Angelina Jolie brings Shiloh (in combat boots) & Zahara to LAX


Since we haven’t gotten a lot of photos of the Jolie-Pitt kids lately – they’ve mostly been at the photo agencies that we don’t have access to – I thought I’d bring you the rare photos of Angelina Jolie with her daughters Shiloh and Zahara at LAX yesterday. For those keeping track, Zahara is five and a half and Shiloh is four. And they’re the same height! Man, Empress Z is always going to be petite, isn’t she? Meanwhile, Shiloh is starting to get longer.

In case you can’t tell what the girls are wearing, Shiloh has got on a polo shirt, knee-length shorts and combat boots (love it). Empress Z is wearing a cute little cap-sleeved blouse, black pants and Mary Janes. The Daily Mail has some good photos of the girls too – and it’s clear that both of them are carrying their “silkies.” Or maybe just their bankies?

Also – I’m sorry these photos are so small! It sucks, I know. Just click on the right-hand corner of the ad to see the full photos!




Angelina and the girls at LAX on Sept. 14, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Eve says:

    My god…Jolie has such a beautiful profile is not even funny.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awwwwwww. I think Shi is gonna be pretty tall, lucky, both her parents are really good heights. Zee is gonna get taller to.
    Angelina looks great for having just off a intercontinental flight. That big blanket Zee has isn’t a silike. Silikes are smaller and square shaped…and a silky material.

  3. jen says:

    so cute.

  4. gillie says:

    Um, this makes me lame, but i want shiloh’s monster backpack.

  5. Alicia says:

    That Shilo is gonna be one super extra hot chick

  6. DJ says:

    When Shiloh grows up and gets married and has children of her own, all the other little kids can honestly say to her kids, “your Mother wears army boots”

  7. Samigirl says:

    @gillie, thats brobee from yo gabba gabba. He is super cute. My kid loveeessss him.

  8. olivia says:

    This “we don’t work at the same time so one of us is always with the kids” thing doesn’t work if she keeps taking off on jaunts. She can’t have been back from Pakistan for more than a few days before she’s off again. I suppose that was enough time spent with her “love” and the other 4 kids…

    I think The Tourist trailer is set to be released today, so AJ had to boost interest somehow. I was going to ask why the girls and not the boys for this photo op but then I realized she can’t control the boys very well. Those girls are stressed with their blankets and thumb sucking.

  9. Bella Mosley says:

    Beautiful pictures but feel sorry they never have privacy.

  10. nnn says:

    I think her children are really cute, having nice normal outfit and seem extremely well behaved, grounded and calm for having all this fanfare around them. I would freak out and i am an adult.

    I also noticed lately that Shiloh, though still resembling her dad, share more and more a resemblance with her mother. When Jolie had short hair in SALT, i could see Shiloh as clear as water.

    I actually like the fact that Shiloh and even Zahara aren’t too precocious in terms of overly feminisation like many little girls their age who have all these marketing related feminine items at their disposal. We don’t see them often with nail polished or such or such other womanly feminine item. The only thing is at times they have a doll which is in par with their age. I like it when children keep their innocence the longest possible and grow at their rhytm.

  11. truthSF says:

    Empress Zahara has blessed the world with her presence, so you know it’s going to be a good day for all… well, except for Olivia. Poor thing’s just miserable today.

  12. Eve says:

    There’s absolutely nothing to “photo-assume” here: it’s a famous woman in an airport, with two of her six kids*. Some people just happen to drink Haterade every single day.

    *and her bodyguards, for obvious reasons.

  13. Kitten says:

    They really are a cute family.

  14. DD says:

    @nnn – the kids are probably thinking look at all the animals at the zoo. Honestly, if i was a kid I’m pretty sure I’d be thinking that, or maybe I’d think I was the animal at the zoo that everyone’s there to see. They’re so adorable.

  15. tango says:

    Such cute kids. I hear that Shiloh and Zahara are very attached to one another. They’re each others favorite siblings in the family.

    And rock those combat boots Shiloh!

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw, her kiddies are so cute.

    I have to laugh because the cover of the Life and Style mag (in the Kardashian pregnancy test post) has a side-bar story about how “Angie leaves her family”.

    And here we see her with HER FAMILY heading out from the airport. I guess it’s true…she left PART of them behind on this trip…

  17. Sunshine says:

    They are so cute!!! Z is gonna be a knock out when she grows up.

  18. nnn says:


    I heard that too. I heard that they are functionning like binomes : the boys together, Z and Shi together and the twins together. I also heard that they are both little mamas always nuturing and taking care of the other siblings. No outfit can erase her soft feminine side.

    It made me smile cause i am the eldest of 5 children born within a five year span and me and the sister that follow me were also like little mamas taking care of the other sibling, helping mum while she was studying as mum had us while married and in college between the age of 20 until 25. I remembered taking that role very seriousely.

  19. I say, let that little girl be.

  20. bb says:

    Combat Boots…so Shi picked those out herself huh? Just like the men’s blazer, the tie and the Bowler hat.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I still think Angelina is afraid that Shiloh will be prettier than her (and she is, already, btw). How much do you wanna bet than Vivienne mysteriously becomes a tomboy too.

