Brad & Angelina set aside $20 million for twin birthing expenses

I didn’t learn this until recently, but it is legally possible for one adult to adopt another adult. There are all sorts of reasons people do this: to will rent-controlled apartments, to circumvent laws, etc. But it happens. As such, I will be petitioning Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to adopt me. We already know they’re into adoption. We know they like to adopt in unconventional ways – no common American babies for them. What would cause more of a stir than adopting an adult? Nothing. And I am now damn sure they’ve got the money. And compared to what they’re spending on their other kids, I am a relative bargain.

Brad and Angie have set aside $20 million for the birthing expenses of their twins, according to Life & Style.

Angelina Jolie had been keeping a low profile in recent weeks. But on May 15, after the premiere of her new animated movie, Kung Fu Panda, at the Cannes Film Festival in France, she looked thrilled to be out in public — and showing off her pregnancy. “She seemed so happy,” says an onlooker. “She let Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman [her co-stars] hug her belly.” And as Angie schmoozed with other celebrities, Brad Pitt was by her side. “She looked so comforted by his affection,” says the onlooker. “She was always smiling.”

As her due date nears, Angelina, 32, finally seems eager to talk about her babies. And she and Brad, 44, are clearly willing to do — and spend — anything to bring them into the world secure and healthy. In fact, insiders estimate Brad and Angie will spend at least $20 million in France on security, medical costs and shelter for their growing brood.

“Brad and Angelina love all their children and will do everything to protect them and keep them healthy,” says an insider. “Money is no object when it comes to the kids.” That’s true when it comes to the twins as well. “They can drop thousands of dollars on them in a day,” says the insider. “They’d do anything for them.”

[From Life & Style]

The sample breakdown is pretty damn impressive too. I know they’re worth an insane amount of money, but it still boggles my mind that anyone can go through this kind of cash.

* $332,000 is going toward a helicopter, which remains on call for when Jolie goes into labor
* $3.3 million is the cost for the Florentine-style villa in the French Riviera that the couple reportedly rents
* Nearly $100,000 goes to the nine cars the couple is renting.

[From the Scoop]

I’m sure a large amount of their money goes to security – and one would think the nine cars are a part of that. Can you imagine having a helicopter on call for your birth? At this point, why not just have a hospital built next to your house? I mean they’re spending so much as it is. That’s the only thing more dramatic than a helicopter.

Life & Style points out how happy Angelina has seemed in the last few weeks, and that’s very true. It’s easy to forget she used to be such a dark character. She’s been beaming from ear to ear, despite carrying around 2 fetuses that look bigger than she does. At $10 million a kid, those are two lucky babies.

Here’s Brad and Angelina at the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ premiere in Cannes on May 15th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. AC says:

    looks like she’s got room for at least 4 more longitude and latitude tatoos so that the dragon is completely covered.

  2. Melania says:

    Since their very appearance anywhere causes stampedes and feeding frenzies they have no choice but to have all this security. They cannot be exposed to the public without security….sad but it is their reality, not being able to move freely about wherever they want without being mobbed.

  3. Syko says:

    I agree the security must be rough, but the same thing that makes security necessary is what gives them $20 million just lying around to be set aside for the birth of the twins.

    You pays your dime and you takes your pick. Life’s a series of trade-offs. In this case you can need security and enjoy being rich, or you can be obscure like me and be eating leftover pizza for dinner tonight.

  4. czarina says:

    I have to say, I don’t believe this figure. (the 20 mil)
    I don’t know who makes it up, but it’s pretty outrageous, even for celebrities who make absurd amounts of money.
    I can’t imagine people who are so aware of the deprivation in the world wasting so much money on something like having a helicopter on call (when they could just move close to the hospital!)
    I think this is the same type of rumor as the one that had them buying an island!!

  5. Mairead says:

    Very funny article JayBird, well done 😀

    Now, I know that this is a very stupid thing to do, but I’m going to apply logic to the numbers and point out one teeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny thing that might be pushing up the “cost of the birth” somewhat….

