Jenny McCarthy is the most scandalous girl in middle school

29 September 2010 - Ridgewood, New Jersey. Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy signs copies of her new book Love, Lust and Faking It at Book-Ends Book Store. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

Jenny McCarthy has been all over the place this week, promoting her new book, Love, Lust and Faking It. She memorably went on Oprah and talked about breaking up with Jim Carrey because it “wasn’t fun anymore.” She also talked about her hairy cooter. Yeah. I actually watched 20 minutes of Oprah’s interview with Jenny and I came out of it… well, I still think Jenny is a vapid a–hole who should seriously consider growing up. But I revise my opinion of her from the other day – I don’t think she’s malicious, and I don’t think she spoke about Jim or their relationship with any sort of meanness. I respected that she made the effort to talk about her responsibility in the breakup, and all of that. So: still a vapid a–hole, but she’s got a few good qualities.

That being said, f-ck me, she grates on my nerves. She did another interview, this time with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. Bush gets her to talk about her dong rules, how horny she is, and how she fantasizes about Brad Pitt peeing on her (I think):

Move over “Cougar Town,” Jenny McCarthy is the real deal. In a new – and quite outrageous– interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, the uncensored former Playboy Playmate revealed that in her late 30s, she’s feeling sexier – and more lustful — than ever.

“Dispel a myth for men: Do women lust as much as men lust?” Billy asked Jenny in the interview promoting her sexy new book, “Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth about Sex, Lies, And True Romance.”

“No, you guys! I mean, mind you, as we get older, I’ve noticed, now being 37, I’m much more horny than I was in my 20s,” she said.

“How horny are you – scale of 1-10?” Billy asked.

“I’m about a 9.8,” Jenny laughed, uproariously.

The blonde bombshell didn’t stop there – in her book, she sets the story straight on “man junk”… so Billy asked her the question men really want to know.

“Does size matter?” he probed.

“Size definitely helps, but the thing is, you don’t need big,” she said. “Average is awesome. Standard issue is awesome!”

While Jenny is happy to talk about sex, she revealed she’s been rather prudent on another sexual matter.

“Do you have a sex tape?” Billy asked.

“Oh, I love that question. No I don’t have a sex tape and I’m kind of upset that I don’t. You know why? ‘Cause I’m really good,” she laughed.

Jenny’s book gets into bisexuality, something in which Jenny admits to have dabbled.

“Do you like girls or no?” Billy asked.

“Me being a Playmate? Of course. Being around naked women, something is going to happen,” she revealed. “Yeah, I’ve played around.”

In addition to a host of sexy revelations, Jenny’s book also includes secrets from her dreams – one of which featured Brad Pitt.

“My [dream] night with Brad Pitt in the book is one of the best nights ever,” she said. “He’s just as hot as you think he is; his butt is beautiful and he can pee like a race horse. That’s all I can tell you ‘cause Angelina might be mad.”

[From Access Hollywood]

Are we still finding this kind of junk “naughty”? That’s how Jenny is playing it. Like, “Oooh, I just said ‘penis’! HAHA, I’m in middle school! Hold this pickle!” Also, I’m so over women talking about how great they are in bed. Jenny might be awesome in bed, but unless we’re the guy buying you martinis at the Ramada bar, stop telling people that. Personally, I prefer the opener (for men and women): “I’m horrible in bed. I have issues.” It’s a better conversational gambit, honestly. If (and when) a guy says that to me, I’ll be all “Ooh, tell me!” You get it all out in the open, and if you end up sleeping with the person, you either meet their low expectations or you exceed them. Think about it!

14 August 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy hosts the 4th annual Midsummer Night's Dream at Palms Pool and Bungalows at the Palm Resort Hotel and Casino. Photo Credit: MJT/AdMedia

29 September 2010 - Ridgewood, New Jersey. Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy signs copies of her new book Love, Lust and Faking It at Book-Ends Book Store. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

29 September 2010 - Ridgewood, New Jersey. Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy signs copies of her new book Love, Lust and Faking It at Book-Ends Book Store. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

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  1. dread pirate cuervo says:

    “Hold this pickle.” When I was in 6th or 7th grade my class was actually banned from using the word pickle for the whole school year.

