David Letterman calls 14 year-old Ali Lohan, “Lindsay”

14 year-old Ali Lohan was on David Letterman last night to promote her new reality show “Living Lohan.” She was cute, well spoken and comfortable on stage although she did wear a lot of makeup for a 14 year-old. She said they’re doing the show “to set the record straight and we’re not just this crazy family, crazy people like to tabloids make us out to be.” She said “we’re just a normal family like any other family in America.”

Dave asked Ali if she was close with Lindsay, and she said “she’s like my best friend.” She refused to say whether Lindsay would make an appearance on the show and said “you’ll have to watch.”

Ali called herself a “singer and actress” and said she’s working on her latest album this summer.

Dave asked Ali if she visits her sister on set, and she said she’s always done that, and “that’s what inspired me to do what she does.” She said when she was three she used to run up to her sister on set when she was filming “Parent Trap” and they had to do a lot of takes because she was always interrupting.

Ali talked about her five dogs, including a puppy that’s a “micro mini Maltese.” They showed what they said was the dog in the green room, but it was just a computer-generated image to make her dog look tiny. Ali said her little Maltese, Buddy, has low blood sugar.

Dave said “getting back to the show will there be a lot of drama, a lot of tension, a lot of fighting, a lto of intrigue?” and Ali said “Yeah, we’re just like a normal family so whatever.”

At the end of the interview, Dave closed by saying “Lindsay Lohan” everyone, and then corrected himself. It seemed to me like it was a mistake and not a planned joke. It’s a telling slip, considering how much Ali says she wants to be like her sister. Maybe Ali can pick up Lindsay’s career where she dropped it on the floor when she got distracted by vodka and overpriced purses.

The videos are below and there’s also one of an Access Hollywood interview with Dina and Ali. Dina Lohan is a piece of work and it’s surprising how normal Ali seems.

Here’s the part where Dave calls Ali “Lindsay”

And here’s the full interview:

And an interview on “Showbiz Tonight” with Ali and Dina Lohan. Dina sure seems defensive and snotty.

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31 Responses to “David Letterman calls 14 year-old Ali Lohan, “Lindsay””

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  1. Bodhi says:

    She looks way way older than this 25 year old. I don’t get it.

    I think Ali is pretty much doomed. She wants to be her sister but doesn’t realize that her sister is a barely walking mess, not to mention a huge laughingstock of the entertainment industry

  2. lulu says:

    what an awful mother!!

  3. Leah says:

    She looks so much prettier and healthier than her sister, I don’t see how he could’ve messed that one up.

    Following in your sister’s stupid footsteps… you saw how it’s turning out for little Jamie Lynn….

  4. Codzilla says:

    She looks 35, at least. We might as well start bracing ourselves for a Lindsay repeat. Thanks, Dina, you fame-mongering skank.

  5. poopie says:

    A ‘NORMAL AMERICAN FAMILY???” give us a break….why do these people think that just because they WANT to sing and act = THEY CAN ???
    Dina makes me want to vomit.. what a prima donna pig face she is

  6. headache says:

    What a shame. If Dina would just let this child grow up and find her own way, Ali would probably have a successful career.

    But instead, she forcing the girl to age prematurely by directing her need for validation on her daughter.

  7. Kayla says:

    There is nothing normal about these fame whores!! All three of them! Fame whores, with no talent! lETTERMAN SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER YOU NEED TALENT IDIOT!!! Such total losers!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!

  8. CinPin says:

    Ali looks 35 at age 14….what will she look like at 20???

    She has sex tape written all over her.

  9. CinPin says:

    I just watched the interview, and BRAVO to the host for asking all those questions!!!
    I love how Dina acts like the tabloids twisted the info about LL being in rehab and jail.

    Uh Dina… Lindsey WAS in rehab (several times) and DID go to jail.

    She is one atrocious mom!!!!

  10. neelyo says:

    If he’d called her ‘Granny’ that would be understandable. Her face looks like an old lady’s to me. What’s that disease that rapidly ages children? She looks like she suffers from it. I guess you could just call it Lohan Syndrome.

    And the party line that they’re doing the show to ‘set the record straight’ is hilarious. No, you’re doing it because your mother is using you as an excuse to be in the spotlight denied her when she tried and failed to have a show business career of her own.

  11. Cathy says:

    That poor child does not stand a chance to ever have much of a normal life.
    14 going on 40 already.