    That money isn’t being spent on the birth – it’s being spent on their time in France and their work in Cannes. So the cost is high as it’s over an extended amount of time. 😉

    But what is with their bleedin’ obsession with choppers and Lear Jets? Take a friggin’ ambulance to the hospital like the rest of us!!! Surely she could hire one of St. Johns Ambulance to be on-call for her? 😕

    But noooooo she has to always plotting plotting plotting for famewhore points 😆 😆 🙄 😆

  6. lanette says:

    it is disgusting to use the word “brood” they are people not animals…

  7. Anni says:

    the chopper thing sounds reasonable. the paps are everywhere, following them constantly. imagine what would happen if they catch wind when angie goes into labor. you´ve seen how the paps surround cars makiing it nearly impossible to drive. guess what´ll happen when an ambulance arrives at the villa, it´s gonna be mayhem.

  8. Riri says:

    It seems they are spending a fortune for their own self-indulgence.

    So many cars means many paid employees like nannies, personal shoppers, a chef, cleaning and maintanance staff etc.

    Abviously, they enjoy the pampered life and get other people do the chores and take care of their children.

  9. K says:

    Individuals who make too much money, that could be put to better use.

  10. kate says:

    i agree with czarina….20 million sounds a bit of a stretch.

  11. to anni says:

    It’s much more reasonable to give birth at a hospital or a medical facility, as opposed to giving birth at a distant Villa and spend a fortune on a chopper.

    Their tendency to pollute the planet with their joy of flying is just wrong.

  12. journey says:

    life and style, national enquirer, star, they’re all fiction. entertaining– yes, but believable– no way!

    on the other hand jaybird jolie-pitt has a nice ring to it!

  13. RReedy says:

    This kind of self importance and self important WASTE turns my stomach. It should turn yours, too!

  14. Helen says:

    As Ange had a c-section last time, the chopper for labour might be because she can’t give birth naturally. It’s been less than 2 years since Shiloh was born, it is extremely possible that during a regular birth her scar could split.

    Although, obviously I am not her dr!

  15. Codzilla says:

    Brood: A family of offspring or young. Sounds applicable to me.

  16. Syko says:

    I do believe if I had their money, I’d be self-indulgent too.

    As for the chopper – we don’t know where their home is located or how the roads are between there and the hospital. In a high-risk pregnancy, which twins are, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and if you have the money, then make the preparations as you see fit.

    I don’t know why the way they spend their money is of any concern to anyone but them.

  17. nom de plume says:

    Personally, I’m thinking of sending my resume in for the position of preposterous-headline-maker-upper at the tabloids. Next up, Angelina Jolie spends $320,000 on a hair straightener even though her hair is naturally straight. That one will be followed up by Brad is selling his toenail clippings for charity.

  18. vdantev says:

    I call Shenanigans on the headline !

  19. Shannon says:

    What the heck do they need with 9 cars? Why doesn’t she just get a rent a hotel room across the street from the hospital a week before the due date like Lynda Carter did? Who the hell would want their kids anyhow? And why do they insist on birthing babies in foreign countries? Are they trying to say that America is good for making money but not having kids? I’m done with these self indulgent and self-centered rabbits.

  20. Gracie says:

    I wonder what their carbon footprint is…

  21. JennGush says:

    She should have just not have gotten preggo, took the 20 million she is spending on the birth and adopted 48 more kids from Uganda or wherever it is she keeps getting them from.

  22. Shannon is Right says:

    Brangelina made a promise that they will move to New Orleans and live there.

    They made a very publicised spin out of it and bought an expensive house, with the claim that they do that to draw attention to the plight of the people of NO and make NO their new home.

    Instead of giving birth at NO, they didn’teven bother to stay more than a short visit.

    After the received all the kudos for their promise, it turned out that their new “home in New Orleans” is actually a property investment.

    Instead of choosing NO, they spend all that money in France.

    That is just a shame they enjoy the praises but don’t back their words with actions.

  23. Shannon is Right says:

    Frankly, in a high risk pregnancy, why isn;t she giving birth in the hospital?

    Why have your doctor fly from the USA to a hotel in France, instead of giving birth at the hospital in L.A.?

