Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Shiloh and Maddox go shopping in Cannes

Brad Pitt, his pregnant partner Angelina Jolie and two of their four children were seen shopping at a posh children’s boutique in Cannes, France today. Brad held Shiloh, who turns two later this month, as she clutched a baby doll. Six year-old Maddox was seen looking annoyed as a saleswoman ruffled his hair.

Last week the news came out that Angelina is indeed pregnant with twins and is due August 19th. She didn’t need to tell the press anything about her pregnancy since her the costars in the animated film Kung Fu Panda were all too willing to spill the beans for her. Jack Black leaked the news that she’s pregnant with twins while Dustin Hoffman revealed her due date to a reporter.

Fox News’ Roger Friedman reported on Friday that Angelina’s is expecting girl twins and they’re probably fraternal, not identical. She is said to have told Friedman at a party that doctors showed her sonogram results with “a line” that suggests her twins are fraternal. Friedman says Jolie and Pitt will be staying at the French villa owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen until the twins are born. He also reports that Angelina said “Oh, my God… we haven’t even hired a baby nurse yet!” when he explained how much work his twin nieces were when they came home from the hospital. Friedman told her eight adults weren’t enough to care for his nieces and Pitt quipped “We’re doing it in reverse: have two adults and six kids!”

Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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  1. Jody says:

    Well, I guess we know where Shiloh gets that look.

  2. headache says:

    That child is just too precious!

  3. Nag says:

    Did the jolie pitt gang have a bit of IVF for her to have twins? Seems a bit to convenient for her to be having twins when it is well known she wants a load of kids..Anyone else think that?

  4. cc says:

    Lol, Jody. The whole family is cute.

  5. Carrie says:

    Brangelina seem more switched on that many celebrity parents, but 6 kids under seven is a LOT. There may be no material or financial issues for them, but that is still a lot of emotional demand. Let’s hope they leave it there for a good long time before going adoptee-shopping again………

  6. Pretty sad says:

    Why do they always exclude some of the children but ALWAYS include Maddox?

    These children don’t have friends, don’t get to go to school or have any sort of stability.

    At least they can take all of them together for outings, while they are not away, working on a movie.

    They certainly have enough paid employees to help them take all the children together and not make them feel behind.

  7. To Carrie says:

    I agree, but it’s actually 6 children within 2 years of dating.

    If they can’t handle 4 kids in one place, maybe they should stop having more children and attend to the ones they already have.

  8. Enonymouse says:

    I like Angelina (but I do not like Brad’s image persona, he seems like such a douchebag to me) but all this attention on them just literally seems way too much and very unnecessary. Thinking the amount of money they might get for some random pictures of their twins just pisses me off even if the money goes to a ‘charity’, it is just too much money spent on the most stupidest things.

  9. To Nag says:

    She had IVF either because her body was too old to get pregnant naturally, or she was malnourished and thus needed fertility treatments.

    I don’t know what is her REAL age. Usually a 32 years old woman doesn’t need IVF nor Botox.
    Angie got both, so go figure (perhaps closer to 40?)

  10. gg says:

    I just don’t see how people like pretty sad can supposedly glean so much out of a simple shopping trip. Nobody says you have to drag all 4 kids on every single thing you do. And how to you know they never have been to school?? ❓

  11. cc says:

    Re: To Nag…Why did she have to have IVF, again? I don’t recall her ever saying she had it, just speculation. Just because she is having fraternal twins, doesn’t mean she had IVF. As a matter of fact, as women age, thier bodies start releasing more eggs at a time, leading to (gasp!) fratenal twins.

  12. Bodhi says:

    🙄 I highly doubt that she had IVF. First off, because she is quite young & doesn’t need it.

    Those kiddos are so cute!

  13. Mairead says:

    I love the photo of the assistant ruffling Maddox’s hair – the people in the background have the same expression I do….
    “Oh lord, she DID NOT just touch the hair!!!! 😯 ”

    Could it be that Miss Z and Pax were at home being schooled by a tutor, and they just split the gang up so that they can concentrate more effectively?
    Or is that just too sensible an idea to make it past the Antilinas?

  14. Syko says:

    I swear, some of the Antilina commenters would bitch if they were hanged with a new rope.

