Anna Wintour thinks Lady Gaga is a ‘childish diva’

I was kind of ignoring Lady Gaga for a long time. She seemed predictable to me in her outlandish antics. Her music is ok for that type of pop genre, and I’ve enjoyed it occasionally when it comes on the radio. I’m not a fan and before last weekend I hadn’t even watched any of her videos all the way through. I kept meaning to do it, but never bothered. Then she wore that outlandish meat dress to the VMAs. After she pulled that stunt, I looked up her videos (they were just as out there as I expected) and started questioning her sanity along with the lengths she’ll go for fame. She seems like she will stop at nothing.

All the pressure to be “on” all the time seems to be getting to Gaga. We’ve heard that she’s been hospitalized multiple times in the past year due to the stress from touring and crash dieting, and it’s affecting her performances. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, herself no stranger to diva behavior, is said to have found Anna unprofessional and diva-like in her performance this spring at the annual Costume Institute Gala. We heard stories about Gaga refusing to play that night and needing to be coaxed out by Oprah, and now there’s news that Anna hates her for it!

According to Maureen Callahan, author of the much-anticipated biography Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, the eight-time VMA winner performed in May at Wintour’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala, and the two did not get along.

“She [Gaga] sort of had a meltdown before she went on and as it was described to me, Anna was really none too pleased with her,” Callahan told in an exclusive interview.

“Anna wasn’t impressed. She thought that she was just sort of behaving like a childish diva and not the professional who was about to perform for her peers; these incredibly famous designers and celebrities,” Callahan continued.

“She sequestered herself in the back room for a good hour. She was an hour late to perform and I also heard that she had been demanding things. She went to Anna at the last minute and was saying, ‘I’d like it to be this way.’

“And Anna just said no. I don’t think she’s used to hearing that very often. When you’re dealing with two egos like that, it gets interesting.”

Wintour made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in September and addressed the incident saying, “We had Lady Gaga this year.

“She was communing with God and she was praying in the back, waiting for God to tell her it was alright to go actually onstage.”

The Gaga biography hits bookstores Tuesday, September 14, and Callahan promises to give readers a sense of who the pop star icon is as a fully flushed out human being.

“Lady Gaga is everything she claims to be but also is nothing she claims to be. She is the biggest contradiction ever. She is the incredibly ballsy and bad ass girl who’s also so lonely and hungry for affection that she’ll employ someone to take naps with her and go to the tanning booth with her,” Callahan said.

[From Radar]

We’ve already heard some details from this upcoming biography, and I think that even if there are potentially embarrassing stories in there, Gaga won’t mind. She wore raw meat for God’s sake, she wants people to talk about her at any cost.

Last week, there was a disturbing story from a mother of a young singer and former Lady Gaga collaborator named Lina Morgana who died of an apparent suicide at the age of 19. I’m not going to recount all the details (which you can read here), but the gist is that Morgana’s mom is accusing Gaga of copying her late daughter’s persona and performance style. Morgana and Gaga were both mentored by the same producer, Rob Fusari, and recorded over a dozen songs together. Morgana’s mom claims that her daughter’s dark personality and flamboyant style were uniquely hers and were nothing like Gaga’s, then Stefani Germanotta, at the time. The article claims that a mere month after Morgana’s suicide in October, 2008 “Germanotta became Lady Gaga [and] took the music industry by storm.”

Gaga is definitely an opportunist and I could see her appropriating this late singer’s style. Initially I thought it may have had more to do with their mutual manager’s plan to spawn an eccentric star than any nefarious plot on Gaga’s part. Fusari sued Gaga for $30 million, claiming that he created her entire image and name and that she cut him off right before she hit it big. According to the lawsuit, Gaga stopped answering Fusari’s calls in May, 2007, well before this other woman died, however. It may just be a sad coincidence that the poor girl died and the timeline might not be as damning as the article makes it out to be. Gaga has since settled that lawsuit with Fusari for an undisclosed sum.

Over the weekend, Gaga successfully passed through airport security clad in underwear, a bra, a gold lame open jacket, and a giant metal belt with handcuffs hanging off it. It all seemed so lame and try-hard, as do most of her moves lately.

In case you think Gaga might go away now that she’s maybe reached the tipping point by draping herself in steak, she’s set to cash in with a perfume, put out by Coty. What will it smell like – rotten meat, burnt out sparklers and wig glue?

Lady Gaga is shown on 9/12/10 and 7/2/10. Anna Wintour is shown on 2/16/10. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. irishserra says:

    Takes one to know one.

    (That was childish, I know…but it’s what popped in my head)

  2. bb says:

    Not a fan of Anna’s but gosh Gaga makes me sick. Has she actually done anything to help human suffering? Made any fantastic new discoveries? No. It’s all me, me, me. She needs to get over herself, and fast.