  24. Mairead says:

    lads, lads, lads – the helicopter is for when she’s in labour, i.e. BEFORE the babbies are born. It’s to get her to the hospital to have the baby. 😉

    As I said earlier, they’re in France for a while now, so it looks to me they decided to cut down on the travelling pre-birth, stick to one country, keep Maddox in school for a full term/semester and get on with the job in Cannes. But whether they did that – or stayed at home and avoided Cannes, there would probably still be critics of them.

    Mind you – I’d dread to think of their carbon footprint – they’d have to plant tracts of trees and pony up for rakes of solar panels in India to try and offset it 😯

  25. someone says:

    I can’t stand these two, but why would it cost 20mil. to have a couple kids. I don’t believe this story. They only love American money..but they don’t love America for anything else.

  26. geronimo says:

    Well it’s all relative isn’t it? They’ve chosen to live a very high-profile, high-maintenance life and have the money to do it so $20M sounds about right for an entended stay in a very expensive part of France, along with the security measures their lifestyle requires and the various contingency plans for the birth of her babies.

    It does sound excessive and overly indulgent but when you break their various needs down – they have to live somewhere, they have to have security – it’s not an unlikely sum. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it were more than this. The rich are different.

  27. ADD says:

    Um, Lanette, people ARE animals. Get over it.

  28. jennifer says:

    dont believe ,it is life and shit magazine!
    the same magazine said that she doesnt like her bio kid but she is willing to spend 20million to have 2 bio kids 😯

  29. Syko says:

    Now they’re un-American! The depths to which they sink never fail to amaze me.

    You know, “putting aside” money doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to spend it all. I’m planning to move soon and have “put aside” $3,000 to cover it – but hoping to not need that much. Putting aside just means you’re ready, not that you’ve spent it already.

  30. geronimo says:

    syko, it’s the no middle ground, all or nothing argument. They like France ergo they hate America. Capice?!

  31. Bodhi says:

    Thats a pretty misleading headline, but hey, people are clearly reading the story! 😉

    3.3 mil of it is for the house, which isn’t really part of the cost of having the babies.

    I agree with Anni about the copter. It’d be nearly impossible to take a car because of the paps. It would be more expensive & a complete waste of resources if the local cops had to control the mob that would surely form

  32. Mairead says:

    No Syko, that’s not it.

    They secretly LOOOOOOVE America, but are plotting, plotting, plotting to appear to be un-American just so they can earn more lying-fame-wh*ring points and win the publicity prize :mrgreen:

    (this excluded middle thing that CB mentioned before may not be fair – but it is fun 😉 )

  33. geronimo says:

    Thing is, the South of France is hellishly expensive. Accommodation costs combined with living costs for them and their extended entourage (I’m sure their level of security doesn’t come cheap either) plus the babies’ expenditure are going to put a big dent in their albeit deep pockets. It’s kind of unavoidable.

  34. Stop Polluting says:

    If she is having a scheduled C section, why does she need to fly instead of simply driving to the hospital?

    Why spend all that American money on France and Monaco?

    and this is the end of the academic year in France. It’s like sending your child to school for 2 weeks for a class of children he never met, and to take exams or attend classes of the end of an entire year of absent.

    That is just cruel for any child.
    Let alone a child who came from America to France and has more adjustments to do.

  35. Syko says:

    Geronimo and Mairead, thank you for setting me straight. I keep forgetting about the plot to take over the world. And of course you can’t like America if you like France! Impossible to like more than one country at once!

  36. Linda says:

    Don’t worry about the measly $20 mil – Brad and Ang will recoup that with the sale of the baby pictures!

  37. Jody says:

    She is positively stunning in that dress, that color green… breathtaking. Brad looks pretty dapper himself.

    I think it’s all about perspective, and if you look at what it costs to just be them in general, I’m sure it balances out. Besides, don’t get so bitchy with them for setting aside money, get bitchy with the people who charge more because they know they can. People milk celebrity bank rolls everyday, we know this.

