ve learnt that.”

Peering inside her vest she added: “I like having my breasts in there – naturally, I add! The papers said I had implants, then when I was really flat-chested they said I was anorexic and had had them taken out.

“Truth is I have got my boobs back because I’ve got healthier again and I’m so happy.”


It’s probably not true that she actually said that this time around unless someone changed the quote to sound British, but in an interview with The Mirror she did deny every trying cocaine, and credited her druggie dad for her abstinence:

“I’ve never tried cocaine,” Lindsay says. “I’ve seen my father. I’ve seen how it messes with families and f***s your life up. If I hadn’t witnessed that, I may have gone a different route. I don’t know. But I’ve seen how it tore my parents apart.”

Lohan also admits that she was too thin and wasn’t eating right, and said she turned her health around by exercising. She says she parties a lot but that “it’s nothing too decadent and probably not half as wild as what goes on at university fraternity parties.” It’s good that she’s no longer in denial about her body at least.

Here she is in various beach shots this week.

Thanks to Hollywoods Best, Egotastic, and Mollygood for the photos. x17online also points out her freckled butt.

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3 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan says her boobs are real and she never tried cocaine”

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  1. Angelika says:

    Haha when THESE boobs are real, then my name is Jennifer Aniston -.-

  2. xiaoecho says:

    She turned her body around by exercising??? What a crack up…remember the time, about a year ago, she was taking a spin class high as a kite with some buddies, and fainted. This has to be invented,only an idiot (or someone completly off their tree) would deny using coke in Hollywood. Even a coked out Lindsay seems to know how to keep her mouth shut even if her friends don’t.

  3. michael says:

    she has got implants 100% no doubt its all unnatural stuff she is a lair!!!