    The stuff about not giving others any credit is totally typical of her. She only gives others credit if they already are seen as ‘icons’, she doesn’t want to aknowledge ‘plebs’. Nasty bitch.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I just wonder what artists with actual talent think when they see idiots like this making a fortune and being treated like royalty. God, I hope her 15 minutes are over soon!

  4. Tess says:

    Gaga makes Wintour sound real and down-to-earth.

  5. Jess says:

    irishserra- I like it!!!

  6. Bella Mosley says:

    The Devil Wears Prada Meryl Streep character is known to be written about Anna Wintour so her calling someone a DIVA is just plain funny.

    Irishserra – same thing popped into my head and Ms Wintour seems to have the Childish Diva market cornered!

  7. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black?

    Oh how I long for the day when Vogue retires Wintour. I have not looked at a Vogue in years because of her.

  8. Katie.h says:

    She actually is a great performer and supposedly a champion for Lgbt rights. As for being a diva, aren’t many successful singers that way?

  9. Snarf says:

    Nothing worse than a childish diva, says the woman sho has her minions carry her down the stairs cause she doesn’t want to ride in the evlevator with the likes of you and me (riff-raff).

  10. Leticia says:

    Team Wintour.

  11. Lisa says:

    The whole lets wear meat thing really grosses me out.. Diva stuff doesnt surprise me one bit but wearing meat?? C’mon!

  12. lilo-donotpassgo-donotcollect says:

    the fact that Ann Wintour called GaGa a childish Diva basically voids out the comment.

    Coming from a person who had people carry her down flights of stairs, that’s laughable.

  13. poopie says:

    and someone cares about what ANNA WINTOUR thinks because……??????she’s just jealous because SHE doesn’t look GOOD in meat !!!

  14. waldemar says:

    OK, am waiting for Wintour to retire as bad as the next person, but team Wintour on this one.

    The article about her stealing her friends persona sounds plausible. If you look at pictures of Gaga before being famous, you just don’t see the outracious person she tries to be today. And I have said it before, the woman does not know what she is doing in those clothes! It is so obvious.

  15. GreenGinger says:

    Yeah, I’m officially well over Gaga. Tho I have to wonder if those stories of her making her assistant shower with her and sleep in the same bed true.

  16. ghostbuster says:

    i love gaga. i didnt at first. i love that she is so outspoken for the lbgt community. she will say time and time again that is where her fan base started and that is why she stand behind them. i truly believe that she does love her fans. one rarely hears an artist give as much thanks as she does. i do wish that she didnt feel that need to be on all the time but that is who her character is. at home im sure she is still herself. but lady gaga is her stage persona and she holds onto that in the spotlight

  17. teehee says:

    typo: you mean to say is said to have found Gaga, not Anna, childish…..^^ up in the body

  18. danielle says:

    Pot – kettle.

  19. Xx says:

    Waiting for God to tell her its ok to go onstage. Really? I cant get over the meat hat either. LOL!! Too too funny.

  20. Holly says:

    I agree with Anna. Gaga is desperate. She’s not John Lennon. She’s not Bob Dylan. She’s a trumped up Britney Spears with a crazy artistic stylist. What does she do thats spectacular, really?

  21. Taya says:

    I can totally see Gaga stealing another persons look, style and artistic imagination. She is not original and a phony. Lady Gaga is played out and I am not even interested in what she sings or says. She is just a fake act and person. Hopefully she will go away; sooner than later.

  22. OhCamille! says:

    Anna Wintour is so played. She must have so much in her vault to keep her power in tact. Oh the deliciousness of what she must know about the fashion world.
    She should have used the “no comment” card about Gaga, would have been much more effective.

  23. Electric says:

    I like some of gaga’s songs but I’m a fan of her’s…

    but the meat dress, that is really, really disgusting. Not artistic, not a statement, just fricking disgusting.

  24. Tia C says:

    teehee already pointed it out, but in the sentence “…Vogue editor Anna Wintour, herself no stranger to diva behavior, is said to have found Anna unprofessional…” obviously you meant Gaga.

    For some reason I love this!! Well, I guess because I don’t care what the source is, if someone is calling out Caca on her stupid antics, I’m on board. The meat dress was beyond disgusting. Her ridiculous costumes are a smokescreen obfuscating her lack of talent. Team Wintour on this one.

    @ marjalane: I feel exactly the same way. Her 15 minutes can be over ANY time!

  25. original kate says:

    as hard as gaga tried to be interesting, unltimately she has no personality.