  38. Ummm yeah. I am not sure I’d believe what Life & Style magazine has to say, though…

  39. Indie says:

    Is there something about Brad and Angelina that make people suspend disbelief? How can anyone with any brain cell even believe that story, paying 2.3m for a yacht that they visited once because the owner and their friend Paul Allen was there?

    I know celebitchy is making money because of traffic but seriously, a lot of the posters on Brangelina threads are already dumb, do you really need to dumb them down some more?

    As for America only good for them to make money, they pay their taxes, besides which their movies make more money abroad than it does here in the good old USA. So yes, those foreigners help give them box office clout and they end up paying their taxes here, some of the posts in regards to these two is so moronic it is beyond ridiculous.

  40. L&S Is Full of Caca says:

    L&S slays me…so of course I took notes. I think this is a case of what’s known in accounting circles as “creative bookkeeping” or “cooking the books”.

    Here’s the breakdown of this supposed “up to $20MIL”…

    – $5MIL – What Brad & Angie paid for security last year, this year could be more due to their lengthy stay in France. L&S says they took 3 bodyguards with them from LA at a cost of around $5K per week. Apparently because they’re in France they’re now having to pay the bodyguards in Euros…or at least that’s my theory. Otherwise, why are the bodyguards costing them more in France than they were in LA…when they were supposedly HIRED IN LA! It’s that GD currency exchange rate, I tell ya!

    – $3.3MIL – Rent for Maryland Villa ($558,000 per week per their “insider”). Apparently Paul Allen subsidizes his extravagant lifestyle by RENTING out his villa to his EMPLOYEES. Yep, that’s right…the Company Store is alive and well. Let this be a lesson, boys and girls, THE MAN will ALWAYS oppress the little people unless we stand up for ourselves and declare, “Dammit, you can’t treat me like this! I’m a multimillionire, too!”

    – $2.3MIL – Renting out Allen’s yacht Tatoosh ($466,000 per week). Yeah…that’s right…the boat they’ve been on exactly ONCE for HALF A DAY is costing them $2.3MIL. To add insult to injury…they’re paying for the boat and the day they were there…the owner had the nerve to be there, too…and charge them for his presence! You would think that $466K per week would get you use of the boat without the owner being around to count the silver and Limoges and make sure you didn’t steal the gold fawcets and mink bedspreads…

    – $332,000 – Keeping a chopper on standby to fly Angie to the hospital when she goes into labor. BTW, IIRC it is OK! magazine this week that makes a point of debunking the helicopter being on standby. According to their contact at some French hospital it is NOT legal in France for helicopters to be used for anything other than extreme medical circumstances and that just being a celeb isn’t going to get that rule waived. They also trot out a ob/gyn who says that because of Angie’s previous C-section her doctor will most-likely rule out vaginal birth and she’ll have another C-section…which will be a SCHEDULED operation and therefore there is no need to have a helicopter on standby. Don’tcha just love it when the tabs call each other out?

    – $235,000 – Daily house calls by 1 doctor and 1 nurse to check on Angie’s multitudinous pregnancy ailments. You know…those fictional ailments ascribed to her by L&S and Star: Gestational diabetes, edema, high blood pressure, gout, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, incontinence, prostatitis, phlumbago and eczema. Okay…I made up everything after high blood pressure, but Angie’s still got about 6 weeks to go, so you never know what they’ll come up with next…

    – $235,000 – Salary for 3 bodyguards and 2 nannies while in France. Now, I know…you’re saying to yourself…but what about the $5MIL for bodyguards mentioned above? Well, now, this is where the “creative bookkeeping” comes in. When writing a tabloid one is allowed to “double bill” for the purposes of inflating the total amount of money one is claiming that celebs are spending. It’s called “dramatic license” in the world of fiction. In the real world it’s called LYING.

    – $98,000 – To fly Angie’s ob/gyn, Jason Rothbart to France. Presumably they’re chartering a plane and he’s the only passenger…otherwise, buy his ass a $4,000 first class ticket and put the other $94,000 in the kids’ college funds cuz at the rate L&S is spending their money, they’re gonna need a rainy-day fund for the tykes’ educations.

