This week’s tabloid covers, Lindsay doesn’t even rate

Kaiser and I have been lamenting the lack of decent gossip this week. We’ve seen plenty of slow gossip stretches in our time, but this one seems particularly surreal. I’ve been watching more television to have something to report on, not that I mind it at all. It’s Kaiser’s theory that everyone blew their attention span on Lindsay late last week and she’s been sucking the gossip dry ever since. I agree, and now we’re all being subjected to the Lindsay void. Take a look at this week’s tabloid covers. They’re really boring, aren’t they? I mean, who cares about that Bachelor guy, why do we have to hear more fake Kardashian baby news, and didn’t we already read all about John Travolta’s alleged gay affairs a month ago?

The main thing I notice about these covers is that Lindsay Lohan’s brief re-incarceration and trainwreck downward spiral rate no covers whatsoever and only one sidebar. The Kardashians, old news, a “Teen mom,” Oprah and Brad Womack rate higher than Lindsay and her story is sort-of compelling. She got a sidebar on People on that’s it! There’s nothing else on any other tabloid cover. Now it’s possible that Lindsay’s news keeps breaking and the tabloids were afraid that if they ran a story on Lindsay it would be old news by the time it ran. That hasn’t stopped them in the past though, and it points to the fact that Lindsay just doesn’t sell anymore. People know all about it and they aren’t interested in hearing much more.

Kaiser also pointed me to this pretty interesting piece on Gawker rating the tabloids on accuracy. They reviewed pregnancy, engagement, breakup, marriage, engagement, and adoption reports over the past 20 months in Us Weekly, Star, Life & Style, In Touch, and OK! Their findings are almost as I expected – US Weekly is the most reliable at 59% overall accuracy (which is still low) followed by Life & Style, In Touch, OK! and Star. I thought that In Touch would be higher than Life & Style, but according to Gawker that’s not the case. Check out their handy graph for an overview.

Gawker also made a very incredible composite image of all the fake Brangelina covers over several years. Again, credit to Gawker for this one and it’s impressive to see them all put together.


Tabloid covers from coverawards via ONTD




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27 Responses to “This week’s tabloid covers, Lindsay doesn’t even rate”

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  1. Just a Poster says:


  2. Katie says:

    Can I just say that if Farrah from Teen Mom is pregnant again I will be so irritated? She’s an idiot in general, a major brat, but Christ. Get on the pill. It’s not that damn difficult.

    Clearly, I’m addicted to that show.

  3. kelbear says:

    @Katie, you and me both!

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Everyone is so over LiLo. I know I am..

    Let her eat cake!

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I can’t stand that show Teen Mom. Ugh. These chicks are suddenly famous and its beyond annoying. I don’t wanna see or hear about a bunch of loose teens. Hell if you wanna see a bunch of teens with babies drop by my neighborhood. Nothing irritates me more than clear child negligence, because those babies are screwed. Whats so fascinating about a bunch of kids with kids. Makes my skin crawl.

  6. maya says:

    I read The Gawker story on tabloids yesterday. Anyone with a brain knows that Life & Style, InTouch, Star and Ok! Magazine are all garbage. They run the same stories over and over again. BTW – Why do some people find Angie, Brad & Jennifer interesting? Jennifer Aniston has not made a good movie in years and yet she is always on the cover of a magazine.

  7. Eileen says:

    Katie: It’s my closet show! I think I loose at least 10 IQ points on Wed and Thurs from Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. No judging! XD
    I like Catelynn-bless her heart, I want to jump through the tv screen and beat the living sh!t out of her mom. And Amber needs some serious anger-management therapy…I’m feeling for her little girl! She’s doomed!

  8. EllenP says:

    Like the fake Brange covers. Aniston will give birth just like the gods. Baby will spring from her head, fully growed and wiser than us, y’all! Now, that’s a cover.

  9. Obvious says:

    @Katie. I can’t stand Farrah-only one worse? Amber. She’s constantly yelling, screaming cussing and hitting Gary-in front of her baby.

    I love Maci and Catelynn I could take or leave.