  26. DeanJolie says:

    team wintour

  27. skibunny says:

    There’s no denying the girl works hard and has talent but she is “screaming” for attention and I dont think her meat outfit did her any favours. Cheap and disgusting theatrics. Maybe she doesnt have the confidence in her ability so she resorts to diva like behaviour and wacko costumes. I dunno,just saying.

  28. nickynoneck says:

    I am not a fan of her but you guys gotta get your facts straight. she writes her own music and wrote alot of songs for popular artists , she has talent and she actually deserves a little more credit then alot of musicians out there right now .

  29. Jover says:

    Although I too want AW to leave vogue her infatuation with hollywood celebs instead of fashion photography and fashion models has turned it into a glossy People, but Im with AW on this. CaCa doesn’t write her own music its co-written like most pop tarts; I’m sure most professionally trained pianists would consider her piano skills average at best; its well known that in the spring of 2006 Rob Fusari retooled her image and even gave her the name adopted from a line from a Queen song – so yes she’s manufactured by the corporate machine Interscope records. That coty is throwing millions at her shows utter stupidity but along with others I believe with this latest stunt she has reached the tipping point of outright disdain. BTW a recent Usa Today had a photo of her and her Sacred Heart classmates from 2004; nothing at all outrageous re her American Apparel/AE outfit; more proof that she’s a manufactured corporate product and shill. I’ll take someone real like Janis Joplin not this corporate created fake.

  30. Laprofesora says:

    This is why Gaga sucks:

    I dont care where she comes from, if she has money or if she was no different than the Jersey Shore cast, but own up to it.
    I hate that she projects herself as some mystical persona, who fiercely defends all her passions.

    If she were actually more in touch with herself, she wouldn’t need to be so desperate. And to be fierce you need strength and all her insecurities really put a dent in that for me, so I hate when she waxes and wanes over things that she really doesn’t do anything about. I have Lupus, anyone? WTF.

    And if she cared so much for the LGBT community, do things that really matter, and set up foundations for gay youth health and homelessness, provide help for elderly AIDS patients in hospices, anything that doesn’t just maytar herself, as some champion for gay rights.

  31. iKat says:

    I cannot stand Lady Gaga. Always craving attention, getting it whenever she can. I’m afraid I still don’t understand the point of that ridiculous ‘meat dress’. Moron.

  32. Madison says:

    I can’t stand her even though she has a great voice and makes good music but she seems really desperate for attention with the weirdo way she chooses to look and dress.

  33. Juice in LA says:

    I hate CaCa even more now for making me agree with Anna Wintour.

  34. Eleonor says:

    Oh God Anna Wintour was the one who wanted the FASHION WEEK in Milan reduced, she wanted only 2-3 days, and she’s calling someone else diva.
    I also saw Lina Morgana’s video, but I don’t find any resemblance with Gaga, Morgana had a great voice she could actually sing, but she sounded more rock, I’m sorry to say that her style was not so particular; I think her mother is desperate.

  35. Ally says:

    Oh noes, I can’t believe I’m gonna agree with Anna Wintour about something!

    Also, in addition to her general waste of space and ridiculousness, Gaga is the most comical dancer. The comparisons to Madonna here are ludicrous. Check Gaga out in her videos. They always edit it so she’s making only one movement at a time, and even then she’s off compared to the back-up dancers, and awkward — like your aunt doing the ‘Single Ladies’ moves or something.

    And the music… I’ve said it before: Europop that was cheesy in the 90s, let alone now.

    Seriously, this Emperor only has her clothes.

  36. Mistral says:

    I agree that American Vogue sucks because of Wintour. However, if she said that line about Gaga waiting for God to tell her it was OK to come out and go on stage, that’s hilarious. Comedy A, right there :). Yes, Gaga tries too hard and is as original and dramatic as an evil twin in a soap opera, but she has quite a few good dance tunes.

  37. Alexa says:

    Whether or not Gaga’s “schtick” has been done already – not many are doing it NOW! While currently, I see herds of every other type of music performance on MTV, etc. And most of the rest BORE ME to tears. Lady Gaga is about the only act I enjoy from today’s popular music.

  38. Kat says:

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  39. Dee Vine says:

    Lady Gaga is completely unoriginal. Her performances are all like theatrical drag queen musicals. She steals ideas from Madonna, Grace Jones etc. Remember when Bjork wore the swan outfit? She got laughed at but if Gaga wore something like that, her little “fame monster” fan club would go wild.

    Her music is catchy but they kind of sound like Euro dance (Ace of Base, Modern Talking *cringe from the 80s*)And her lyrics? Gaga Ooh lala, romance, roma-mance. Po-po-po-ker face. Roberto, Fernando, Aljandro…WTF??? She flopped badly when she released an album as a “normal” looking girl.