Elizabeth Moss thinks Fred Armisen is a big Xenu-hating jackass


PopEater ran an interesting little gossip piece about Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen yesterday. According to their sources, it seems like all of this talk about Moss’s Scientology being the primary cause for their split isn’t quite the truth. Allegedly. According to Moss’s unnamed friends, Armisen’s unnamed friends are doing their own little smear campaign against Moss and her Xenu-affection because Camp Armisen doesn’t want the REAL reason for their split to come out. Hint: 23-year-old Abby Elliot, and Fred’s desire to bone her?

‘Mad Men’ star Elisabeth Moss filed divorce papers in Los Angeles to end her brief marriage to ‘SNL’er Fred Armisen just three days ago, and I’ve already learned that Fred’s friends are the ones feeding tabloid stories about her religion to try and sabotage the young actress.

One of Fred’s friends told Us Weekly that her ties to the Church of Scientology were the reason they split. “Her religion was as important to her as their marriage, if not more,” another pal told Us. “He could not get with it.”

However, Elisabeth’s friends tell me this had nothing to do with the breakup.

“Lizzie is trying really hard to handle this horrible divorce in a dignified manner,” an insider tells me. “She is heartbroken that Fred’s friends have run to the press leaking nasty stories about her and her beliefs when everyone knows Fred was the problem in this marriage.”

My sources tell me Elisabeth has asked her pals to “not get down in the dirt like him” and try to take the high road in the split.

But her friends add, “If these attacks on her continue, the real truth will come out and it isn’t going to be pretty.”

Since the split, Armisen hasn’t been brooding alone. He has already been linked with ‘SNL’ co-star Abby Elliot, 23, while Elisabeth has remained single.

[From PopEater]

I was initially impressed with Moss and her handling of the situation – when she and Fred announced their split, it sounded like they were both trying to be adults. And then news of his relationship with Abby broke less than a week later, and still, Moss took the high road. But now people are wondering if she’s a weird Friend of Xenu like Tom Cruise, and so she’s sending out her peeps to do some damage control. Either that, or Moss didn’t send her people out, but the Church of Scientology did, because they don’t want the bad press? Could be. Moss has turned out to be one of their better “gets” and I could see why they would want to protect her. She’s not batsh-t insane (Cruise), or boning dudes at spas (Travolta) or Jason Lee. Now I can’t wait for Tom Cruise to chime in. Yay!

Header: Elizabeth and Fred on August 3, 2009. Credit: WENN.

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  1. geenie says:

    If you break the situation up, it doesn’t matter who takes the high road.

    Fred should’ve ran when he discovered Moss’s Scientology involvement. He didn’t and is paying the price.

  2. cedar falls says:

    “She’s not batsh-t insane”.

    I would have thought being batsh-t insane was the only reason to get involved with Scientology, coming as it does from the mind/anus of a (Hello!!) SCIENCE FICTION WRITER.

  3. a says:

    @cedar falls — i totally agree!

  4. lucy2 says:

    Huh, I would think it’s the tabloids, not anonymous friends, who are pushing the Sciento story, because they know it sells.

  5. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    ITA Cedar Falls.

  6. L says:

    She actually grew up a Scientologist (her parents are both active members) so maybe she’s less crazy. Kind of like how converts are always more into it and nuts than people who grew up that way.

    But she’s always been Scientologist, so if it was a problem-it took him that long to figure it out? Smells fishy to me.

  7. Laura says:

    Why does she have to be a scientologist? 🙁 Who seriously believes that stuff?

  8. BethL says:

    They must have dated for awhile so how couldn’t Fred know she was a scientologist or how dedicated she was to it. I guess he wanted what looks like adultery to take a backseat.

  9. TG says:

    Yes, didn’t he know about her religion going into the marriage? Don’t these Hollywood types date before getting married? That’s how you learn about someone. And if she was raised in it than that means there is no hope for Bella, Connor and Little Sci.

  10. Whatever says:

    Yeah, I bet this story is coming from Scientology and not her. Discrediting and smearing “suppressive persons” is a top priority.

  11. dvz says:

    Beck is a second generation Scientologist and he doesn’t seem whacked out either. I don’t know how involved he is in the “church” (barf), or just that he was born into it. I think there is something to the convert = whackjob theory.

  12. Maritza says:

    I don’t think Scientology has anything to do with their break up, he probably found himself to have more things in common with a comedienne like himself.

  13. theresa says:

    Anyone who knows anything about $cientologists knows that they don’t tell people, up front, that they are actively recruiting. This is especially true for wealthy celebrities. If you marry into it and don’t get with the program completely, you are divorced by your spouse. Stepford Katie has, so far, but Kidman refused. It is alleged, (and I believe it), that that is why Lisa Marie married and divorced Michael Jackson. She also grew up in $cientology, after Elvis died, because of her wack job mother, Priscilla.

    Of course, there were other huge problems with both Elvis and MJ, but any Xenu hater and/or resister will always always have my respect for taking that position.

  14. albeli says:

    He looks miserable/awkward in every pic I’ve seen of them.

  15. Bopa says:

    Most Scientology members (the ones that stay) usually have something wrong with them. Wouldn’t be a shock if the break up was about her.

  16. Confuzzle says:

    Ok please just get one thing correct. Xenu is the $cientology devil. So to hate Xenu means you’re a cultist.

  17. Bob Best says:

    So what, It just did not work out. Everyone on this planet has “been there.” It is less pain the sooner the better. “People are people so why should it be.
    You and I should get along so awfully.
    So we’re different colors
    And we’re different creeds
    And different people have different needs” – Depeche Mode