    But Farrah and Amber have got to go!!!

  10. jc126 says:

    “Loose” teens? There’s no difference between the Teen Mom girls (most of whom I do think are idiots) and oh, most teenage girls in this country who have sex, except the TM girls and other pregnant teens except that the evidence of their sex life is obvious. The TM girls weren’t out screwing half the football team or anything.

  11. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Recently discovered Teen moms and sadly am addicted too, think Farrah just wants to be famous so maybe another baby is her way to do this??

    Haha Lohan…your ‘star’ is def plummeting, no tabloid covers – wonder is white Oprah will thrust Ali into the media now in the hopes of another Lohan front cover

  12. mslewis says:

    It’s Lohan fatigue!! Nobody cares anymore.

    I really think the tabloid covers have been boring this entire Summer!! Seems like the only covers are the K-sisters or those teen moms. Maybe those or the only covers selling these days but these people are not STARS and should not be on the covers but, whatever!!

    I only buy “People” when someone I really care about is on the cover; I never buy a ragmag but I used to leaf through them while waiting in line at the grocery store. I haven’t even done that for a very long time. It’s always the same old stories, warmed over. No wonder these rags are all in the toilet, sales-wise. Only the truly stupid buy these things.

  13. krissy_kitty says:

    Kudos to the rag mags for not rewarding Lindsay with attention for her major f-ups. I hope this is the start of the end for LL. She has done nothing in the last what 5yrs to justify all the attention she has been getting. I say Goodbye, and good riddance! :)

  14. guesty says:

    y’all…count me in with the teen mom fanatics.

    last nite with amber beating the snot out of gary???? omg. if the roles were reversed the outcry & jail time would be intense. poor leah.

    & as for catelynn’s mom…there are just no words.

  15. logan says:

    Lindsay who?

  16. ann says:

    Thank goodness, BUT I am so sick of those Kardashians

  17. dorothy says:

    Thank god. I am so sick of her face staring at me from a cover.

  18. bagladey says:

    Still no press, and no money for Lindsay.

  19. Ferguson. says:

    YES! she’s starting to disappear!


  20. connie says:

    i am a glutton for teen mom punishment as well and have noticed the influx of them on covers over the past couple weeks and was wondering if anyone else had noticed too! I’ll cosign with all above posters that amber is an insuferable piece of trash. it amazes me how people can act like that and not be embarassed, but proud!

  21. BethL says:

    Lindsay didn’t get covers because all of the news already came out in court and online. There wasn’t anything new to report. Next week she will probably get covers or sidebars (all of the inside rehab stories). Also it’s another rehab story from Lindsay. It can’t be much different from her other stints.

    I think L&S do more reality stories coming straight from the source so not surprising they were more reliable (but still suck) than others. I knew IT was on a mission to destroy Brad and Angelina but I didn’t realize Star had so many covers of them.

    I don’t get why Teen Moms is popular all of sudden. They get one cover a month ago then all of the tabloids started covering them since then. What’s worst is they spilling into blogs.

  22. nnn says:

    wrong tread !

  23. melinda says:

    I want to adopt Catelyn and take her away from her mom (I’m only 30. I have a home with an extra room, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly). She needs a fresh start in a healthy environment. Maci does her best, I respect her for that. Amber lives in sloth and is the worst role model for a child. She is angry and awful. Farrah has a lot of growing up to do. She is a brat, but i still have hope for her. Those Teen Moms… I am sooooo addicted! I want the best for them all.

  24. Andrea-2 says:

    I second everything you said.

  25. Anon says:

    As far as Amber goes, on Teen Mom. She is guilty of domestic violence, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is beating that baby. MTV, shouldn’t be keeping her on camera, they should be helping that baby’s father. If the tables were turned, and he treated Amber the way she treats him, his ass would be in jail. Period.

  26. Anj says:

    Those Brad-angelina-anniston cover collection is hysterical! hahaha

  27. I’m experiencing a challenge with your rss feed . Don’t know why I am not able to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting similar rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thanks