  22. Jennifer says:

    I see Angelina has inherited the skeletor crown. Being that skinny makes your knees look like you’re a refugee.

  23. nnn says:


    I don’t knwo where you are coming from but ALL of the items you just mention are samesex related and have been for more than half a decade now. Coco Chanel was always in dark pants and introduced the feminine taylored pants before WWII.

    Women have been putting combat shoes, men sweatshirts, pants and ties for a century now….so if they do, little girls who like to dress like their brothers will definitely too, including if it is to borrow or to ask for the same shoes their brothers/fathers have.

    Welcome to the 21th Century, it has been this way before Elvis dethroned Sinatra.

  24. BethL says:

    I’m baffled why people find it so hard to believe a Shiloh picks her clothes. She’s 4 years not 4 months. Kids at that age know what they do and don’t like. Heck, even 4 months old spit out food and throw toys if they don’t like or want something. The funny thing is I’ve heard other parents like Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba say their daughters pick out their clothes and nobody says that’s impossible. But apparrently everybody believes that Brad and Angelina beat Shiloh into her clothes.

  25. Moreaces says:

    Just a beautiful family

  26. DeanJolie says:

    ahhh Gorges all of them!

  27. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @TruthSF: “Empress Zahara has blessed the world with her presence, so you know it’s going to be a good day for all… well, except for Olivia. Poor thing’s just miserable today”

    ha! 🙂

  28. latam says:

    I used to think shiloh was all brad but she is starting to look a bit like her mum too

  29. Kim says:

    Olivia,They don’t film movies at the same time. Angie was in Pakistan for 3 days. So she is criticised if she travels alone and if she travels with her kids. Its not like she is off on a monthlong vacation. She is rumored to be attending a peace conference and possible a telethon for the Pakistan floods.FYI Brad wasn’t filming 2 of the days she was in Pakistan. BTW I think Zahara is prettier than all the girls.

  30. skibunny says:

    They are so cute! What’s up with the “Empress Zahara”? Is that a nickname?

  31. olivia says:

    Official trailer for The Tourist

  32. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    skibunny thats not a nickname I would use for her or anyone in the family uses for her. Its just something people call her because they think she runs the household. Its kinda of cute…

  33. skibunny says:

    I like those eyes of hers! She is so cute!!!

  34. Tiffany says:

    Boy it freaks me out how much Shiloh looks like Jon Voight.

    Zahara, I bow down to you, lets just get that out of the way now.

  35. mila says:

    Omg, Angie’s legs are thinner than Shiloh’s:(Girls are ubercute.

  36. trash says:

    for all the money that family has, those kids always look so sloppy!!!

  37. angie fan says:

    I can’t get enough news and photos of this family. My favorite in all of Hollywood.

  38. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    “That Shilo is gonna be one super extra hot chick’

    Uh, maybe re-phrase that. It sounds kind of weird to talk about a child that way. Maybe “She is going to be very pretty” would have been a better way to say that.

  39. bb says:

    @23, yes, WOMEN have been wearing those things for over half a century, but a 4 year old…looks ridiculous, just like Gwen Stephani’s kids.

    @21, no, she’ll think out something else for Vivienne, since each kid has to be a different minority. Maybe Viv will be anorexic.

  40. Catherine says:

    All of their kids are darling. I can’t imagine my little ones growing up with cameras following them wherever we went. They both look a bit freaked, justifiably so.

  41. Jeri says:

    What good are children if you can’t parade them for the masses. Not all stars merchandize their children. Some actually cherish them in private.

  42. orion70 says:

    couldn’t really care less about what kids wear, but is it healthy for a child’s feet (or their balance for that matter) to be wearing clunky untied boots?

  43. Kiska says:

    Beautiful family.

  44. EllaAnne says:

    As far as the untied boots being “healthy”. Have you ever flown with kids? With mine, if they still have their PANTS on when we get off the plane, it’s a win. All or shoes come off the moment we are in our seats. Maybe they were just in a hurry in a tiny space.

  45. Holly says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again: there’s nothing wrong with Shiloh wearing boy’s clothes. A lot of little girls are tom boys like that. However, while I don’t find it hard to believe that she’s a tom boy, I DO find it hard to believe that a 4 year old picks out beige blazers and moccasins for herself. Kids her age (boys AND girls) like patterns, bright colors and cartoon characters and/or movie themes from their favorite shows. They are not picking out “montenegro” style outfits like this dame wants everybody to believe. Sorry, not buying it.

  46. crab says:

    Angie looks like skeletor! She could cut glass with her cheekbones!! Her looks are really fading fast!

  47. don says:

    that little bun on zahara’s head looks like a brillo pad. I guess she will eventually buy some hair extensions. I hope they don’t color it blond. Many black women are going blond. It just does not look good on their course wirey strands. When black women color their hair blond, instead of looking like plain brillo, it looks like a brillo pad that got rusty. Whatever Shiloh wears she is simply beautiful with her REAL silky blond locks and her beautiful fair flawless skin.