  2. Kaboom says:

    Doesn’t she have families to ruin by spreading falsehoods about autism?

  3. kas says:

    It makes total sense why she’s besties with Chelsea Handler.

  4. lambchops says:

    how trashy can you be? what will her kid think? jesus.

  5. Jeri says:

    She was really pretty but her Botox & fillers messed her face up big time. Makes her look much older.

    I guess she & Chelsea Handler are such good friends cuz they have the same juvinelle sense of humor. Frat boy humor.

  6. mln says:

    I always found her annoying until she dated Jim Carrey-who I also found equally annoying. They just cancelled eachother out. Now that she is on her own again I am really annoyed.

  7. Eleonor says:

    I can’t stand her.
    She wants to be funny with dirty language, but she always sound stupid, and boring.

  8. Eileen says:

    Never heard of the Hold This Pickle but its making me LOL bigtime!

  9. ses says:

    These were seriously Billy Bush’s interview questions?? I don’t think I could bear to watch a clip of him saying “Do you like girls or no?” all journalistic-mode, but I hope The Soup makes fun of him this week!

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I truly did like her when she was with Jim Carey.. now, I’m wondering WTF?

    I have even less respect with her now. Damn girl, shut up already!

  11. lu says:

    I hope that is your real name cause it is very pretty.
    And i agree that when she uses dirty language she seems vulgar, not sexy or funny . Maybe it is because she uses it too often.

  12. Amy says:

    She’s so gross. Remember her short lived sketch comedy show in MTV? Ugh.

    That being said, Chelsea Handler is leagues ahead of Jenny in terms of wit. I just read one of her books. Vapid, drunken whore? Yes, but pretty funny.

  13. Annicka says:

    I want her to go away forever and take her schoolyard rumors about autism with her. I can’t stand that she says she ‘cured’ her son’s autism by changing his diet. If she ‘cured’ him, then he didn’t have autism to begin with and she shouldn’t go around running her mouth and saying he did!

  14. Hello says:

    As the stepmom to a boy with autism, as well as an aunt to a child with autism, I am grateful for all that Jenny McCarthy has done to raise awareness, fight big pharm and so on.

    You don’t have to agree with her. Many mothers of children who have autism don’t. But I do.

    I think she ROCKS!!!

    And I think her “it wasn’t fun anymore” comment was a light hearted way of answering a deeply personal question about a man who has severe depression. It was classy on her part to answer that way — not trashy.

  15. TQB says:

    Kaiser, dangit, you’re dead right – I would totally fall for the “I suck in bed” pick up line. I’d be all Fixered up on THAT.

  16. Mistral says:

    That cover is hilarious. I would love to be in a picture like that, and put it on my wall. Cheesy hilarious goodness; it would be kind of like White Goodman’s “metaphorical portrait” in Dodgeball.

  17. I’ve always considered Jenny McCarthy to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood. And now with this new-found revelation, I believe I would like to shave her … as there is nothing sexy about a hairy hoo hah. ;o)

  18. lucy2 says:

    Billy Bush is the worst. Jenny might be a close second.
    She just tries too hard to project this “wild and zany!” image, and it gets old. And all the raunchy talk is a bit much because it’s all the time.

    Raising awareness for autism is great, and she did put a public face on something so many people are affected by. But some of the stuff she’s said about it has been pretty questionable.

  19. 2outOf5 says:

    Grow up allready, you’re not a teen anymore! She’s so desperate.

  20. LindaR says:

    Jenny McCarthy is an asshole. I know this because Oprah likes her. That automatically makes you an asshole. Except for Dr. Oz although I predict that by this time next year he will be well on his way to assholedom.

  21. Eleonor says:

    @lu: thank you, but it’s my grandmother’s 🙂 name , not mine.

  22. Confuzzle says:

    Remember her awful sitcom? Yeah I thought so.