  12. sandy says:

    interesting that the 2 lohan daughters are thrust into the entertainment industry with mom as manager yet
    the lohan sons are doing “sports and typical boy stuff” as ali said.
    it’s too bad lindsay doesn’t tell her sister to go down a different path

  13. KDRockstar says:

    I just don’t get it. And everyone here is right… she does look like she’s twice her age.

    What are the predictions for the younger brother? I vote for Dina pushing him to Disney, a blink-and-miss-it record, then a life of booze and work at Mickey D’s.

  14. Blondie says:

    Dina is sooo awful, she is full of it, very hard faced and rough looking and sounding. The sad thing is that Ali seems quite normal (relatively so) at the mo, but with far too much make-up etc, but her innocence is now gone. Having a sister such as Lindsay who has had all those issues, no doubt sooner and magnified because she is in LaLa land, and Dina is like…its all fine, she’s not perfect, my younger daughter wants to be just like her and I’m encouraging that! god….poor Ali.

  15. Blonde Ambition says:

    Does anyone else think this whole family is filled with females that are ugly as sin??

  16. DogRunner says:

    She is 14??? She looks so mature for her age. Her face looks really different — I would not have recognized her normally.

  17. angiee says:

    She looks like a 45 year old Hooker with all that makeup!

  18. nadine says:

    I can’t believe Ali Lohan attacked the tabloid writers and editors by saying “look at where my sister is and look at where they are”

    Um.. yes, look at where lindsay is; A cracked out whore who can’t seem to hold down a job and look at where they are; holding a steady job with a steady income to support their families.

    Grr this family lives in their own little world. And why does it sound like Ali is a pack a day smoker?

  19. kate says:

    please tell me dina doesn’t have any more daughters she will foist upon us in 5 years.

  20. DD says:

    I feel kinda bad for Aly she’s so brainwashed by her stupid attention whore of a mother. Dina seems to me like the biggest whore on the planet and that’s how she raised her oldest daughter to be and now she’s working on this one.

    It’s weird how they try to deny that Lindsay’s been in rehab and arrested, and they try to blame the tabloids for everything. Lindsay is FUCKED UP and that’s that.

  21. xiaoecho says:

    there’s something about Letterman….he gets slimier and sleazier with every passing year

  22. Because I say So says:

    Yes, this family is disgusting, but is calling a 14-year old a whore really necessary? Dina certainly deserves the label, because it’s obvious that she’ll do whatever it takes to get paid. I just think the Lindsey doppleganger is in her mother’s clutches and blinded by what she perceives to be “fame.” Can you really expect her to know any differently?

  23. DD says:

    Nobody called the 14-year old a whore even though she seems that she’s well on her way to becoming one. :roll:

  24. CSS says:

    Silly girl is wearing too much makeup – foundation to cover her freckles perhaps? – which makes her skin look duller and much older. A girl her age should have fresh, shiny skin – and there’s nothing wrong with freckles.

  25. Ashley says:

    Not only does she look 35 but she sounds 35 too.  I’m only 22 but the only people I know who have a voice like that have been smoking for years!! I don’t know how she’s suppossed to sing well if she sounds like a broken crackwhore when she talks.

  26. vdantev says:

    Should have called her ‘whore’.

  27. Victoria says:

    Well, “i mean”..

    Damn, the only thing that she can say is “i mean”.

    Oh please, go learn how to talk like you were 30 to match with your look.

  28. LovingLohan says:

    I gotta give her credit though…for still sticking by her sis…and I do take into consideration that she is only 14 and was raised by someone with the intelligence of a 5 year old…God I love to hate themmm!!!!

  29. ashley says:


  30. Grechal says:

    I miss the old lindsay the one in freaky friday or mean girls. Now she’s addicted to drugs. Dina is a real MotherF***er She doesn’t know how to take care of her childs look at lindsay she fainted in drugs and now she’s starting it with ali poor ali I feel sad for her but at the same time lindsay had the choice to stay normal rather than be a celeb. Now people call her bitch and she had a [GIRL]friend I bet she wasn’t even in love with her she wasn’t her self. And now she spending days in jail.

  31. Julianne says:

    I think maybe Dina was trying to say that all kids get into trouble maybe? But instead it def sounded like she was denying Lindsay’s problems at all. I mean can’t she just say she doesn’t want Ali to get into all that? It’s not just LL, I mean all child stars are at that risk and I’m sure she knows that. Also I can see what Ali means when she’s comparing the tabloids to her sister’s success but in reality I’m sure she sees her sister’s hardships.

    Also I don’t think Ali looks that terrible, 14 is an age where girls either look 20 or 10. She doesn’t look 40 for sure. But she doesn’t seem very bright.