    – $97,300 – For 9 rental vehicles, including cars, minivans and SUVs. 9 vehicles for 11 people – 6 Jolie-Pitts, 3 bodyguards, 2 nannies. That comes out to 1.2222222222222222222222222 vehicles per person. Ain’t that a b#tch? None of the kids can even drive yet! And Angie can’t even fit behind the wheel anymore!

    – $3,000 – Spent at Bonpoint boutique on kids clothes. Plus they say the day Angie took Z & Shiloh to Monaco at Ricriation she “dropped several thousand dollars more” on clothes for all the kids, including the twins. Don’t you guys remember all those shopping bags Angie and her driver were carrying when they left the store? Let me refresh your memories – Pictures 16 & 19…

    TOTAL: $11,600,300.00

    Hmmm…that’s not quite as dramatic as $20 MILLION, is it? Oh well… It’s interesting to note that although Paul Allen is charging them rent…he’s apparently still paying his year-round staff out of the goodness of his thrifty little slum-lord heart. Who says multi-gazillionaires are hell to rent from…

    BTW – L&S goes on to speculate that Brad & Angie will be able to offset these exhorbitant expenses with the sale of the first photos of the twins. According to them if Shiloh’s photos were worth $5MIL, then two babies should be worth twice as much and the photos could fetch up to $10MIL. Yes, L&S is fully aware that Brad and Angie gave the money for Shiloh’s photos to charity. But, because L&S didn’t get the photos – or the tax write-off – they’ve chosen to ignore the fact that Brad and Angie aren’t profiting off the photos of their children the way so many other stars have…JLo, Xtina, Britney, Tori, Larry Birkhead, etc…or the fact that they haven’t questioned those stars for doing so. But, as we all know – there’s one set of rules for Brad and Angie and another for every other celeb.

    Alrighty…so there you have it…L&S is fudging the books…but y’all already knew that…

  41. L&S Is Full of Caca says:

    Ooops…those bodyguards were $5K per WEEK not day.

  42. ava harlot says:

    Why am I addicted to these sites? I’m already depressed enough, why do celebrities get treated this way to entertain? (even though I’d love to be one), with the economy the way it is, and the job market in terrible disarray (at least for me) How are famous/wealthy people able to keep their extravagances? My dumb ass college wouldn’t give me my diploma or send out transcripts for almost 3 years b/c i owed $65!! I went to a Division 1 school and all those idiot asshole athletes didn’t have to pay to go to school, deal with loans, work all through college, summer, graduate w/ no job…sorry I’m ranting, it’s seems unfair. I’m just having a difficult life. Pray for me. 🙁

  43. Janice says:

    With the media frenzy constantly surrounding celebrities (because of our intense interest) how can any of us take anything we read as truth.

    It is possible that this amount of money is being spent, but if you are not Brad or Angelina or their immediate family or agents/lawyers it is impossible to really know what the truth is.

    I just think there are people out there who just enjoy taking “rumors” and expanding upon them for their own

    Remember, we will never know what the truth is and why do you even care?

  44. Reality Check says:

    Wow whoever believe in tabloids magz like “Lifeless & Styless”, probably got no brain. Hellooo “insider” is just the journalist/writers active imagination, they really love to write fairy tales.

  45. anon says:

    i saw this article @ bauergriffin:
    Riddle us this, Reader. Angelina Jolie’s personal assistant, Holly Goline, is also with child.

    Huh. That’s nifty, right?

    But wait for it. Wait for it.

    They’re due at practically the same time (end of August).

    Creepy. It’s like they’ve planned this out somehow. It’s always nice to have a friend you can share maternity wardrobe with… or something…

    Holly spends most of her time traveling with Ang’ and the fam, despite being married and having a home in Georgia. Thoughts?



  46. geronimo says:

    That evidence is really compelling. So you think it’s Holly who’s really expecting twin girls, not Ang? And Ang is going to pass them off as her own because she can’t make her own babies? Or can’t be bothered. Lazy cow. It makes a lot of sense because, as you say, Ang doesn’t even really look pregnant. AND she’s an actress. These people. 🙄

    CB, how about a mini awards ceremony for the most outlandish, logic-defying Brangelina conspiracy theories? This one’s definitely got legs.