    She looks 47 easily.

  23. Liana says:

    As a sibling of a wonderful, beautiful woman with autism, I have issues with Jenny’s ill-researched claims regarding the spectrum.

    And I think she tries too hard to be “naughty” and it’s actually quite boring.

  24. Pia says:

    @Kaboom, thank you. She shouldn’t be promoting a book right now. She should be out there apologizing for the misinformation she has spread, and the damage it has caused.

  25. Anti-icon says:

    I’m sorta thinking JM should be the last person who CAN talk about sex anymore. I kinda think she knows what she’s talking about. Won’t be buying the book, ’cause these books aren’t my thang, but I don’t find her offensive.

  26. april says:

    she is making herself look stupid with this new book. it is like beating a dead horse, because in her book life laughs, she already went this route… life laughs was funny, but she didnt need another book. it gets old.

    about the autism awareness,and those books, i like her much more when it comes to that, because you can see she is a mother on a mission, who loves her son. my son has autism too. and while i did read jennys books, i certainly do not follow all of what she says. i take it in, and relate to some things, and most of it, i just read to understand that point of view. i dont agree with everything, but some things do make sense. i do like the message of hope they bring though…

  27. redlips says:

    Gawd! She gives natural blondes a bad name…….really Jenny Poo, STFU!

  28. Rosanna says:

    I too find it childish to discuss sex in public – unless it’s educational stuff. Sexual disclosure should be done privately. And – yeah – Chelsea Handler’s “comical” talent is growing older by the day.
    I like Jenny though. Well, sort of. I think she’s trying too hard to show that she isn’t suffering after the break up while in fact she is. She must have thought that if she dumped Jim while he was sick he would snap out of it and come back to her, whereas he resolved not to come back. Good for him.

  29. nickynoneck says:

    I despise this women she tells people not to get there kids flu shots because it gives them audisim , There is no proven fact that it causes it so all these idiots are taking a chance on there kids life because some celebrity says so …retarded .

  30. Robert says:

    I think Oprah is making a big mistake on her. I think she is a user and I agree she looks at least 47 with all of her Botox & fillers. I can’t figure out why jim Carrey was with her for as long as he was oh wait wait I guess it was because she is so good in bed. I think she needs to make a sex movie and show how good or stupid she really is. I think she is a stupid whore that just got lucky.Grow up you’re not a teen anymore! She’s so desperate. I don’t like her at all…

  31. original kate says:

    does it ever occur to some of these celebs that one day their kids will be old enough to read these interviews? how nice it will be for her kid to read that mommy wanted to be peed on by brad pitt. i don’t know too much about her autism claims (it can be “cured” through diet?) but i don’t think i’ll take medical advice from a playboy centerfold who talks constantly about her cooter and dresses like a harem girl in public.

  32. malachais says:

    @Rosanna, totally agree.

  33. PsychicEyes says:

    Her PR people were really scraping the bottom of the barrel when the only interesting quality they can get her to discuss is her hairy cooter. Yup, it speaks volumes about her talents and accomplishments.

    What really sickens me about this asinine broad is how she’s rebranded herself as this warrior autisim mom and made such unfounded assertions that MMR vaccine is a contributing factor to autism.

    What was her supporting evidence you might ask? She witnessed the effects with her own eyes. F-king stupid indeed. Here’s the CNN interview for your entertainment viewing:

    Autism is a complex medical conditon that is best left to the research scientists to uncover and not a f-king ex-Playboy bunny whose face is so jacked up with toxins and fillers. I wonder what research she had conducted before deciding to give those interviews and shooting her mouth. My guess is f-k all. Here is the latest article regarding the autism’s genetic link:

    Her reprehensible actions may have had fatal consquences with parents taking her ill advice and not vaccinating their precious children from fatal yet preventable diseases.

    Ms. McCarthy should stick to what she knows best and that is shut her f-king mouth, smile for the cameras and just flash her hairy cooter.

    For additional information on autism go to QuackWatch’s website at:

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