    First they never take Shiloh out of the house, then they bring Shiloh and leave a couple others home and it’s criticism for just bringing a couple of them and not the others, and complaints that they always bring Maddox. Sheesh, people! It’s their kids, let them bring who they want when they want!

    As for IVF – doubt that she needed it. She mentioned once with Shiloh that she got pregnant immediately when they decided to try. She’s pretty fertile. And I’m positive she engineered the birth of twins just to get attention, because that’s how she is, you know.

  15. Mairead says:

    Yeah – you just know she plotted plotted plotted to have two eggs fertilised at the same time. Her ovaries are SUCH competitive attention whores. 😆

  16. Kolby says:

    I honestly don’t care how they conceived. Infertility can happen to people of any age, so the age argument (and come on, the woman is barely looking 32, let along 40, lol) doesn’t hold water. However they got pregnant doesn’t matter. What matters is that all their children are healthy and seemingly happy (remember that we only see them in paparazzi shots, and anyone would start to look upset or annoyed in those pictures after a while), and yes, they do go to school. Maddox studies at the Lycee Francais wherever they live, and I read that they plan on sending Pax & Zahara there, too.

  17. GirlyGirl says:

    What a beautiful baby! I can’t wait to see the twins. I am happy for them.

  18. duda says:

    I’ve read in other articles that twins run on both Angelina and Brad’s side of the family. 😮

    may they all live happily ever after….

  19. Diva says:

    What a DOLL!

    Seeing Brad in full on Daddy mode makes me melt just a little bit! hehe

    Why is whether she had or didn’t have IVF a point of discussion, anyway??? I wish I could afford it.

  20. Larissa says:

    only maternal family history of multiple births counts when it comes down to genetics! still enough were the odds for angelina conceiving twins naturally…considering her family history and age.

  21. Granger says:

    Syko, as usual, I agree with everything you so eloquently said! 🙂

    And “Pretty Sad,” who says the Jolie-Pitt kids don’t have any friends??? I suppose you go to school with Maddox, or are present everytime those kids have a playdate?

    As for not having any stability, I’d say having two devoted parents is pretty darn good stability. Angelina and Brad are always photographed with one or more of their children. I don’t think the kids are suffering for love and attention at all.

  22. headache says:

    Half the pap shots we’ve seen in the last couple of years were of Angie and/or Brad dropping off or picking the kids up from school. I don’t see how anyone can say they don’t go to school.

  23. jhl says:

    I’m 31 and just did IVF there are girls younger than me at my clinic. That is a stupid statement to make.

  24. headache says:

    I don’t think Angie did IVF and it’s not because I think she’s too young for it. But because she popped out a kid less than two years ago. IVF would be unnecessary.

  25. Kathleen says:

    LOL Jody,

    But they do both look cute. Shiloh really is turning into a beautiful little girl.

  26. Mama says:

    I think Shiloh loves her father very much. She smiles so beautifully every time when she was photoed in the arms of her father.

  27. Arlie says:

    awww what cuties. and if i took all of my 5 kids everywhere at the same time, my life would be crazy, help or not. kids need time with parents without everyone hovering around. I do different things with my kids on different days of the week, it takes alot, but its worth it.

    good luck with the twinsies 😀

  28. Teresa says:

    Why are most of the folks on here worried about schooling for the kids…they are and have been…it’s much easier now to travel with them because they are all young and under 5 except Maddox…also like one reader said they probably now have tutors.When these kids get to be farther along in elementary school Brad/Angie will only be able to travel with the kids during the summer and winter holidays just like any parent…so now is the time.

  29. nadine says:

    I’m gonna sound like a bitch here but…am the only who thinks Shiloh just isnt that cute?

