George Michael gets 8 weeks in jail for latest drugged driving incident

George Michael is the latest celebrity addict to mess up multiple chances, screw up numerous times, and ultimately be sentenced to jail. Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail yesterday for a July incident in which he rammed his car into a photo store in London in the wee hours of the morning. He’ll only serve a month of that sentence and will spend the second half on parole. It was his seventh driving offense, and there’s a recap of some of the crazy sh*t he’s done in this earlier story if you’d like a refresher. Given all the times he’s driven under the influence, it was just a matter of time before he faced some harsher consequences, although it certainly took long enough. At least he’s serving time jail before he seriously harms himself or someone else. He’ll also have his license revoked for five years.

George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail and lost his license for five years Tuesday for driving under the influence of drugs when he crashed his car into a London photo shop.

A British judge told the wayward star his addiction to marijuana put him and the public at risk.

The former Wham! singer pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps store in north London.

District Judge John Perkins told the singer he had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable mix” of prescription drugs and marijuana.

“It does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what is clearly an addiction to cannabis,” the judge said. “That’s a mistake which puts you and, on this occasion, the public at risk.”

Perkins sentenced Michael to the prison time and a 1,250 pound ($1,930) fine during a hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

The judge said Michael would have to serve four weeks of the sentence in prison and the rest on parole.

Michael arrived at court in a chauffeur-driven car, surrounded by four security guards and greeted by a large crowd of fans and photographers. He left with court guards who led him from the courtroom toward the cells, as one person in the public gallery sobbed.

According to police, Michael appeared “spaced out” when they found him sitting in the car, whose engine was still running, in the wee hours of July 4. He acknowledged smoking marijuana and taking a prescription sedative, prosecutors said.

It was the latest in a string of automotive and drug-related mishaps for the 47-year-old star, who has often spoken of his fondness for marijuana.

[From AP via Huffington Post]

Is Michael going to change? I doubt it, but at least he’s not going to be allowed drive anymore. In an interview published in the The Guardian in December of last year, Michael smoked joints in front of the reporter, laughed while recounting stories of Elton John and Bono trying to get him to go to rehab, and admitted that he trolls public parks for anonymous sex when the weather permits. Maybe he won’t hate it in jail.

George Michael and Kenny Goss are shown outside court yesterday. Credit:


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8 Responses to “George Michael gets 8 weeks in jail for latest drugged driving incident”

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  1. trollydolly says:

    Interesting how Lindsay gets such a hard time for shit like this and George doesn’t attract any vitriol really.

  2. Hautie says:

    If there was ever a man that needed to move and leave his demons behind, it is George.

    He truly needs to get out of London.

    Out of the atmosphere that allows this kind of behavior.

    Maybe Kenny can force a move to the US after the jail time. George needs new surroundings.

  3. gillie says:

    I think the reason he doesnt raise much ire is because 1) here in the US, yes hes famous, but no longer a household name; and 2) he actually gets punished for his illegalities, as opposed to the one you named, Lindsay Lohan

  4. Mrs K 2 be says:

    I am a massive George Michael fan ever since I can remember but even I think its about time he faced the cosequences of driving under the influence.
    If people want to get wasted in their own home fair enough, but just don’t get in your car!!! Simple. It’s dangerous and irresponsible.
    I just hope somebody decides to punish Pete Doherty now…he threw a man to his death from a second floor window and got away with it!!!!!

  5. Feebee says:

    It’s not George’s addiction to pot that makes him crash his car, it’s the mixing of pot with his addiction to prescription medication.

    It is time he got jail time. While I bet he knows exactly how serious it is, I’m wondering if he’s not thinking it’s the worst thing. The worst thing would have been killing someone with his car. This? He’ll handle it, hell he may even enjoy it. I’m sure he’ll meet a few like he’d meet on the Heath on any given day :).

    Poor Kenny. Still standing by his man.

    @ Trolleydolly, the differences between Lindsay Lohan and George Michael are as big literally and figuratively as the Atlantic Ocean, seriously.

  6. moonage says:

    Genius songwriter, Many, many personal demons.He’s never been the same since he lost a dear friend and his Beloved mother in a short space of time, Kind of made him push that self destruct button a bit harder. I think he has always been a bit of a sod but has maybe made more newsworthy his exploits as he has not had an album out for so long he’s almost had nothing really out there so what else he does tends to be reported, almost report something rather than nothing.I hope that having time to reflect wherever he may be incarcerated, he will employ a bloody chauffeur,Seek therapy for his obvious psychological problems and calm the hell down.
    Still love you gorgeous Georgios.xx

  7. Tia C says:

    And notice he doesn’t pitch a public, childish hissy fit about being sentenced? Another difference between him and LiLo. At least, I haven’t seen any photos of him crying and whining splashed all over the internet and the news. Hmmm… someone who deals with the consequences of their actions in a mature fashion, without whining and pointing fingers at everyone else. What a concept! Good luck George.

  8. Mel says:

    The UK tabloids have been giving GM a hard times for years now. But the main different between him and LL, he is not a famewhore.

    Hautie, George has basically been a recluse for years. You rarely see pics of him, apart from when he’s in trouble. He’s not part of the London scene. He’s publically spoken about being scared to leave the house at times. So his location isn’t important, its much more important he seeks good professional help…which shouldn’t be a problem with his money.