  47. Karen says:

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Don’t they love America enough to have their children born on it’s soil. Millions have been given by them for many causes here, but they don’t really seem to think it is good enough for their children to be naturally born here?!?!? …. But, in France no less.

  48. BUD says:

    Oh, Angie would look so elegantly expecting in that dress….if only it weren’t for those very ugly and distracting tattoos. Doesn’t she make enough money to have them removed?
    Makes an otherwise nice photo a ‘fashion no no’ !

  49. chas says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. they are 2 adults who have made their own money and life and they can do what they d*** well please with it.Yes the amount they are spending could feed a lot of hungry people in this world. But guess who has to deal with the guilt? eventually them.

  50. Codzilla says:

    Anon: Please turn off the caps and take a deep breath. Your post is nearly impossible to decipher.

  51. Christian says:

    They should have their child in America, if they are planning on spending that much money in another country on childbirth. The american people who supported thier movies deserve the crazy amount of money to be kept in the country rather than some other country. Our economy is horriable.. why don’t they really help the country out by keeping the money with in the country they choose to live in. What are they really saying about America.

  52. firebrand says:

    I do understand why celebs are surrounded by so much hipe and gossip. I find myself wishing, though, that they could just live their lives without millions of people watching and judging and twisting things around.
    Why should anyone have the right to judge these people? They are human beings, no different than anyone else. They may lie, they could be selfish, they may spend their money foolishly. The same can be said of millions of people, American or not, famous or not.
    And how can we say if they earned their money here in America, that it must be spent here in America? Does anyone impose such demands on you?
    IF you were to vacation in France (for example), how would you pay? Would you make a point of earning money there first, in order to spend it in the country you earned it? What person would go to such lengths?
    I can understand perhaps investigating the life of someone working for our government, to a certain degree. Those people are in our service, they work for the American people, to supposedly better our lives and our country.
    But following actors every time they leave their house and scrutinizing every little thing they do…that is not something they signed on for when they decided to fall in love with acting and pursue it as a career.
    Let them have some semblance of peace some time. Let them have at least some of the privacy that all of the rest of us take for granted. Most celebs are willing to give interviews and pose for pictures very often. But trailing them like stalkers is low. I only stumbled onto this story because I was looking up facts on anorexia and now am almost ashamed at myself for even reading such trash.
    And Anon: Wow, friends who are pregnant together and due at a similar time, this is NOT an uncommon phenomenon.

  53. Karen says:

    Guess they are not affected from the outrageous gas prices!!!!

  54. cj says:

    Pathetic how they waste money on just a birth. How much better use this could do if spend on Shelters and such.
    Whats wrong with giving birth in the US. Those kids will be nothing but spoiled ignorant brats. Hell, i would not want to be one of them. Sitting in the kitchen of all nations.

  55. Karine says:

    How very pompously boujois these two are … Angelina needs to have her head checked … she had so many fads in her life time and having babies is just nother on of her quirks .. I just want to gag when I see those Liver lips of hers and all her tatts .. She better have a good plastic surgeon on stand by as well – cuz as she get older – her lips will end up on top of her head and her tatts will hang aournd her ankles ..

    Sorry, but Brad is not playing with a full deck either – he is just another toy boy for Angelina .. I gave up watching any movies she is in .. Not much acting talent there …

  56. Anne says:

    This is the first time I have read readers’ comments regarding the Jolie-Pitt stories. You people are so creative! I have laughed and laughed at many of your remarks. You have real talent! I really mean it.

    I had twins boy/girl. They arrived 19 days early – August 15th, weighed 6 lb 5 oz, and 6 lb 4 1/2 oz. It is not fun to be pregnant for twins in August. Using the timetable for my twins (19 days early) and her due date is Aug. 19th, I figured her babies would be born July 31. Just a guess.

    Our babies did not sleep through the night for 2 months and the boy had colic for 3 months.

    I read yesterday that she is scheduled for caesarian section next Tuesday. Anyone know if that is true?

    It was nice meeting all of you!