    She’s by no means ugly,at all, she’s certainly a pretty little girl and i imagine she always will be…but i dont believe she’s the most beautiful baby, or that she’s even especially cute in any….standout way…

    She’ll grow into them i guess
    TBH i think her lips are a little …i dont know, …not cute 😕

  30. jess says:

    I dont think its anyones place to say how many kids they should have or adopt. I have 4 kids ages 5 and under and they’re awesome. Its not as hard as people think it is . I imagine if you dont have one kid or let alone more than one then its hard for most to imagine. Basically its called routine,structure and being consistant. 😛

  31. Teresa says:

    Shiloh looks soooo much like her grandfather Jon Voight..especially in these pics

  32. Linda O says:

    All this talk of babies and 6 kids under school age…….Ever think Brad and Angie are creating another “Kennedy clan” for our future? They certainly have the $$$ for education. There’s not been anyone SINCE the Kennedy’s that want THAT many kids….Stay tuned and watch these kids grow up!

  33. Suzy says:

    anglina and brad don’t give their kids structure, routines, or consistancy, the family does not have a stable home, they live any where in the world angelina decides. I am predicting that adleast one of their kids will be fucked up for life.

  34. joojoo says:

    cute, but she’s no suri !

  35. CB Rawks says:

    How did Joel Madden snag the Pitt baby?

  36. gg says:

    I think Shiloh’s gorgeous. She looks like a little angel.

  37. Linda B says:

    Man….that little Zahara is going to look like the little black ball of the family when she is surrounded by 3 extremely white sisters. Look at Shiloh’s coloring. Blonde hair blue eyes. Extremely caucasian.

  38. Matilda says:

    Those kids are too many even for a rich couple. Kids do not live off money alone. Shiloh is expressionless most of the time. Her few expressions are half smiles or frowns. I agree she looks like John Voight.

  39. Blondie says:

    Shiloh is so can you judge if Shiloh is expressionless from a couple of paparazzi snaps where the poor child is probably stunned by whats happening with all those flash bulbs going of in her face..she is a little cutie

  40. mc says:

    🙂 she is so cute

  41. Tania says:

    All of their children are adorable, but Shiloh is just GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS! She was genetically blessed with receiving the best genes from both parents! She’s a GOLDEN CHILD, for sure!

  42. Barbara says:

    I’ve been reading these comments and it
    just makes me laugh how sad people are
    that they can’t be happy for anyone who
    works hard and provides a good living for themselves….. everyone has to judge each other. What a great thing to do with the money from their kids
    pictures, To help other children, it
    would be good if more people were like
    them. How do you know who gets to go out shopping? Do you live with them?
    We don’t see all they do….get a life
    guys, do something with it, help someone else, you feed a country or adopt a child!!!

  43. Dee says:

    i’m a really big brange fan, so THIS IS NOT A CRITICISM! but, i think that ange HAS had I.V.F. her weight has plummeted recently, (enough to reduce NATURAL fertilty.)…so i think they’ve taken the latest celeb. option; i.e., have I.V.F. TWINS!; the only difference is, they haven’t gone the ‘designer pigeon pair’ way like JLO, but had legit. I.V.F. that simply resulted in 2 instead of one. i think THAT’S why they (reportedly) were so ‘shocked’ when they found out. BTW

  44. Dee says:

    cont…BTW, what IS the family history of twins in the pitt family, and the jolie family?…does anyone know? 🙁

  45. Scarlet says:

    I just know that Brad has nieces who are twins on his side is all. Not sure about her side and I heard that it’s the maternal side that really counts?! Well, let me know when you decided if she’s had the IVF or not. I’m quite interested in why she would go to such extreme measures when she just had a baby a few months before this?! (And she’s still young enough to have a baby in her early 30’s.) The only reason I could think of is that she could have been possibly bulimic or had some kind of eating disorder, looking at how thin she gets and also the tattoo on her abdomen…
    Thanks for the info./entertainment tonight by reading all of this stuff about my favorite/most interesting power couple in the world today!

  46. Penny says:

    I think shiloh is so cute!! she has the best genes. But it seems to me that angelina doesn´t give her attention as she does with sahara and Maddox.

  47. Jacqueline says:

    considering what I have read about their childrearing tactics, I imagine they ask the children if they wish to go with them shopping for clothes, and then take whoever does want to. Presumably the other children were involved with something else and preferred to stay at home.
    Shiloh being still very young probably prefers to go wherever mum and dad go.
    The surprised-looking expressions are due, I would guess, because masses of photographers are outside, shouting Shiloh’s name.
    It’s painful that some of you guys want to critice this family whatever they do – for you they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.